Ice-T and Coco

Hip-Hop Rumors: Ice-T Isn’t Going To Like These Pics Of Coco!


Well, it looks like everything is off the table now. Whoever has the biggest guns, crew and all of that is over. The word on the streets is that Coco cheated and its all coming out. Well, we pretty much knew that, but I think people were hoping that, for Ice’s sake, it wasn’t true. But, they are shopping pics for sale, and teasing possible customers with pics. I still don’t know if they will get a lot of money for them but they are here. There are pics of this white dude (explained later down in the HSK exclusive) and AP.9 clutching the booty of Coco.


Coco Being a Whore

Ice gotta nip this in the bud.

Coco Busted As A Whore

Here is the report from Jackie Jasper:

HSK Exclusive – The former manager of one Las Vegas nightclub – reported to be the setting for Coco’s secret date with rapper AP.9 – seems to be pulling rank over the newly named Peepshow headliner. That’s because an image of Mustafa Abdi – aka Moose Diesel – grabbing Coco’s backside is something Mrs. Ice T failed at trying to order off of Twitter.
According to our sources, the Coco-grabbing shot of Moose (ARIA Resort & Casino’s Haze Nightclub former manager) was taken while Coco, AP.9, Moose Diesel, and a few members from the cast of Ice Loves Coco partied the night away at the Sin City hot spot. We’re told it was only after Moose posted the pic to his Twitter account when Coco deemed the image as “not a good look”.
Here’s what AP.9′s homey, Moose Diesel, had to say in response to Coco’s plea:
“It’s not a good look for you, not me . You knew what you were doing when you took the pic.”
Here’s what AP.9 exclusively revealed to HSK:
“I took Coco out on a date to Haze nightclub. She brought some friends…some of the crew from Ice Loves Coco even showed up too!
We had a steamy one night stand. I hate being called a liar…cuz I’m not.”
Is AP.9 going to blow up after he releases his new song with R. Kelly? I don’t know, but I do know three scandalous pictures of Coco and AP.9 (attached to polygraph test
results) are currently on the mainstream media bidding table. Don’t believe me.. Ask Barry Levine.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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114 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Ice-T Isn’t Going To Like These Pics Of Coco!”

  1. Joseph Thomas

    no good….no dude wants to see another dude squeezing on his wifey’s ass……..but my question is…why’d she let’em…..and a picture at that….f she think they were gonna do with them…..hold’em down never to be seen?!?! f outta here

  2. Guest

    This type of shit happens all the time and it could happen to anybody luckily Ice T is in the position to diss her its not like he broke and fucked up he getting that Law and Order money he need to cut his losses and get a colder bitch that’s the only way to recover from this L cause if he try to stunt on AP 9 and get his feelings along with his face crushed ain’t no coming back from that SMH @ Ice for catching feelings for his Bottom Bitch if you wanted a wife should have found a bitch with a real legal name WTF names themselves CoCo unless you employed by the WWF

  3. highgeorgebush

    i hope ice-t goes out guns blazing and caps these faggot fools, even tho hes turned to acting, hes gonna be so mad i hope he goes back to his roots, pulls out the AK, and shoots up these dudes houses, hahaha yeaaahhhhh riiiiiiight

  4. Jizzah!

    Ice is old school he never did & never will love them hoes. Moe Foes put money over everything & even game these lame broads on how to get it. Shame media feeds its to folks. The Ice went soft, once a pimp always a pimp………..Hoes Down!!

    • Guest

      Not dissing Fam but how much of a pimp is he really when you renew your vows to the bitch when the shit first broke out a true pimp knows when his hoes are not being honest furthermore if I’m not mistaken a few years back this was the same nigga who said he didn’t believe in weddings and all that now you renewing vows that you claim you never said in the first place at this point he needs to distance himself from her because he is half of the reality show equation

    • DollasTX

      niggah please … if he didnt love the hoe he wouldnt took them vows 2x at that
      that niggh woke up this morning with his HEART HEAVY THAN A MF mayne
      face it … she gamed that niggah something serious even had him renewing vows again after she got caught <<< he still took the hoe back. If he dont cut his loses now – than she now knows she will be able to get away with murder next time

      • EDOGZ818

        Kinda true, flip side, she fugged up & learned & became better?

