Signs The World Is Coming To And End: Man Buries Baby Because Wife Won’t Sex Him?


Peep what I got off of BlackMediaScoop:

25 year old Macaulay Onitcha, has been arrested by Nigerian police for burying his 2 month old born daughter, Edna Macaulay, alive.

Macaulay took the young baby to the bushes, dug a shallow grave, threw the baby in the grave and covered it with sand. Fortunately for the little angel, someone witnessed him burying her alive and hurriedly exhumed her after fighting and overpowering Macaulay at the scene.

The person, Saturday Ekama, took the child to the police station to report what had happened. Little Edna had a neck injury after she was dug out and she is currently undergoing treatment at Saint Francis Hospital, Okapra Inland in Asaba, while her dad is in police custody at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Asaba.



Macaulay told police that he attempted to kill his daughter since she was born because his wife refused to have sex with him. He said he did it in anger and was sorry!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • Kill him!

  • Jas1ne

    Bury his ass!

    • nah bury his whole body including his head, burying just his ass wont do to much hahaha

  • Calico Joe

    What’s crazy is that someone took time to take a picture of the baby under the dirt, before they tried to save her.

    • TimeWillTellu1

      SMH that should be the story! Who has the time to take a picture?

    • Melvin Waites


    • fabbidavisjr

      Yeah and they probably yelled worldstar while the dad was burying the kid

    • Obamanator

      Maybe the dude takin the pic thought nobody would believe this is happening so took pic as evidence?

      • Calico Joe

        That’s possible, but the second pic would’ve confirmed it.

    • Royal_Chiefa

      More than likely the pictures are for evidence against the father

      • Calico Joe

        I hear you, but dude witnessed it happening. If he went up to the police with a baby covered in dirt and showed where he found her and who did it, that’s not enough evidence?

      • sakiru oresanwo

        dude you dont know how things get down in Nigeria. Innocent people have been burnt alive while trying to do the right thing

      • Calico Joe

        You right I don’t know. But just because they took pictures proves they are innocent?

      • sakiru oresanwo

        That’s not what I’m saying,just saying its a jungle out there,sometimes it’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation

      • Obamanator

        Would that be enough evidence in USA? He did the right thing, if he had took anymore pics than he had then thats a problem.

      • Calico Joe

        True. I’m just saying my first reaction would be save the baby then take a pic.

      • The only thing that bringing the baby to the police without pictures of the actual incident would prove is that the baby is covered in dirt.

      • Calico Joe

        Reread the story. Someone seen what was going on, fought the person that did the shit and either he got knocked out or took off running. Then after all that instead of checking on the babies well-being, pulled out a camera and took a picture.

      • I already understand the story and it seemed necessary to take the pictures for evidence.The time it takes to take a picture can range from 1-5 seconds in most scenarios. It isn’t likely any real harm was done if the person who found the baby took a few photos of the crime first.

    • Who’s to say that the rescuer took the picture before attempting to rescuing her? Also who’s to say that the picture was taken by the same person who rescued her? Either way, it’s good that they took pictures for evidence.

      • Calico Joe

        Let’s say for the sake of argument that was your baby. And someone brings you your baby covered in dirt and explains what they witnessed. Would you need a pic to confirm that their telling the truth? My thing is if you see some shit like that, your first reaction should be save the baby not I need to take a picture cuz ain’t nobody gon believe this.

      • Actually no I wouldn’t automatically believe their story. I would be thankful that they returned my baby. However, for all I know the person returning my child could be the perpetrator. Some people use kind acts to hide their true devious nature. You can’t always take what people say at face value these days.

      • Calico Joe

        So just because they took pictures they should be ruled out?

  • Modesto Koczwara

    Signs the world is coming to an end: This story on on a hiphop website.

  • Chris

    Now see. With or without automatic weapons, crazy people are goin’ to do crazy sht. SMH.

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      the weapons just make it easier for them to kill more of us more rapidly.

    • Ban dirt?

      • Chris

        Seems like the next logical step. I’m finna get this petition poppin’.

  • DollasTX

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  • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

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  • now thats some human animal ish right there son. and who had the time to take a freaking picture of the baby while its still half burried??? wtf.

  • Banksy

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  • toreal

    Someone needs to bury that nigga alive.

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  • Papi Peligro

    Man I smell bull crap. You can’t bury a 2 month old. It would die in like 2 minutes.

  • hoeyuno

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