Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Rapes His Male Fans?

I promise you this is real. I can’t even begin to tell you who, because the ramification are catastrophic. But I will say this is a rapper from the East Coast that purportedly does this. Apparently, this mid-level rapper has an affinity for jail-house lovin with his male fans. Females are safe. Here is what he reportedly does with his own male fans. He finds an unsuspecting fan that swoons over him and his music, which at times can be quite classic. He then proceeds to let the fan hang out with him all day and night like they are just so cool and all that. The fan is just happy to be there and finds it amazing that he’s hanging out with one of his favorite rappers from the 90’s. Then, at the end of the night, when the fan is all slizzard from drinking and whatever else, BAM. I hear the rapper straight rapes the dude jail house style. One incident, I heard occurred in the back of a big a$$, white limo. In that case, the rapper DARED the heterosexual man to go and say something. He then, gives him some amount of money for his troubles (or his backside) and sends the butthurt fan on his way. To date, nobody has tried to “Elmo” the rapper and I don’t think any will. He’s got muscle in the streets and its not likely that anybody wants that problem. They just take the L and go away. They are basic fans.

There is a tiny hint that only his biggest fans would get. This is for you anyway.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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304 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Rapes His Male Fans?”

      • Son of Nigraseed

        Did he turn you away when you propositioned him? STFU with that wannabe gangsta sh*t. Nigras make the dumbest criminals anyway. Y’all seem to get caught for flossing too much or snitching on each other…mark ass bitches.

      • SpaceAge2012

        It’s obvious u come on here 2 troll so I’m not even gonna waste time arguing with your foolish b!tch made ignorant ass.F.O.H!!

  1. HellonEarth804

    i want to say Black Rob?…..with the dared being the hint…remember he had that i dare you song…that would be whoa

      • Eli Pinilla

        ^^^6 was thinking ll, but hes not “mid-level” and he has no dudes puttin work for him in the streets either…im thinking busta

      • 7yoyo7

        Actually I was also thinkin Black Rob. Dude has people in the streets in harlem and the BronX..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        black rob is yall best match so far remember hes also gotta be a jail dude …. black rob is def one of those frequent visitors ………….

      • gorilla_lobo

        Where’s the standard that “He’s gotta be a jail dude” ??? That shit is utter nonesense. Jail has nothing to do with it. If you go to jail or not, if youre a fag youre a fag jail doesnt make you gay. You were that way when you went in only no one knew it. Besides,has Kanye ever been to jail??? Jamie Foxx?? Marques Houston?? I rest my case. It’s def Bussa Buss….cuz he’ll def Buss your ass wide open!

    • Binary Star

      really though – i’m not sure why there’s even more debate about this… based on the info given plus the “dare” clue it’s clearly black rob that illseed’s bitchass was talking about. whether it’s true or not is a whole different story.

    • cromthelaughinggod

      Na that nigga is not gay. I have people in New Jeruz who know him and I met the cat personally years ago at a show. He had bad chicks always with him. If anything he would terrorize a chick. Plus he was a top mc at the time with albums that had hot singles from the early 90’s to hiphop hooray, OPP and more not a midlevel rapper as ill puts it. I don’t know what that means but yeah. haha

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i doubt youd have the drop on dude performing rape sessions in the back of the limo unless you were the one he was raping lol chances are who ever this is some know but for most he puts on a big front … after all he is commiting a criminal act ………..

  2. Bobcozbee

    it was a buzz about Busta getting caught in dc a couple of years ago pickin up Tranneys on K st, in a white limo, so it possibly could be him.

  3. Abrasive Angel

    I was going to say Beanie Siegal because of that video with Peedy rapping and he was looking at him all lustfully.

  4. MuthaFuka Jones

    Fleece Johnson from “The Boondocks”???
    “I like ya……………..and I want ya……………… we can do this the hard way or the easy way”!!!! LMAOOOO!!!

      • Tea Clarke

        You know they got that from a REAL inmate that was being interviewed, and that’s what he said.

