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Hip-Hop Rumors: DMX Is Dissing Every Current Female Rapper?

DMX is well know to not be a fan of Drake, but female rappers? In a recent, twitter post, the dog apparently dissed all of the current rap chicks! I was shocked because in an act of humor, he included Drake. But if you know like I know, you know that all is not what it seems. Apparently, this is a fraud account with just a few followers.

It was fun while it lasted. The real DMX is just “DMX” on twitter. This dude is “iamDMX” and as fake as a $3 bill. Enjoy the tweet. But its fake.


Here is X dissing Drake. Just because.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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54 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: DMX Is Dissing Every Current Female Rapper?”

  1. Synista

    Well current female rappers are trash,they all talk about the same subject matter (ie) how good they suck,how good their Puss E is,how hot they are etc etc,then they run out of material and fall the phuck off or start doing porn where at least they get paid to SUCK.
    When someone mentions female rappers today I get a migraine,MC lyte,Queen latifah, Salt and pepa,Roxanne shante, MIA X,and a few others are the only female rappers that have real talent IMO!

  2. water_ur_seeds

    with the exception of jean grae… i smh when i think how dope lauryn hill was… the best ever when she was at her best, and top 5 doa if she had more material…

    • Synista

      They are MC’s ! I don’t put FEMCEES (female MC’s) in the same category as female rappers that would be like putting Gucci mane in the same class as KRS 1!

      • water_ur_seeds

        think your comment is misdirected, it no sense to the comment i made…

        this page is about female rappers… gucci is a rapper, krs is an mc…

        i said lauryn at the her best was one of the best mc’s ever whist on the mic (including pac, big, masta ace, g rap etc) and would of been top 5 doa if she had more material…

  3. cromthelaughinggod

    So why is this news? You gave this cat a million views. You know how many fake twitter accounts of celebritys there are. You should do an article about each one if that is the case. I laugh at the wasted articles on this site.

  4. Torrey Winston

    all these niggas hatin on wale and drake? what…lemme guess….they don’t rap about imaginary keys of coke? wait wait wait…they don’t rap about bussin’ guns enough? they not hood enough? are they lyrics to confusing for your small minds?

  5. Freshly_Snipes

    That’s not X account…Man take this rumor down man. That’s mad disrespectful and you KNOW that’s not his account. Illseed why sabotage people for the sake of a story? A non-important one at that. This site loses credibility everyday..smh

  6. trixnkix637

    Gotta admit the fake account had the smarts to not add Angel Haze. She’s the only new female rapper that murders the mic every time.

  7. Mike Swiff

    SALUTE! My man DMX yo bruh you are 100% correct Drake and Wale straight bitch and their music is the same! LMAO DMX always tell’s the truth about Hip Hop! (smilin hard)

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