Nine Lives: The Game’s Most Career Threatening Moments

Hip-Hop has a short memory.  Rappers are only as popular as their last hit or flop.  And in today’s TMZ culture, life off the mic is fair game too.  Some actions are even capable of causing more controversy than a shocking sixteen.

Case in point, The Game.  He is a Hip-Hop survivor who has weathered the storm, both personally and professionally6a00d8341c558f53ef00e54f3366358833-640wi, and remains a relevant figure in Hip-Hop today.  Although he has never quite lived up to the promise of his debut, The Documentary (released eight years ago today), Game has endured more than most could handle.

But with a recent hit album, Vh1 reality series, and newly-formed Rolex Records, Game still shows no signs that his checkered past will derail his current or future plans.  AllHipHop breaks down some of his most career-threatening moments to date.

A common myth indicates that only cats have nine lives.  But clearly an exception has been made for The Game, and rap is better as a result.  “Hate it or love it, the underdog’s on top.

9). The general consensus is that Eminem bested Jay-Z on their collaboration, “Renegade.”  And considering The Blueprint is one of Jay’s career highlights, that’s really saying something about Eminem’s abilities.  Eminem did the same thing to The Game on “We Ain’t.”  But, in that instance, Game was a new artist and him being outdone by an emcee of Slim Shady’s caliber on his debut could’ve finished his career before it even started.

gametattoo_018). In 2006, Game got a butterfly tattooed on his face.  The look didn’t bode well with his otherwise hardcore Hip-Hop persona.  One can assume he figured this out too because he eventually had the butterfly covered up by the Dodgers’ L.A. logo and a red star.  (Although, Game claimed he got the butterfly covered because it looked like a moth.)

7). Game has a bit of a wild streak: getting arrested in North Carolina, jamming up the emergency line for the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, fighting 40 Glocc.  And although getting into trouble doesn’t necessarily hurt a rapper’s career as much as other professions, it does cost money and take time-  two things most rappers don’t have a lot of.

6). T-Pain’s music is synonymous with Auto-Tune.  And Game’s lyrics are often noted for name-dropping.  The issue with Auto-Tune is that it became a gimmick and faded from popularity.  Game has run the risk of overusing names to the point of exhaustion too.  Fortunately,  Tyler the Creator cleverly called tyler-the-creator-200-032511_jpg_250x225_q85him out on it on “Martians Vs. Goblins.”

5). Even prior to his most notorious beef, Game had developed a reputation for feuding with other artists.  He has recorded numerous diss tracks throughout his career and, most notably, recorded the amazing “300 Bars” and “500 Bars.”  They definitely took battle records to a new level, but it was a double-edged sword because they had the potential to pigeon-hole Game as a battle rapper.  And battle rappers’ abilities don’t always translate well to full-length commercially successful LPs (see Jin).

4). Rap and less than reputable reality television almost go hand-in-hand today, but that has not always been the case.  In 2000, a pre-fame Game appeared on reality dating show, Change of Heart.  The woman whose affection Game was trying to win pointed out that he tries to act macho, but he’s not.  Ultimately, he was shot down.

3). Rumors of Game’s former career as a male stripper have circulated for years.  Recently though, a man who says he is his step father claims Game was a stripper.  Game has never confirmed the allegations, but he hasn’t denied them either.

2). Unless someone was living under a rock in 2005, it was impossible to not hear about the feud between 50 Cent and The Game.  After Game said things which 50 perceived to be disloyal to G-Unit, at the height of their popularity, he booted Game from the group live on Hot 97.  Not long after, shots were fired and a friend of Game’s was injured.  The tension briefly dissolved when 50 and Game attempted to reconcile.  However, it was short-lived and diss records emerged from each side.

1). One of the other aftershocks of Game’s feud with 50 Cent is that it severed Game’s professional ties with producer, Dr. Dre.  Like Dre, Game is from Compton and one of Game’s most valuable assets when he emerged on the scene was being a new West Coast rapper blessed with beats from the good doc.  The two reconnected in 2011 on Game’s R.E.D. Album, but have yet to make music that’s as memorable as when they first collaborated.

What do you think?  Has Game lived up to the hype?  Has he had too many “lives”?  Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts!

  • Dadon850

    Game is a very good rapper but what’s holding his career back is that he is mentally unstable. Even 50 calmed down and built a fortune. Game won’t have this chance because he’s a head case. Too much gang banging in his lyrics, too much beef, too many songs with nothing of substance said = average rap career. He won’t get much bigger than what he is. Matter of fact, he might be close to tapping out.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      you ever heard born in the trap bout game or bang along by game his red album was aight but i think jesus piece is better he got common on there

      • Legendary Trolly

        Back when he first came out, he was a lyrical BOSS, Now he raps like 2 chainz on some of his songs. The beats on JP was ight, but the verses were inconsistent Some verses on some songs was ight, other verses were unimpressive.

