Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Chemtrails Controlling Everything Around You?

So, here is something I have been seeing a lot in the sky, but also a lot of people are talking about it as well. I was talking to somebody close about it and they were more curious than anything. I decided to do a bit of looking to see what the hell was up with CHEMTRAILS.

There are a lot of theories on what Chemtrails are for. Come say it is to depopulate the world. Some say it is to make people sick so money can be made on helping them. Others say it is to help control the weather.

Here is a report from the mainstream media. But it spills into a 15 minute documentary on Geoengineering.

Here is another vid of them showing how planes carrying Chemtrails are given free reign to fly all over the place. But, I gotta admit, the spew is crazy. I never saw this in my life….

Here is the wiki explanation:

The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some trails left by aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by various government officials.[1] This theory is not accepted by the scientific community, which states that they are just normal contrails, as there is no scientific evidence supporting the chemtrail theory.

Due to the popularity of the conspiracy theory, official agencies have received thousands of complaints from people who have demanded an explanation.[1][2] The existence of chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by scientists around the world, who say the trails are normal contrails.[3] The United States Air Force states that the theory is a hoax which “has been investigated and refuted by many established and accredited universities, scientific organizations, and major media publications.”[4] The United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has stated that chemtrails are not scientifically recognized phenomena.[5]

Now this is a CONTRAIL (condensation trail):



What do you think?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Don Vida

    We’re all just pawns in this game of chess.

    • Q.

      Step up and be a knight then…maybe one day a KING.

      • Don Vida

        Step up and get shut down. I’m not saying it’s time to throw the white flag, but until a revolution happens with the voice of many? Nothing can be done. We’re all kings somehow and someway. One day we’ll be able to prove it to these suits.

      • Q.

        How are you gonna be a king and at the same time admit premature defeat? That doesn’t compute. The illusion is that you need “many.” It only takes 2-3 alpha lions to wipe out a clan of hyenas. Read through the analogy.

      • Don Vida

        Law of Power #1: Never outshine the master. —- You need to wait until it’s your time to claim victor.

      • Q.

        That’s when you’re fighting from within the system. Are you within the system, brotha?

      • Don Vida

        My social security number and taxes says so. It wasn’t by choice, it’s by force. In order to kill the seven headed dragon, you need to be in the belly of the beast and kill from within.

      • Q.

        Then slay that b!tch!

      • Don Vida

        One day we will, but for now I’m only scared of being scared.

      • Q.

        Nothing to fear, but…

        It’s a helluva DRUG, bro. And we gotta withdraw to break through this sh!t.

      • Young Goku


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        how about using common sense … we are all physically trapped on this earth … if we were pawns to some kind of consiracy trap or death trap it would had happen by now ……….. you can spend your lifetime chasing a ghost or face the facts and enjoy the time while your here … @ the end of day every last one of us are promised to die sooner or later …… so who cares really ?? especially when it looks like your chasing a ghost … something that doesnt exist … something thats been talked about for decades yet there isnt 1 piece of proof to back up what folks are saying … hey always keep your 3rd eye open … but dont let that 3rd eye consume your thoughts ………

      • EL_BARK

        True didnt you see the wire
        When you a pawn and you make it to . The other side, you become a boss.
        Go headed & get knighted.

  • Keith Brickz

    illseed do yourself a favor and stick to hip hop, you cant even do that correctly…i cringe when your punk ass tries to talk politics or sports

    • LOL, Keith means dumb it down.

    • Oknas

      If it brings awareness to the blind then illseed did his deed.

    • Q.

      What is Hip-Hop? Life, Love, Struggle, Spirituality…this also includes politics and sports. Hip-Hop is universal, G.

      • Don Vida


    • Stop frontin’, you be on here every day checking for the rumors!

      • Keith Brickz

        you are the biggest dick slurper on here

      • You are str8 B’ish @$$, and act like a broad every time you log on.

        The whole board knows your a sucka, on the surface as well as deep down inside. Still, do you, obviously Hip Hop has seen worse…not much, but….

  • Weedras

    Aren’t Chem trails when an Airplane dumps some fuel?

    • Nah, the fuel is liquid, this is definitely aresol.


    Late. There’s been websites on chemtrails for years.

