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Hip-Hop Rumors: People Are Sayin' This Mogul Ain't Payin'!


Uh OH! That Jacky Jasper is at it again. As you know, Puffy Combs aka Diddy is starting a network called Revolt that will compete with BET and MTV. But, there are whispers that people are not getting paid. I dunno if I believe this, but the rumor isn’t so great for the game.

HSK Exclusive – A group of Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs’ employees seem to be living up to the Bad Boy’s cable network name, revolting against the music mogul for reportedly shortchanging them over their work. If you recall, Puffy previously sparked a deal securing him music-themed cable network, “Revolt”.

Now, sources say Puffy gets away with not paying his employees by keeping them on staff as ‘independent contractors’.

We’re told Puff has Revolt President Andy Schuon to thank for closing the distribution deal with Comcast. That’s just before sources say Puffy landed a minority grant over the agreement, proving to continue to cash in.

Here’s the drop:

“Puffy ain’t paying his staff on time, and when he does they’re getting short changed. It’s was Andy Schuon who brought Comcast to the table.

Now, Puffy is spending Comcast money on Cassie. If Puffy doesn’t start taking care of his staff properly, we might revolt.”

Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Will North Korea Nuke America?

North Korea is like, “KISS OUR A$$ AMERICA!!!!” They are pointing Nukes at us! Is this just propaganda or are we in real danger?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • If you haven’t realized that Diddy is a devil then serves you right….Diddy might be a great reference on a resume but how many people has this guy extorted? BIG, MASE, SHYNE, MARY, KIM, MS WALLACE, FAITH, LOX, G DEP, BLACK ROB, DA BAND, TOTAL, BABS, I mean dam the list goes on and on.

    • James Powell

      you forgot about Craig Mack

      • TRUE

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u a bitch DWHORE!

      • Boy stop it…..Let’s not attack each other stick to the point and let’s talk about that. #silly

      • and Ciroq drinkers LOL

      • Craig Mack is the exception..he came to bad boy with a hit under his belt already..Flavor in your ear was released before he joined badboy and re-released with a video and a remix under bad boy. Craig mack should thank Mark the 45 king for making sure he got his deserved pay..he’s the only one ever on that label to not end up broke.

    • hoeyuno

      What I have always found bizarre is how extremely religious a hand full of ex bad boy signees have become.

      • Yeah, I’m wondering that too.

      • I am sure that there must have been a loop hole in their contract that allows them to “RUN” from the shackles of puff dirty if it is for religious reasons.

      • Nah, being that close to the devil, drives you closer to GOD, or further away…..on Ma$e, church is a high paying hustle / business. #IJS

      • ChicagosHope

        I’ve always wondered that myself. It’s as if they’re looking for protection from something or someone…

      • Well when you meet the devil face to face you kinda turn to god hella fast and this guy is the devil..puff ain’t no street dude..he had wolf for that and wolf is dead..puff’s muscle now is israeli body guards..that’s about it..puff’s gangster now is limited to standing behind his guards popping shhh and by making you sign your soul away.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Look up puff father nortourious gangster associated with the crips . Puff
        Pops was a old Harlem gangster puff is like weebey son a straight hoe with cash

    • Banksy

      Son real talk I know one of the singers from 112 (who shall remain nameless) he told me that when Big was alive Biggie was damn near begging Puff for money that was owed to him and Puff never paid. A few days later they went to LA and the rest is history. Than you see this nigga Puff running up mountains with kids, dancing in the rain talking about I’ll be missing you but when “his boy” was alive he was robbing that man blind. Puff is a piece of shit for real. I actually have more respect for Suge than that nigga because atleast with Suge you know what kinda devil you were dealing with.

      • You ever read Dancing With the Devil by Mark Curry? Fam says Biggie had to resort back to pitchin on the block and sellin bootlegs of his own shit just to get by right before he died. I believe every bit of it too, and I’m far from the type who swallows everything I’m fed whole. You could probably circle the earth with the long ass receipt karma got for that nigga Puff…

      • Banksy

        Damn I heard about that book but I haven’t read it. I’m gonna buy it

    • i’mreloaded!

      Don’t forget B5, Loon, Gina Thompson, Carl Thomas, Danity Kane, Farnsworth Bentley, Yung Joc, Block, Boyz N Da Hood, and he let Jimmy Henchman take da fall. Feel sorry for French Montana and MGK.

      • DreamZ

        You forgot the Lox, Faith Evans, Total, G-Dep, Red Cafe, Da Band, Dirty Money, Cassie (she gets compensated by facials and backshots

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  • Umm…

    There’s nothing new in the entertainment industry about this at all.

    Anyone who’s seen how people have ended up by working with/for Diddy and still chooses to go down that path likes taking lots of risks.