      • RevrendIke3x

        Yeah. I buddy of mine brought that shyt up 2 days of ago. We were talking about the funniest stuff on Boondocks and Booty Warrior popped up.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        its some indy movie out on youtube where a dude plays this kind of character … dude did a long stint in jail and got out amongst his friends but on the low doing some jail rape ish on the low … cant remember the title of the movie but its pretty good that guy im talking about is just a side character in that movie …. crazy thing is people never think that these guys who do these 5 to 7 plus years in jail chances are they may come out with these kind of mind states and probably need thier fix of gay activities even once thier back in the real world …….

      • RevrendIke3x

        It doesn’t surprise me one bit. I saw and heard a lot of stuff while I was in the Air Force. Some Middle Eastern cultures; the wives are there to cook, clean, and have kids. The men sleep with their wives to have children but they sleep with men for enjoyment.

      • Sal Khdeir

        you were probably out there looking for a fag bar you bitch ass nigga out there killing women and children for the white man and taking dick from the Arabs

      • MalcolmLittle

        Which is an AHH movie actually…needless to say I wasn’t expectin much when I 1st cut it on but it shocked the SHIT outta me with how dope it was.

  5. Judgement Night

    This article is dumb as fukk, its fukking slanderous if it isn’t true (prob why no names are being dropped), and if its true, an obstruction of justice on the part of who ever knows the truth about the identity of the sick fukk who likes to butt fukk his dumb ass male groupies.

  6. a rap fan

    i dont remember black rob having much success in the 90’s outside of a couple regional singles..illseed said something about having somewhat classic music at times…black rob definitely doesnt have CLASSIC material. he also said east coast rapper and didnt limit it to new york so its possible that it could be redman. i would consider him a midlevel rapper with a successful 90’s career and i dont recall him being linked to any women after all his years rapping either.

    • EL_BARK

      Easy mike. Chuck & illcoon on some G shet in 2013. Watch what you say about them. You know chuck & know jimmy henchmen very well. I wouldnt want your momma house to get sprayed. Lol

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EL_BARK – coon? – are you sayin’ your a better race?

      • EL_BARK

        Lol gary do i come off as any other race than black?
        illcoon is illseed. I christian the name illcoon because of the cooning he does on this site and calls it journalism. For instance this story / rumor that he made up. Leave to him to report some shet like this about a rapper alledglly smashing his male fans…..

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EL_BARK – I agree lol. – journalism? – this coon should go back and learn professionalism

      • EL_BARK

        Lol strap with brass knuckles and all. Like its 86
        Out this bitsh.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        hey you gonna go @ my state @least spell it right LOL 😉

  7. Black Exodus

    It was Tito Jackson, he had that hit in the 90’s….”Michael ain’t got shit on Me”…it was on Death Boy Records…member that?

  8. MuthaFuka Jones

    1) Busta Rhymes is not mid level
    2) Busta hasn’t did a bid
    3) Busta has more than one “at times classic” hit
    All fingers point to Black Rob. What up Illseed??

  9. Realist4200

    Really tho? The gossip has overcome the fact that this is about a rapist?

    If you know a dudes name that’s going around raping people, isn’t it kinda f#cked up if you’re not spilling the beans? Doesn’t that make you an accessory? Just sayin. Might wanna think that through.

    • brotha_man

      true dat..this is a horrible Crime and as a community we should be looking out for one another and expose this person so he doesnt keep doing this to young men. Cause there is a thing called “Aids” or other STD that could harm these men and even worse women and child….so illseed do the right thing and expose this rapper. the black community needs to know so we can put an end to this

      • justmathoughts

        this “street code” you speak of doesnt apply to rapists but if youre not from the streets i wouldnt expect you to know that

      • seendadream

        oh u aint see camron on 60 minutes i guess…that dumbass said if he lived next to a serial rapist he wouldnt tell on him.. just move out

      • justmathoughts

        naa i seen it but just because we are under the assumption that cam really lives that hood lifestyle doesnt make his every statement street gospel, we all know theres nothing street about raping people, which would explain why rapists are targeted first in prisons

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Camrom is and idiot and doesn’t know the streets. In most neighborhoods the streets would handle them on their own.