        I seriously doubt Ice T ain’t poke other chicks while married, but the renewed vows??

        Hmmmm, with that being said, she is doing peep shows, so he knew what type of woman she was, and man he is.

        If he can flip it into more $$$$$? So be it, 10,000 other dudes will wife CoCo tomorrow.

      • DollasTX

        smh – yeah ok, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt

        she fugged up and learned and became better … but, for how long?
        whose to say she wont get weak again? Dont they always say once a cheater always a cheater? Let’s address the facts, Ice-T is way older than this broad. He’s more set in his ways, been there done that type attitude. I bet a Young Ice-T would have been out on the road with CoCo getting guap together under a watchful eye but he aint the younger Ice no more cuz he slipped and took for granted that she was a ryde or die – he had to see signs somewhere that she wasn’t to be trusted he just didnt trust his instinct

        For his sake, i hope he was knocking other broads cuz if not than that’s an even bigger L that he has stomach lol but im pretty sure he had his fun here and there throughout the years … double standard though, lol 2 wrongs NEVER make it right in this case

        regarding making money — she aint seeing no check’s that’s really making a difference especially at the point in life he’s at – she getting small time money for them club appearances, and she has to damn near degrade herself to get those small checks, that right there says she aint a BOSS BYTCH cuz she has no self respect or dignity therefore the MONEY MAKES HER SHE DOESNT MAKE THE MONEY that alone is a red flag and confirms she aint a BOSS lol and doesn’t deserve to be WIFEY

        – i bet for far less than some of them Jersey Shore chix was getting at the height of their fame you can have a chance to squeeze azz up close – so up close that you might be able to whisper some game in her ear long enough that she might giggle or even engage in conversation – those small azz checks aint worth the headache in Ice’s case
        he too old and to accomplished to have to barter happiness and piece/peace of mind (cuz these hoes can and will drive you crazy) for some young untame untrained ungrateful tail

  5. DollasTX

    simple mathematics … Ice need to smash CoCo sister (heard she had an even fatter azz than CoCo) then go find you a fine azz milf closer to your own age that actually has a career that a REAL WOMAN can appreciate ie: Doctor, Attorney, etc… and leave these fame seeking bytches in “THE LIFE” in yo rear view

    • Chris

      Ice-T’s pimp hand is already suspect at this point. For him to smash Coco’s sister on some emotional, out-of-control, scorned lover sht would make him look even worse.

  6. DollasTX

    AP-9 all they way wrong for coveting another man’s wife but in the end he did Ice-T a favor by putting the hoe out there. Ain’t no telling how long she been using “club appearances” as her secret rendezvous, feel me? I bet AP-9 aint the 1st niggah that phucked either…

  7. greeneyedbandit

    I thought a pimp’s whore is suppose to keep her head to the sidewalk when she’s out….cause if her eyes connect with another pimp, his whore is stolen! lmao! “Bossin Up”

  8. sakiru oresanwo

    they say a picture says a thousand words but they never said those words would be the truth.even though its not a good look on Ice with pics of guys clutching his wife’s ass the pics and what AP.9 alleges still doesnt mean they fcuked. lets all be honest with ourselves for one minute and think about it, until i see a video/pic of them having sex (which tbh my perveted side wants to see…shame on me) i’m still having an open mind on this one.

    • cromthelaughinggod

      They fked trust. She is married and if she is that faithful she wouldn’t have even let him kiss her or grab her ass or none of that sh*t! It is apparent he hit. She let another dude hold the ass come on.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        An ex-con walks into a room and sees someone stabbed with the knife still in,he tries to save the person by pulling the knife out but unfortunately the person dies b4 the police arrive. The only ppl who know what truly happened are the victim,ex-con and the attacker (if there is one).all I’m saying is innocent until proven guilty even though the evidence so far is damning.

      • brotha_man

        true dat. if this was my ol’ lady. I would ask why did u put ur self in this position, and witness are giving testimony. you guilty.

  9. greeneyedbandit

    I guess a PIMP that got his whore IN CHECK ain’t gotta worry about her keepin her head to the sidewalk…..I ain’t got no game im just talkin sh*t. lmao!

