All My Babies' Mamas

Hip-Hop Rumors: Shawty Lo Feverishly Trying To Save “All My Baby Mamas”



Shawty Lo has 10 baby moms and 11 kids.

This man has every right to do what he is rumored to be trying to do, and that is get this damn show back on the air. According to sources, the man with the magic stick – Shawty Lo – is trying to save his damn show.

And I don’t blame him.

DUDE HAS MAD KIDS! I wonder what the child support look like!

Anyway…supposedly Shawty Lo has gotten a lot of support for his show and will use it to create a leverage to get the show back on.

WE MUST STOP HIM!!!! OR LET HIM LIVE! I do believe his rap career is over, right? What’s the verdict?

In other news….



Guess what the name of Dick Gregory’s was?

I wonder what Shawty Lo’s Autobio would be called if a legend, comic and revolutionary like Dick Gregory calls his “Nigger.”

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • His name “dick”, ha ha

    • Don’t sleep, he is deep.

    • Celz

      Your name is Asap Crispy

  • Banksy

    Shorty Lo was the nigga that put out Laffy Taffy right?? How about instead of doing a reality show to be able to take care of his kids. He takes whatever royalty money he has left from Laffy Taffy and (any other memorable D4L hit) he put that money towards a higher education and open up a business or get a decent paying job.

    • 7yoyo7

      Most black people don’t do that. We buy diamond chains, bentleys and scream “BALLIN'” while throwing bills on strippers.

      Nah I’m just kiddin but yall get my point.

    • Ronlg1

      He wont do that for the same reason no OTHER rapper has “put that money towards a higher education and open up a business or get a decent job”!!!! Why do we only single out certain rappers, when 90 percent of the rappers out are full of the same bullshit? And why is everyone upset about THIS show where dude shows how he is fully capable of providing for his kids and their moms, when they SHOULD be upset with EVERY reality show OUT right now? The real housewives/love and hip hop/bad girls/etc. Don’t come out of the wood works for THIS show, when its the fact that our dumb asses didn’t speak up when real housewives/love and hip hop/bad girls etc came out and laid the foundation for OTHER shitty shows like Shawty’s. if THEY get to eat, we might as well let HIM eat. If not cancel ALL of that crap.

      • Banksy

        I can’t speak for the other reality shows because I don’t watch them and had no intention of watch Shortys Lo’s show neither. But maybe this cancellation is a sign that more shows like this will also be getting cancelled. I think most people appeared to be getting over the fuckery that these companies are putting in their faces on a daily basis and they’re finally speaking up about it. Personally I applaud that.

      • Bless Graphics

        No. Just shows where the center of attention is a black man.

      • Bless Graphics

        Preach. Tabernacle.

    • Usually, when it is all over, the rapper owes the label $$$.

      I support the show, or rather his right to do it???

      • Eli Pinilla

        He got signed by 50 for 10 mill….dnt ask me why, but thats whats reported

      • Recoupment , rapper signs for 10 Mil, ends up owing 10.5 mil. ( Video, production, balling, entourage, etc. )

      • Eli Pinilla

        I feel u… but he aint put nothin out. Unless he esentially took out a 10 milli loan to provide for his kids, I dnt see where the money has gone to further his career…

      • Tax write off for 50.

        Further his career? LMAO, you can’t be serious, he makes Wacka Flacka sound like Big Pun!

        G Unit South?

        Still, I doubt he has to pay it back, or earn it, and probably didn’t even get to keep it,
        1 kid in private school?

      • He’s still better off than you are, so clowning on him is kind of funny. And an artist makes money from shows, even a D list rapper can go out and do 3-4 – 5 shows a week and make some nice cake. No one cares about albums any more.

      • Is there any nut that you won’t hug?

        PAUSE / No HoMo / No Noles

      • What does me commenting on a public website, on a story you didn’t write have anything what so ever to do with nuts, homo and hugging? Your mad suspect dude…mad suspect. Least your not going on about lip gloss and swinging hips this time.

        He still is better off than you, your not seeing 10 million in your life, let alone a 100 grand.

        EDOGZ818 = #1 All Hip Hop troll.

      • Recordpusher

        When a rapper signs for “$$$ Million” they don’t get that money up front. They normally get a small advance. The 10 or what ever million they signed for is their budget for making and marketing the album.

      • Banksy

        Sure he has a right to do the show but why does it feel like every rapper has the same hustle. There’s no more originality. Plus lets be honest with a show named “All My Babies Mamas”, call me crazy but for some strange reason I don’t think the shows content would’ve been a positive representation of black people.

      • Neither would rap.


        Yes, but that’s what reality TV is.

        Positive? Depends on how it goes down, but it says something about the women with him.

    • Eli Pinilla

      I think its kinda crazy that a dude like shawty lo can support his 11 kids but rappers like mos def have issues making child support payments…. perception isnt akways reality and shawty prolly got a stronger head on his shoulders than we think

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  • Q.

    Spike and Dick G. are both right. Two generations, two perspectives.

    Dick sounds crazy at the end…they must have cut something!

