Cassidy Clears Up Rape Allegations, Explains Meek Mills Feud

(AllHipHop News) During a recent interview with Glocawear Radio, Cassidy discussed various topics including his on-going beef with Meek Mill, focusing on his new music and clearing up rumors with his involvement in a rape case.

Following the 10 minute diss record titled “R.A.I.D.”, which was a response track to Meek Mill’s “Repo”, the Philly rapper plans to no longer respond. Instead he revealed that he is looking forward to focusing on his upcoming album.

“If [Meek] don’t answer back or say nothin’ else or influence me to keep goin’ at him, I’ma just do what I do,” Cassidy explained. “I got a lot of projects I’m workin’ on, my next album, my next mixtape. I got a lot of music that’s about to drop so I can stick to that but who knows what he gon’ do.”

In addition, Cassidy touched on the rape allegations that AR-Ab revealed on the internet. The rapper wants it to be known that he’s not out here “taking p*ssy.”

“One of the things I definitely want to clear up is that they said I need to claim a rape case. When I was 16, there was a chick we was training every day from my school. Me and all my homies was messin’ with her, trainin’ her all the time,” recalled Cassidy.

“She came straight from school, came to our way. We had her for a long period of time and took her home probably at like 10 o’clock at night. She probably got in trouble with her mom and said we raped her. But her mom found out that she was dealin’ with us and sent a statement in, saying that she don’t want to press charges and she don’t want to go no further. But because Philly a commonwealth state, the state picked it up anyway. The way I was able to beat the case was because we made it into a porno. We had it on tape. They was able to see how it was goin’ down…That’s how I was able to beat the case.”

Check out the full interview below.

  • 7yoyo7

    If you got money and you like messin with the “ratchet/gold digger kind” you better keep the cameras rollin while you hit it.
    Shit… no one wants to end up like Pac after his so-called rape case.

    • dumbsh!t

      It seems like you’re right. Dumb women, not a majority of women mind you, will do horrible things like accuse a dude of rape when they know it was consensual sex. Lying about rape, making false accusations should end up putting that hoe in jail for 5 years. How many guys are in jail over fake rape accusations? Im not saying rape doesnt happen, it does and its horrible. But lying about rape because you were being a hoe and embarrassed just ends up making real rape cases questionable and put the poor victim in the area of having to question them if they are lying or not just because dumb bitches use rape as an excuse or as a way to f*ck a mans life up and have him in jail for something he never did. Everyone loses, the guys, the real rape victims. This kind of stuff is sick.

  • Um Cass,..Pennsylvana is a commonweath state…Philly is a city…but we get the point ” condomstyle”!

  • WhoaaaaHHH!

  • dumbsh!t

    This a white chick? They (not all, not a majority but a minority) ado this rape shit all the time. That is disgusting, rape isnt something to joke about or use as an excuse cause you were embarrassed you f$ucked alot of dudes. Makes real rape victims less credible or atleast have to be questioned much more if they are lying or not. Stop this fake rape allegations you hoes. You aint women you are hoes and dumb bitches who should be in jail for false accusation. Please note this is aimed at dumb bitches, not real women. Dont get it twisted, im just talking about the lying type (and yes a majority of guys lie in other hurtful ways, but rape should be serious and never used as a explanation for jumping on too many d!cks. Love real women, hate dumb lying bitches.

  • Will gibbons

    cassidy went to the smartest high school in philadelphia, trust me its some freaks in there

  • dominicancoke

    Funniest story I can remember was this smut we all trained I mean 4 @ a time and the whole 9ine 4 years down the road my cousin brings this jump off to my sisters baby shower he done wife this multi tasker up I gave her the b!tch you know you wrong look she could barely look at me in the eyes he introduced her to me I was dying inside..don’t save em don’t trust em

    • Son of Nigraseed

      Damn spiccy-ricardo, somebody need to train you to goto the bodega and get me a carne asada and pineapple flavored Goya. Elion Gonzalez is not on this website, he is back in Coo-bah!!

      • dominicancoke

        That’s just racist..but I like it lol

      • Son of Nigraseed

        Thanks man. Don’t take it personal; I hate everybody equally.

    • nothinlessdenSour


      • dominicancoke

        Your retarded me and this cousin were not close and even if we were 4 years past I ain’t know who he was dating since he just some 2nd cousin of mine what I’m gone say to him hey cuz we trained your girl back then lol get real

      • nothinlessdenSour


    • ajaychitown

      I would feel you if it was just some nigga you knew but thats family man. Even if yall barely know each other that’s yo flesh and blood. But I feel you at the same time because some news like that might break yo cuz heart. Some secrets are best kept under the shelf.

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  • Intellect38

    Why is AR-AB such a chump… dry snitching so hard on CASS.. stay your female ass out of the situation if you a real G, let em get it on… SHUT YO BIG NON-SIGNIFICANT ASS UP CUZ!

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  • I rember after mike tyson was released from prison he had cameras all n his crib 2 take notes

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  • Son of Nigraseed

    Yeah, Yeah Son!! We wuz training da bitch on how to draft up a resume

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