  10. the man

    I dont know if my damn comment posted but I still dont think coco cheated. Unless she is a complete idiot (wich is possible), there is no way she would be havin her “side piece” hangin around people she worked with (from ice t loves coco) and takin a bunch of pics. I think she would cover her tracks a little bit better if she was cheating. Still, its not a good look to have dudes grabbin your ass because these cowards seem like they are just desperate for attention. Bitches will do anything for fame and these dudes are straight thirsty ass bitches.

    • DollasTX

      it’s obvious that she doesn’t think before she acts … or she was so caught up in her natural behavior that it didn’t register ’til afterwards that she was a MARRIED WOMAN because …

      she clearly sent a request to The Meat Head looking dude to please remove the pic because it wasn’t a good look

    • DollasTX

      nah it aint about showing them off … cuz if you truly got you a DOWN ONE – than you should be able to flaunt that. A real true BOSS BITCH always gonna be a compliment to a BOSS. It’s a square’s way of thinking to think you can’t show off your arm piece! Any self respecting BOSS BITCH gonna carry herself different for her man’s sake.

      The problem is Ice-T and Joe Budden dont really know how to choose a woman over a sack chaser – Ice-T choose a “wanna be” cave bytch 20 something odd years younger that like NIGGAS period and Joe budden tried to wife up a video vixen that his superior fab (cuz he was an artist on Fab’s Street Fiddi-diddi-dam Team lol) had already beat before.

      • cromthelaughinggod

        Any woman hwo calls herself a boss bitch isn’t wifey material she is strictly fking material. Do the knowledge and meditate on that jewel. Your Queen isn’t a bitch. Coco is not a Queen big difference so she acts accordingly to who she is deep down which is being a whore. That is who she is a whore not a women so yeah you can call her that.

      • DollasTX

        im saying BOSS BYTCH — but you can insert w/e “quote” you’d like

        1. QUEEN
        2. WOMAN
        3. KEEPER
        4. WIFEY
        5. RIB
        6. EARTH
        7. W/E DA PHUCK

      • ß۞Ь¥ ҊɸЊŁѮ§Ե

        trouble iz evrabody wanna say dey chic da baddest, but fo sumbody ta b truly da baddest, cant nobody b badda van em. fallz n line wit ‘evrabody wanna b a winna but ta win othaz gotta lose’ & yeah special termz lyk “boss” can b synonymz fo ‘winna’. jus sayin…

  11. DollasTX

    PAYROLL the fat pimp from Pimp’s Up Hoe’s Down looking like he #winning, right now cuz he spoke on this shyt year’s ago.

  12. YaheardSyndicate

    All these dudes involved are like Ice Cube said B***tches too. This is some 8th grade drama. Ap 9, Mosse knuckle, are a bunch of clowns. Trying to sell pictures, and polygraphs, like getting a piece of a$$ was the biggest come up in their life (if its even true). These are grown men like 40 year olds! I hope these dudes dont think they are players, because in the end they are more then clowns.

  13. Imamu Hunter

    A true pimp move would be to stay with her to keep them ratings up on Ice love’s Coco. And then as the season ender. Dump her on live TV and Two even badder chicks walk off into the sunset with him. PIMP!!!

  14. artman696

    I think Coco maybe even Ice T setting this shit up. She posing for cameras she know its gonna get back. She with cast from the show. Think how big the season of Ice loves coco gonna be now. Ice claims to be a pimp so make that doe…right??

    • Celz

      That is starting to look like the most plausible story.. Next is gonna be Coco left a Law and Order script in Ap’s penthouse on accident..

  15. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    Let Ice do what Ice do.

    It’s none of our business. And that AP9 rapper
    better hit us with some quality tracks otherwise
    his 15 mins are over.

    I can imagine Ice is a bit more modern when
    it comes to his relationship and both give
    each other certain freedoms.
    It works for many couples
    Why not for them too.

    Let em have fun and we do our life.

  16. Banksy

    At this point ICE just needs to distance himself from this bitch and the whole situation. Turning to violence is only going to give CoCo, this lame and the media exactly what they want. If I was him I would chalk this up to a L move way from this bitch, let her and this nigga fall back into obscurity. Fact of the matter is Ice is a legend and he has way more to lose than these lames do.