    • Eli Pinilla

      U check the movie yet?!?!?!? U gots too if u aint seen it man. I know where u stand with the shit for the most part, but u gotta check it out to get a full understanding on why so many people are coming out against spike lee. And I dnt think they are defending quentin as much as they are defending the actual movie…shit is great man. Shoot me your email on my fb and I can send u a link so u can check the shit out……and its crazy thats its 2 generations, 2 perspectives but the older one, who been through it through it agrees more with the movie than the younger guy whos in the movie business. I wouldve expected it to be the other way around

      • Q.

        Yeah bro, I’ve already seen it. I found it entertaining, a bit cartoonish, yet entertaining nonetheless. I never doubted Tarantino’s skill as a filmmaker–I’ve been a fan of his flicks since Reservoir. I still think he can be an arrogant prick sometimes, and he over-indulged himself in exploiting the n-word, but honestly, it didn’t really bother me. He walked a very thin line between sensationalism and entertainment, horrific imagery and humor; he knew just the right buttons to push to raise eyebrows yet still want to go buy a ticket. So in that sense, he was successful. Django can be dissected in a thousand pieces on a psychological level, but overall I understand everyone’s perspectives: Most Black moviegoers are happy to see a heroic Black character on screen who actually makes it alive to the end of the film, as well as some semblance of a Black love story, which is almost never portrayed in Hollywood. So, the symbolism of Django outweighs any negative aspects of the film for those people. The same people are jumping on Spike mainly because he wrote the movie off without seeing it. I think that was his only mistake. But Spike has made some great contributions also, so I think he still deserves some respect at the end of the day. As far as Dick Gregory, his angle is that American society tends to shy away from the ugly parts of its racial past, so he’s delighted to see Django, if not at least to hold up the mirror of history to the face of America. I get it.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Dick Gregory went in!!!! I agree with everything he was sayin

  • Much respect to Dick Gregory, it is tight to hear the Civil Rights movement fr the perspective of a comedian during the struggle. Read his book N1gger, Dick Gregory is dope. And he jus lit Spike Lee up for puttn Malcolm in a Zoot Suit & his stereotypes in movies. Much respect to Amiri Baraka for his input on Django, as well, he lit Spike Lee up for being a hypocrite long ago

  • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

    Dick Gregory dropped serious knowledge on there. Spike Lee is an a$$. He talks all of that problack bull but I had a chance to work for him in Chicago on an NFL commercial and he treated every Black person on the set like $hit. People were saying that they would never watch another Spike Lee movie after that experience. As for Shawty Lo hopefully this is the beginning of Black folks ending the coonery of these reality shows. 10 baby Mommas!?! GTFOH!!

  • Chris

    “Posse” was a dope black cowboy flick.

  • DollasTX

    i want to set aside SHAWTY LO’s reality show hustle for a moment …
    something popped in my head a minute ago – i wondered where Shawty Lo’s music is at?
    I know he signed a G-Unit South deal with 50 but why?
    At the height of his fame he dropped a few strip club singles that got some BDS spins
    but that was almost 5-6 years ago – what made 50 sign this niggah?

    Honestly, i would like to know?
    If his only REAL contribution to the game since his introduction is this reality show then he should consider other business ventures outside of entertainment
    now that i think about it, the reality show isn’t even about him it’s more so about his bad decisions and the children that were birthed from it


    is Shawty Lo, Kat Stacks in drag?

  • damn.. illseed can write niigger in the story but i cant say it in the comment section??
    im black got dammit!!

  • DollasTX

    SPIKE has done great work over the years but let’s be real not all of his movies held Black people in good light … ie: She’s Gotta Have It! I understand Spike’s points he raises against DJANGO but it’s pointless because even though Tarantino get’s all the pub – Denzel Washington’s daughter helped out with the movie and so did the legendary REGINALD HUDLIN from House Party fame.

    Spike though he believes he has reason to … is a HATER (now i understand why he hates on tyler perry cuz i hate that shyt too)
    i remember when he dissed ole boy MATTY RICH i believe that did the indie film STRAIGHT OUTTA BROOKLYN
    he dissed John Singleton, and the Hughes brothers as well

    i still phucks with Spike though and them Spizike’s too –

  • DollasTX

    “… and fix me one’uh them Dick Gregory’s”
    -Robin Harris

    • Terrance Goodman


  • yea i just dont understand why now. why the sudden push. there’s ALOT worse stereotypes on the reality shows that are on like their 3rd and 4th season

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  • disqus_2IHLJu45hg

    Wow bad girls club is on that same network and they won’t let shawty get a show where he s showing and proving that a man can in fact take care of his family even though its not the most common situation he’s still getting The job done….let him have his show I’d rather watch that than a bunch of stupid drunk girls fight

  • king

    Black people actually cheer this ni$$er $#!+ and his behavior towards women and wonder why still haven’t progressed ….

  • Southcidal

    Dick Gregory is one of the greats of our generation people. Very wise orator. Very brave soul!! God bless him.

  • Wow

  • Son of Nigraseed

    Fucc that owl looking mf

  • damn it dont matter if he keep on doin his show, or get a job, as long as he is taken care of his kids keep doin you….. if he was not takin care of his family or was a dead beat daddy AMERICA WOULD BE TALKIN SHIT. DAMN MAKE UP YAL MIND………..

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