Jay-Z and Beyonce

Hip-Hop Rumors: Justin Timberlake To Return With Jay-Z…and Beyonce?

Everybody is waiting the return of the KING!

OK, MJ ain’t coming, back but they are really excited to see that Justin Timberlake is about to bust a move on the R&B scene. But here is the catch.

A recent report has said that Timberlake has brought in the biggest gun he could find to help solidify his return. No, not Cassidy. He’s apparently and reportedly secured Jay-Z to feature on this highly anticipated new song he’s about the release. Nobody knows for sure so this is just a rumor right now. It has already been revealed that Justin has been in the studio with Jay’s beloved Beyonce. Nothing is confirmed, but some have suggested it could be all three on one song. Sounds like overkilled to me but thats what these people do.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • kered gnuoy

    I don’t care about this guy’s .music.

    • Nigga D. Luffy #OnePiecesquad

      that’s cold fam……but i feel the same

    • I bet you listened to Cry Me a River 1000 times over when it came out.

      • kered gnuoy

        you caught me

      • hernandez26

        lol now thats funny!!! hey he had that song with three six mafia that was pimp.

    • fabbidavisjr

      I ain’t gone lie summer love and some of his other shit was dope….he’s got talent…and he doesn’t whoop his gf’s and get hella tatoo’s and think he’s a gangsta rapper he knows his lane

  • It will get may airplay with Jay & Bey, but Justin is reaching!

    • hoeyuno

      pop musicl.. who gives a fucc

      • The people who don’t download for free?

        To us, it may be trash, but if it wasn’t, we’d download / bootleg it.
        Soccer moms buy, we don’t. ( Generally speaking )

      • brotha_man

        true dat I don’t buy ish anymore. fudge that my brotha

      • brotha_man

        speaking ace hood new mixtape is fire

  • $28825362

    Why does Jay-Z look like a clown in every photo he takes when he is smiling. LOL

    • Raheem Classick

      LOL says the clown.

  • Josh Sykes

    Justin is back. I’m ready

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  • cincytown

    What justin timberlake has great music take it from here lets take a ride cry me a river never again love stone goes around comes around like i love you how many songs or hits do yall niggas have dont worry ill wait(katt williams voice) i bet if they said gucci mane was doing a song with jayz niggas would be losing sleep waiting for it to drop yall can bump bullshit like waka flocka but dont realize this dude got rnb songs too one track minded ass niggas

  • Enigma3000

    Really, Ace Hood my dude….no disrespect, but southern hip hop is garbage…everybody know it, but it makes money. East coast cats wackin themselves out gettin money with them…Even east coast cats tryin to sound souther….Wiz, Frenchy, Meek, Juelz.

    If it aint young boy music (meek, wale,ace hood, wacka…its 2 chainz. Simple lyrics and floss is what the public likes… RnB is still respected and people will buy it. Only other really lyrical cats that got music out now (today) is Vado, Freeway, J Cole, and I hate to say…Seargant Ross.

    • cincytown

      I agree southern music is all starting to sound the same

      • cincytown

        The only real east coast cat still doing it is NAS

  • King Cold

    Ain’t gonna lie justin is talented and sells records so this is a good move

  • Lamonte Johnson

    He just needa make sure he got timbo on the album. He was bussing heavy heads of that last one cuz of his production

    • Weedras

      Timbo was the one who started the rumors about the collab if i’m correct so i’m sure he’s on the boards

    • Irvin Findlay

      most def several websites said timbo’s producing all the music on his album

  • EzE

    guaranteed hit….i fuxs with justin and his fan base stretches almost 2 decades….with or with out J and bey he would pop again but i think he trying to appeal to all crowds with the features

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