Nicki Minaj Announces Long Term Deal With Kmart

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj has announced a new long-term deal with Sears Holdings, that will bring her own fashion line to Kmart and the company’s affiliate website

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj will team with Kmart and to launch new clothing lines.

The rapper will launch a multi-department lifestyle brand, as well as an apparel and accessories collection, which will be available exclusively at Kmart and its website.

“I am so excited to work with this iconic, mass retailer and to bring affordable fashion to my beautiful barbz all across the U.S.,” Nicki Minaj said in a statement.

Sears Holdings is hoping that the affiliation with Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj will also drive traffic to their shopping destination,, which is a free membership-based that offers deals, rewards and sweepstakes.

Under the terms of the agreement, both Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj will promote to their tens of millions of combined fans and followers on social media networks.

“We are thrilled to align Kmart and Shop Your Way with two of America’s superstars,” said Imran Kooma, executive vice president and president of Marketing & Online at Sears Holdings. “We welcome Adam and Nicki into our world and look forward to capturing their energy and creativity on and translating it into unique apparel, accessories and other merchandise.”

Both branded fashion lines from Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj are slated to be in select Kmart’s before the end of 2013.

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70 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Announces Long Term Deal With Kmart”

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      no not exceeded, she paved the dirt roads & paths in cement that were created off the strength of those before her…. you can’t take nothing away from nikki cause she did put in work but don’t forget those who set the stage – salt & pepper, queen Latifa, MC lite, Yo Yo. you get what I’m saying. disregard this statement if you talking about all the new female artist of today.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        not people always think the same or around the same.

      • Guest

        money does, but as a man you have to stand for something or fall for everything.

      • drew

        and yet where are all of those other artist either dead or not doing shit else excluding queen latifah!!!! stop living in the past people GAFL!!!!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        they have their respect tho… aint worth it…..ja made alot of rap money but Rakim always had more respect and always will.

      • drew

        ya understandable but at the end of the day whats going to feed your family RESPECT of money??cant knock anyones when if comes to getting that paper!!!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        money pays the bills but you cant to stand for something as a man, or fall for everything.

      • Mike Swiff

        Love the post King but homegirl says she is the Queen nothing higher then a Queen, I feel what your saying and agree but who make Nicki a Queen? lol


        The chick made millions from acting like a 13 year old Barbie, if someone presented the concept to you, you would say it’s impossible to pull off…But she is proof that is it not impossible.. Respect the Hustle

      • Adrian Barron

        i respect any hustle … matter fact, my response was about your GO GIRL lol comment cuz that sounded real borderline and pause worthy and NOT about Nicki’s hustle –

        On another note, why is it you respect her hustle and gimmick so much but you quick to slander others artists hustle when they come in the game on some Street shyt? A gimmick is a gimmick, right? What make her gimmick so RESPECTABLE vs a TRINIDAD JAMES or anybody else of that nature?

        Is it because DIOR wishes he was a barbie?

    • johnblacksad

      at least you recognize her career was short…

      Damn… Dior homie… how you became a fan like that? i wanna know…
      Was it the colorful wigs or that stupid mouth/face that got you?


        lol…..She got me hooked because looking at her you would not think that she is from Jamaica Queens…Repping your hood limits sales, being multi- dimensional will INCREASE sales.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        soo how bout 50 cent, Snoop dogg ,Jay z,easy e, ice cube,bone thugs and harmony and maaaany more. didnt they go multi plat platinum.?? u dont know much rap do you

    • Jordan Pauley

      You have seriously lost your mind… Nicki Minaj hasn’t even dropped a classic album… Let alone exceeded anybody. Marketability and rap brilliance are not one and the same. And K-Mart? But on the real, that’s more $$$ and more power to her. The whole world doesn’t revolve around the industry or what people think about this endorsement or that endorsement.

      • Mike Swiff

        Jordan Im loving the post but wait… Didn’t she drop a classic “Pink Thursday” or something?? LMAO Pure garbage all radio play and a big marketing scheme..where is Nicki NOW? LMAO!!

  1. johnblacksad

    move is def respectable on the $$$ tip… but lol… just lol.

    Kmart… it’s just the beginning of the end… no no hate because i can’t fcukin stand that broad… just go away! quick…. been out too long already

      • ladynamor

        I dont. No one shops at K Mart for clothes. Even I frown down on the idea of KMart clothes and Im broke. If it wasnt her, she would frown down on it too. LMAOThis looks crazy from a materialistic broad who uses terms like Im rich, you broke, I pay your welfare etc. All those costumes, crazy clown wigs, fake ass and tit surgeries, child molester lyrics, manipulation of a confused gay society like yourself, crazy faces and a very lonely looking life to end up at K Mart? GTFOH. If she had a dick, you would suck it.

  2. Erik

    With all of the high fashion name drops in her music you would think they would collab with her..wheres the gucci, Christian Dior, prada, chanel, versace…etc?

    • So_Disrespectful_

      for your info she have a shoe line with adidas and giuseppi zanotti and on another note how much off her fans are a regular joe can offard a giuseppi zanotti shoe,she is doing her thing across the board for her fans regular joes and them high fashion people who wears giuseppi zanotti and so on..i guess you miss that all of that went over your head.

    • Mike Swiff

      Hey Eric the real fashions heads know she is a fake Nicki looks like a lost Drag queen you can get that look at any gay pride yo in any city she aint create Shyt, like the post yo!

  3. Mike Swiff

    LMAO (this clown) YOU SUPPOSE TO BE HIGH CLASS SELLING THEM BOZZO RAGS IN KMART? (when the checks stop coming in you have to judge American Idol, put out a dud CD and sell clown clothes at KMART) WOW! smh!! (that staircase Lil Wayne found you rapping for your supper is looking real close!) Huh?? lol

  4. dareal504

    A lot of mf’s don’t realize but selling your brands in k-mart and walmart are actually often more or at least as lucrative as being an upscale brand sold in Macy’s. It’s more ppl that can afford that shit and they are usually in some sort of partnership so they get bread off the top..

  5. Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    I doubt that she had to hustle for this deal. She’s already a star, they probably asked her to partner with them so they could make some bread.

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