ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky (@Asvpxrocky) “Who’s Gunna Save My Soul”

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  • peepols

    LOL @ east coast rappers being homosexual…liars…corny…soft…shooting at ceilings…running from death row…running from Houstons 3rd ward…ya legends getting checked in oakland, detroit, chi town, dallas, phoenix, san diego, virginia, charlotte, and pittsburgh, ..snitching on each other to the feds…getting their homes shot up…the south shitting on yall…pimp c dissed yall… always starting bullchit internet rumors or judging how “gangsta” a rapper is from another region…jigga-boo jayz is king…philly is the exception. keep ‘banging’ colors that have nothing to do with yall cities. lmao…

    • Martin Raheem

      @peepols …idk… r u in the closet? There is a saying that people most outrageous about homosexuals, are probably gay them selves… now i could be wrong? But i think there may even be some statistics on that? Dope song by ASAP… i was gonna reply “he sounds like way wicked and i hope that young N# ASAP not too hooked up on them drugs” cuz it sounds like a rhino aka good ol’ weezy rap. Weezy B.C C3 (A.D the Skateboard era) is written in history… and it would be a tragedy if kid ASAP did some to hurt himself…. but since you brought up the homo subject, and probably prefer take it from behind, let’s focus on that… *sigh*…..

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  • Chiba

    You’re an absolute idiot, peepols. Haha.

  • don p

    fake ass max b…free MAX B