  • Jay

    Dumbass there are not chemtrails. Chemtrail is not even a word. They are called contrails and it is caused my air pressure and water vapor from the aircraft

    • DJ7

      Stick around & learn something or kick rocks & wallow in mud

    • hoeyuno

      contrails can only be produced at -40 c/f and at about(least) 26000ft. chemtrails are found all over the globe at lower altitudes and milder weather.

  • Contrails, like hot breath in the cold night, disappear within seconds, as opposed to hanging in the air for hours.

    They’re spraying something.

    • Don Vida

      Word up, Edogz. It’s crazy, but all we can do is stock up on water and vitamins to protect ourselves from this. There’s always a way out.

      • I hope, it doesn’t look good. We are in an inverted state, where the government can do whatever it wants, while the people need permission to do everything.

      • Q.

        You don’t need permission to do sh!t. They need YOUR permission. Overstand that.

      • Get caught driving, earning a living, hunting or buildbing a house with pernits or licenses ( Permission ) than holla back.

      • Q.

        That’s the current reality which we’ve accepted. That can be altered if you DESIRE to.

      • Q.

        Here’s a teeny tiny example:…In 2012, do you know how many foreclosures were prevented just by people signing petitions? Quite a few. We do have power over this system. And that’s not even the tip of what I’m talking about.

      • Don Vida

        I respect you 110% with what you’re saying, for really, but do you realize that they can cut our social security or 401K at the snap of a finger without our voices being heard? The constitution claims that we can only be paid in gold or silver and NOTHING ELSE. What the fcku are these federal reserved notes for? Government created them without our voice….

      • Q.

        The fiat money has no value. It’s been valueless for a long time now. They’re scrambling to keep this raggedy system running. It’s already a wrap once we decide to stop giving it credibility.

      • Don Vida

        Without proclaiming our own people government and nation, all of this will be harder than it seems. That’s what our forefather wanted in the first place, EXACTLY what we’re speaking on right now. Freedom, the right to speak, our voice to have power and innocent lives were taken from their families and other loved ones. History repeats itself and karma’s a bitch when it comes to bite them in the ass.

      • They already yapped the $401K about 5yrs ago.

      • Q.

        There you go.

      • I can’t dispute that, but we’d rather turn on each other, than unite to face a stronger, common foe.

      • Q.

        That’s by design. When there’s a crisis, you’ve already seen how people get their minds right for a common goal. It’s more than possible.

      • Also a lack of education :

        Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people perish from a lack of knowledge.

        What’s your opinion on the reconstruction amendments? Specifically the 14th?

      • Q.

        The way I look at law in general is that…the law is going to be molded by the business goals of the corporation. The U.S. corporation knew that the prolonging of slavery was ultimately a hindrance/destructive to the new direction they wanted to go in, via the new opportunities afforded by the Industrial Revolution. The 14th had very little to do with morality IMO.

      • So do you think they passed it to end slavery, or to modify & expand it?

      • Q.

        Ha. Nice. To EXPAND, of course!

      • Q.

        Yo, what you think about the current state of the “War on Drugs?” I just peeped this mini-doc… It seems like the logical solution for the gov’t is to legalize EVERYTHING. They need that tax revenue!. LOL

      • Send it to me, I’ll check & feature it.

      • Q.

        Look on YT for “Breaking The Taboo – Film” Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

        Interesting facts: Marijuana is legal in the Netherlands, yet they have the lowest rate of consumption amongst European nations. In Portugal, you don’t get arrested for hard drug possession…you get a type of state intervention where you get psych counseling and offer of rehab. Plus they make crazy tax $$$ off legal drugs.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Naw man, they want it illegal. It benifits them to keep it as such. They make more money off the prison system and court sysyem then they do on taxes…..and im colombian ( not peurto rican like some here assume lol) and they used to fly these shits all over the farms and mountaine to kill coca crops but started contaminizing the other crops….its a cycle, and tbe drug cartels exzist because the gov lets them…america coulda shut shit down in mexico a long time ago if they wanted to. Theyll wait for mexico to get to its weakest, then jump in, save the day, try ro control mexico from there on out

      • Q.

