Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

School ‘Em Saturdays ~ Chemtrails Kill Speech, MLK, and Mad Guns


chem trail plane


De-classified documents about ChemTrails reveal another “Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment” type program, where participants of the low income Pruitt – Igoe houses in St. Louis, and other cities, were unknowingly sprayed with poisonous, radioactive chemicals, daily, by the U.S. Army during the 1950‘s and 1960‘s to study the effects of inhaling  poisonous, radioactive chemicals.

ChemTrails De-classified


“Welcome To New Orleans” is a documentary about vigilante incidents during Hurricane Katrina. “Prisoners Of Katrina” looks at the prisoners of Orleans Parish Prison that were abandoned during the flood.  Looters vs Vigilantes may depend on perspectives. Prisoners fall into a different category.  The forced evacuation of residents appears to raise other issues.  The Former Mayor Of new Orleans, Ray Nagin, has been indicted by the Federal Government for Corruption, regarding kickbacks.

You can view “Prisoners Of Katrina” : HERE

Welcome To New Orleans


Some people feel politicians are exploiting the Sandy Hook tragedy,  others feel that it was a staged event, reminiscent of the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control program.  MKULTRA saw experimentation with LSD and other drugs, in a government attempt to control minds.  Another side of the theory, is that the shooting was staged like NASA’s moon landing is alleged to have been.  Joyce Riley interviews Mike Powers about a few things that he investigated with Sandy Hook.


New York has passed the strictest gun control law in the nation. Full auto weapons were used in the infamous “North Hollywood Shoot Out”, a real life re-enactment of the shoot out scene in the movie “HEAT.”

HEAT – Shoot Out Scene

As in the movie, the North Hollywood bandits moved as a unit, unlike the movie, only the bandits were killed in the shoot out. Two thousand rounds fired, eighteen people injured, including eleven police officers, and duration of the shoot out, make it the most notorious shoot out in U.S. History.

North HollyWood Shoot Out – Live


The Great Dictator”, starring Charlie Chaplin, produced the greatest speech ever made, for a Hollywood movie, even though it was made in 1940. It is just as applicable today, as it was 75yrs ago.

There can’t be a “Greatest Speech” discussion, without Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech being considered.


Martin Luther King Jr. opposed violence, but he never opposed action. At times, he sounded angry, yet still peaceful, and opposed the U.S. domestic and international policies, in retrospect, he opposed what some would call “The New World Order”, etc.

mlk shot & uc instantly on the scene


mlk shot

Malcolm X’s security chief, pictured kneeling over a mortally wounded Malcolm X, performing CPR, was undercover NYPD Officer Gene Roberts that had infiltrated Malcolm’s organization, moving closest to Malcolm. Martin Luther King Jr.’s security chief, undercover Memphis police officer Merle McCullough , performing CPR on Martin Luther King Jr., had infiltrated King’s organization, and moved closest to King, as his security chief, who moved King into the line of fire.

malcolm shot

The Assassination Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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mlk & malcolm x

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  • 2PlasticChains

    Come together is the only message to the people because that’s the people at it’s strongest,and the only true real stereotypes are the ones that fit.Change yourself just start on how you think remember at the end of the day were all in space flying on a big rock though the burning sky without knowledge of were we are going, and realize life is more beautiful then it is ugly. Free your mind and the rest will follow

  • 2PlasticChains

    www .youtube.com/watch?v=9D05ej8u-gU

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    my favorite speech is Lyndon b. Johnson’s the American promise . it gave us the voting rights act. you should check it out.

    • Will do.

      • johnblacksad

        what’s the difference between a fully automatic weapon and a semi-one?

      • Fully spits, semi fires 1 round with each pull off the trigger, which resets it, but doesn’t fire, due to the disconnected engaging. Fully’s don’t have a disconnectors, so it keeps firing.

      • johnblacksad

        so what’s the diff between semi and a ‘single normal’ one?

        (semi you just have to fire again, but normal one you have to reload? i dunno..)

      • Semi & Normal = Same

    • brotha_man

      Ill check for Lyndon B, Johnson was no joke. he struck fear in a lot of politicians that stood in opposition. he played a major part in 1964 civil rights act. so he has my respect…..he seemed like a real stand up dude.

      • EL_BARK

        Naw my dude. Lbj jad no choice but to support the civil rights act. When thst law was pass, it was just a facade. That act was just a tipping point, to set up other means & methods to hamper blacks progress. Instead of being out in the open with the injustices, they just did it behind close doors. And that act pave the ways for the harsh drugs laws that were going to come in thr future.
        Not downplaying the hard work, that it took to get thst law. But lbj wasnt tge most stand up guy. He was vital pawn in the JFK assissination.
        In fact he was all for it….

