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Lupe Fiasco Removed From Inaugural Performance After Anti-Obama Rant

(AllHipHop News) Last night (January 20), Lupe Fiasco was removed from the stage at Sunday’s StartUp RockOn concert at the Hamilton Live in Washington, D.C., as part of the weekend’s inaugural festivities.

In an anti-Obama performance, Lupe Fiasco performed his 2011 track “Words I Never Said,” in what has been described was a 30 min rant.

Taking his stance on the United States and Israeli conflict, and stating that Glenn Back and Rush Limbaugh were racists, Lupe ripped President Obama for what he viewed as a lack of support for the Gaza strip and other issues close to his heart.

“And these the same people supposedly telling us the truth/ Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn beck is a racist, Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say sh–/ That’s why I ain’t vote for him, next one either/ I’m part of the problem, my problem is I’m peaceful,” Lupe rapped.

While many have speculated that Lupe was kicked off the stage for his political beliefs, in a statement released by HyperVocal, the event’s organizers say they were dissatisfied with his overall performance and that it was time for the next act.

“This was not about his opinions. Instead, after a bizarrely repetitive, jarring performance that left the crowd vocally dissatisfied, organizers decided to move on to the next act,” HyperVocal said in a statement to the press.

Lupe is well-known to be outspoken with his political beliefs, as Lupe has been quoted in the past stating that he refuses to pledge allegiance to the United States flag due to his belief that it goes against the Muslim faith.

In the past Lupe Fiasco has even gone as far as to call President Barack Obama a terrorist and refused to vote in last November’s elections.

  • Someone should give Lupe a cold drink. He needs to calm down, there are loads of people who disagree with Obama but vent their frustrations through appropriate means.

    • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

      In front of thousands to get your message across is not appropriate means? Perhaps he should keep his protests to message boards on the internet?

  • eddieknucks

    Lupe out of pocket. He just lost a lot of cash and indorsements. That’s his beliefs but there is a time a place for everything. I actually agree with him on the Palestine situation, I just feel he can get his point across while having a mainstream audience. With larger exposure he can reach more people. Now folks are going to shy away from him. It does not help the cause.

    • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

      I beg to differ.

    • alliswell

      Lupe does not care about being commercial and money

      • johnblacksad

        he shoulda been on the song with 2chainz… i’m different, yes i’m different… because that’s the only thing he cares about

    • Where is the correct place for protest? Away from those you’re protesting against and their fellowship? This is exactly where Lupe needed to be to deliver this message. Not in some dark ally that would ensure his next album goes Gold.

      • eddieknucks

        What I’m saying is, he may have silenced himself. To say this at that time and place will create ridicule. Take it to the united nations. Continue your message in your music. But this route, they may suppress him now more than ever. If he wanted to end his high profile career and become a full-time activist then good move.

      • I feel you’re forgetting the meaning of certain protests. Let me exaggerate a little. If MLK spoke against oppression where it was THEN deemed “appropriate”, do you think his message would have been as widely and well received? There are times when speaking in dark, “appropriate” places just doesn’t cut it when your message means a lot to you. Lupe did what many are afraid to do, exactly how revolutions are born!

      • eddieknucks

        But Dr King also knew timing and when and whose feathers to ruffle. He didn’t speak about the Vietnam war and the poor people’s campaign until he developed the status and following that he had in the end. He made alliances first. Then he crossed that line. At that time when he had the world there, could have approached these dignitaries with a well thought out layout on how he and these folks can help.these young cats in the Chi. Talk to the high profile celebrities that were there about the issues at hand while they where caught in that old we are the world shit that they were in.

      • Do you think MLK started out with organized meetings? Let’s just agree to disagree. I don’t believe in convenient politics.

      • eddieknucks

        Agreed. Thank you for an intelligent dialog. Peace.

      • johnblacksad

        i wish lupe would move to the gaza strip and shut the fcuk up… until he does so, he can’t be callin Obama a TERRORIST…

      • Why not?

      • johnblacksad


        If you really need to know, i’d say : simply because Obama is not a terrorist.

      • Some terrorists are those who have the power to change something but simply don’t for several power incentivized reasons. Now I’m not saying he is, but in the same way I have no evidence to prove he is, I have none to dispute Lupe’s allegations.

