Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie feat. JAY Z

  • Swaggout


  • Nice…real nice! This is definitely something I can rock with this winter; warm, smooth, grown, sexy. You got it!

  • Banksy

    The song is ok, Jay’s verse feels kinda lazy to me.

  • Delandrian

    DOooooooooooPE !!!!!

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  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    The Beat is Fly, sometimes, lol

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    Bullshit Lyrics.

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  • RapListener

    everything about this track is wackkkkk

  • Tony G.

    Most of the comments will be negative..but this is a cool song

  • NOVI

    YouTube. Novacane 3minutes of hell damn he nice!

    • mike huffman

      you say “damn he nice!” like it’s not you. and fool, if you wanna try this here at LEAST don’t post as “NOVI” and pretend you’re not.

  • Jahb1911

    JT Back, about time.. 7yrs way too long..

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  • southside4lyfe

    i think it is nice for his first song done in years mofos today music don’t even get as close to this even on mixtape …good quality music

  • This will be a big hit.This beat is raw.IDK what yall talking bout.Love the break beat drums and horns.This is gonna knock

  • Tre C

    how it starts vs what most of the song sounds like threw me off a little bit. It will grow on people and be popular.

  • Love the track all the way til Jay ruins it. Lyrics have nothing to do with the song and his on beat off beat style don’t work wit this.

  • Actually Jay Z lyrics are in line with the song. If you even picked up on the fact JT is talking about his WEDDING DAY! First dance/wedding night etc…then Jay Z makes reference to that “they aint lose a daughter got a son” –grown man marriage swag #suitandtie shit

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  • Justin a monster

  • disqus_xw3mh9EjjQ

    yall had me xpectn it 2 b alot worser than it was

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