      • raynel soulman

        Mother F, your street code and your snitching code, I will kill anyman that trys that gay shit on me or I will testify to police. rape is different from dope sales. You want a dude to rape you or your son.

      • raynel soulman

        Most of the snitching is done by gang members themselves, they gave up name so they want have do time.

      • brotha_man

        nobody cares about a rapist,,,,i know one thing, I would snitch on this one

    • MissTruth Hurts

      It was BUSTA RHYMES! This is fucked up man, this isnt the first time I heard of this. It was said that he’s apart of some “rape circle” in NY some where. They go around raping lil boys in the hood. What’s even more fucked up is Busta has HERPES and has been spreading it to women since 1996. So I already know he done passed it to those rape victims…*smh*…..He’s is a nasty muthafukka too. Ole girl that he infected said he fucked her on her period. Specifically:”He removed my tampon, licked the top of my clit & he fucked me missionary style”…….*holy water throwin it on my monitor”

  10. J.R Smith & Wesson

    the clue is in the following capital letters…. DARED the heterosexual man to go and say something. He then, gives him some amount of money for his troubles (or his backside) and sends the butthurt fan on his way. To date, nobody has tried to “ELMO” the rapper and I don’t think any will. He’s got MUSCLE in the streets and its not likely that anybody wants that problem. They just take the L and go away. They are basic fans.

      • J.R Smith & Wesson

        Yh i think is LL too, he did something for sesame street + Illsed mentioned muscles and I couldnt find anything for dared…

      • Eli Pinilla

        i dnt think its ll…ll is far from a “mid-level” rapper. he was big since the 80’s no just the 90’s. and illseed said he has muscle in the street, not that the rapper had muscle… i think its either busta or redman. redman album is “dare is a darkside” illseed is “dare is a backside” lol and he has had stuff people would consider classic and was pretty big in the 90s

      • SpaceAge2012

        Listen 2 every line of L.L’s verse in 4,3,2,1 carefully.

      • J.R Smith & Wesson

        I just did, he does say the word dared several times, but LL is a legend, maybe Illsed meant the rapper is mid level now…

      • SpaceAge2012

        Exactly,L.L. aint had a hit in years.He’s definitely not considered top level right now.

      • Chrisblackusa

        LL dont got muscle on the street..he aint bout no men either..L aint mid level…never been since he came out the gate….certified hiphop star sun…

      • trixnkix637

        I’d rethink that. Is he a legend? yes. A top level rapper these days? Far from it.

  11. J.R Smith & Wesson

    Its either Black Rob or Redman, they match the description the most…It cant be LL, Busta or Prodigy they are not mid level today…

  12. EL_BARK

    Lol yall all sheeple. I dieing simply because this story is made up, and yall racking yall brain trying to guess who its is. Guess away.
    If yall think illcoon got sources that are credible, i got beach front property in the sahara desert, i selling for cheap.

  13. kered gnuoy

    you guys know this is made up right? now think about how g a y illseed has to he to come up with this, it’s probably something he often fantasizes about.

  14. W.I.D.

    its busta that is why there is a pic of fat albert and charley brown at the top. both are names of members of leaders of the new school. his first group where he was discovered.

  15. ImaFoolBoy

    Its Black Rob no doubt…that song “I dare you” was one of his best tracks and that first album was kinda classic…he’s mid level…and I wouldnt be surprised if he got some muscle on the streets

      • ImaFoolBoy

        classic is illmatic, reasonable Doubt, life after death, all eyes on me, the chronic etc….I wouldnt quite put black rob shit on that level, hence the “kinda classic” label my brotha

  16. STP

    Kinda sounds like LL Cool J…”Just takes the “L” and go away”…”Favorite 90s rapper”…”Classic at times”…East Coast…And he’s one of only rappers swol enough to take a man’s anus

    • deedee

      X???? Nah….Buss is a fag but nope nt him either…according to hints heavy in street…the bid…and mid level. Prolly Maino aka Jermaine the flame…sounds about right to me.

