Hip-Hop Rumors: Yelawolf Leaves Shady Records?

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Young white, talented rapper signs to his idol’s label only to find out all is not perfect. Well, that’s what I have been hearing for a minute about Yelawolf. Like many of my rumors, I didn’t say a lot. But, basically I am hearing that Yelawolf has been unhappy for sometime now, but has a tremendous amount of respect for Eminem. So, much that he stayed in a bad situation that wasn’t benefitting him as an artist.

Now, I’m hearing that things have changed. Hearing Yela is seeing life as it is. He’s getting older and he’s seen also what the boy Machine Gun Kelly has done. He’s got a kid and he’s looking to handle his…and that means leaving Shady. Not totally sure about the paperwork, but heard he’s gone (or trying to be gone). If this is true, I can’t blame him. Yelawolf is dope! I once theorized that Eminem got Yela off the market, because he was coming up so crazy. I don’t know. Stranger things have happened to a young rapper.

Now, the question is, can he do it alone?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • That’s why is better to be independent or go through an indie distributor with the same qualities as a major…. Because these majors now-a-days have no clue on how to develop talent like how it use to be back in the days

    • it isnt that they dont know…they dont want to….

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Huggie – why?

      • because the majors agenda is to keep us ignorant as possible…from an educated perspective and sensible perspective….ie: give me 1 major artist who is all for forming a revolution of knowledge besides Nas and Lupe? you cant…recently Kendrick but who else….its not enough artist on the major airwaves to spark a revolutionary way of awareness…more garbage rappers are getting contracts because LABELS DECIDE IT! not us! and radio tv and internet is a form of hypnotism

      • Weedras

        not all artists are about the ‘revolution’ some are just about music and getting it out there to the masses… and to be honest the music industry isn’t the source of ignorance American society on a whole is ignorant… if you don’t seek knowledge, you don’t get knowledge Music is more about the art and expressing it… it not all about Revolution… it s about making your fans or the world understand things from your perspective in a vivid picture painted with a synergy of words and musical notes… that’s what developing an artist is all about…

      • andone

        well said… i co-sign that 100%!!!

      • Michael Callan

        me 2

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        think about what you said … and also remember music didnt just start in 2001 … cause how you explained music is how its been since then … when hip hop was first starting yes there was party music … but most of it was a distraction to keep kids from gang fights .. the music stopped them from fighting in the streets to now having the kids fighting on the dance floor with dance moves … now its the reverse the music got kids in the clubs to fight and carry on …. and alot of the music had a SERIOUS message …. look up guys like the furious five and their song called the MESSAGE … it dont get more obvious than that … my friend music has changed for the worse … like you said people are focusing on the music and just trying to get it out to the fans … however thier focus is more on the business of music and they are releasing music they think will sell or caters to a certain demographic (low self esteem females) or create a buzz vs natural feel good music or music that speaks to todays society in a positive way …. all i hear is negative TROLLING type music these days …

      • Weedras

        i understand what you’re saying but even back then regardless kids were still fighting and still acting out… break dance crews were known to battle on the dance floor and also fist it out too… same also with graffiti crews too… bomb a next crew’s turf and that’s war… and in the 80’s with hip hop still young was also a very violent period overall so in the grand scheme of things music (hip hop) aint as revolutionary as we’re trying to make it seem.. yes back in the day we had some conscious content but it still didn’t impact much on how things were in the hood… Scott La Rock died because of the violence within hip hop back then… and hell yeah the art of music has been watered down but whose fault is that? the people not the labels but the ignorance of the people who are concerned with sales than content, people who are concerned with who’s a real ‘thug’ than a rapper who can paint a vivid picture of hard life in the ‘hood’ without having to have stabbed or maimed someone.. nowadays ppl seem more concerned with who can beat the shit out of who rather than who can put out quality thought provoking music…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Huggie – I hear you, but don’t they have to sign what sells?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Huggie – your right but time has passed – that ignorance acceptance has been formed, – unfortunalty, now it’s popular and selling – bringing us to phase 2, signing what sells.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sadly it aint selling … keef cheif album sales wont keep the lights on in the bathroom … soooooooooooooo what do we chalk this up to ?? its part of the game … look for another cheef keef and hopefully it works out …. or maybe look @ what sold in the past …….. and it def aint ignorance …… a great story sells … 2pac, 50cent ….. great lyricist sell ….. Nas, Dmx, Rakim ……… quality content and realness sale Jayz, Eminem, Nelly, Kendrick …. Great Artistry Sales Eminem, Kanye … imo anyone who is past album #2 and haults @ gold and below that is on a major is just riding past waves that most of the guys i mentioned started ….. except lupe hes a special case ……