      • johnblacksad

        if i had time, i’d back n forth with you on this one no homo, but right now, its fcuk Lupe and his cry for attention, the bullsh!t nonsense he be talking… ninja makes me laugh, wont give up his american citizenship for sh!t… how about that then? if he’s that muslim and america is such a big terrorist, why not give up his citizenship? why support a terrorist country? why not move to gaza? ninja wanna stay and run companies and what not, ninja still tryin to get himslef a piece of that american dream, ninja ain’t never said nothing about Bush when Bush was in office because things looked like it was gonna work for him, but now his sh!t flunked major and he’s tryin other routes n sh!t… ninja wanna act like his faith is guiding everything he does then want me to believe he got philosophical views? muslims don’t think… they blindly follow the Q’ran, or at least they supposed to… no dis to nobody…
        At the end of the day, somebody wil be chosen to sit behind that desk in that oval office and do the job, it never meant that person was God or anything, it never meant that person was going to magically create millions of jobs and stop crime and bring peace to the world… the world is a result of all of our actions, including Lupe’s, who should stop supporting the U.S.A. and stop participating since he’s not pleased with it… he thinks he the only one that sees the injustice being done to the palestinians? he needs to chill… what has he ever personally done for them?
        N!gga won’t pledge allegiance to the flag but will never give his passport up uh? that’s what i thought!

        at least Obama coherent with his…

      • churchboy2

        Game set and match to Mr. Blacksad.

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  • YaheardSyndicate

    This could be the end of Lupes Commercial career.

    • 7yoyo7

      Lupe’s fanbase is far from being of a “commercial” nature…

  • Chris

    Given his outspoken past, why would you even invite Lupe to perform at anything Obama related? That’s like putting your disgruntled baby’s mama down as a reference on your job application and you know she ain’t fckin’ with you. Sht don’t make sense.

    • 7yoyo7

      Maybe because he is one of the few artists who doesnt talk shit and actually makes GOOD music?
      I havent heard any other rapper putting obama on blast for the palestinian conflict AND for the government’s ineffective actions against Chi-town murder rate (obama’s hometown by the way)…

      • jahartis

        The reason why no one really bashes Obama over the Gaza bombing is because most people who have read a book on the subject or know something beyond the recent reports on the news, would know that the war over the Gaza strip has occurred has been a constant struggle for power between the Egypt, Israel and Palestine since the independence of British rule in the 60’s. It’s always a shifting situation with each side playing the victim and villain at one point or the other depending on who has the upper hand. For ANY president to play his hand in the situation would be utterly stupid.

        Also in terms of the Chicago murder rate…just like in all major cities has steadily dropped since 2004, with 2012 the only year it has risen. Lupe Fiasco like everyone else is entitled to his own opinion. But I hope no one takes them as facts, because you only have to do a little research to realize how full of shit he is. Or do I have to remind everyone of 2008, when Lupe Fiasco had to apologize for his uneducated comments on Obama when he got called out on it.

      • Chris

        When did Lupe apologize to Obama?

      • jahartis

        So am I the only one who remembers that little spat between Rhymefest and Lupe Fiasco. Where Rhymefest called him out on not knowing what he was talking about and Lupe apologizing, then ‘revising ‘ (backtracking in my book.) his view point on Obama?

        Oh, how people forget things. Look it up it was a very interesting argument. People act like his issues with Obama are new. He’s been opposing since he was running against Clinton is the primaries. Funny thing he never said a word about Bush when he was President…

      • Chris

        Lupe and Rhymefest were discussing the President’s stance on Iran, and they were both kinda right and kinda wrong. President Obama kinda, sorta has a stance on Iran, but not really. In the past he’s stated that all avenues should remain open regarding Iran. These days, he doesn’t really know what he wants to do.

      • 7yoyo7

        Let me quote you on this : “For ANY president to play his hand in the situation would be utterly stupid”.
        EVERY elected American president has CLEARLY been SUPPORTING Israel and they have never been shy about it. Hilary Clinton has been spitting here and there about the conflict but she was the one who publicly considered the U.N. Palestinian resolution as ‘unfortunate and counterproductive’ (after it was voted at the U.N.). Despite the fact that a large portion of the Israeli population has been asking for a Palestinian state in order to restore peace (which wouldnt happen overnight).

        Regarding Chicago’s murder rate, 2012 is not the only year it has risen. CPD has been asking for backup from the state since 2007 for gang prevention.
        And Lupe, well I dont know him as much as you to qualify him as “full of shit”. I just like the content of his music and the fact that he uses his position to speak FREELY.

      • stu

        obama’s real hometown is in hawaii but i digress…

    • Casor_Greener

      Yeah this dude is over rated and his political gimmick is getting old. Get this clown outta here..

      Also get a new photo. Lupe looking suspect in that pic

    • Lupe look like Eddie Murphy, screaming sexual chocolate when they had to escort him off the stage.

