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Hip-Hop Rumors: Some Fashion Dude Says Kanye West Had Gay Affair? HUH?

Look. This is crazy. Even though Yeezy has a penchant for the eccentric that doesn’t make him homosexual. On Twitter, anybody can say anything and it fly. Well, here is the latest. Some dude named Bryanboy goes off on Twitter and says that Kanye had a gay affair but here is the catch. This dude works on America’s Next Top Model. Does this make him more credible? No. But it does separate him from being a total slanderous bum, unless of course this is pure slander. In that case, Kanye should sue!

Here is what he said about Kanye:

There is no proof at all, not that we want that.

He kind of slick talked around it so its not full legal slander. But, I suspect a lawsuit would get him in line.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Banksy

    The nigga wears womans clothes and skirts aka “leather kilts” (smh) on stage. How much more proof do you need nigga! Plus I’ve never heard of a rapper that loves fashion more than Kanye and the only people that love fashion more than woman are gay men.

    • andone

      “it was all about versace, u copied my style”… SMH why must so called hip hop heads need/have to be reminded of their history… slick rick, african bammbaata, kriss cross, cee lo, andre 3000, ect. all had their own “look” outside of the box does that make em faggs too…. n!gg@ do u even know how many rappers have their own fashion/clothing line(rhetorical question) lm@o… but w/e man bottom line tho, until i see kanye kiss another man on his lips on rap city or in front of a camera i cant/wont call dude homo… bcuz we have no PROOF(hence the rumor section)!!!

      • Banksy

        Nigga please. You need proof you say? Whatever bruh, you probably still think that Wayne Kissing Baby was something that all gang bangers really do. So you’re telling me if one your niggas greeted you wearing his girl friends blouse you would automatically think he was just a really fashionable dude? Stop letting you appreciation for what Ye does musically blind you to what is right in front of your eyes.

      • andone

        smh… i never said i need proof, i said we have none… and i clearly cited wayne and baby’s lip locking as a valid source to base accusations off of… not this “rumor” that hold zero weight lm@o… man i cant lie its not normal bruh, but this is kanye were talkin about… homie was never bout that life in the first place so i cant even begin to compare my “n!gg@s” to how this man carries himself… all talent aside, i can only call it how i see it… dude is baggin a top notch broad err night and thats “right in front of ur eyes”!!!

      • Banksy

        Elton John and Ricky Martin were both married. Shit look at Wayne that lil nigga has how many kids but that didn’t stop him and Baby from locking lips (pause). Plus most gay niggas stay around some of the baddest bitches because the chicks no that they’re not a threat to them. The Entertainment Industry is the land of Illusion. Fake people representing even faker shit and if you believe everything that these guys show “right in front of ur eyes” than you also believe Hugh Jackman really is Wolverine and Christian Bale really is Batman.

      • andone

        were not talkin about rock and pop tho, were talkin about hip-hop… and since we have established that wayne is on the suspect list, leave that out the conversation… but u have gone beyond contradicting urself, first u said believe wat u see then said not to SMFH… u seem to have many theories(entertainment industry, politics, ego’s, time, money, marketing and pr machine’s, the mafia) that influence ur judgment, but like i said i can only call it how i see it (fan or not)… and i already answered ur question as well so there’s no need to repeat urself bruh, put the pipe down!!!

      • Banksy

        It’s funny (and kinda scary) how the mind works. What I wrote is in plain black text but you’re trying to “win” the argument so much so that your ego is only allowing you to see things that reenforce you own point of view.

        How exactly did I contradict myself? What I said I stand by 100%. I said that man dresses and conducts his self like a homosexual. You mentioned the fact that he has been with pretty chicks and I said that so have a lot of other gay dudes. Where’s the contradiction?

        The Mafia reference was to highlight Waynes explanation of why he kisses Baby. When they asked him about it he said the kiss was on some Mafia shit. If that went over your head than I can’t do nothing about that.

        Also if you don’t understand how marketing and PR works for an artists image than you should google it.

        Finally for the record I could give two shits whether Kanye is gay or not. It wouldn’t change the fact that he makes great music. I’m just stating my observation.