      • no they dont….what sells is what the people want because of their conditioning…if you give a bunch of whats HYPNOTIZING then they will love THAT…example…we went from wearing gold to platinum and gold again…because its popularized…just like wearing braids are out…dreds and mohawks are in…its conditioning the public because you push an agenda on them

      • TruthSerum

        I think your missing out on something man

        Labels like No Limit & Cash Money started out as Independant Operations, selling ignorance on their own without major backing. The fact that they sold so many records without the help of the media is in the end what brought the majors to them. They will come to you if your product sells, after Rawkus started pushing majors units Indy they had their chance with a major distributor. Recently its Black Hippy getting distribution through the same company that releases Soulja Boy & Chief Keef. These labels dont have an agenda, they scour the Independant scene and look for things that are working. Intelligence and content dont come into play………. I’m sure Jimmy Iovine would be just as happy releasing nothing but Kendrick Lamar albums for the rest of his life, so long as the fans continue to put their money where there mouth is.

        You have to accept the fact that most people like there entertainment flashy & ignorant. Its the same reason why a movie like Transformers will make a boatload of money, because its not complicated and big on special effects. You can’t blame companies for supplying the demand, if you want to point the finger at somebody, blame the people themselves who are demanding it.

      • I understand but those days are over….independent will never do those #s like they did in the 90s and early 2000…the company gives us Trinidad James…but refuse to give us Elzhi from detroit after 6 years solo and 1 nigga who started rapping 9months gets a 2million dollar deal…likeBig Krit said,an a&r told him he can determine the worth of a song within 15seconds of it playing…

      • TruthSerum

        What makes you think Elzhi from Detroit would sell records???

        I mean Royce cant even sell records standing next to Eminem, and I’m not bashing Elzhi cause I respect him.

        Trinidad james, I know the name but I’ve never heard his stuff. But from the tone of your post I’ll assume he’s just another ignorant rapper like Keef. If it makes you feel any better he’ll probably just be another 1 hit and gone type dude. Those kinds of artist come and go in all genres of music.

        But you cant pretend that companies dont respond when a deeper artist looks like there gonna be profitable. Kendrick created a buzz and as a result he has the game in the palm of his hand. The labels don’t care about content, they give people what there asking for. If that happens to be Rick Ross fabricating his life and giving a 3rd rate gangsta rap performance, then that’s what they’ll promote. But it works the other way to, if the fans show up and actually BUY THE MUSIC then those same companies would be just as happy to give you a new Talib Kweli record.

        The sad fact remains that most of the fans with the biggest complaints about the direction of mainstream hip hop never show up to support the artists they do like. It’s like complaining about politics and then not bothering to vote. If you don’t vote then you gotta shut up and accept what your given.

        Kendrick’s success might prove a turning point, it’s been less then 6 months so lets wait and see what happens now that the people at the labels know that a record with some substance can actually turn a profit. I wouldnt be surprised if that becomes the next trend.

      • U proved my point…and at the same time u showed that substance can turn to profit which I’m not saying it doesn’t but its like a few pebbles to a sandbox full of rocks when it comes to this industry…this game has been hijacked by jews who wanna build and destroy the culture by watering it down by signing bullshit…it would be different if so many didn’t come out like that…nobody is being honest when u see Puffy co sign Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden co sign Trinidad James but Puffy was calling Da Band wack and Buddens was saying Method Man is wack today….don’t you see that? Lol…this industry is a damn joke

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Huggie – you losin’ me with that mumbo – record execs got to be execs by bringing in the bottom line – their job to their investers is to sign what sells, they can not choose, direct our culture – styles get put out there – we choose – they react to what sells. – it’s our bad choice, they are investers in our choice.

