Hip-Hop Rumors: Joey Bada$$ Addresses Jay-Z Rumors, Lays Down Major Label Terms

Joey Bada$$ was rumored to be signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, but the lil guy had some big statements regarding it all. He told TheSource.com the following:

“They actually announced it on the radio that I signed with them — that was dumb as f*ck,” Joey said in an interview. “Won’t sign to no major, for no wager, less than a 3 million offer of the top, I be in a box when my coffin drops, why settle for an office spot? That type of thing, you know. Not really, major labels is just not where my head is at right now, you know? [Independent?] Yeah, that’s more of where my head is at, ’cause that’s what I’m tryna to do, I’m tryna go more independent.”

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That’s wild! But, if Trinidad James can get $1 mill out of Def Jam, somebody should cough up $3 milli for this dude.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Smart Dude CO_____ X Signed

  • SpaceAge2012

    Joey’s cool but I doubt any label is gonna give him $3mil right now,& I admit Trinidad James might look stupid,but he’s actually alot smarter than ppl think.See,James knew while startin his career he had 2 get attention some how,so instead of goin da dangerous beef route that most artist take 2 create a buzz,he chose 2 attach his name 2 a image that would set him apart from every1 else & get ppl talkin about him.

    • Cye B

      The clown image! Who gonna forget a clown!

      • SpaceAge2012

        My point exactly,in Hollywood there is no such thing as good or bad publicity,what’s important is 2 get ppl talkin about u.Remember O.D.B from Wu-Tang? He didn’t became 1 of da most popular members cus of his lyrics,he set himself apart from every1 else in da group by his crazy style & wild antics.& that’s y we can’t 4get him til this day.

    • Cye B

      So wait wait! So you telling me he did all that gold shit so that he can stand out.. Now he gonna drop some real hiphop.. now that he’s on. You a dumb ass. he has to keep that image.. The clown image.

      • MadVillain

        this had me cracking up

      • SpaceAge2012

        I never said that he’s gonna make conscious raps now stupid.I said,”2 create a buzz,he chose 2 attach his name 2 a image that would set him apart from every1 else & get ppl talkin about him.” His style of dressin was created 2 established an image 4 himself,don’t think 4 a moment that he didn’t know it would be controversial.

    • jondoe

      Lol aint nobody went the “dangerous beef route” to start a career since 50cent & that was over 10 years ago get with the times

      • SpaceAge2012

        It seems like u aint been payin attention 2 da game since 50 & Ja huh?!Since 50 came out many artists have used beef as a promotional tool 2 get da streets talkin.VH1 created da whole series BEEF about it boy.Azelia Banks used it recently 2 get her name out here,Angel Haze just went @ Azelia 2 create buzz 4 her new album,& Chief Keef’s whole career has been built on his beef with da young G.Ds.Even da G.Ds r goin at Ross right now 2 launch their artists & Cassidy just went at Meek Mill 2 get back in da spot light.Wake da F*ck up nigga!!

      • jondoe

        name any artist besides 50 how got hot off it in the past 10 yrs. Chief keef blew up thru kanye not beef, he dont even set trip wit GD’s

      • SpaceAge2012

        U’ve missed da entire point of this debate & now u’re tryna change ur statement.Ur original statement was “aint nobody went the “dangerous beef route” to start a career since 50cent” & I proved u wrong by naming several artists above who did.Even tho they may not have blown up off their beefs like 50,it still got their names out there,which is da whole point of (Self Promotion) which is da topic that brought about this convo.Keef had already made a name 4 himself b4 Kanye remixed Love Sosa 2 ride da wave & Keef aint G.D. he’s B.D lil nigga,he’s not bangin in da streets he’s doin it thru his music.

  • MadVillain

    hopefully he aint bullshitting, coz if he aint then big respect to the kid.

    • Tall Shon or T.S

      How is that a big respect cus he done want to sign to a major or cus he didnt sign with Jay Z? I will respect him for doing whats best for him so if signing to a major is a good move then sign or doing the indi thing is good do it.

  • I mean that’s cool and all, but is his name really marketable for a label? Didn’t tittiboi 2chainz have the same issue b4? Some other dudes with murder and stuff like that in their names… Wouldn’t you have to stay independent? Can they say Joey BadA$$ on the radio? I’m not hating on the name by any means, cuz a mans choice of name is how he choose to portray himself. It aint all about if you can just rap for you to be signed to a label… it has to do with being marketable too. Just my look on it.

    • RMD

      you actually can say his name on the radio, and I’m saying this as someone who works at a station. You’d be surprised at how much is actually allowed to be said.