      • andone

        “What I wrote is in plain black text” why yes, yes it is…

        u went from… “Stop letting you appreciation for what Ye does musically blind you to what is right in front of your eyes”

        to… “if you believe everything that these guys show right in front of ur eyes than you also believe Hugh Jackman really is Wolverine and Christian Bale really is Batman”

        ^^^ SMH if thats not a contradiction, then i dont kno wat is… and im not askin u to take it back or to prove me wrong but i guess ur “ego” wont let it go… also im not concerned with winning im simply pointing out that this is a rumor and ppl are running wit it as if they know it to be true, thats all…

        i obviously never vouched for wayne either… so “if that went over ur head than i cant do nothing about that”

        and im familiar wit how things get packaged for retail… that doesnt have nothing to do wit kanye being an alleged homosexual… its simply a theory on ur part that reenforces your own point of view, nothing more…

      • Banksy

        God Bless

      • sakiru oresanwo

        I agree with andone, just cos a man wears a kilt does NOT make him gay. If thats the case you have basically just called the whole of Scotland gay as thats where kilts originate from. If Kanye is gay it should be because he either came out in public, pictures/videos of him and another man in a compromising position was revealed and NOT because he loves fashion or he dresses a certain way.

      • Banksy

        You guys are fans and truth be told as a fan you have an invested interested in believing what your favorite artists wants you to believe. Artists are like Politicians and fans are like voters that believe in them. When you get someone that tell the truth about that person your ego won’t let you accept it because you’ve spent so much time (and money) in believing in that persons story and image. I can appreciate Kanye’s music but I trust my own common sense over what some marketing and pr machine are trying to convince me is true. Now let me go on record to also say that I don’t have a problem with gay dudes because I’m secure in he fact that I love women. Believe what you want to believe but ask yourself this, if your home boy approached you wearing female clothes, or a leather skirt, would you automatically think that he is the straightest dude going? If you saw two dudes kissing would you automatically think that them kissing each other is some mafia greeting?

      • biafra

        cognitive dissonance. i get what u are saying. wearing kilt doesn’t make one a homosexual in anyway. Egyptians wore skirt. women wearing pants doesn’t make em all gay, does that premise make sense?

  • At this point who cares? Kanye is an attention whore, he been accused of being GAY so many times at this point this information is no surprise, and will not effect Kanye’s bank account in any way…Move on with this gay stuff, because it’s no longer a shock factor anymore.

  • Naledge77

    Who really knows if YE goes that way, but I do have to admit that Riccardo Tisci has been doing a lot of designing and album covers for YE. Both were also featured together in an article in Vogue Magazine last year. They both have been photographed together more than a couple of times and seem to frequent the same events. I don’t know, but I do smell some suspect activity coming from YE as of late. Just my opinion though.

    • Opinions are opinions they are next to slandering a person’s character. Prince has been a weird metro sexual for years but people who know him he loves the baddest model type of chicks. He is fking them like hugh heff. He isn’t gay but has femine fashion tendencies. So your opinion as do pictures mean only that unless you work with him or are in the industry. What you and I say doesn’t mean sh*t. You don’t know that man nor do I. You do my album cover or hang around me doesn’t mean I am gay. If that is the case the all rappers are gay from their big entourages. Be realistic man and not a chicken little repeat what ever one else says their opinion to be. I wish I could have his success and salute the black man for his talents as a dope producer. He deserves it. Some other wack rappers ehh no so much.

      • Casor_Greener

        Prince has sex with men. That is a fact

  • Probably developed the tendency in prison. Many do, which IMHO accounts for a lot of their homophobia.

    • Calico Joe

      When did Kanye go to prison?

  • ladynamor

    Hes just a metrosexual, thats all. Not enough men figures in his childhood. He was a boo baby.

    • metrosexual is a fancy way to say gay.

      • ladynamor

        Metrosexual: Meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a
        significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this.[1] The term contrasts heterosexuals who adopt fashions and lifestyles stereotypically associated with homosexuals.

  • Dis old news niggas been said kanye was homo which is cool n dis day and age I guess smh kanye not da only one pimp c been told yall

  • Anyone can make accusations and have zero proof and everyone will say “Witch witch it is true” sounds to me this cat is bitter Kanye is not paying him any more for the bullsh*t fanshion services and he is salty. People could say the president is gay and mainly naive black people will believe it. illseed forbezdvd posted a video by nyoil about Jay Z and people say he is illuminati. He went on to make some good points about people slandering people who don’t even know these people or live that life instead they stay in some room read books and believe their views to be factual and people yes men them. I could careless his sexual choices but I doubt any of it is true. People who usually talk sh*t about people don’t even know them or aren’t in the industry. It is like me saying what goes on at a secret military base because I read a book from a person who met a person who knows a security guard at the gate. That isn’t fact it is bs specuation. People speculate too much and it gets old. I am not an entertainer nor have I met Kanye so I can’t speak on that man based on TMZ or people taking pictures who don’t know him. Niggas need to stop the bs girl talk and be happy the brother made it out of the ghetto like Jay without killing or shooting our people as a drug lord. I am happy he is successful. No hate on my part. I am even happy the wackest niggas are getting money even though they don’t deserve it lyrically wise but better than crack. Real talk I just gave up.