  17. BernardPerez

    This is my list as most likely.

    1. Busta. He aint mid level but he still poppin enough to wana kick it. He did mention dudes acting like groupies. He also talked bout throwing money at the dude.
    2. LL because of the above reasons but he also talked bout muscles and didnt LL do something for sesame st? rob but he aint got no money yo be throwing around for nothing but think bout it what bout loon?? Remember he was poppin after shyne popped off in the club. He came to mind also.

    We doing exactly what they want. They put up some bull!ish to have us running traffic through the site arguing on the page. Smh I fed into it lol.

    • Weedras

      Loon don’t even care about rap no more ma dude… he’s a muslim scholar now last i heard he was in Europe studying…

  18. i r

    Open your mind. Nobody comes to comment on this site no more everyone moved to wagging so he hits the public with this to get more traffic. I careless who it is, it ain’t paying my bills plus I ain’t no male groupie..and wouldnt any of you question why a rapped would want to hang with a regular person in the first place…smh this site and rumors are the worst. Look at all these comments for this topic compared to the others…smh x2

  19. OCYRUS

    naw it aint Blackrob… who you know is or even was a huge blackrob fan?… this kinda dont make any sense… someone wouldve blackmailed his A$$ by now

  20. El Chapo Gwapo

    Please don’t let it be Rakim… him and Eric B had an album named Classic and he did that song wit KRS, Nas and Kanye called “Classic”….but is he mid-level? smh

  21. hoeyuno

    Probably someone who does roids .my homie
    got drafted and was playing in the cfl(canad) for the bc lions and he started randomly gropping woman on the train. It was all over the news here. His brother and moms told me they were getting him to take steroids and shit fugged him

  22. The lethal

    all these people talking about who didn’t do a bid, it was never said that the Rapist was locked up, only that he enjoyed jail house lovin’.

  23. Swaggout

    These rumors are just stupid. If you don’t say a name it isn’t a rumor it’s just nonsensical chatter that females would have.

  24. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    Any news about gay rappers will generate 130 comments.
    That’s 15.000 Visitors and probably 200K hits.

    Good for AHH to charge the advertisers more.

    And people wonder why there is a gay rapper
    topic here on this site almost once a week.

  25. truthhurts

    Im not going on this site anymore allhiphop and illseed harbouring info on rapists shame on you, you are worse than the rapist

  26. $18916246

    People, more then just Charlie Brown being hinted to in this revelation or notion as Busta Rhymes being the culprit here….The phrase “Hey Hey Heeeeey”! Is what Busta Rhymes chant’s in the 1993 remix to Craig Mack’s Flavor In Ya Ear…..Sooooooo? I’m just saying….Busta man, chime in, let your fan’s know, It ain’t so bruh.

  27. The Right Answer.

    I could totally see this being GHOSTFACE KILLAH. East Coast (NY) Muscle in the streets/catastrophic ramifications (Wu Tang). Upper-mid-level rapper. Occasional Classic hip hop verses/songs. THE NINETIES! Isn’t his son gay? … And he goes in on a “gay” Drake and Wayne on his own blog? Perhaps to cover up his own preferences? I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Ghost man himself sad to say.

  28. Linux

    I believe its Busta Rhymes people the hints are “Females are safe.” meaning “It Aint Safe No More” for males like Busta’s album title. The other hint is “I can’t even begin to tell you who, because the ramifications are catastrophic” not only is his mixtape called catastrophic occurence it also hints at “catastrophic” themes commonly expressed throughout busta’s albums in the 90s (i.e When Disaster Strikes..”, E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front, and Anarchy in 2000) Also the hint Charlie Brown from LONS. No where in rumor does illseed say the rapper in question actually did a bid or has been locked up just a comparison of rape to jail house conditions.

