Massachusetts Police

Boston Hip-Hop Youth Targeted in Anti-Sagging TV Campaign

(AllHipHop News) Urban youth in the Boston area are the target of a new ad campaign aimed at putting an end to sagging pants.

Today (January 25) the Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts’ (BMHAM) campaign hits televisions throughout the region to encourage the youth to pull up their pants.

The campaign goes as far as to outline the ramifications of sagging your pants in Massachusetts, stating that wearing pants that sag could result in fines of $300 and even prison, for up to three years.

“So you think you look pretty good wearing your pants like that, don’t you? Underwear exposed, Hip-Hop style,” a police officer says in the video warning.

The video, targeted to young urban dwellers in Massachusetts, is the brainchild of Dr. Omar Reid.

Dr. Reid, President and Founder of BMHAM, said the video’s purpose was to address the growing issue of young men walking in the streets, without regard and respect for themselves and their community.

“This is just the beginning of our public strategy to encourage parents, schools, police, social service agencies, housing agencies, faith-based organizations along with men and women in our community to take a collective stand and tell our young men and boys to pull those pants up,” said Reid.

Take a look at the video below that details the potential for criminal charges.

  • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

    Yeah because sagging warrants being sent to prison where your life could be ruined and you could get killed. That’s looking out for Black youth right there.

    • it’s a “CommonWealth” state, they always trying to take your freedom, kids or money.

      • Guest

        It’s the greatest state in the country and I”ll be supporting this 100%.

    • anon420

      didn’t the style of wearing your pants like that emulate from jail anyway? this measure is just a way of getting them in touch with their roots.

    • beenwiser

      meanwhile the bankers who launder money for drug cartels & terrorist organizations go unpunished. hey, at least they do it in a suit and tie. priorities, right?

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  • Numbuh Four

    As much as I despise the rampant wave of swag era spiked jean vest wearing mohawk having skinny jean sagging 16 year olds I encounter on a daily basis during warm seasons in NY, I’m pretty sure these kids pulling up their pants here and elsewhere is not gonna stop them from stomping cats out in the nearest McDonald’s and proceeding to stroll down your street afterwards doing the doogie screaming “WORLDSTAR!!!!!!!!”.

    Priorities, that’s all I’m saying.

  • i wonder what the penalty is for wearing that silly cop hat crooked is? stupid question cuz cops get away with erthing,, lol,,, but this dude hes so busy tryin to be a star he dont even see the major crimes goin on right behind his back,, them kids is saggin! haha

    • Sean Taylor

      yeah…he dont even see dem.

      • Dude pulled them up when the cops told him to….

    • lol… really….lookn like Police Academy n shit

    • Police enforce the law. You’re just mad because you get caught breaking laws.

      • Codes, not laws.

      • beenwiser

        meanwhile, the bankers launder money for drug cartels and terrorist organizations, and they get a slap on the wrist. maybe people are mad because the priorities are so F’ed

  • toreal

    Some niggas ass stank. They need to keep there pants up.

    • Sean Taylor

      what do you go around smelling ass?

    • >>PAUSE<<

  • Banksy

    lol 3 years in prison for sagging? Really?

    • “Saggin” Backwards = Niggas
      3 yrs in prison for ni99as is highly believable.

      • Banksy

        Although I do think saggin to the point where your ass is showing and you’re struggling to walk is not a good look, I still can’t believe it has gotten to this point. I also love how they used a black cop to push this message. Very sneaky PR tactic

      • beenwiser

        its ok to be black, as long as you dress and talk the right way (the white way)

    • Guest

      They should get more. 10 would be better.

  • Sean Taylor

    hey pimp…what it iz?

  • Bossladi Thomas

    A male and female walking down the street the male showing more ass then the female sad ass story.sissy shitt

  • nick

    you can’t get a job w your pants down. pull your pants up. get off ebt. i’m tired of paying for you

    • Yeah, that money could be used to pay for politicians & Israel!

    • beenwiser

      * place obligatory blowjob joke here *

  • greenhouse records

    sounds like a another reason to arrest our young black males…

    • Guest

      What’s wrong with that?

      • beenwiser

        ^ racist troll


    oh my Fcukin god r u for real?and a black man came up with this! is this the first of many so called strategies to uplift the black youth… I live in one of the whitest states in the us and a very large portion of them rock they $h!ts low as fcuk & the crime here is not crazy murders everyday etc… streets are clean and they aint killing each other either. so locking young brothas up 4 saggin aint the answer thats just gon piss people off even more… get our youth properly educated and that mess will die down quick… how many stories u heard where ex-thugs n cons got they life str8 n got a degree? when u know better you do better… thats what needs to go down fine these teachers up for not teachin, get these parents involved get freeway Ricky Ross over there to speak to’em…. just dont hit them with the do what i say or u charged wit fines u cant pay n ultimately end up in jail… that $h!t lazy who’s team u on..rethink your strategy Dr. A$$hole i mean Omar Reid

    • Guest

      It’s the perfect answer. I’m supporting this totally. It should be 10 years in jail.