  • King Cold

    Truth be told its been said they’re close like that. The dude even designed watch the throne album cover along with the singles ham and the good music cover

  • Sean Taylor

    Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

  • $28825362

    All I can say is the truth doesn’t matter a lot of times. What matters is being accused. In this day and age as soon as you are accused you are viewed as guilty. If you don’t believe me go to work and have a female go to the HR department and accuse you of sexual harassment. I promise you… the truth won’t matter.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I think ahh and mto have the same owner. they keep having the same stories, even the obviously fake ones. illseed is a F A G.

  • La Femme

    Seriously AHH? This shit’s last weeks news! This site lame as fcuk now! TMZ reports more hip-hop news than you do.

    • Tony G.

      so stay the hell on TMZ

  • Richard Savage

    I doubt it but I wouldn’t shock me if he is. These people kill me coming out the blue wit stuff we’ve heard a billion times and it only omes out when somethin convenient like say… a baby is on the way??? people do and say anything to bring the next person down just to get some shine… pure form of BitchAssNess

  • Dave Williams

    Gay like rest of them smh

  • speedy37

    Kanye is a faggot,faggot,faggot,faggot

  • ladynamor

    BTW Seed, Dont think that you can just keep making stories about questioning ones sexuality as a short cut to real writing. We aint that damn stupid!

  • mike malarkey


  • just da fact

    i dont know does anyone remember that interview with sway? the one where Yeezy sound like he want to come out of the closet.

  • vinsanity

    This chit probably true and it probably gonna come out and everybody probably gonna except it and let it slide since anything and everything goes now in hip hop from Nikki to rick ross, more than half of the music out now would have got your ass kicked back in my day.

    • MXD

      Accept not except.

      • vinsanity


  • Mike Swiff

    Nothing new who cares!

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  • Antwon Grant

    My thing is this…if YOU aren’t gay…and nothing this man says or does has a direct bearing on ur life..then WTF do u care if he’s gay or not….Im a fan of the music…so what he does behind closed doors..IDGAF about…I think niggas that concentrate so much or are so quick to call somebody gay are pretty damn suspect themselves.

  • Tony G.

    My thing is this..if YOU aren’t gay…and nothing this man does has a bearing on ur life…why do u care if he is…Im a fan of the mans music…so what he does behind closed doors means nothing to me…I think dudes that are so quick to call another guy gay are kinda suspecte themselves…

  • EQ

    so gay dudes are smashing and knocking up chicks now?

    • Calico Joe

      They been doing that for century’s.

    • Darkfather504

      That is what it sounds like; the transmission of STD’s from the confusion of one’s sexuality. Not surprised though even in the time of his rushed relationship/prego/marriage to KimK.

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  • Young Goku

    It’s funny because i read a story similar to this on a hip hop site few weeks ago that blasts down low rappers & i’m sorry but this has to be true, Because an insider said niggas in paris was inspired by his ex bf which is that dude & he’s using Kim K as a beard, I can usually smell bs from a mile away but it’s something about this that seems true, There were also rumors of him & John Legend too

  • gee a kanye homo rumor, how did they ever connect the dots? hahaha

  • Cari jone

    damn, i see a lot of people saying thats old news, but i never heard that, i guess that what happen hip hop become bs. I always thought him and jay z got some going, hell i would not be surprise.
    Obama signed gay rights for them and they kick it with Obama. Picture don’t look good

  • Robbin hood

    Illseed you on fire with the gay rapper rumors lately.

  • johnblacksad

    It’s not about East or West,
    It’s about niggaz and bitches, power and money,
    Riders and punks, which side are you on?

  • king

    I also believe fifty is also.

  • Melvin Waites

    Believable…. Not surprised @ all

  • Why and how is this news? The tantrums, hissy fits, the prima donna mentality, the massive amount of issues with women, the ties to women who publicly have admitted been beards for gay men..I mean come on..you can paint a tiger black and it’s still a damn tiger. The dude has done everything to admit he is just shy of it coming out of his own mouth. Siegel pretty much let that cat out of the bag years ago.

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Can someone explain why AHH would delete a non confrontational post during a debate?

  • To me it looks like true. There is so much about it in past days.