  17. Dadon850

    It’s simple, AP9(whoever the hell he is) and the other dude are attention whores. Seriously, if you hit who runs to the media and tells all his business?? Only low budget d list fools do that. Ice-T probably will let it slide cause she probably caught him in his shit before.

  18. Southcidal

    Ice T must’ve been caught phuckin around because why now is Coco so open with her sluttyness? This has “trying to get back at you for what you did me” written all over it.

  19. El Chapo Gwapo

    AIn’t neither one of them lames “grabbin” her ass…. that ain’t what it look like when you grab a bitch ass… them niggas barely touchin her

  20. El Chapo Gwapo

    All AP.9 got is a photo of him barely touchin her ass as proof he fucked… the gay muslim nigga got his hand on her ass too, I guess that mean he had a “steamy one night stand” with the bitch too smh this faker than Sandy Hook

  21. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this is all some scam, I’m old and need some attention or publicity shit, when we first met I was still sexy now no one checking for me shit. you can see the faking by how she posing for the cameras instead of hiding from them or being photoed off guard

  22. Weedras

    She sells her self as a sex symbol ofcourse dudes are gonna treat her like a piece of meat.. a picture tells a thousand tales doesn’t mean that what’s being depicted lead to sex…. and why i say that is because friggin Jacky Jasper aint a proper source for info… dude worse than media takeout… but in the end Coco shops that ass in every video it’s like a formality dudes gonna want a squeeze lol!

  23. trixnkix637

    Blame it on the goose, blame on patron… blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol. Ice-T, I’m waiting for a proper pimp response.

  24. Brandt James Mariscal

    She admitted she messed up that was the 1st step. Ice T decided to stay with her and work this out call it what you want thats his wife and a real man stays and tries to make it work. But this wannabe rapper needs to respect that, this playing games bullshit is kid stuff. Grown man acting like hes high school smh.

  25. Harriet__Tubman

    Why are u ppl suprised at this? Its Ice-T’s fault also, he lets his wife parade around and look like a hoe everywhere.

  26. Adrian So ConKrete Hester

    Is that yo hoe?? well that’s my hoe too! (FUTURE!) lmao time for Ice to cut this floozy, she probably feel like she good now that her money taller but she’s not getting any younger, & them gigs gonna start drying up if they haven’t already Ice got juice & industry longevity…what ain’t gonna be a “good look” is all that ass on a senior citizen

  27. OCYRUS

    Ice been married to this chick ten years plus… they had renewed their vows on TV and Ice started crying when he said his part. he was crying in front of a lot of pimps & playas so he really loves her no hollywood love real love so dude is hurt & everything else that comes with this bull$h!t Ice-t aint no dummy by along shot so you know he got something up his sleeve she violated fo sho but in the real world that aint nuttin to get no divorce about; however <<<<<<There is a video on youtube with Ice-T, bishop don magic juan, & Coco's scandalous A$$, talking street $h!t on some show & ice goes into talking about niccas killing some one and Coco rolled her eyes on the slide when he started talking. it looks kinda old so she prolly been getting smashed out on the side… i bet it aint no prenup either but he got the ball in his court wit all this evidence

  28. OCYRUS

    da Fcuk? i was saying; however, there is a video on youtube wit Ice-t, Bishop don juan, & Coco’s scandalous A$$ on some bootleg talk show talking about when niccas are killing some one & Coco rolled her eyes on the slide when Ice started talking.( it was like a negro please ur old A$$ still think you gangsta ) type of roll so she prolly been creeping for a min. I bet it aint no prenup either but the balls in his court with all this evidence

  29. Son of Nigraseed

    Sleep with cave bitches and ya wake up tongue kissing jackals. For you 85%s that’s when you get so familiar with animals (dogs) you let them lick your face.

    • Darkfather504

      I agree I don’t know what was up with IceT/Darlene but she appeared to cut for Ice plus Darlene was normal not fabricated – the album cover said it all – Ice let her go man you may have to come to blows or worse with this AP9 dude

  30. fukbamas

    All good, I would never do that to u big homie… Isolator Ice..DJ from breakin..superman from the awesome movie surving the game.. love u man.. stay up G.. if u move on I’m not mad cuz u can get a 100 coco’s who wont do that to u bruh

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