Who’s Master P Gunning For With ‘Rappers in Dresses’ and ‘Skateboarding Gangsters’ Disses?

(AllHipHop News) Veteran rapper and business mogul Master P stirred up controversy this weekend when he released his new track “Brick To A Million,” which will appear on his upcoming mixtape Al Capone.

The opening lines of the song begins with the New Orleans native saying, “new n*ggas wearing dresses/f*ck it, I ain’t scared to address it/gangster n*ggas on skateboards/I’m at the house breaking mothaf*cking headboards/Real n*ggas stand up.”

Instantly, questions began to arise whether these lines were a diss toward a certain Harlem up-and-comer, a Chi-town veteran, or a fellow rapper originally from New Orleans.

Recently, rising New York rapper A$AP Rocky faced a lot of heat after appearing on 106 & Park wearing what many observers thought was a women’s dress. A$AP later explained to RapFixLive that the ensemble was actually a designer oversized tee, but this explanation didn’t do much to stop the criticism from confused fans on twitter.

It’s no surprise that after hearing the Master P’s “n*iggas wearing dresses” line many of those same rap fans viewed the dig as a subliminal attack against A$AP despite the fact that the No Limit leader and the A$AP Mob leader performed together at the Coachella Festival in 2012.

The line could have also been directed at another high fashion conscious rapper. G.O.O.D. Music head Kanye West received a lot of negative press last month after performing in a black leather Givenchy skirt at the televised 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy charity concert.

West was also seen rocking a skirt during stops at the “Watch The Throne Tour” in 2011. Mr. Miller has had critical words for Mr. West in the past.

Back in 2005, Master P questioned the intention of Kanye’s infamous “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” rant at during  a Hurricane Katrina hurricane relief event.

“I hope the comments that Kanye West made is sincere and this is not a promotional thing to sell records…I know he’s got a new album out right now,” said Master P at the time. “I’ve lost people, I know how real it is. This ain’t about a promotional thing with me.”There appeared to be much less ambiguity to the second part of P’s critique in “Brick To A Million”. The line “gangster n*ggas on skateboards” can only be taken as a direct shot at self-described Blood Gang member and skateboard devotee and Cash Money/Young Money rapper Lil Wayne. No Limit Records and Cash Money Records have been rivals since their New Orleans turf wars in the early 1990’s before either label had reached national prominence. Each camp released several diss tracks aimed at the other in the past, and there were reports that the beef turned violent at one point.

Master P has yet to confirm who he was addressing in “Brick To A Million”, and as of now, no one from A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, or Lil Wayne’s team has responded to the song.

  • cincytown

    I respect master p for finally saying what people been saying

    • Casor_Greener

      Like Pac told Biggie – I’m just trying to sell rerords

  • SpaceAge2012

    Shots are obviously bein fired at A.S.A.P “Fruity Peebles” Rocky & Wayne.I guess P gotta do something 2 get ppl talkin again.

  • Al Capone is the name of his mixtape? What’s with all this black rappers naming themselves after white guys?

    • therealest1

      Not to mention white crime figures who were racist against black people.

      • trvlman


      • brotha_man

        too scared to rep Nat Turner….white record label exec. wouldnt like that. they like when we praise white mafia figures and push their liquor so they can get richer and keep us down

    • $28825362

      Because deep down all of them look up to whites. They know in order to make it you have to look up to them while destroying anything that is positive about being black.

      • Galactus

        @2_old_for_this_site:disqus Not all of them… but I def agree! Ass Kissing Is The Only Way ANYONE makes it in Any business! Capitalism (Economical Genocide) at it’s finest!

    • Terrance Goodman

      Need to read up more is where they fail ,most rappers fail
      To realize we have black leaders illegal n legal
      Non snitch type . Like Ike aka captain smack or
      Black ceasar .. I agree blacks need to look to
      Our own for leaders

      • What do we always need leaders for? That’s bullshit. Waiting until somebody comes forward to lead. Can’t nobody lead their own lives?

      • Terrance Goodman

        Of course we should all be leaders I agree, I’m saying everyone has there strong suites n together it’s like voltron ..but if one has a idol I’m saying or some ones style whom they admire , it is nothing wrong with that. Knowing ones strong suite to add to another strong suite who may differ than their own. Me I totally agree with you I follow no one but the foundation that my loved ones laid

      • brotha_man

        its not about leaders, its about erasing our history while praising infamous white males who contributed to drugs, poverty, and segregation in black America.

    • It’s not about actually being Al Capone numbnuts. It’s about P holding sh!t down, & running the rap game like Capone ran liquor distribution during prohibition. (SMH) I swear you n!ggaz are not very bright.