        I agree, though we’ve reached a point where there’s a social mandate growing to legalize–CA, CO & WA states have already taken the first plunge. Fed and state gov’ts are broke, and a legalization move is a no-brainer to generate tax revenue. All the stats from other countries say it’s the right move. I agree, we should keep a healthy suspicion of any ulterior motives, but ultimately it comes down to the will of WE, the people. Check out that Breaking the Taboo joint, and let me know what you think.

      • Hector G


      • Guest

        i cant really answer that all i can say is folks FOLLOW THE MONEY … money def sees no color 😉

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        thats actually one of the major reasons why because them slave dollars just stopped making sense … if it was booming and was showing growth we’d prob be in a different situation these days … but this whole world is built on big business … its the reason why prositution and crime exist … its just regular ole folks being forced to compromise themselves to survive in a capitolistic world …….. but as bad as it sounds …. its sounds good when you think of some of the alternatives ……………………………….

      • The slave dollars never stopped making sense, so it was modified!

      • DJ7

        Seen that one coming a mile away but I’m glad you keep plugging it B. Nothing wrong with tryna get a feel of the audience you’re entertaining…good stuff! Salute

      • Hahahaaa, you know I’m gonna drive it home.

        Not saying it will help to understand it, but it might, and the mental aspect is what is doing us in.

        >>Salutes the flag, you in ATL ( Allah’s garden )?

      • DJ7

        Nah, Divine Cipher

      • Q.

        True dat. One of my fav quotes.

        Mental/Spiritual development is the foundation of all.

      • Don Vida

        Alright, I’ll give you a scenario and I want you honest-to-God responses:

        You got a speeding ticket, you need to appear in court on Jan 28th 2013. You miss court. Now there’s a warrant, do you pay it?

      • Q.

        I paid my tickets online. LOL I’m half-joking, but I’m not talking about disrespecting mamade law per se, I’m talking about altering the perception of what we ACCEPT as law. There’s Natural Law…ultimately let’s conform to that.

      • Don Vida

        Alright, you got me, but that’s why we as a community need to raise to power and a militia powerful enough to make a change for our future generation, because right now it’s Nature and Nurture. Young don’t know any better.

      • Q.

        What we see in the streets is mis-channeled energy. With the proper calling, we can turn gangs into troops, so to speak. The illusions of separation must be lifted.

      • Don Vida

        Maybe one day we can channel that energy to view the same goal. There is ALWAYS a higher being. No one is truly above all. Except He Himself. For now? Keep doing you and keeping your fam safe, one day the united will prevail.

        Law of Power #21: Play a sucker to catch a sucker: play dumber than your mark.

      • *Commercial Law

      • That’s different, “Summons” & “Must” don’t mean what we think they do, legally speaking, so you’re getting into “ELEMENTS” of a contract, which as a 14th amendment “CITIZEN” of the U.S. Corporation, you’re a slave with no rights that you can’t physically enforce, and they are now privileges.

        *Legally speaking

      • Don Vida

        But does the common American “citizen” know the difference between a summon and a must? Currently, blue coats and the army can drop and cage anyone who even remotely LOOKS like a terrorist threat to our nation. It’s only a matter of time before that spreads to a wider scope of service and drop/cage those who are rebel against the government.


      • = Inverted State

        Government can do what it wants, people need permission for everything.

      • Don Vida


        Time to get on my Farcry 3 shit now after all this. lol

      • Q.

        Even if they ban assault rifles, the gov’t doesn’t have the will nor resources to practically seize everybody’s sh!t. And if/when this beast does fall, we got COPS and GIs who WILL bang for the people. This, I know.

      • Don Vida

        Spoken truth. Stay up.

      • How many people in prison on “illegal” gun charges & nothing else?

        They not banging for us, and never will…if anything, they will bang on us.


      • Don Vida

        That’s why the right to bare arms even exist. For protection against those who would bang on us rather than for us. Soon that’ll seize to exist. Protect ya’ neck.

      • It doesn’t exist anymore, we are not a party to the constitution, etc.

        We have a Privilege than can be revoked.

      • Q.

        I know. I’m talking about if/when the sh!t really REALLY goes down. A lot of these National Guards just aren’t gonna gun down their own families and communities. I would anticipate some sort of coup if that order ever came down. I’m talking about everybody, not just Black folks.

