Master P, Alley Boy, Fat Trel

Master P Shuts Down Holly Wood With “Al Capone” Release Party

Master P and his celebrity friends had a Hollywood hotspot this past Thursday night turned up for the celebration of the rap icon’s successful new mixtape “Al Capone.” The project is his first body of work since his last album Ghetto Bill released seven years ago.

Percy “Master P” Miller was joined by fellow “Louie V Mob” members Fat Trel and Alley Boy, NFL star Desean Jackson and LA Lakers Earl Clark and Jordan Hill, and a packed house at Roxbury in Hollywood. DJ Bad paid homage to Master P by playing some of his classic and new songs including his hit single Brick To A Million,” featuring Alley Boy and Fat Trel.

Check out the pictures:

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  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    You won’t see Romeo kissing Master P in the mouth even though that’s his biological son…

    • bigdoe6

      Damn, i co-sign that.

    • BoldSpice

      Sound like you jealous lil buddy. You want a kiss or something? Or you just fantasizing? Which one you want Wayne or Baby? I bet Romeo more your style.

      • J.R Smith & Wesson

        How do you have a gay ass name and then follow it up with a gay ass comment…

      • BoldSpice

        You the one brought up men kissing and you think my comment was gay. And then you copy another ni99a name and call mine gay? Boy stop.

      • J.R Smith & Wesson

        Yeah you are right, Boldspice doesn’t sound like your a member of spice girls, it sounds like a mans name. My bad bro…

      • BoldSpice

        Now your cross dressing ass bringing up spice girls. You coming all the way out the closet today aint ya homie?

      • J.R Smith & Wesson

        I just complimented your name. You don’t know how to take a compliment.

      • Dadon850

        BoldSpice is dying to have Baby’s c*ck in his mouth or his azz. He doesn’t have a preference right now where it goes, but he want that c*ck somewhere.

      • BoldSpice

        Another fagg with homo dreams. Keep your skinny jeans on homo i don’t swing that way.

      • Roshizzle731

        Why would you write this to another man?

      • MXD

        Was thinking the same thing. He thought way too much into that one. Dude should have felt uncomfortable as hell when he read it.

      • Capbussa

        Nigga u gay

      • BoldSpice

        Fukk your mother.

      • Young Goku


  • Fresh Dope

    Hope P has better luck than his other 25 comeback attempts……..
    That TANK ran outta gas, he never really had GOOD MUSIC, just filled a
    void when the mighty DEATHROW got put on pause in early 90s.
    They got a LONG WAY to try to catch up with his former proteges CASH MONEY!

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      I know this not the topic – but will someone tell me what that hand sign mean their doing, with the one finger curved in and other three strechted out? – I see both coast, dirty south, and midwest do it a long time now, – I feel left out.

      • Tre C

        it means something different everywhere you go

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Tre C – one more question – what does it mean to each 4 sections of America?

      • Tre C

        couldn’t tell you, don’t want to feed you false information

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I’m pretty sure that he’s throwin’ up the east side, East Atlanta

      • Guest

        DamiaN – so East coast, West coast, East Atlanta, or any city, or West any city – OK – but that’s the first sign I’ve learned that could mean anywhere.- I’d be worried to throw that up.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I guess it just depends…Some people might throw up the eastside in their city differently. There’s too many different gangs and sets for one sign to mean the same thing everywhere.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        DamiaN – your wrong! – every other hand sign means one thing! – wtF is this “it depends” sh#t – that means nothing. – outta 5 responses, none of you answered the question. -Next Person, answer question please

      • J.R Smith & Wesson

        I don’t think Alley boy or Fat Trel themselves could tell you what it means and why they do it…Most people probably do it because they are from the eastside of that city…

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Damn Bruh, are you havin’ a heart attack? It ain’t that serious. If I’m wrong I’m wrong, but I already said it meant eastside, I don’t know what it means everywhere or if it even varies, so damn dude.

      • Guest

        so sign could mean anywhere.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        It just depends.

      • Calico Joe

        Well these cats in a group called “Louie V. Mob”, it could be the initials L and V.

    • BoldSpice

      Deathrow not on pause homie that shit been dead.


    you can tell he think hiphop is soft and he trying to bring that real street $h!t to the for front

  • kered gnuoy

    never been a fan.

    • BoldSpice

      Good for you. #TMI

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  • Bossladi Thomas

    why do we go buy all these cds and these punks take all the money from the hood and give it to white man yeah he shut down hollywood ,but he did not give a dime to a black person nowhere,get money from blacks and give to the white man and then turn around and say i am from the hood,nigger is sale out,looking like a hollywood sissy with the gay face.

    • Cari jone

      Actually it was a free mixtape. Master P always give back to the hood in a lot of places, he cares about people i have seen it with own eyes. People need to quit about the black person or white person and help they damn self. Master P has never soldout to the white man anyway. You must be young.

    • BoldSpice

      Don’t even know what the fugg you talking about. Moronic monkey.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i guess in a sense he signed 2 up coming rappers fat trel and aley boy … lets just hope P aint using them just to bring himself back tho … so far thats how its looking ….

    • Calico Joe

      He been giving back since he blew up in the mid-late 90’s. You tripping bruh.

    • Choppa

      Shut up

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    That shit look boring as hell..all them mafuckaz outta place like he hired extras to be at the party

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    that shirt his son is wearing says “I like dick in the booty”

  • wickedjones

    How long yall going to keep capitilizing off someone elses brand? louis v mob. Master P im actually disappointed in ya bra. You have too much money for that bs.