      • Capone got busted by the feds for tax evasion, got sent to prison…went crazy, and died in his own shit and piss…oh yea, he was running things. Capone felt you got done more with a gun then a kind word, where as a real kingpin like Carlo Gambino died free and that’s a boss…So why the hell would you name your album after a delusional white guy who was glamorized by Hollywood? Capone wasn’t very bright…. lol numbnuts..It’s 2013, not the 1930’s.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Don’t forget the chin smart witty behaviors to avoid prosecution

  • Galactus

    Kanye, a “conscious” rapper?? I think he gave up that title a long time ago lol

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  • AK

    its funny cause master p was at rockys show a few months ago backstage kissing his ass and wanting him to meet his children lol

    • Celz

      Who said he was talkin about Rocky? I thought he was wearin a designer shirt.. Or was it a dress?

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  • Mike Swiff

    Look P this is the new Hip Hop lol you going after something that HIP HOP has claim as ok, its ok to be in a dress as a man, to use another man’s name, fake thugs, studio thugs, homo thugs, reality thugs, skinny jean thugs, it’s all good. The day of true anything in HIP HOP is in the past! Nas told you P “Hip Hop is dead”. Cut the mix tape thing out! oh thats a dead issue as well (non-factor) Come on P nobody in Hip Hop cares man! (LMAO)

    • moneyaintmygod

      no this aint new hip hop, its commercial shit that the average white person has on they playlist who keep trying to push there views of this is how you have to be to sell music, but it aint unless u so fuckin money hungry you drop everything u stand for and wanna be in the top 40, musik has really took a down fall ever since fools like u say its ok to kiss men , wear girl jeans and make up and suck dick, u stand for nothing real u fuckin homo justifing the fads that are fuckin up hip hop… Shit Master p and dmx tell it straight up , i hope mo niggaz start to call out these fools cause dis shit need to stop

  • Joseph Thomas

    if master p is smart, he’d not say anything else….cause 50 said it before kanye has so much power….it’ll be interesting to see if he goes deeper….i can’t say im mad at the “skatboarding gangsters” line….thats just classic


    P Need to sit his old ass down dome where. This dude been irrelevant for years.

    • Blackstallion777

      Relevant? Relevancy is for rappers trying to hold on to keep their name in
      the game in order to get a pay check. I’ve never been a fan of his
      music, but P brought in 56.5 mill alone in 98. That’s more than most of
      these relevant dudes will ever bring in their entire careers. P has been
      smart with his money and business ventures and with no real presence or
      “relevancy” in hip-hop, was still worth over $300 million in 2012. “This dude been irrelevant for years.” Tell that to his bank account and net worth.

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah okay,
        But yet no limit his company went bankrupt???
        & i doubt he is worth 300 million in 2012. When he hasnt made the frobes in years. Not saying that i believe half their figures but if his track record for running a business isnt the greatest. What happen to that sport agency company that fuk up ricky williams first contract. P has made all that money cause he jerk all his artist. Even his own family. That not smart that just greed.
        Dude is was up no matter how much money he made in the past.
        Like i said above aint nobody checking for him, but a few stans.

      • EL_BARK

        Wait. I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking you went by forbes. Lmao. But i know what you said wasnt true cause master P didnt make the top 5 artist for 2011 net worth (based on forbes)
        You went by an article posted by celebrity net worth
        The same site that said meek mill was worth 2 million and
        Ai was broke, lol…… Man you guys crack me up, with yall come iff like yall know shet, but be dead wrong. Lol atleast if you going to debate have a somewhat credible source. Lol mater P hasnt made fobes in years.
        Top artist was diddy, jay, dre, birdman & 50 cents.
        Diddy was at 500 million. & 50 cents is at 110 million.
        So how is P net worth 350 million again? When 50 cents a person who has made forbes for 5 years steaight is at 110 million?
        And mind you he sold vitamin water for 225 million alone?

        So forbes just happen to forget P huh??? Lmao
        Stop believing everything you read on the net. Its inly make you look stupid.
        Like aquarium2012

      • Blackstallion777

        There is a good chance Millz is worth 2 million. Kendrick Lamar claims to have paid 6 figures in taxes off of Section.80 alone. It’s not impossible. And AI is broke. What investments has he made? He was spending money like it was going out of style. $750k a year towards the end but was spending over 300k a month…..
        And if you’re going to debate, at least spell check.
        Last time P was mentioned was 2009 as one of the richest rappers of all time (over 600 million worth at that point), but (and there was an article on this last year. Wish I could find it) P hasn’t done anything in rap since. So if he wasn’t investing and making money off of rap, he didn’t qualify for the list. Dr. Dre barely made it on the list because of Em, 50, and his beats are techniquelly considered “music industry.”

