Angel Haze photographed in London

Angel Haze Apologizes to Fans for Being “Bully” in Azealia Banks Beef

(AllHipHop News) In the wake of some recent drama between her and fellow young rapper, Azealia Banks, hip-hop upstart, Angel Haze released a video apologizing to her fans, admitting she was a “bully.” While she doesn’t address Banks by name, anyone paying attention to their online beef will recognize her reference to “what has happened recently,” and her feeling uncomfortable with “the way I came off.”

Earlier this month, Banks goaded Haze into a twitter war after she took to the social network and lashed out against people who “claim” New York yet aren’t “born and raised” there. The 21-year-old Haze is originally from Detroit, signed to Universal Republic and later moved to Brooklyn.

The ensuing back and forth between the two performers, who both sing and rap on their records, got heated – with insulting tweets, diss tracks, and even, famous gossip blogger, Perez Hilton jumping in. The feud later caused a mini controversy for Banks after she sent homophobic remarks Hilton.

But now, it appears Haze is attempting to quiet down the situation and bring focus back to her music.

  • 7yoyo7

    Never heard of this transvestite…

    • lol definitely looks like a dude in the least in that pic..

      • SpaceAge2012

        Damn,she actually put on make up & got all dolled up 2 make this video 4 yall 2.*smh* Regardless,that whole beef was a publicity stunt 2 get ppl talkin.

      • dumbsh!t

        Yeah the pic looks f*cked. Looks way different in the video

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  • pam

    her yeah right that’s definitely a he

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  • o.itz.jarrettco.

    she must look like her daddy

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  • Brick Soulja

    2 Drag Queens beefing…lol

  • what kinda men log in to talk about a female doin more than them? Wut kinda females join em’ like they wont do you the same way when you out there tryna make somethin of yourself? CRAB IN A BARREL @SS N1GGAS. Go on ‘head, Angel Haze, keep doin you, your music speak for itself, tell a hater kiss yo ambitious @ss, no aspiration havin @ss n1ggas

  • crucob

    I think it’s unanimous, everybody thinks that’s a man, LMAO.

    • Brick Soulja

      Her and Azealia Banks are really men.

  • ya’ll don’t know wut this young woman been thru & how brave her music is…U on a Hip-Hop site bein intro’d to a new female mc & instead of checkin 4 her music, ya’ll want to rate her look…AND U WONDER WHY HIP-HOP IS DEAD, CUZ YA’LL ARE DEAD INSIDE, u wonder why these femcees feel they gotta have cosmetic surgery b4 they present themselves, CUZ YA’LL FANS ARE FCKN WACK & ONLY STARIN AT FACES/BODIES. U superficial & the reason mindless music is what sells.

    • crucob

      Being a fan implies you really like something. It’s clear nobody here is claiming to be a fan of either. And don’t blame anyone about plastic surgery but the low self-esteem of those females that chose to go that route because if they’re doing it for fans, that’s their dumb faults. Most men (straight men anyway) don’t go out & buy female mcs music anyway, so they just trying to be pretty for other women really.

      • what would u know about Woman’s Liberation? Have a daughter that come home fr school crying cuz some boy hit her in the face or spit in her face & called her a b*tch & tell me your reply to her gon be “That’s just the sad fact of life.” You a str8 SLAVE if that’s your mentality, Massa know you on the computer???

      • what they doin on a Hip-Hop site, talkn bout a Hip-Hop artist BUT NOT FANS of Hip-Hop? I’m talkn Hip-Hop & I’m in the right place. Ya’ll need to be on a Miss America site w/ all that superficiality. RIP to Sylvia Robinson, ya’ll wouldn’t be havin a Hip-Hop convo if not for this woman. When female rappers (ie: Queen Latifah) had something to say, men were buying and as long as men hold the keys and FANS are superficial, rap will continue to suck. As far as looks, quit actin like u don’t rate and ppl not buyin music PERIOD, not jus males not buyin female art.