    • I don’t think he’s “mentally unstable”, man holds down a career and a family…. I think a lot of it was us watching him grow up and mature. Some people fold under the pressure and completely fall apart. Your going to be angry when you see he still has some gas left in the tank. He makes plenty of songs not about “gang banging”, even if he did…he is a product of his environment…. I don’t see how it’s any different than Jay-Z pushing 50 and still rapping about selling cocaine on the streets, something he may have never done…and even if he did it was 30 years ago.

    • Don Wann Cook

      What r u talking about the Game is a brand my dude he already done everything u could ask for out of the bizz.He had shoes, movies, all #1 albums, reality show what else could he want oh yeah plus he worth abou 30 mill

  • aikon1991

    Ahhh,Doctors Advocate was better than his debut,why do people sleep on that album so much

    • Valjean

      Most definitely

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      lax was the best

    • seyyid

      same goes for the “R.E.D Album”

    • Bumpy Johnson

      it wasnt

    • Legendary Trolly

      Great comment, every single song was amazing, and personal! He needs to have another setback, for him to pull that off again. He not even lyrical on his last album, he was rapping like 2 chainz with some of his less than stellar punchlines. His lyrical skills have eroded, beyond belief, but his beats on that JP album was dope.

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  • The thing about Game is his image he needs / wants to uphold. Game came in at a time where everybody was group affiliated. Getting dropped from G-Unit was the hole in his boat. He’s been slowly sinking since… Thus the reality show (where he continues to act the same). None of those rumors ended him because as we see today; correctional officers are even welcomed in the rap game.

    • Legendary Trolly

      Not true, when he left G Unit he was still big. He started falling off, AFTER doctor’s advocate, because after that he started rapping on wack “hip hop” beats, instead of the fly shit he did on his first two albums.

  • Planking at the fox hills mall nowhere on the list??????

  • Q.

    Game may be a better artist overall than this new wave of rappers, but at the end of the day he’s still a clown.

    • Fresh Dope

      If GAME’s a ‘clown’, you’re the ‘janitor’ that cleans up after him, with NO TALENT hiding behind a f*ckin’ email. Where’s YOUR scary talent ?!

      • Q.

        LOL Easy there, tiger. I didn’t mean to call your idol a clown…

        …I meant to call him a BUFFOON. My bad.

        Oh BTW, 1) this isn’t e-mail 2) I ain’t hiding behind sh!t, 3) Ask your moms what my “scary talent” is. “Fresh Dope” LMAO FOH

      • Fresh Dope

        OK BUFFOON let’s hear your SKILLS, cause calling artists that have achieved & overcome a LOT a ‘clown’ is easy, but back it up! Know your opinion & all, but want to ‘judge’ your talent & personality. Nothing to do with ‘idol’, more like ‘idle chatter’ Mr. Internet Gangsta, where can we find YOUR ‘talent’?!

  • Doctor’s Advocate was and still is Game at his best. That album was straight from the heart. Just One Night is one of the best hip hop songs of the generation and is probably my theme song now. Production was bananas, collabos (excluding the dpg song) was on point, and the concept and execution was near flawless.

    • Don Wann Cook

      That song is on some real ish. classic

  • Fresh Dope

    GAME needs to GO INDIE & turn down these thieves as CASH ‘your’ MONEY & tha Fake Rick Ross! Be ‘Baby’ don’t be owned by that egomaniac thief or Blowhard Officer Ricky!
    100k fans spendin’ $10 makes you a MILLIONAIRE! INDIE POWER Baby!

  • 1. The Documentary
    2. Jesus Piece
    3. Doctor’s Advocate
    4. L.A.X.
    5.The R.E.D. Album
    The Game has accomplished more than what the average rapper could in a 6 or 7 year career! He has had mainstream success as well as mixtape success which says alot about his ability and crossover appeal as an MC. He’s done (bad) movies, had shoe deals (s/o’s to hurricanes) gettin his money. One thing about Game i also appreciate is the universal respect rap gives him. The fact is, The Game is a rapper’s rapper; he’ll make songs with great concepts, relevant beats, dope bars and punchlines. Not to mention the fact that half these rap niggas couldnt see The Game in the streets or in the booth. His new album was definitely a step in the right direction. In my humble opinion, The Game has already sealed his legacy in hip hop’s history. He brought the west back, (even with Dr. Dre & 50 Cent’s help) had a classic album and a pretty solid follow up record that went platinum. He can walk away at any point. At this stage in his career he should be doing it for the love of the music and I think that is exactly whats he’s doing. Salute!

    • Don Wann Cook

      I agree 100% with u bro plus he worth like 30 mill he could retire if he wanted to

  • Mike Swiff

    lol he is a 33 yr old dude that needs to show shyt from a grown mans view. Im saying you cant be a “G” forever dude to old for that shyt man. And Game is ok as a rapper but he’s not the best rapper from LA or Compton! (we’ve heard his story (raps) before speak on something else!) DAMN!! OH AND THAT TATTOO of the butterfly was a bad move yo! bad move!!

  • R.E Dykes


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