    Also, ask people who worked at BET before Viacom bought them out about their paychecks.

    Ain’t nothing new under the sun…

  • johnblacksad

    Diddy doesn’t pay?! This should not be in the Rumors section… not even in the News either… this is common knowledge

    • mike malarkey


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  • this just like one of the boondocks episodes about BET.

  • King Cold

    Diddy always rapin’ people for cash its sad that he’s been doin this since the 90’s


    if people keep supporting him he will continue to get that sweet cheap slave labor out his people… they pointin nukes @ us cause of his A$$

    • Because of who? Diddy? #IJS

      • OCYRUS

        lol hell yeah

    • Young Goku


  • Its probably called the diddy internship LOL

  • If you are stupid enough to work for puffy for anything but a few lines on your resume you are the dumbest person on earth..

    • Not true, you will make some money, and obviously you will either owe, or be owed some.

      Diddy = Hip Hop’s Don King

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        isnt that how the entertainment industry pretty much work tho … diddy got no problem with barely paying or not paying .. cause there was a point in time where he worked for free also ……???????????????????????????

      • The best hustlers, are the most cold hearted.

        Diddy will eat off any & everybody & discard them like a paper plate.

        Illuminati / Boule’?

        Not sure?

  • brotha_man

    so nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room? yeah! N. Korea threats are real the people of N. Korea are living in dystopia, so they have a all or nothing attitude. I served over there and the people hate our (America)guts, so much they teach it in the schools, in the church an in the homes….the threat is real. no $, no resources, no food, the only people eating over there is the N. Korean army.

    • Yeah, they invested in Nukes, while Cuba invested in Gardens.

      They won’t launch a nuke, but they will sell one.

    • Q.

      You served in N. Korea…How? You must mean in S. Korea.

      This news is a bunch of hype. N. Korea doesn’t have the capacity to afix a nuke to a ICBM [yet], according to our own media. Just more propaganda to keep our focus off the laundry list of problems RIGHT HERE AT HOME.

      • brotha_man

        I served on the border, the DMZ

      • brotha_man

        the threat is real the problem is if they so much blink an eyelash S. Korea is ready to move…they don’t want that problem, because the wont win.

      • S. Korea?

        In a tactical sense, the DMZ is a speed bump. It’s not the military stopping the invasion, it’s the economics.

      • Q.

        OK. That’s what I figured. Ain’t no nukes getting fired…even if NK could, they would hit Japan first. But they won’t, because that would be suicide. There’s no point.


    blow this muddasukka off the map!!!

    • brotha_man

      speak for ur self im in the nat’l guard so my arse will be over there

  • ulostatlife

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for these people.You know from years and years of observing this devil in person that he is the slimiest,sheistiest,two faced scumbag in the business and you join his team?He sold out countless “friends” and managed to get B.I.G and Wolf murdered over his beefs and exploited his widow to make a tribute song to make money.Every single artist ever signed to Bad Boy and I mean every single one has been f*cked….

  • chevy_weight_champ

    Is this propaganda, In my Ice Cube voice “You said he had a gun right, well name one nicca in the hood who play like that!!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    We have a whole army with guns pointed at North Korea 24 hours a day 7 days a week. America could obliterate North Korea, probably in a matter of an hour or so.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      cant we all just get along ??????

    • So why have we been in Afghanistan & Iraq for 10+years?

  • Homegrown Chicks

    I never thought I’d actually be supporting a business move of Puff’s again, but I hope this network takes off. I think cable network access is what Oprah’s channel and TVl One were missing. I’m glad to hear he’s going to compete with BET and MTV as well. Maybe he’ll actually bring music video entertainment back.

  • 2PlasticChains

    I trust any man that claims he is a rapper and has a ghost writer and any man that promotes positivity through liquor
    wake up

  • wtf

    nigga owe me $500 dollars from when i was in the street team for shyne po .

  • Main question runnin thru my mind right now…exactly wtf is Puff SAYIN to all these people to convince em to keep fukkin with him even after two decades of blatant snake shit that they GOTTA be aware of by now?! “Well I’m just a country boy with a small lil label…but I work hard for my artists.” Til the ink dries on that dotted line of course, then he wants to start askin niggas when his office hours are and shit…anyone that chooses to work with him gotta be some type of glutton for punishment, no bullshit. The U.S. Mint could never print up the amount of money it’d take for me to even consider enterin any kinda business deal with dude.

  • Jake Davies

    America is the only country in world which has used nuclear weapons on another country, and they haven’t just done it once. America invests more in nuclear weapons research than any other country in the world. America currently has at least $50 billion of nuclear weapons, and some of those are aimed directly at North Korea.