      • OCYRUS

        either your white or you trying to get attention

      • Both!

      • beenwiser

        hey i’m a white guy who wants attention, and even i know this is racist, unconstitutional, a waste of tax money, and it displays a truly disturbing lack of priorities

      • OCYRUS

        wait… so you were being sarcastic with the 10 years in jail shitt?


    Yall need to ban tight A$$ skinny jeans—

    • beenwiser

      how bout every is allowed to wear whatever pants they prefer because this is a free country?

      • OCYRUS

        how about you allow your son to wear a pretty pink dress in this free country of ours

  • 7yoyo7

    Saggin = CORNY!

    • beenwiser

      i share your opinion of saggy pants. but arresting people for dressing the wrong way is not exactly the hallmark of a free society

  • Bumpy Johnson

    SWAG style really taken over east coast huh……we sag out shit down in htown but the Tall T keep our draws covered.

    • Why sag?
      Comfortable? Cool?

      • Sagging is from prison. It’s a signal for anal sex.

      • LOL>> I doubt that’s why Rico sags, but hey, to each his own.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        which prison were u locked up in that that was happening?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        dono exactly why but its part of of culture now.

      • Renaldo Ray

        lol rico saggin to get some dick

  • that has nothing to do with hip hop.all we doin is promotin their agenda.they put it out,we do it,then get locked up for it.same with the drug game.lets see if they sag in prison where it started.

  • WTF is “Hip Hop Style?”

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Americans are stupid.

    • Guest

      We’re the greatest country in the world. Please don’t be so jealous.

      • beenwiser

        the first amendment to the constitution is pretty brilliant. people who think it only applies to people they agree with are obviously pretty stupid though

  • Guest

    ebt kids with no dads looking like a bunch of idiots. sagging is played out and gayed out .

  • funny how conservative people
    want to fine people for all type of things
    And always propose prison as the final solution.
    But when talking America they will talk
    about how much of a free country the
    US are.

    Nobody would fine people in China
    for sagging your pants.

    I wonder what peoples definitions of
    freedom are.

    I think in a free country i can sag as
    much as i want. i can look any way
    that i want. behave any way i want
    as long im not gonna hurt anybody.
    Or force others to do things against
    their own will.

    • Guest

      It’s called breaking the law. Deal with it. They should be in jail for sagging.

  • Q.

    2 words: CULTURAL WARFARE. Is Boston really going to let this facist, racist, hypocritical bullsh!t law pass? As much as I cringe at seeing cats saggin’ with their drawers showing, this fashion police approach is all WRONG. You create a slippery slope here. Fines, jail time for saggin’? Why? Because people don’t like to see it?? Okay. Well, Iet’s start fining and jailing people for neck & face tats, gay dudes wearing pumps and sundresses, chicks with visible pantylines, Koolaid-colored hair, and facial piercings…a lot of people hate seeing that too!. But they don’t have enough jails for all those people!…Does Boston city really have the resources to enforce this nonsense?…BPS must be the best school system in America, I guess! And for the SLAVE azz black cop they used for the PSA, I leave you with these words from the Blastmaster:

    The black cop is the only real obstacle
    Black slave turned black cop is not logical
    But very psychological, haven’t you heard?
    It’s the black cop killin’ black kids in Johannesburg
    Whatsup black cop, yo, whatsup?
    Your authorization says shoot your nation
    You wanna uphold the law, what could you do to me?
    The same law dissed the whole Black community
    You can’t play both sides of the fence–2013 mad kids are gettin’ tense
    Black cop, black cop, black cop, black cop
    Stop shootin’ black people we all gonna drop
    You don’t even get, paid a whole lot!

    –KRS-One “Black Cop”

    • Eric Thompson

      black cops treat blacks worse that i have seen than any other nationality cops. totally agree with your post.