  29. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    now ive done heard some stories about fans meeting thier fave artist for the first time and being dissappointed … but an encounter like this right here …. this right here would be a total nightmare !! sounds like some movie ish lol … smh and yall right if you know who this rapist is … men or woman you need to spill the beans … you done push an journalistic envolope that you cant go back on now ……… damn son !!!!!!!!

  30. MEME

    I think it’s Busta Rhymes three reasons

    1. Once was a member of Leaders Of The New School in which one of the members names is Charlie Brown

    2. Said “Hey Heeeeey Hey!!!” on Flava In Ya Ear remix, it’s a Fat Albert quotable

    3. Has a new mixtape called Catastrophic

  31. peepols

    LOL @ east coast rappers being homosexual…liars…corny…soft…shooting at ceilings…running from death row…running from Houstons 3rd ward…ya legends getting checked in oakland, detroit, chi town, dallas, phoenix, san diego, virginia, charlotte, and pittsburgh, ..snitching on each other to the feds…getting their homes shot up…the south shitting on yall…pimp c dissed yall… always starting bullchit internet rumors or judging how “gangsta” a rapper is from another region…jigga-boo jayz is king…philly is the exception. keep ‘banging’ colors that have nothing to do with yall cities. lmao.

      • peepols

        wutang ‘clan’ …lol. RZA getting smashed with a glass and microphone ripped out his hands..lmao

    • LaVerdas

      U sound pathetic shitting on the birthplace of Hip-Hop…
      If the East is so wack, leave their culture (Hip-Hop) alone.
      I’m sure there’s some Cow races or some shit down South you might Love

  32. Calico Joe

    Hey illseed, why you afraid to put out the name of a semi famous rapist? You must’ve did an exclusive interview and became a victim. And It’s crazy how many niggas on here going back damn near twenty years to figure out which rapper is a faggot raping his male groupies. Damn shame.

  33. Sparky Flinstone

    IT IS SAD THAT PEOPLE WOULD ENTERTAIN SUCH GARBAGE AND SLANDER THE NAMES of GREAT HIP HOP HERO’S —- This story is some wanna be National Enquirer Bullshit and yall dumb fuctards know that anybody with money and a credible career would NOT be this stupid so get this stupid ish outta here!! Plus the gayest rapper is GAY Z with his jealous and spiteful camel face but even he ain’t raping nobody this story is disrespectful to the BLACK COMMNUNITY and it is sad that this was put out on MLK holiday they playing the brothers again

    • johnblacksad

      how the gayest rapper has the hottest chick in the game rockin his chain and sangin at Obama’s inauguration? or maybe you just hatin?

  34. shay

    Rapper or Not. too many gays out here now to be rapping innocent heterosexuals. so disgusting and sad. Go too jail and get your freak on . Sad story

  35. FreshEFX

    Thats some wild ish, if true…based on the suggestions in the comments section, I decided to google “dare busta rhymes”..this lyric came up:

    “Take your paper and bounce, niggas ain’t sayin’ nothin’/
    Then I stop, stare in ya face and dare ya to say somethin'”

    If my research saves just one fan from gettin their Ish pushed in, then my job is done, lol

  36. Sh3LLz2

    Theres a SERIAL RAPIST running lose! Anyone who keeps his ID quiet GUILTY by association! This is no joke my fellow black people. WE CANNOT LET THIS GO UNCHECKED IN OUR COMMUNITY!!

  37. Jimmy Jump

    I never thought about black rob but that is a good guess…. I also thought about busta but he wasnt Mid level in the 90’s he was huge……another name that came to mind was Treach from naughty by nature be cause he was big for part of the 90’s but Mid level in other parts plus they said Jail house style never said he had been to jain & it also says he pays them Black rob is broke he went to jail for stealing Jewelry lmao & I dont think Black rob has that many Die Hard and his music was never considered classic while treach has the fans & sometimes had classic music….so with all of that being said im gonna say its Treach

  38. Mike Swiff

    I will help you guys out there is a mixtape out called “Catastrophic” hmmmmmm! I’ve heard this before agian Old news!

