La La and Melo

Is Melo Having Trouble in La La Land?

(AllHipHop News) After this week’s outburst against the Boston Celtic’s Kevin Garnett, Carmelo Anthony not only was suspended for one game but seems like he and wife La La are working to strengthen their relationship.

During Monday’s game in Boston, Garnett — well known for on court trash talking — allegedly whispered to Melo that his wife “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.” Rightfully so, Melo lost it.

Sources close to the couple assure that there has never been an issue of infidelity but work has kept Melo and La La on opposite sides of the country.

“It is true they haven’t seen much of each other in the past few months,” says a friend of the couple. “She’s been away a lot filming her show, ‘La La’s Full Court Life,’ in London, New York and LA. They are not separated and are still together. She and Melo have a house in LA — so she’s always there when she’s doing auditions.”

But others say they’ve been going through a more rocky period. “They have been living separately for several months now,” says a source. “She’s been living in LA while Carmelo has been in New York.” The source added, “La La used to go out to the games and wanted to be seen . . . now she’s always off doing her own thing.” [NY Post]

Melo has already gone on record stating that he and Garnett were able to address the issue over the phone. No sightings of Melo and La La together yet but her VH1 cameras are sure to capture them for the new season of “La La’s Full Court Life.”


16 Responses to “Is Melo Having Trouble in La La Land?”

  1. SpaceAge2012

    I bet La La’s ol fine sexy golden brown ass do taste like honey nut cheerios,but Melo shouldn’t have even acted up like that,he knows mami aint riskin all she got 2 cheat on him after all these years & break up da family.That shit K.G. said was just game talk 2 get under his skin.

    • 7yoyo7

      Kevin garnett is a despicable dude though…
      Yall remember when he told Duncan “happy mothers day moth3rfcuker” during a game knowing that the dude’s mom died of cancer?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        7yoyo7 – I didn’t know garnett did that – if he did, thats takin’ the game too far – I don’t like garnett if so – gotta investigate – that would be understandable for Duncan to lose it.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Bruh,when them dudes get on da court it’s like 2 armies goin 2 war & 2 insure a win sometimes u gotta do whatever it takes 2 get da best players of da opposite team outta there.Da most important aspect of warfare is psychological.

  2. BullsFan4Life29

    Melo has been known to be a playa from to time. Let’s face it, he’s got an eye for the ladies. Let’s not sugarcoat it. He’s a fantastic basketball player, but when it comes to the ladies there’s no halo flying over his head.

  3. Noles

    If your that emotional that a few words will throw you off your game, you should quit the NBA, hand in your badge sheriff, your not built for this. Jordan, Bird, Malone and a bunch of other legends are laughing at Melo right now. KG is what he is, but I never saw him whine and cry and demand trades.

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