Michael Vick’s Foundation Raises Money, He Looks Forward to Next NFL Season

On Monday night, NFL Quarterback Michael Vick and his “Team Vick Foundation” gathered at the Tashan Restaurant on 777 South Broad Street for a “Charity Cocktail Party” to raise awareness and money to benefit people in need. Supporters in attendance included John Dorenbos from the Eagles, NFL athlete Raheem Brock, Mike Jerrick and Shenielle Jones from FOX, Miss Pennsylvania Jordyn Colao, Film Producer Charlie Mack and many others.

The Philly event was structured around the #7: Michael Vick’s jersey number, the starting time of 7pm, the date of January 7th, and the location (777). The jackpot came in the form of extraordinary items auctioned off for a great cause. “The Team Vick Foundation represents who I am by giving back to the community and creating as many activities I can to inspire our youth,” Vick expressed to AllHipHop.com. “We must give them insight and share our time and our experiences with the youth so we don’t lose them.”

While Vick’s organization raised thousands of dollars last evening, the 2012 NFL season was as fruitful to Vick. The Philadelphia Eagles finished at the bottom of the NFC East with a 4-12 record. Vick played in 10 of those games, winning 3. And Andy Reid, the man who took a chance on Michael, was fired then hired by the Kansas City Chiefs in the span of 7 days. However, Michael is extremely optimistic about his future with the Eagles. And he didn’t back down from his stance following the end of regular season, claiming a few of his teammates checked out on him. “I feel that my best quality on the field is being a dual threat at any time, any moment in the game,” said Vick. “Next season, it’s all about having the best supporting cast around me to give our team the best opportunity to succeed, without all the pressure being on me. I feel I deserve that.”

Visit www.TeamVickFoundation.Org for more information.

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  • Vick sucks.

  • NOVI

    He doesn’t suck bitch

  • Mike Swiff

    One of my sports Hero’s AAH great article!

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  • Great photo and Kijafa looks incredible, what a good look! Good luck next season MV7, no matter where you end up starting!

  • Brenda Langer

    There is something fundamentally disturbed in someone who gets their kicks off of killing animals and watching dogs kill each other. It’s not about forgiving or not forgiving someone, that is for God to do. It’s about not wanting to have anything to do with someone who is fundamentally f’d up in the head and Vick definitely is. He has strangled, beaten, and electrocuted dogs because he couldn’t get his jollies off watching them kill each other. Nope don’t want to see him play and don’t want him to be a role model for any kids.

    • Oh shut up you piece of trash. I bet you didn’t say anything when Casey Anthony killed her baby and got away with it. Get over yourself

    • Spencer Chambers

      Who died and made you God. No one! So just get over yourself righteousness and eat a cheesestake (cow) or something.