Hip-Hop Rumors: Pusha T Disses Consequence For Dissing Kanye!

I knew this Love & Hip-Hop stuff would take a wrong turn!

Pusha-T has already declared war on The Cons for saying slick stuff about Kanye Da Boss. Basically, I exercised my right to take a break over the MLK holiday weekend and this is what happens.

Pusha got a hilarious sense of humor though.

Peep this tweet.


Damn…these dudes used to be Grammy family…

You probably heard even though I just heard, but Cons did an interview with Power 105 and they gave him a platform talk ill of Ye and Q-Tip.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • And it begins.

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  • speedy37

    This nigga always defend this fagg Kanye.

  • Consequence already ripped his shit left to right on movies on demand 3…Pusha don’t want to bring this beef. He can’t even adequately handle Millz. Any real ny rapper would rip this Virginia imitator of their style.

    • Weedras

      Millz!?! what nonsense is this? lol! Millz can’t even dust himself off YMCMB’s shelf much less..

  • Sean Taylor

    No back biting


    • johnblacksad

      especially with them teeth!

  • johnblacksad

    he said the ‘very teeth’… POW! ha ha ha…

    that boy Consequence should work on closing his mouth no homo… them teeth be out like Joe DiMaggio late on base!

  • David Lyons

    I wouldn’t like to fight with cons… dudes teeth would leave your knuckles all ugly like his woman…

  • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

    He is letting his broad do too much talking. I am willing to bet that it’s more about her getting in his ear than anything else. She keeps including herself in the mix. What the hell does Kanye owe her? Big f@cking deal he didn’t congratulate you about the kid. Boo f@cking Hoo. Cats are on some old gossipy b@tchness.

    • Smashit

      Fuk wanting to be congratulated on that kid – he need to get a paternity test cause shorty look like everybody EXCEPT the nigga who brought a bently but won’t pay to fix his teeth


    You niggahs deal with emotions like bitshes.!!!!!

    • Eli Pinilla

      Tradin they souls for riches

  • EzE

    so is consequence kanye’s beanie seigel (jays problem artist)…..

    sounds like a confessional…..he mixed biz with personal shit and i take it the salt is still in the wound…

    these artist that become cool with their bosses need to understand its biz at the end of the day….if you aint making dollars then all that talking dont make sense to the boss

  • King Cold

    Truth be told Cons ate em all up anyways y u think kanye ain’t responded?

    • TruthSerum

      Because he doesnt’t care lol I highly doubt a guy in Kanye’s position gives a damn about some Bum dissing him. Consequence isnt relevant enough to put a dent in his career. Kanye probably still hasnt even heard the songs dude has dissing him

      • King Cold

        Thanks for the statement but your part of the reason why hip hop is where it is today. People must have forgotten that hip hop is like a sport. Since the begininning if somebody decided to diss u you’re supposed to respond back relevence has nothin to do with it. Cons obviously has enough buzz to be on the radio. Some of y’all need to stop actin like rappers are gods and can’t be called out and get real. This is hip hop

      • Young Goku

        Straight up!

      • TruthSerum

        I dont agree with you, sorry.

        If you want to compare it to sports, let’s talk boxing. Champions dont defend the title against stumblebums & nobodies. You have to work your way up in the ranks and make yourself relevant enough to earn a title shot.

        But thats just my opinion, either way I never cared about diss records, the concept of grown men arguing with each other from hundreds of miles away never impressed me. A real battle should take place on stage in front of an unbiased crowd and end with a handshake. If your so obsessed with somebody that your talking trash about them in Interviews and songs then you should meet up somewhere and go hand to hand. All a diss record is to me is a hip hop soap opera, a bunch of grown men Boo Hoo’n about each other, meh, let me know when they take it to celebrity boxing, that might be entertaining. But I’d rather Kanye spend his studio time writing songs like “Power”

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i hear ya but if cons was a no body … why did kanye have him apart of his team once upon a time … IJS … now that hes not with the team now hes a bum …. its the same thing folks are saying about Pusha … hes stepping up for his boss … but the day his boss beanie sigels him … then yall gonna be saying the same bs about pusha …. IJS …. stay the same stop switching about because of what someone did … if he was great before then hes great now … thier seperation had nothing to do with the music ….. the relationship went sour ………

  • jrq3000

    I thought dis nigga was about to start bitin folks when he started yellin. I don’t even see a legit reason to be beefin.

  • k_townfluid

    This nigga and his bitch is salty joe… Straight up, this nigga been in the rap game how long? And this nigga don’t know how to handle his business. They just salty cause his album never saw the light of day from GOOD music. His bitch looks mad strong in the face like a dude, and he needs to get her on a leash because she don’t have shit to do with shit. This is what happens when niggas catch personal feelings because the business side didn’t workout. Even if you did ghost write, this nigga clearly didn’t have his publishing right.

