Juelz Santana Explains Lil Wayne’s Role as Executive Producer On New Album

(AllHipHop News) Back in December Juelz Santana announced that he tapped Young Money leader Lil Wayne to executive produce his upcoming album Born To Lose, Built To Win.

The unexpected announcement had many wondering what exactly Wayne’s role would be in crafting the album. The Dipset veteran recently explained that Wayne will not just be attached to the project in name only, but will be a hands-on contributor.

“I don’t need to just say Wayne’s executive producing,” Santana told RealTalkNewYork. “I feel like getting with Wayne, us together we can get the results I need.”

Born To Lose, Built To Win will be Santana’s first solo studio album since 2005’s What The Game’s Been Missing. It will also be his first official full length collaboration with Lil Wayne since the duo’s Blow mixtape in 2006.

Blow, hosted by DJ Mick Boogie, was suppose to serve as a prequel to the oft-delayed Wayne-Santana album I Can’t Feel My Face. Santana was also featured on the track “You Ain’t Got Nothin” off Wayne’s multi-platinum Tha Carter III in 2008. Like their previous projects, Santana plans for his latest work with Wayne to be a true collaborative effort.

“I’m not just going to send him records and ask him what he thinks or he’s not just going to send me records and I just do the records that he likes. It’s not going to be that. It’s going to be a collective..us figuring out what’s the best way to be successful…have a great product that the people appreciate and like.”

Before Santana releases his next LP, the Harlem resident will be dropping his new mixtape God Willin’ later today. Juelz recently released a trailer for the free project revealing he’s been in the studio with Wayne, Lloyd Banks, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Wale, Jadakiss, and more.

  • Why is this guy always talking about Lil Wayne, it’s like an obsession..oh we have a mixtape, hes on my song, hes producing my album…put work in Juelz, don’t expect someone else to do it for you. It’s not 2008 any more.

    • I think Juelz is actually a huge fan of Wayne’s apart from just doing collaborations with him… He digs his style to say the least. On top of that, love or hate wayne, he gets results and sells. Hell if that dude will get Juelz to the top some how I suppose he can feel free to hold Wayne on whatever pedestal he chooses. Lol

  • Tre C

    Juelz is soundin like Drake did when he first showed up on the scene with YM.

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  • daveofthematthews

    All i want to see from this album is Wayne get back to his Good rapping days s*** and Juelz (Who can also be a good Lyricist) To do what he did on the 2009 BET cypher, I think they could make a dope album together, “You Ain’t Got Nothing On Me” was a good track so hopefully Fab will make an appearance, Even if rumors are to be believed and Fab and Wayne ain’t so cool at the moment. Personally would love to see SlaughterHouse on that album too, But i got a feeling it will end up being too commercially aimed for that. But who knows, In the meantime hurry up with the Mixtape Juelz!

  • hollaatchaboynahmean123

    Juelz is full of shyt lol. Collaborative effort my a$$. He just name dropping Lil’ Wayne as executive producer to sell records. Can’t be mad at him though. Gotta get $ somehow.

  • Dick riding at it’s finest…Too bad Lil Wayne is on his way out…I tell you all one thing, if this album flops then Juelz should quit rapping, cause if you can’t go platinum off Wayne, then you are just straight up wack…lol

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  • EzE

    another check for weezy……Juelz is a vet in the game he should at least have built his own brand and or label by now but nope,,give a nigga a lil bit of change and they get complacent… that nigga basically put his career on hold til weezy finally got around to fuckin wit him again

  • Mike Swiff

    JEWLZ is a damn fake man.. (What happen to the NY MC? where is NY in Hip Hop right now?) these project ni66az always want to ride out on somebody elses fame. What happen to DIPSET-DIPSET-DIPSET-DIPSET! Oh my bad only person from that camp right now that is a true artist is “JEWLZ” (I know how Im spelling it idiot!) Im saying get the DIPSET BACK; NY Rappers and MCs bring that New York thing back, Yall clownz to busy with Lil Ugly and Sloppy Joe (AKA Rick Ross) trying to sound like the south; tired of turning on Spot97 & Sour105 hearing all artist from the south, Im a New Yorker who Likes NY artist and our sound! Yall lames have totally FELL OFF!! smh (If I wanted to move to the souf I would’ve I live in NY I need to hear more artist into NY, we created hip hop the hell with Lil Ugly yo!) come on Juelz… NY EMCEES and RAPPERS HIP HOP STARTED IN NEW YORK…ACT LIKE IT REP YOUR SET! damn!!!!

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