      • For example….chief keed at 17…wack as shit…6 million dollars….the big picture is this….after I don’t like too off on youtube,they saw a marketing scheme off the fact that teenagers are getting more ignorant…this is what Mos Def said would happen back in 1999…whatever we doing is what hip hop will be doing because they are gonna deliver what we want and what will be chosen…if you STOP and say…we need a new Public Enemy,BDP,Rakim,Kool G,Cube,and etc…it can work because if the radio,tv,and internet is shown this 24hrs a day,7days a week…we can have THAT again…because once upon a time…WE DID! Because labels at that time wouldn’t dare invest in Keef…they invested in D.O.C. Nas and a few others who were young and could REALLY present talented lyrics and be gangsta at the same time…back then…ceo’s were ceo’s…we didn’t really have bullshit distributors…def jam was not about signing trinidad james and never would…he would still be in chicago with his shirt off talking about “he don’t like”

      • Weedras

        dude at the end of the day its simply supply & demand and the consumer is the decider regardless of what you’re saying.. Record labels can’t force ppl to buy Elzhi and if they push him and throw a whole media campaign behind him and that fails they are in the hole and what then… the ppl buy what appeals to them regardless… and all records companies do is supply what’s ‘hot’…

      • im not just saying Elzhi…but Freddie Gibbs, Brother Ali, Evidence, and etc…they can push a campaign and align promo for real artist with motivation to inspire a nation….maybe YOU DONT CARE WHAT GOES IN YOUR EAR…but i do !

      • Weedras

        i merely used Elzhi as an example since you keep pushing for him.. and i think Freddie Gibbs is garbage and spews ignorance for the most part… and Gibbs for a fact i know aint about inspiring no damn nation… with the nonsense he spews and his other antics for example bragging about getting away with weed at customs smh… lets be frank, most artists just wanna be heard and get recognized and pay the bills… its just another profession… inspire what nation? sure aint this one… and you’re speaking as if that’s the aim of these people when all they probly wanna do is just make it big time… if these men a true to their craft they’ll stick to it… ppl will eventually respect them for it and if its that good the mass will pay attention… still raising my eyebrows at Freddie Gibbs lol!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        the days of guys like Irv Gotti are gone !!!!!!!!! he didnt know x was gonna sell … he didnt know jayz was gonna sell …. but guess what … he knew thier talent was unmatched !!!!!!!!!!! he didnt need to see them get a million views on youtube … he didnt need to see him move 100 thousand units out the trunk … he saw the talent and did something you rarely see today …. AND TOOK A RISK !!!!!!!!!!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        you making it seem like trinidad is about to move 2 million units … imo trinidad is some what a clone of 2chainz … and surprising for his first album 2chainz sold very well …. however he was under a guy who is multiplat …. not sure if he would did his gold #s with anyone else maybe with weezy but not sure if anyone else even luda … so what makes anyone think with 1 song Trinidad James is out to do anything better than GOLD !! which is good …. but the industry needs platinum artist …. which guys like Kendrick are those kind of artist that will sell look @ the history …. we talking Nas, Biggie, Tupac, Jayz vs Sir Mixalot, Steelo, Tone Loc etc…………. IJS !!!!!!!!!! come on son !! trinidad knows how to create a moment …. but can his moments trendsend into $$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!! outside of shows and singles …..???????????????

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        great point …!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sad thing is most of the ignorant ish dont sell !! its creates allot of buzz and attention but it dont trendsend into $$$$$ …. alot of these guys are just great hustlers and who knows maybe they really getting money in the street … look @ dudes like yo gotti … this dude done flopped so many times it aint even funny but he still around TROLLIN .. same with Gucci, waka flocka etc….. these guys dont move units …. they put out the default / average amount of sales anyone with the type of exposure they get … would actually get … them odd future cats aint selling .. either … ijs … theres a difference between being able to create a moment and being able to sell a product that the people will actually buy …. Kendrick Lamar vs Cheef Keef ……..

      • Weedras

        Hit the Nail on the damn head!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        and if you think about it kendrick isnt in that lane either … hes just has a different sound from all the other rappers but hes pretty much the same lyrically …. pushes the lyrical envelope a little harder but pretty much the same … after all his single was Swimming Pools aka Get Waisted music …….

      • Michael Callan

        u tripping Huggie and 2 say Kendrick is spiting Knowledge let me know u tripping Yealwolf just didnt put out shit any body wana here what did his album sales do ? nothing what new song have you heard that was dope none so why would you promote that ?