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  • Tricia Boston

    I would also like to make it illegal for girls to wear those short shorts that look like underwear with their cheeks hanging out – and no I am not talking about girls in the “hood.” I am talking about my Ivy league campus and the numerous campuses and wealthier neighborhoods I have traveled to across the U.S. as a Recruiter and Admissions Professional. Now, where did this tiny short shorts trend start from? Why are these tiny shorts and tight tee shirt that barely cover the midriff area of the stomach (now in style to be exposed) being marketed to young girls who dictate their fashion tastes from names like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Rhianna? I see them in every major department store and trendy shop – on mannequins from tween to juniors fashions. A girl in this shorts may be so brash to sit down in one of these outfits because of the surprise – we always get a glimpse of the undies or thongs they have on, as we would with a fella with saggy jeans whose long shirt rises with a reach or a stretch. Believe me as a person that travels around to college campuses around the country that this saggy pants look is not restricted to a ghetto prison thug look, the Punk Look … Sags, the Hipster Look … Sags, even the Prep look Sags under that blazer – It just depends on the person, their influence, their style – and yes I am talking about WHITE young men. Trends come and go all the time in fashion from the baggy jean that is now getting skinner to the larger tees that are now getting more fitted – but to profile BLACK and Colored Men (yes Latinos, etc.) and give them a record for clothing… not skin is unconstitutional and immoral.

    The police are not to go into the suburbs and enforce this law but rather the towns and cities more densely populated with minorities. The same population that they stop and frisk almost routinely (If a young man is stopped they must empty their pockets or else). Just think about this trend and who it affects. This boy or man could be a student, a father, a leader, a business owner, a teacher – but any record at all jeopardizes their future. This law could potential place young men in a perpetual system of failure instead of using these efforts and funds to educate and inspire through community programs, learning centers and recreational activities that build character. To these “Moral” black organizations pushing this law says: Turn against your own people… and target the young ones first. Disgusting and despicable – more than any view of boxer shorts can be in my opinion.

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  • 2PlasticChains

    see what happens when only old people vote

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  • i’mreloaded!

    I agree with this. I’m tired of seeing these little sweet azz dudes showing off their drawls. If you wanna do all dat, why even put on the pants? If you sag, then you gay. You don’t like what I said, pull yo pants up. If you don’t believe me, go ask them old heads in prison where saggin started and what the dudes who sagged in prison would get. If you don’t know, them boys showin off they azz was the sweet ones braiding hair and gettin pumped in da booty. One more thing, is it me or is saggin in skinny jeans the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen? Just sayin.

    • sagging aint my thing but its just an annoyance to people who pay attention to it. not worth jail time or fines which ruin your ability to try and make it out here in this cold world.

  • They need to ban skinny jeans and men wearing skirts ASAP

  • Harold

    I used to tell the inmates in the Rehab class I taught that it reminded me of my youngest son walking around with his diaper around his cheeks.

    And they want to be treated like men, but cannot act the part!

  • bpollen

    Faded Jeans – 4 years upstate
    Dirty shoes – 5 years upstate
    Plaid – 6 years upstate
    A Dickey – 8 years upstate
    Argyle Socks – 10 years upstate
    Dockers – 15 years upstate
    Brooks Brothers Suit – Life without!
    Toupee – Lethal injection

  • JL

    Unbelievable. Although I think nowadays the sagging is outta frontal they don’t need to be that far down especially since most these fools are wearing skinny jeans

    • JL

      Control not frontal.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    waist of time and money producing and promoting this commercial … this sounds like propaganda from public jails looking to bulk up on prisoners ….. smh

    • beenwiser

      you say it like its a joke, but privately run for-profit prisons are a big industry in this country. and those businesses put a lot of money into our “democratic” process, lobbying for mandatory minimum sentences that will bring in more business

  • mike malarkey

    so what if black kids start wearing suits like it was 1960’s? then what? a dress code wont change a kids behavior.

    • beenwiser

      every time i see someone in a suit, i assume they are a mobster. if they don’t want to be treated like a mobster, they should wear something else

      • mike malarkey

        which goes back to my point.. a dress code doesnt define you as being a gangster. whether its a suit or baggy clothes. doesnt mean you are trying to dress like a gangster. donald trump wears a suit. does that make him a mobster? no it doesnt. so no matter what young black kids wear they will still target them no matter what.

      • beenwiser

        totally dude. they can’t stop crimes by harassing every guy in a hoodie or a saggy pair of pants. and no intelligent person can respect “the law” when its just an excuse to lock up the undesirables.

  • As if our city’s fashion sense is’t bad enough… We should outlaw New Balance 990’s, 660, 330, 880.. f**k it ban all them sh!ts, along with the combination of Plaid button ups, team jerseys and big ass khaki’s, is what we should do. This is just another dirty way of targeting minorities and villifying our children at an early age… This sh!t is ridiculous.

  • thischile

    this is what happens when the Black youth in Boston are doing the RITE thing….

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  • adriennezurub

    That is BS!! So, punitive actions and even PRISON/JAIL (hence a criminal record affecting employment) time for the way one wears and/or expresses themselves via clothing (whether you/I like it or not)! OMG! This is so, so wrong!

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  • $18916246

    The struggle continues….