  39. Jaimee Harris-Taylor

    Why even say the story if the ramifications are so bad and you are going to give some wack a$$ clues. That what pisses me off about this no snitchin’ shit…that was originally a criminal on criminal situation like if you did dirt too, then don’t be trying to get yourself out the fire by snitching off on me cuz YOU got caught. It had nothing to do with the general public. Nowadays niggaz is just plain scary, dont stand for shit, will fall for anything in the name of protecting somebody who doesn’t give 2 shits about you. I grew up in a time when niggaz road for theirs but you kept street business in the streets. Now they tryin to apply this rule to any and everything and people be wondering why shit is all f*cked up. SMH at people livin a cowards life! #Realtalk

  40. Jizzah!

    Illseed ur just as bad or even worse then this rapist if it’s true for harboring them. I’ve been following Allhiphop site for few years and this site has gone to trash & protecting rapist now? I’m disgusted with Allhiphop now and won’t be on this sad azz site anymore. You’ll should be reported too the FED’s for this


    the fuckng clues Fat Albert, says hes fat…Charlie Brown, light skin n bald and Charlie Rock….street rep= Terror Squad….So that leaves you with the mid-level rapper Fat Joe who def had a few 90’s classics….YOU ARE WELCOME FOLKS! i hope its not true

  42. John Dillinger

    It’s not busta. No one would refer to busta a “mid-level” or a “favorite rapper FROM the 90s” because he is still rocking. They would just say “favorite rapper”. I’m not guessing but it would have to be someone along the lines of a ghostface killa or a redman type ( not that its one of them). Someone who rocked hard to mid in the 90s enough to have loyal fans. Who was never an industry king, (busta, method man, ll cool j were all kings at some time). And who isn’t working mainstream right now. This is damned disgusting tho. Eeew.

  43. John Dillinger

    damn this is ridiculous. This man is going to keep going at it tho. Because what man in his right mind is going to admit that he got his ass hijacked.

  44. hiphopknowitall

    So I think it’s Beanie Siegel… He fits all the criteria plus the main point that everyone is missing is the fact that it said finding out who it is will have catastrophic effects… I love Busta, And Meth and all of the other rappers accused here but honestly finding out they were gay wouldn’t really be catastrophic…. Beans is a thorough bred hood nigga who has HUGE dirt on Jay Z… So if exposed as a raping booty bandit… He could go back and tell what he so called knows… He already made a statement that Beyonce would second guess Jay if she knew the stuff he knew about him… Various ppl have said that Jay Z is gay… Including NAS… Foxy said he likes trannies and she even had a threesome with him and Jamie Foxx who is also rumored to be gay… So maybe exposing Beanie would in return expose Jay and the whole Roc a Fella brand would fall… Beans is gutta with it… Andddd this lil secret just happened to be revealed once Beans got locked up… Coinsidence… I think not …I think its Beans…maybe that’s how he got put on… Fucking Jay… Lol

    • Buggin Out!

      You have TWO main problems: The first is that you have an extremely over active imagination! The final problem you have is that in general… You’re an idiot.

  45. Enigma4000

    I take it all back it is for sure Busta….
    Music still hot though..up until now – hits dont mean shit if you takin ass.

  46. Brwnsvlprnzs

    LL has never been mid level. I’m going with Busta, especially, after reading the update which excludes so many listed and from all the hints. Keep in mind that Illseed said that the commenter hit it on the head the same day the story hit. Also notice, that the first person that mention prodigy,said busta or prodigy and Illseed mentions that it’s NOT prodigy. That with the Charlie Brown, Fat Albert and White Limo hints, seals it for me.

  47. get like me

    Now I heard about Busta being on the flemsy side too, them Brownstone parties back in the day where it was men only, Wendy said this when she was on the radio….

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