  • Aaron Davis

    Lupe is a g for even performing this White House & Idk y they even invited him. Didnt they kno he’s not a fan of Obama? This is definetly a song u dont perform at his inaguaration..Obama is war criminal just like most of everyother President but u cnt get mad at them cuz they’re just a man following orders. Little puppets for the ppl with the real power & if they step outta line, JFK is the example.

  • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

    This was more of a form of protest IMO and good for him. Too many so called liberals and Black folk give Obama a pass for doing things that they would go crazy over if it was a republican doing it.

    • ace420

      We complain about rappers not standing up for their beliefs.. when they do, we abandon them. Then people wonder where the freedom fighters are..Ali, Jim Brown, Kareem, Arthur Ashe..all lost some support/money for standing up…He may have messed his money up, but it was for the benefit of the people that don’t have his platform..he is speaking for the voiceless..THE POOR.

  • Mike9130

    Lupe < Relevance

  • Always co-sign Lupe!!!! Where is the correct place for protest? Away from those you’re protesting against and their fellowship? This is exactly where Lupe needed to be to deliver this message. Not in some dark ally that would ensure his next album goes Gold.

  • 20world_death2nikocity

    watch in the comings days/months/years yhey bout to come after lupe..they about to make him seem likethe worst guy in the world in the media…just watch nsee if they dont do him 10x worse than they doin katt williams

  • Thatguy_87

    Who thought inviting him to perform was a good idea? They need to fire that event planner.

  • mark

    I swear every single media article leaves out Lupe’s verse of 9/11 Building 7 did they really pull it.

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  • >>Proud of Lupe for standing by his beliefs!

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  • eddieknucks

    All he has done is possibly cut off a bigger outlet for his message. I know he doesn’t care about money. What I’m saying is they gonna sinead O’Connor his ass to hiphop purgatory. Do it smart. Use there machine to spread your message. I’m all for speaking ur mind and standing for your beliefs but you cannot disable your platform. Like I said I support what he had to say about Palestine. Have been down for years. Not to put him on brother Malcolm level but remember when he spoke about the Kennedy assasnation.

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  • Trauma562

    At least he didn’t pull this shit AT the event. That would have been worse. Secret Service would have choked that nigga out

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  • It actually upsets me that so many people feel the best way to address your political views is AWAY from politicians. Have people become so used to being bullied that it really doesn’t matter whether your opinion is acknowledged or not?!

  • johnblacksad

    fcuk this confused n!gga

  • johnblacksad

    all religions wack as fcuk… ninja talkin bout his muslim faith…

    some ninjaz don’t wanna fcuk with church because it’s the religion of the master who enslaved them, and they think being muslim is better, is going against grain when it’s just as wack because its the religion of the arabs who didn’t treat us any better and still to this day, them arabs don’t like n!ggaz…

    fcuk all religions… no disrespect to THE G.O.D.

  • johnblacksad

    Lupe just human… full of contradictions like a motherfcuker… until this n!gga actually moves to the gaza strip and shuts the fcuk up, i’ll dismiss any talk of him callin Obama a TERRORIST… that alone discredits everything else he gotta say… i can accept a kid in Palestine sayin that… but this n!gga cannot remain in America, benefit from it and then wanna talk all that bullsh!t

    i can’t believe this n!gga came in the game with his ‘fly’ japanese wear bullsh!t… ninja tryin to be fresher than Kanye and Pharell but he wanna rap like Mos Def & Talib Kweli… as good as he is on the mic puttin words together, i been know he wasn’t to be trusted

  • insaneangelic

    This whole situation reminds me of Vakill’s song Bi-Polar, People claim they want a unique real artist but yet they clown Lupe who has done some of the most boldest stuff lately. Thing is Hip Hop was always anti government maybe one day other artists can grow a set.

  • Mike Swiff

    Hey Lupe Loppo or whatever the fcuk your name is, IF YOU DONT LIKE AMERICA GET THE FCUK OUT!…LEAVE! don’t do shows in America..I support anyone who has such a bad taste in there mouth about a country to go where they wont have to be bothered with America’s shyt! Loppo are you pulling the same stunt Kanye pulled about President Bush doesn’t like “Black People”?(lol) Who cares if you don’t pledge allegiance, who cares about your political views, who cares that you are a F’ing muslim, at the end of the day all I need from a Hip Hop artist is some slick ass rhymes and a banggin beat. I don’t give a FCUK what your political or social issues are idiot. Maybe take that energy to the studio for a hot CD the last one was for Hefty!

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