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Chief Keef Sued By 15-Year-Old Girl Over Child Support

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Chief Keef is being sued by a 15-year-old girl, who claims he impregnated her.

The teen filed a lawsuit against Chief Keef for child support, medical expenses and insurance.

According to reports, Chief Keef was 15 years old when the girl became pregnant with his daughter.

While no charges are expected to be filed against the rapper, it is illegal for two people under the age of 17 to have sex in Illinois.

When it does happen, the older person involved is usually charged with a misdemeanor for “criminal sexual abuse.”

The news comes amidst a lawsuit against Chief Keef, born Keith Cozart, for missing a show in London on December 29.

The rapper is currently serving a 60 day jail stint for violating the terms of his probation.

  • Dointer

    Keef, welcome to being famous.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      house arrest, serious beefs, detentions, lawsuits….where’s the fun?

  • YungKizz

    damn keef keep ya head i hope he learn hi
    s lesson’

    • Abrasive Angel

      You know damn well that idiot won’t learn shit.

  • johnblacksad

    now that’s that sh!t he must not like…

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  • MadVillain

    this kid STAY taking Ls and hes got no1 to blame but himself

  • Epic Fail.

  • Bossladi Thomas

    Damn do he have parents???

    • johnblacksad

      his grandmother is in her 40’s…

      • Celz

        Where the hell is his parent’s parent’s parent’s at??

      • johnblacksad


  • jrq3000

    Man….I know he’s a kid and we all did stupid things but damn, I have to wonder where this guy’s life is headed.

  • mike malarkey

    wat kinda $hit is that? so if im 15 and 9 months and the girl i fcuk is
    15 and 2 months i can go to jail because we had sex? fcuk outta here!

    • Chief Keef isn’t 15 he is 17 but the age is 16 generally but yeah that is crazy.

      • Lyve Wire

        he was 15 when it happened.

  • Nick Jaos

    Looks we have a future college graduate over here.

  • Mike Swiff

    Are we now talking statutory rape? Where is this little nigglets father? where is his ass?

  • disqus_BiPbU6BvYz

    tha bitch 17 still in middle school

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