      • U gotta think abt what you’re saying…sales is what makes an artist??…well pay attention…rapsody the idea of beautiful was the best female album….independent release…but guess who sold more…nicki,and who’s gonna get female female and female award? Nicki! Not because rapsody isn’t better….its because she ISN’T walking around with the “big inprint changing her styles and sounding like everybody else and making songs abt sex and showing her body off and saying STUPID HOE and SINGING pop songs and she refuse to be unlady like”…cuz all these female rappers on major labels are NOT clearly (inspirational women) like lauryn hill once was…go on youtube…her videos don’t have 1mill hits….u can see this industry is wack and a joke on this alone..rapsody album is top 5 and better than 90 percent of these rappers album…the agenda is Nicki, the rapper women and men likewise DO relate to is RapSody!

      • DollasTX

        Hug that whole paragraph maybe true but doesn’t apply to yelawolfs situation cuz he wasn’t dropping any kind of knowledge/science

      • Easier to start with a complete package, than develop an artist.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        thats the problem …. most of these guys ARENT developed … just cause they got a buzz dont mean they are ready … cheef is a perfect example of that …..

      • Underdeveloped, as artist? Maybe, definitely underdeveloped businessmen.

        They approached the label like an artist…..instead of like a bank.

    • SpaceAge2012

      Truth is Majors r only signin artists 2 cash in on their buzz & ride da waves.They’re in da business of pimpin da new artists they sign,not spending $ on developing them.2 get on these days u gotta create ur own buzz 1st & have da support of ur city b4 they come 2 offer u that jerk around 360 deal 2 enslave ur ass for da next 5yrs,until u flop & get dropped.Stick with Travis & do ur thing Catfish Billy.

  • Tre C

    rappers need to stop signing to other rappers, period. I’m not a fan of Yelawolf, but if he thought he was going to the front of the line at Shady/Interscope, he was mistaken from the start

    • Powblenmg

      Eminem not a rapper. He never raps. And he a KING!!

      • Sucking dick much you don’t say! He is an mc but it is obvious he didn’t want competition and em was jealous. He is no king he is nice among the nicest but there are some who spit better than em. There are many who battle better than em.

  • Em then had a lot of rappers that haven’t been pushed properly .. Ijs..

  • Trauma562

    Maybe Eminem isn’t handling Shady records & other business like he should. I have satellite radio and they say Eminem isn’t very involved with Shade 45 either. Maybe he just collects the check

    • Hokey

      I could be wrong but it seems like he is doing more song production and finishing up his new album plus like he said before he is not that involved with the business aspect of things. He just likes to make music and improve his beat production skills.

  • 2PlasticChains

    he is lucky to be signed anywhere let alone shady

  • TruthSerum

    Shady records was never able to develop talent…… Obie Trice was actually pretty good and the best they could get him to was like 800K I think, and he was there during Eminem’s hottest run from 2001-2006 when Em went Diamond…….. 50 Cent was responsible for his own hot streak, standing next to Em was the Icing on the cake but his story of getting shot and beefing with the hottest rapper on the radio would have gotten him noticed somewhere, Em didnt develop 50 him & Dre won a bidding war by giving him a million dollar signing bonus………. And then you have Ca$his, Bobby Creekwater, Stat Quo & Young Zee who never even dropped over there………

    I’m not a fan of Yelawolf but for an artist like him, going Indy would be the best move, maybe one of those established Indies like Strange Music or summin, since his buddy Rittz is over there. Those guys all make money, Brotha Lynch Hung has said he’s made more money dealing with them then he did his whole career, they stay on the road and merchandise like crazy, also sell a decent amount of records for an indy squad

    • cooldude5

      Ummm obviously you don’t know what your talking about. 50 couldn’t get a hit record to save his life before Em and Dre. Look at his album sales and his getting dropped from his label. Before Em and Dre 50 has almost no mainstream exposure at all, he had a very brief flash on radio with “How to rob” but that was about it. He grinded on the mix-tape scene, but that didn’t equate sales or mainstream popularity. The “signing” bonus you speak of was just another carefully constructed marketing ploy…. who were they “bidding” against? He had gotten dropped from the label and blackballed by the industry so much so he had to travel to Canada to get studio time. He was shot long before GRODT came out and beefed with Jay Z who was even bigger then Ja Rule and got zilch for it. Em/Dre/Interscope know how to build and craft a artist and had the momentum behind them to equate a buzz and therefore sales. They saw a semi interesting back story and knew how to present it to the public ….. 50 owes everything he is and will ever be to Em and 50, and that’s just obvious truth. No disrespect but ya gotta be honest and get your facts straight

      • TruthSerum

        The Momentum behind 50 was all his own doing. If Jay-Z had been the one who opened the door for him, the results would have been the same, maybe not quite as high sales wise but he would have made a mark. 50’s entire Identity and style was of his own doing. His whole ” G Unit” movement was of his own design, Em & Dre didnt develop that, all they did was open the door, a door they had to compete with other people to open because several other companies were making him offers due to the success of his mixtape hustle. In the year running up to that deal he had taken meetings with Atlantic and several other labels.