      • Don Vida

        One day we’ll raise up again. Stay up and keep your fam close and your enemies even closer. Law of Power #2: Never put too much trust in friends; learn how to use enemies.

      • >>Shrugs off ” E ” chills after reading #2

      • Q.

        In my experience, I’ve found the terms “friend” and “enemy” can be interchangeable. lol

    • Yo Im constantly pointing em out. You ever see em change the sunset? Its crazy, I live in Boston and shits is dominate in the sky.

      • Ever see them ‘chets last 6hrs +?

        WTF is that?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      think about what your saying …. why would it stay suspended in the air ?? for hours @ that …. if anything they aint spaying for downfall …. it would be more of a atmospheric system @ that point ….????????? if that makes any sense lol

      • Imagine breathing on a cold winter day, and it hangs in the air for 3hrs, expanding / spreading out.

        Have you ever seen them?

        First, look for a “CONTRAIL”, following a civilian? aircraft, you will be able to spot it by it following a plane, but disappearing in 10-30 seconds.

        Then look for the chemtrail, that’s the one that doesn’t disappear. Peep how it hangs in the air, opposed to the contrail.

        Take notice & then holla back. The ‘chet will bug you out, 1 minute vs hours.

        On Contrails, they are the hot vapor in the cold atmosphere, and jets make them around 30,000 ft where the air is colder on summer days. Like Sept 11, which brings into question, What left a contrail shown on the Pentagon footage from 9/11 at 50ft?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yeah ive seen so has obama bush cheynee and the roth childs why wouold they put themselves @ risk too thats why this chemtrail stuff dont make much sense to me unless they are on a suicide mission ……

      • Good question, maybe it’s atmospheric control? Either way, they aren’t contrails for sure.

    • Hector G

      lol yer a sucka and so is illseed for writing this….the fact that you are on here all day, every topic + you think this is real means that scientifically yer a true goof/moron…….lololololol…it’s ok though EDOGZ the scientist did an experiment with his own breath in cold air = it’s contrails, theyre spraying something..hahahahaha, fukk outta here idiot yer not a scientist

    • Hector G

      ppl can think what they want….but honestly every time you losers on here get outta line im gonna put you right back in line LOSERS…..youre WRONG about this i’m RIGHT sorry to every semi-retard on here, i’m not even gonna explain this to anyone because you don’t deserve an answer…you’re conversing about NOTHING on a HIP HOP BLOG….edogz youre a biatch and ppl like you who are ignorant as fukk but down to spread GARBAGE/NON INFORMATION are a growing problem for our country, you do nothing to figure out ANYTHING or even know ANYTHING about what youre talking about and you CONTRIBUTE NOTHING but bunch of your pointless jabber….take a look at your PATHETIC life in this FREE COUNTRY cause you and the author of this article are MUCH DUMBER than I……you and illseed can stay in the wackjob/conspiricy box, he shouldn’t even have a job after publishing this….don’t even respond…yer a goof/tool…im not gonna respond back to you because you are so stupid they should use contrails to make it so ppl like you can’t have any kids cause if this is what youre teaching them…..YOU ARE A DISGRACE, you and ppl like you would turn on your brother cause you saw a youtube video/rumor………SUCK IT

      • Hahahaa, your panties crunched up in your @$$ this morning?

        Something is being sprayed, if your too stupid to see that, so be it, but don’t log on & try to get my attention like a biatch in heat.

  • Dael Dark

    The sun sends signals to the brain and DNA structure like radio signals for cell phones from tower to tower they spray to stop the evolution of humanity.

  • hoeyuno

    this shit is fugged. ppl who knew about the testing of this shit say that by the 1960s the u.s. gov could manipulate hurricanes…think about that??.

    • MadVillain

      you aint heard about HAARP then…

    • Q.

      They been did that, homie… SANDY!

      HAARP and weather control are 1000% real. Do the research.

      • hoeyuno

        o I’m a believer homie.. I’ve been following that shit for awhile now but here’s where my questions are… I know a lot of theories lead to population control. and creating a massive earth quake in Haiti and killing thousands do to poor structures, not enough resources etc.. makes sense. but to manipulate a huge hurricane around the tri state area just to have like 60 or something ppl die doesn’t really support that at all. I know your a intelligent dude and I’m sure u do have a better grip on this ish then I do but……..

