Taft High School

It’s Happened Again: Shots Ring Out In Taft California High School

(AllHipHop News) Gun violence has been in the hearts and minds of Americans from sea to shining sea in recent weeks, after the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut that killed 20 children and six adults.

Today, the wave of gun violence continued, just as a hearing with Vice President Joe Biden regarding the White House’s new “Gun Violence Task Force” was under way.

News is breaking across the wires and social media that a gunman infiltrated a school in Taft, California and people had been shot.

According to CNN local police are reporting that one student, a 16-year-old, fired at two students with a 12-gauge shotgun, critically wounding one and missing the other at Taft High School earlier this morning.

The 16-year-old suspect is a student who missed the start of his first class Thursday morning.

He entered the school in the middle of first period, walked into class and shot a 16-year-old fellow student with a 12-gauge shotgun, Kern County Sheriff Don Youngblood told reporters.

The shooter then fired at a second student, but missed, according to Sheriff Youngblood.

The teacher in the class tried to usher almost 30 students out of the class and engaged the shooter in conversation, according to Sheriff Youngblood.

That teacher and another person, a “campus supervisor”, continued to talk to the shooter, and eventually the shooter put the shotgun down, Youngblood said. Police officers then arrested the shooter.

The wounded student was then airlifted to a hospital.The teacher was apparently struck in the head by a pellet, but appeared fine, Kern County Sheriff Don Youngblood told reporters.

Besides the student who was shot, a second student was taken to the hospital with possible hearing damage because the gun was fired so close to her.

A third student apparently was hurt when he or she “fell over tables” trying to leave the classroom.

Classes are expected to resume on Monday, an official said at a news conference in Taft.

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, whose district includes Taft, tells reporters at a news conference there, “What this teacher did was heroic,””

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  • Eli Pinilla

    these muthafuckas man

  • Guest

    Damn Taft was my rival high school when I went to el camino real. They always got shit popn’ at that school. Shit ice cube Jordan farmer and Steve smith graduated from here. Crazy!

    • AK

      no thats the taft in the valley this is another taft in a small town outside of bakersfield

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah but they have the wrong pic. The pic allhiphop got up if a pic of Taft in woodland hills.

    • Michael Fisher

      yeah and its from people that think like you, you mad!!! tell me this what has hurt your pride so much that you think all people are against you? is it that you cant get away with selling drugs on the corner or cant rob someone. I used to do things I know a thug mentality and I wasn’t proud of it oh I was proud at the time. I got caught too but you know what me getting caught was the best thing for me. it made me realize something it wasn’t the cops that were just out to get innocent people most of the time I had a bad mindset and I did drugs but not no more and it was me getting me into trouble and putting up road blocks. now that don’t mean there against wrong things with the government now there is and its obvious but its not all whites like you say that’s stereo typing why would you spread hate? now I don’t know what you have been through but go to church, find god, bring him into your heart he will give you a heart of flesh rather than stone. and why hate a person because of there color as I have came to realize we are all of the same race the human race, now government wont tell you that but we are. god made all man equal and were all from Adam & eve whatever color they were god just split us up into different tongues much love & god bless

  • Bumpy Johnson

    This happens soooooo much…for sooooo many years kids killed in high school from LA to Chicago to Toronto. and you mean to tell me after sandy hook is when people care…Fukk yall!!

    • remember Columbine?

      • I remember it, those kids were picked on every day of the week.

      • fuknyourgirl2

        been going on before columbine bro my father told me stories of this happening when he was a kid in detroit kids bringn sawed off shotguns inside trench coats before that ever happend an before metal detectors…

    • Doesn’t really happen in Canada, which includes Toronto… USA, the home of the mass shooter.

      • Big Crimes

        i went to high school just outside of Toronto, we had one guy purchase a gun at school from an older kid, shoot at another grade 9 in a crowded area indoors during lunch (no one was hit), later that year another kid robbed a teacher for her briefcase and car keys at gunpoint. At another school i went to after that some dude came into the school in his boxers with a machete and ran around the hallways but he got taken down before anything really happened. I also remember some girl also beat up another girl with a chain later that year and another guy brought in a taser and was getting kids in his gym class.