  • ladynamor

    Im not one on the Kanye fan club BUT there comes a time when you get tired of people acting like they are in a higher place and are not. Cons looks like Fire Marshall Bill and his wife looks like a tranny and they both act like complete b!tches! ALSO to both of them, I wonder how it feels being with these women who are ONLY with them because they have some prestige and money. Ye and Cons knows that their relationships are manufactured in greed heaven. These b!tches wouldnt touch them with a ten ft. pole if they worked a regular job. Just saying. Its all some BS!!!!!!!

  • Lol, “i would wash big sean” who can’t? Dude looks like a cop anyway.

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  • bigdoe6

    Somebody tell Pusha T them niggas aint dying for him.

  • Super_Hero

    Pusha T is a clown for being involved with this beef. in 2/3yrs when your hommie Kanye drops you, you will no longer be family but an disgruntle employee. You are signed to Kanye for a record deal. your not family. Kanye will Beanie Sigel you later.

    • J.R Smith & Wesson

      Exactly! It doesn’t even concern him, its between Cons and Kanye..Pusha thinks his album will drop sooner if he sticks up for Kanye..

      • Eli Pinilla

        He dissed pusha t first and called him a biter…illseed just aint up on shit enough to give yall the whole scoop. But it aint just about ye cuz he said he was cool with ye in an interview but that he still had problems with pusha t…

      • Eli Pinilla

        Consequence even put out a diss record on ol boy

    • Tony G.

      I kinda agree and disagree…this is kinda the way hip hop used to be back in the day…when u talked bout one cat in the lable..label mates got at u…even on the Roc when dudes talked slick about Jay…them State Prop boys would step up and go in…I kinda understand why Pusha is doing it…doesnt make him a clown..he riding for his team…if u and i are balling and dude from another team punches u in the face..im not gonna stand and watch…are u my fam..no..but ur my teammate..so we riding out

      • Weedras

        Well said!! plus wasn’t Con also goin at Pusha at point too when over Pusha using his ‘flow’ or some shit like that? so Pusha has some history with Con to speak up…

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  • Lou Velazquez

    no legit reason kanye owed money i seen niggaz get popped over 20 dollars in the streets i can imagine over houndreds of thousands

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  • shit funny mayne,…and judging from his interview Consequence was prolly mad when he read that LMAO………he got a strong case of mad rappers disease

  • wickedjones


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  • atle fjeldstad

    Opinions are like assholes, everybody got one..


    I hope to god kanye didnt purchase those teeth.Shit I would be mad too, Kanye couldnt purchase that nigga some more decent lookin teeth than that ? lol

  • trixnkix637

    Cons sounds like a salty ass bitch in that interview. Self proclaimed real nigga feeling emotions only women feel. Getting mad cuz you ain’t get a congrats on the baby? GTFOH.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if you listen hes mad but he is more mad cause he thinks qtip used his baby to garner a relationship with ye …. and seeing that cons and ye actually had a relationship im guessing hes thinking Ye either took the news as why CONS aint tell me and thinking foul ish … and CONS looking like even if you thought that we got a relationship reach out and see what it really is … instead of getting mad and taking it how it was presented …… cause it wasnt meant to get out that way … CONS wanted to break it to kanye himself ………….. @least thats what i took away from it ……….


  • jaouada


    • Mitchell Patterson

      And the keepin it 100 award goes to…Jaouada.
      This chick would get bounced on… Muscle-face and all

      • jaouada

        i never said/typed a word

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    lol but i tell you what if this is CONS 24/7 just on some bipolar swag i can see why dudes is seperating themselves .. and i think the fact that Qtip slid in and Cons was force out is even more proof cause Tip is def a more laid back individual ………

  • illseed u come off like a dickrider/ groupie in this article calm down, the tweet wasnt even funny like that

  • DollasTX

    It’s ironic he called someone else a “biter” with those teeth

  • Darkfather504

    Cons is another one of those battle rap cats, ghost writer etc. His
    strong suit is battle rapping he’s in that same vein as Cassidy when it
    comes to this. So when you respond to him it’s more of a song than a diss record (cass vs meek mill)

  • Lou Velazquez

    if niggaz only knew kanye paid him 2 mill to write 808 and heartbreaks so thank cons for that!

    • Weedras

      i’d rather not… that autotuned experiment wasn’t all that..

  • Dude tryin ta talk like his soft ass, Actually gotta set, lol
    And Dude a Lame gay ass flamer…

  • jaouada

    yall also see that advertisement with the doctors playing ball? The black doctor looks like mr. banks from fresh prince lol

  • low key VA niGGA

    pusha a rappin ass nigga… BUT HIS REAL BOSS IS MASTER SPLINTER….

  • hdmdda@yahoo.com

    Cons was/is dope, Kanye shoulda never let him go…

  • Shakim 30013

    I’ll never forget, a few days after Tupac died , Consequence along with Qtip and the Tribe called Quest were on the radio freestyling when Consequence, who was the last to freestyle, said and I quote ” I am out like Tupac”. I think that was the reason why he couldn’t get a record deal, he was black balled for a while until Kanye picked him up.

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  • Got dang it, you need a ghetto dictionary to understand these simple ass rappers. This is all so ridiculous. But hey, whatever sells records – lol.