      • EL_BARK

        Millz doesnt have a net worth of 2 million its bullshet cause he would have had to made ayleast 4-5 million because of being in the highest tax bracket z he didnt trust me. Remember what next worth means.
        Also thete you go again, AI is not btoke he put 37 million dollars in a trust when he was younger to ensure he would be set for his retirement.
        Look it all up, that been old news but that site you used as your source us bullshet. Also i dont get paid to type on here fuk a spell check.
        By the way diddy hasnt made money in music just like master P hasnt? Right. Okay neither has 50. The forbes list both state their money was made from other sources, then music. Just like dre selling head phone. You just making shet up so your argument look valid.
        The list was top rapper making money not limited to rap music. So again i say you dont no what your talking bout.
        P is net worth no where near 300 million. Stop making shet up.
        And like i said before, just cause you read it on the net dont make it true.
        50 aint drop an album in 2011 or diddy. But both of them made the list because of vitiamin warter & cirioc. So if p this great business man, how come he hasnt made it in 4 years smh. You just typing shet on here without having facts.

      • Blackstallion777

        Umm, Diddy released an album in 2010, made several rapping and production appearances and has a currently active rap label and roster. 50 released albums in 2007, 2008 (G-Unit), 2009, and has an upcoming one in 2013. Because they’ve been active in the music scene, that’s why they remained on the list. P’s last work was in 2007. No production and no artist releases from his label or distribution company. So he was on he list in 2009 with a two year absence, but going on 5 years without anything musically is his reason for not being mentioned. Like I said, they had the same issue with Dre, but every time Eminem gets a check…Dre gets a check.
        And guess what…Your net worth is more than what you bring in a year, so Millz would not need to make 4-5 mill a year to have a net worth of 2 mill. If you made just 50k a year, your median net worth would be 168.5k. Proof? Diddy’s net worth is $500 million. Diddy does not and did not actually make 500 million last year. In 2009 alone, P’s worth was 600 million. It has since decreased. Net worth is a means of calculating your financial progress from year to year, not how much you make in a given year.
        Learn to spell before you talk about…facts

      • Blackstallion777

        And 50 and Diddy have kept their hands in music, hence why they remained on the list. Diddy’s net worth was just over 500 million and 50’s over 380 million.

  • Celz

    Just out of curiosity has Wayne ever mentioned what Blood Gang he’s from? I’ve never heard it but I don’t listen to his interviews or mixtapes.. Cuz all Bloods aren’t Pirus.. He says Piru alot so that means he’s connected to Piru St. in Compton somehow..

    • Blackstallion777

      no cause he’s not really a blood. It’s all for show and record sales

      • Celz

        Lol real talk.. I was tryin ta bait a Lil Wayne fan..

  • Mike9130

    This song is horrible. Somebody tell me otherwise

  • dy

    I’m not much for brothers in dresses either, but didn’t Master P do a play after the New Orleans flood where he dressed up like Madea? He can’t talk when he tried to get his Tyler Perry on and failed!

    • bigmarz

      master p aint never dressed in a dress like tyler perry fuckin liar

  • ChicagosHope

    Wow…just…wow. I’m reliving 1997 all over again.

  • Crisstyle Crississippi

    P far from broke just google him and its not a diss. just saying what’s real don’t nobody want to see grown men wearing dresses.

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  • trvlman

    Although I agree, sit your old ass down. One minute you in front of Congress talkin about we got a responsiblity, next you back on some gangsta shit. You dissing niggaz to get a buzz. Sit your old ass down and take dem fronts off, nigga you like 53

    • brotha_man

      true dat. this dude will go to a school and preach on some real sh&t on stopping violence in the black community and then turn around and sell them same kids a violent laced album

    • Choppa

      Everything u said, I was about to type literally

  • trvlman

    One min you in front of Congress talkin bout “we gotta a responsibility” next you back on some gangsta s&%t. Take dem gold out your mouth and stfu you like 53, but i do agree with you to some extent

    • Lolrax

      Agreed, I agree with his points about soft rappers lately. But I just can’t forgive the fact that he turned his back on rap relatively recently.

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  • Hey Hip-Hop is a platform to speak on issues, and this is an issue that need to be addressed.

  • kered gnuoy

    it’s too bad the rapper that finally comes out and says something about this is wack as fukk. at least he’s not just ignoring it though.

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  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    Who cares dude is just butthurt because he no longer relevant

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