        I’m not saying that standing next to Em didnt help or that he would have ever gotten to the level he is at, but his movement was already developed by the time he signed to them, he already knew who he was as an artist and what he wanted to do, he just needed the door opened.

        Its the same with Kendrick Lamar, he was already generating Buzz on his own before Interscope or Dre came to him, that’s why he has an album out and the other 50 artists Dre has signed through the years never did. He. nor 50, were some unknown artist who they signed and introduced and developed for the world to see.

    • Anything Shady and Aftermath is planned by Interscope.
      It’s just like if Jimmy Iovine introduced a new artist.
      0 people will buy. If Dre does or Em. 1 million ppl will buy.
      So he is smart and keeps his brands alive.

      Beats by Jimmy => 0 sales

    • DollasTX

      Makes good sense

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    just because em can rap doesn’t mean he knows how to run a label.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Yela was already hot before he signed to Em. I think MGK prolly came and stole some of dat shine. Nothing a hot song can’t fix. He’s still relevant right now. I always thought he woulda been dope with Grand Hustle.

    • Hanna

      He would have his boy KP works with T.I So it could be a possibility.

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  • Cold Hard Truth

    thought his album was wack to be honest and i was anticipating a classic

    • He said that he made the entire album with radio play in mind

  • MexicanSupreme

    This is total bullshit, he talked about Shady Records in the song hammertime which came out the other day….

    • Hanna

      that song is super old.

      • MexicanSupreme

        No? It came out last week idiot

  • cooldude5

    I think Yella kinda got lost in the shuffle a bit, his record on Shady was ehhhh defiantly NOT a banging debut one would have expected with the Shady/Aftermath/Inter scope machine behind him. I think Yella wants to develop his Slumamerican record label/movement but is a lil held up due to his contractual obligations and limitations. I dont think Yella is a high priority artist at interscope at this point so who knows…

    • I haven’t seen Aftermath/Dre support a shady artist accept Obie, Stat, or 50.

  • hello to another young buck

  • acb87

    he sold more records and had a better 1st week sales independent. when a a label cant launch a 50 cent album , you know that label is poorly run .same thing happen to slaughterhouse, they sold more indie then on shady.

  • Kyle Meta4ce

    Yelawolf is NOT young, nigga is like 35, son.

    • Hanna


  • RatchetBlackWoman

    i feel like yelawolf should have looked at the positives that outweighed the negatives with this deal, he actually released an album ….

  • Michael Callan

    inpatient rappers find them self doing what they were doing before they left the label Nothing so its a wrap 4 Yelawolf and I kinda liked him but he hasent put any thing out worth listing 2

  • Hanna

    has a kid he has three?? and I knew Shady was bad for him but this will not be the last you hear of Yelawolf!

  • WillVetterGoodin

    If dude gets proper management, hell be alright.

  • Herman Galindo

    yelawolf said hes unhappy with interscope records, not shady records.

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  • Shady is a horrible label.

  • hoeyuno

    Yela is pretty ill but shady isn’t a número UNO Label no more. Hopefully the boi stacked enough chips to launch a decent Indy label. I think on the real em is past rap mode and doesn’t have the passion to bring a rapper to the top. The same thing happened to slaughter house. Em needs to do more for these dudes if he really wants to see them blow.

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  • Six7

    These artists sign the dopest artist or the artist who gives them the most competition, just so they can stifle their career. Put that shit on pause. Big fish eat little fish. Sign ’em & Shelve ’em.

  • DollasTX

    Pop the trunk was hard as hell … But the follow ups were wack … That’s why he wasn’t a priority at shady … Never really was able to maintain that buzz …

  • EVERYBODY leaves Shady Records, why would Yelawolf be any different? Eminem can’t develop artists.

  • pacmanx69

    If everything said is or turns out to be true, Id love to see Yelawolf make a switch to Strange Music with Rittz. He could defiantly make whatever he wanted there with no problem.

  • real OG

    Yelawolf is garbage

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