      • crucob

        I never said anything about not being fans of hip hop, I said they weren’t fans of these 2 in particular. In all honesty, guys aren’t the target audience for female mcs, in fact no male I know has ever bought a female rapper’s music, guys ain’t bumping that in their whips. You mad at the state of things but that’s the sad fact of life, instead of female mcs worrying bout how men objectify them & trying to cater their looks to suit THEM, they should be worrying about catering to their REAL audience, females. You’ll get all the respect you need right there… & about Queen Latifah, she never tried to be a sex symbol, she just spoke & people listened. She became successful. Where did looks have anything to do with HER success? EXACTLY

      • your group of friends don’t determine the demographic of if males buy female artists’ records. Anybody not mad at the state of things, whether racial or gender, is complacent, so if u happy w/ the state of things, u a slave anyway. “But that’s the sad fact of life.” Right, & if our ancestors felt that way, we’d still be pickin cotton. That’s YOUR sad state of life, I’m active & use ALL my talents twd the movement. 2ndly, how can you speak on a female or female emcee’s behalf. HOW THEE F DO YOU KNOW WHO HER TARGET AUDIENCE IS? Did Pac just appeal to males? Ur mind small, thinking all females have to contribute is “girl stuff”, it’s REAL issues goin on in the world that affect EVERYBODY. I pointed out Queen Latifah & her message so u not sayin nothin I aint said already. My point is about the superficiality of fans TODAY, particularly on a Hip-Hop site. (And do you HONESTLY believe that when a young woman starts to wear makeup & dress, she has other females in mind?? Women COMPETE w/ other women & APPEAL to men when it comes to the pretentious world of external beauty. It aint low self esteem, it’s them Hollywood cameras & keepin up w/ the status quo that make females feel they gotta b the “baddest”. Black women always been on the front lines, since slavery & still the most hated~that’s a WHOLE lot of material to write’s a gem, check out DLabrie feat. San Quinn & Keyanna Bean *myself* on “It Aint EZ”, we got REAL ISSUES goin on out here & REAL SONGS, don’t b so narrowminded)

      • Celz

        Angel Haze sure as hell ain’t addressin any of these real issues you speak of.. You musta got this chick confused with Lauryn Hill or Jean Grae.. Her style is commerical and unoriginal.. Stop defending her it makes you look weak ma..

      • Somebody aint got his ear to the street. If u don’t check for “Cleaning Out My Closet” & miss me w/ that weak sh*t, that song got her so much love from the fans who can relate & NEVER get to hear an artist put this to music or hear themselves represented on that level. She a BRAVE ASS RAPPER & I have NEVER heard Lauryn Hill OR Jean Grae speak to this issue as boldly as her, IF EVER. Sorry to infiltrate your weak mind w/ some truth, but she bolder than these male rappers out here who probably been thru the same sh*t but would NEVER make a song about cuz he’s afraid. Meanwhile, women all over the world gettin raped, murdered, leading movements, raising families by themselves, etc. Really, it’s the men who look weak, that’s why ya’ll talk down on us instead of fight your real oppressor

      • Celz

        I don’t know what issue you are speaking of because her Youtube Channel is filled with commercial bullshyt.. And don’t you ever downplay Lauryn Hill for this chick. You sound like a Stan. The girl can flow but her style ISN’T HERS and homie had a point she kinda looks like a dude.. Just because YOU feel strongly about 1 song that he did doesn’t ,mean she is off limits for jokes. This isn’t about women’s rights or respecting women, playing the dozens is an African American tradition that is OLDER than Hip Hop and if Angel Haze wants extra respect she might want to take a page or two from Jill Scott’s book on how she should go about doing that.. I’m done with her I peed like 4 or 5 of her videos to see what the buzz was about and she sounds unoriginal and commercial..

        Maybe you forgot what a real femcee sounds like..

