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50 Cent Wins Another Lawsuit; Suing Sleek Audio Headphone Company

(AllHipHop News)  Rapper 50 Cent is making headlines for the second day in a row, in relation to a lawsuit and his businesses.

Just yesterday (January 16th), it was reported that 50 Cent won a lawsuit claiming he stole another man’s story for his album and subsequent movie “Before I Self Destruct.” 

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, 50 Cent is suing a Bradenton, Florida audio company Sleek Audio, that specializes in headphones.

According to the reports, Curtis H. Jackson III, has filed a Manatee County lawsuit against the company, seeking repayment of $261,000 owed by Sleek Audio.

Sleek Audio is combatting the suit and say the dispute should have gone to mediation before a lawsuit was filed, alleging the rapper cut the company out of the relationship, to focus on a new line of headphones.

50 Cent contends that his G-Unit LLC, and Sleek Audio agreed in early 2011 for some marketing of the “Sleek by 50” line of wireless, over-the-ear headphones, but in of May 2011, Sleek Audio and 50 Cent announced they had split.

50 says that in the January 9 lawsuit, Sleek Audio signed a promissory note for $285,000, which was to be repaid with interest on or before July 31, 2011.

Sleek Audio also had the option to pay 50 when they earned more than $750,000 through private offerings of debt or equity in the company.

50 cent says he was not repaid and the dispute went to arbitration.

Court records show he received an arbitration award for money owed, and he is now asking the court to confirm the award.

Lawyers for both sides were not immediately available for comment.

22 Responses to “50 Cent Wins Another Lawsuit; Suing Sleek Audio Headphone Company”

  1. Noles

    Waiting for the inevitable 50 ain’t a thug comment, or he hides behind lawyers blah blah…how else do you get your 250,000 G’s back? Go the Gunplay route? Pull out a gun on a scared white accountant, then get sent to jail for it? Ya, that’s Gangsta.

  2. firehawk17

    fif is on his money just like every one should be when it comes to business.. people will try to get over.. He did it the right way. file those motions and let the lawyers handle it and let that check add to the account.. I think more celebs need to be more involved with their finances..

  3. 6Minutz

    This company maybe thought he wouldn’t want the publicity or wouldn’t miss the $261K. But who wouldn’t miss that kinda money? And 50 loves publicity.

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