  • restless

    why is jay wearing beyonce coat in that pic?

    • Choppa


      • restless

        not at all lol im actually a fan of jay

      • MadVillain


      • Choppa

        U mad cause u cant afford Christian Dior?

      • MadVillain

        youre also a homo

      • Choppa

        Smh.. lol truth hurts huh.. keep it pushin nigga

      • restless

        i wasnt trying to get people upset on the day of their period i was just saying the coat looks a little young lol..if im paying jay money for a coat its going to fit good enough for my arms to rest and not be stuck in the air.. smh

      • MadVillain

        you replying to the wrong dude… besides why sugar coat it? look at how gay that sh!t looks, thats the trend n!ggaz is going for nowadays. who can look like a battyboy the most without being called out on it.

      • restless

        nah i was just sayin buddy got a bloody wrag

    • im not sure if ppl rly know what hatin is anymore.. lol all restless asked what is that beyonce coat bec it looks like a womans coat..thats observation ..hatin would be if he said look at jayz he look like a faggot with that coat n went off for no reason..

      people need to learn the difference between hating and opinions/observations as well as the difference between supporting an artist or song and dickriding.. hiphops a mess right now

      • Choppa

        Shut up bitch..

      • Sean Taylor

        No you!

      • restless

        very poor taste..what if somebody talked to a female family member of yours like that? grow up PEOPLE

      • restless

        good observation

      • Negro Peligro

        People need to learn the difference between purple and violet. You trying to smarten up same difference dumb shit.

    • EEZY541

      Whoooaaa….He might as well just give up, the hip hop community will never stand for this…sure as hell can’t be wearing clothes that fit. Why would you give a shit what another man wears?

      • restless

        why are you a drama queen? haahaa its just a comment you know the kind you leave in the comment box..get over it

  • trinidad blew thru that mill already and got nothing to show for it but outback and red lobster receipts…

  • AK

    thats how you do it he knows what hes doing

  • Torrey Winston

    1 million for Trinidad….shiiiiiiddddd let me get my mixtape ready i know i can at least half if his bum ass got a million…WTF!!!!!! Def jam you killing the music

    • Lol, so you half as trash? hahahahahaha. just kidding man.

      • Torrey Winston

        i dont rap so i know i can get that if he can lol

  • PuCho

    That’s actually a good move not signing with Roc Nation, he doesn’t want to end up like Jay Electronica.

  • Q.

    In a better world the labels would rip up the contracts of Trinidad Lame, Waka Flunka, Guffi Mane, 2Chump and all the rest of those sambos, take all their monies and just pay this kid off.

    • johnblacksad

      I gave that 2chainz album 6 mics… and half! word!

  • Melvin Waites

    never heard of bul….but he talk’n real shit… go independent

    • johnblacksad

      may i suggest you check the youtube video of him performin Waves live with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon… i didn’t know him then, but it was love at first hearing!

      • Melvin Waites


  • 2012Industry1

    Even though Joey’s one of the BEST out right now, with the most potential, he’s not worth a $3 Million Deal! At least not yet. He’ll have to prove himself indie (case in point: Mac Miller & Macklemore have moved Major units Indie). If he goes indie and does some good radio, ok units, but shows a movement, then yeah the money will come. Til’ then…get to working! Work Has To Equal The Skills!!

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Dude definitely got skillz!!

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  • OaklandOxymoron

    Good for him. Follow the indie hustle. Collect all your bread

  • Antonio Copher Sr.

    Anybody signing with Jay Z should very cautious. Ever since he was at Def Jam he has stifled or caused harm to other artist careers such as The Roots, LL Cool J, and others. I don’t think he is as good at grooming talent like Dame Dash was. Jay Z is looking for another profit stream not an artist wanting needing to be creative and have their own since of self dignity. We are stiil, still waiting on Jay Electronica. All great talent should go independent because you don’t make that much money from selling records on a major anymore. Create your own in-house team promote yourself, tour, and make all the money you wish to have. Joey and ProEra is way too talented to have their creativity stifled or controlled. Stay independent, your fan base will grow immensely.

    • Make less as a boss or more as a worker?

      Unless the indie makes more of course.

    • seyyid

      dont forget J Cole, dude shoulda stayed independent too


  • much respect joeybad!!!!!!

  • datnigga0099

    That’s wild! But, if Trinidad James can get $1 mill out of Def Jam, somebody should cough up $3 milli for this dude…TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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  • Very smart guy. He knows his worth and wants the creative freedom.

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  • leftlanekb

    All I see is hate about other artist when all the talk should be about Joey Bada$$ this his article Stop the Hate!

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