      • Get further, all I need to remind me what a real femcee sound like is open my mouth. FOH. Letting you know that Angel Haze BOLDLY addressed an issue that I’ve NEVER heard Lauryn Hill or Jean Grae speak to don’t mean I’m puttin down Lauryn Hill, so pipe down. I JUST TOLD YOU wut issue she speaks to & WHAT SONG to find it on, now go do some more homework. Then find me a song by ANY female mc that speaks that boldly to the issue~u still don’t even know wtf I’m talkn bout cuz u rantin out the side of ur neck. Do you even know where the term “playing the dozens” comes from? Better go brush up on some Dick Gregory & don’t tell me wut Af-Am traditions are; you bein a sucka & not takin up for your sistas don’t make me no Stan. Just mean you WEAK. You can’t separate the female from the female mc or the issues that go along w/ being one. You aint even qualified to speak fr that perspective, unless u dress like a woman & promote as a rapper? Even PAC made commercial music AND commercials (you recall the drink St. Ides?) So YOU get to decide who relevant based on if they made commercial music or not? Please. Everybody aint no Jill Scott & every person dressin like Jill Scott & talkn revolution aint conscious OR real, you wack for sayin she needs to take a page out another poets book. Ever heard of artist DEVELOPMENT? As ppl grow, so does their art. Wut that got to do w/ Hip-Hop fans on a Hip-Hop site bein intro’d to a femcee and only commenting her look? This aint no pageant, this is HIP-HOP

      • Celz

        If you’re a real femcee then WHY are you defending her? SHE decided to play the commercial sex appeal game.. SHE decided to use SOMEONE ELSE’S style.. I’m not wasting anymore time on her or you.. First rule of business is you put your BEST foot forward.. If making music that addresses whatever this mystery issue might be is her strong suit then music related or made in the same vein should be easily found on her website or youtube.. IT’S NOT.. Pac made LOTS of commerical music.. But HE MADE LOTS MORE uncommercial music.. If I watch 4 random Pac videos they aren’t going to be commercial.. Your reading comprehension is terrible I’m not talking about Jill Scott’s views I’m talking about how she managed to become a successful artist without selling her body.

        Angel Haze is associating herself with a sex image so you can expect her to be judged as such. I appreciate that her sex image is much more toned down then today’s norm and I appreciate that she has mad flow. But her image, content, and style are fail to me so I won’t be checking for her. Look outside your tiny ass box..

      • you still aint sayin nothin, I’m not gonna explain defending her. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Aint no “mystery issue”, you so set on not being wrong, you still aint pulled up the song. Come back when you do the homework I gave you. Right now, you blowin hot air. We discussin lyrical content, not who became successful w/out sellin their body; I JUST SPOKE on Jill Scott’s style of dress AND lyrical content, maybe you need to brush up on some reader’s comprehension. It’s clear u care more about being right than having a meaningful discussion or debate. If u done, don’t type 2 more paragraphs, you contradicting yourself & emotional about it, at that

      • churchboy2

        LOL! Game, Set and Match, Miss Keyanna.

      • Celz

        Funny how you never address me calling her out on using a recycled style lmao I’m done with this discussion.. You put up a valiant effort but you aren’t reading and responding to what I am writing so I am done. Have a good day! And keep it Hip-Hop that’s a good look on you..

      • I DID buy that Brat Funkdafied CD though.. Just saying

      • that song so hard..Give It 2 You my fav song off the Funkdafied album

      • churchboy2

        Apparently you forgot the Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation album is one of the undisputed GOAT and sold 19 million worldwide. You miss me with that, bruh…

      • ya dig? Her & Nas jus did a show in Nov, it was dope. Only disappointed they didn’t do “If I Ruled The World” together, that’s a MUST

      • Six7

        *chimes in* I’ll buy a Missy album….

      • crucob

        Note: I said MOST men
        Missy’s straight tho, another female who didn’t have to cater to men to be successful

      • she hard, I love her production. So Gone one of my fav beats she did. Dope how she worked w/ Timbaland & went on to become a super producer

    • Keith Brickz

      LOL Shut up bitch

      • a few yrs ago, I would have humiliated u on this board but that would be reverting. If that’s all you got is “b1tch”, I don’t want to be the bully to disarm you. You obviously feel like you did somethin. Congratulations

    • Celz

      She sucks

      • i respect this opinion way more than I respect any opinion about her looks, at least one person finally said somethin bout her music

    • youngplaya

      Talent and Hustle is what put you in the game. If she can’t get on she might not be hot. Just because one feels they are right on the mic doesn’t mean the masses will agree. She popped off with negativity and then it comes back to her on this site. That’s a universal law shorty. And shorty does look like a dude in that first pic. Should people not voice they’re opinion? This is a blog you know!!!

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  • maya

    She looks like a brown-skin Aaliyah.

    • Keith Brickz


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  • Keith Brickz

    in all honesty…she IS a transvestite right? not even joking im seriously wondering