        No mass school shootings thank god, but some crazy ish still goes down in the GTA.

      • No doubt. Toronto is crazy, when you pack four or five million people into one city, it’s bound to happen..same with Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton & Winnipeg just to name a few. I don’t doubt the crime, or the violence… but we just don’t seem to get these crazy mass shooters. Like you said, thank god! Keep your head up bro!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        In toronto in the summer 23 people were shot during a gang shootout. 2 were killed . this happend weeks after 2 were killed and like 11 we hurt in a downtown mall in another gang shooting….so! yes it does happen there and yes they are not allowed to have guns.

      • That’s a couple of incidents. Canada isn’t the US.. Every week you turn on the news some wack job is shooting up a school or a movie theatre. I am pretty sure the incidents you mentioned happened over the last few years.. Didn’t Chicago alone have like 500 shooting deaths in 2012? That’s one city. “Not allowed to have guns” I am sure some of these kids, criminals down in the states aren’t allowed either, I don’t think they care. Toronto is next to Detroit, we ship drugs, they ship back guns..

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i think thats coz america can make someone go crazy….when canada does that to its people thats when the mass shooters gone pop up some more……when your life is constantly fukked with evreyday. 1 day your just gonna say fkk it.

      • Not trying to insult you, but how are the two places all that different? People are broke, people can’t get jobs, people are in debt..Big difference is like I said the guns are more accessible..Canada is a lot like the UK, probably more stabbings than anything.. I do feel what your saying, just don’t agree. And even in the US, it’s not like it happens everywhere.

    • Synista

      They only care when a bunch of HWHOITE people get killed!!
      If it were in the hood like it has been happening in the CHI they just called it black on black crime or gang violence. You know this is ameriKKKa !

      • Keith Brickz

        LOL U MAD!

      • Synista

        No I am not mad just pointing out the obvious,that being the outpouring of emotions when a bunch HWHOITE people get killed and swift call to “prevent this from ever happening in our peaceful picket fence,jolly good golly ol town” but when it occurs elsewhere it is looked upon with seemingly less concern.
        The Divided states AmeriKKKa !!!!!!!!!

  • Sheriff Don Youngblood is, by far, the absolutly most incredibly flashy and boss name i have ever heard in my entire life thus far.

    • 7yoyo7


    • RichFromBX

      New mixtape coming soon from Sheriff Don Youngblood…

  • Guest

    And it’s not Taft, Ca, it Taft High School in Woodland Hills, Ca

    • Guest

      No the shooting was in Taft, ca they just have the wrong picture of the wrong school.

  • Caliwaver

    U guys have the wrong picture of the wrong Taft high school. The picture u have is of Taft high school in woodland hills, ca not Taft high school in Taft, ca

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  • Choppa

    Countdown to all our guns are taken away… 5..4…3..

  • That teacher is a HERO

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  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    This is what I’ve learned. The government is hirin’ people to go to these schools and shoot because they’re tryna disarm America. They feel like if they can get people to agree that gun violence is a huge problem then we’ll accept them wanting to take guns away from us. It’s all in the cards, that’s their agenda. Even if I’m not 100% correct on my assumptions, you better believe that it’s something close to what I just said. Say No To The N.W.O. because if you fall into their trap, they’re gonna hang us with our on rope!

    • MadVillain

      you know the US is already fucked right?

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Uh..yeah…but it’ll only get worse if we let it!

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  • Only Americans are shocked by all the recent gun violence , the rest of the world sees the country for what it is, guns are every where and easily accessible..buncha gun toting maniacs running around shooting people because someone pissed in there cheerios.

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  • Not sure what to make of this, yet.

  • Abrasive Angel

    Since it started affecting white children now there is a congressional hearing and it’s simply what black folks still don’t understand and that is to preserve the white population, white supremacy is government.

    • Keith Brickz

      LOL U MAD