      • Q.

        I’m not totally sure, but the crazy size and unnatural trajectory were giveaways. I doubt it was about population control. There was a strong connection between Sandy’s path and a particular location on Earth’s magnetic grid (ley lines), suggesting there was some manipulation of the Earth’s energy field. Right now, I think Sandy was a fear/trauma ritual similar to 9/11. The name connection between Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook Elem. is suspect as well, which I believe was a blood sacrifice ritual slaughter… Of course, always follow the money trail. There’s billions of $$$ in construction and development (like N.O. post-Katrina) that certain companies can take advantage of. There are different angles to consider. All of this sounds crazy if you’re not familiar with metaphysics + occult science, but I don’t underestimate these Luciferian mofos.

        The storm aftermath is still unfolding, but the truth will come out sooner than later.

      • hoeyuno

        I agree.. after 9/11 ppls were saying that it was a huge pay day for Trump.

  • Q.

    AHH, y’all are waaaaaaaaaaay late to the game on this chemtrails ish. They’ve been spraying the sky for decades already. Any time window for any detrimental health effects it would have had has long come and gone. Look, they’ve given us AIDS, fluoridated water, chemtrails, GMO food, prisons, guns, etc, etc, and WE’RE STILL HERE. What does that tell you? You can’t kill GOD.

    The age is shifting. Trust that anything TPTB is doing now is 4th quarter, 2 min drill shit, Hail Mary passes. They already lost. It’s just a matter of when. Learn your history and raise your CONSCIOUSNESS, myn@!ggas. AlphaOmega

    • DJ7

      Speak on it GOD

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  • I jus wanna know…….does that shit get me hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    • hoeyuno


  • Peace

    we are all expendable

  • siebrand

    please, keep out of this bullshit allhiphop. the man who originally came up with the chemtrails story, Peter Vereecke, is a belgian ex-mayor of the catholic party. Not only does he lack proper evidince, he also denies the holocaust. He released a paper full of adapted quotations to fit his opinions, and ‘scientifical evidence’ with no sources to it. please do not get into this bullshit. Maby you should take a look at a critical reception on chemtrails too, instead of ony the sites, books & conspiracy theorist stating that everybody that doesn’t believe them is wrong or blinded. that’s not critical thinking.

  • Jay Reynolds

    google: sinner g chemtrails

    for a great rap on the subject!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i see cars exhaust shooting out chemtrails too lol … folks our man made equipment are run off energy and fuel !! they all spew out chemicals lol now wether or not the planes are spewing out specific chemicals that were put there for a purpose … I DOUBT IT !!!!!!! especially if its the gov thats doing it … why ??? because they live under the same sky ?? which means they would be poising themselves as well as thier children and spouses and other family members … imo it just dont add up ……….. the only way this would make sense is if there is a group out there looking to commit a crude act that dont belong or believe in america …. not saying that threat couldnt come from within … but the likely hood that is very slim … especially in this form because there is no way to directly impact specific people or group with dropping chemicals in the air …..

  • kered gnuoy

    I just…..I can’t……I just really can’t.

  • AK

    everyday like at 5 i see the same trails , whats with the routine to do it right before sunset

  • Torrey Winston

    CHEMTRAILS is nothing new. they been doing that for a long time now. from my research its mostly weather related. ya’ll worried about getting sick from CHEMTRAILS?? look at whats in your food and water supply first.

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  • DollasTX

    Chemical Ali …

    it’s already in everything from your regular drinking water to the toothpaste you use … it was only a matter of time

  • greebuh

    Look up Geo-engineering

  • MarthaNan Bonelli

    Watch (U.S.A. Kansas Chemtrails) by Dreamadman.I filmed my whole tiny town getting chemtrailed to death in a matter of minutes.This was not really filmed in Manhattan Kansas,but the tiny town of Bazine Kansas in Ness county Kansas.We have had a terrible drought in the past two years.What will 2013 bring?? I think Chemtrails,HAARP,and Microwave cell phone towers work together and control our weather,cause drought,and are part of the great American land grab.Food prices rising,Americans sheppled.

  • nastinupe

    Well if the average life span was decreasing, I would be afraid, but since it isn’t, there’s nothing to worry about.