      • I thought i was the only one that believes the Civil Rights movement hurt the black community more than it helped.

      • Q.

        TRUE. LBJ wasn’t no great champion of Black folks, so let’s hold off on patting that n!gga on the back, ’cause he wasn’t that dude. He only took the final political step on the Civil Rights path that Martin, Malcolm, followed by JFK and even RFK had already trailblazed during the 60’s. LBJ just auto-followed through on the political agenda that had already been laid out.

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  • Why should anybody stage what happened at that Sandy Hook school.
    It’s those NRA lunatics and Gun manufacturers who are afraid of losing
    their biggest market.Nobody should have guns at home.
    A gun only has a single use. Killing. Who do we need to kill?

    Another topic is always the New World order. We will have global
    governance soon. Because the world is round. It does not make
    any sense to keep single countries as we have now.
    The economy is already global. Music culture and entertainment is global.
    Why do we need egoistic nations who only want everything good for
    themselves? Plus there are many issues that can only be solved
    globally rather than locally. Fact is the human population is too high.
    Right now at 7 billion. If half of this amount we could all live better with
    enough resources to guarantee every human a certain standard of living.

    I’ve been around the world. Have been everywhere and seen any type
    of living conditions.

    let everybody live. And make sure we are all building this new world order
    together instead of leaving it in the hands of old greedy men.

    • You sound like a boule Naacp ass licker…who do you think half of the 7 billion your masters are trying to get rid of? check the mirror you clarence thomas ass coon.

      • There is no getting rid of. Just birth control. I live in China.
        Population 1.4 billion. That’s a billion more ppl than in the US.
        They have the once child policy here now since the 80s.
        And it has been a success. Otherwise they would already
        have close to 2 billion ppl here. One bad harvest here and

        then you see people die. in the millions. It’s not necessary
        if the world populations shrinks by consensus and we all agree
        a one child policy should be introduced world wide.
        In Europe it’s not even necessary because the numbers are

        already negative. But it’s very urgent in places like India.
        India is on the way to surpass China as the most populous

        nation in 2017.

      • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

        A success? There are more men in China than women now. That population imbalance was caused by China’s “one-child” policy. It has
        many adverse social and security implications. By 2020, the number of Chinese males of marriageable age may exceed
        the number of Chinese females of marriageable age by 30 to 40 million. As for “the nobody should have at home” statement, that is lunacy, everyone should be able to protect them selves from a intruder. I do agree however that not everyone needs a AR-15 in the house and it should be a requirement to have gun safety classes.

      • There are more men here because of cultural stupidity.
        In China the name is very important.
        If somebody’s name is Wang 王 only the man can keep the name.
        Even the wife is not allowed to change her name to the husbands
        family name. So if you have a daughter as the only child your dynasty ends. The greatest loss of face for a man here. This is why before
        the one child policy they used to have probably 6 daughters before
        a son was born. Sometimes they thought one son is not enough if
        the first son didn’t develop as the father wished. This is how the
        numbers went up so high.

        When the one child policy was introduced, super smart men
        started to check the child’s ultrasound. If they saw a female
        fetus. They straight went for an abortion.
        so imagine several years of many smart people aborting
        their female seeds. Now since it’s forbidden to take an
        ultrasound picture before a child is born the numbers are
        stabilizing. Normally the number of females is always higher
        than males.

      • Not everyone should have a gas guzzling SUV or fast sports car.

        You guys forget that the purpose of the 2nd amendment wasn’t about hunting, but keeping the government in check.

        1/2 the people advocating for gun control don’t even know or understand the significance of the 3rd amendment.

      • Still on pace? ( India )

    • Check for Agenda 21…

    • Q.

      The NWO has been here, bro. It’s called the central fractional reserve banking system, which keeps nations, individuals in perpetual debt slavery via the minus value Monopoly money it prints off. Everything is controlled by fiat play money: business, politics down to land and the genetically-modified food we eat. There are more than enough resources on Earth to sustain 7 billion heads…we just don’t have enough resources to sustain them based on our CURRENT lifestyle. As soon as we’re ready, we can stop corporations from raping the soil, forests and from defiling the air and water. Technology can be used to form a sustainable, free-energy, eco-friendly way of living–our ancestors did it!
      When you’re dealing with devils, nothing is ever what you see on the surface. Sandy Hook wasn’t about gun control, it was a fear/trauma ritual à la 9/11 to keep America paranoid and at each other’s throats over this silly gun debate. TPTB have to keep social conflict going to keep our minds off the other bullsh!t they do off to the side.
      But like you said, the only thing holding us back is greed and popular belief in this false banking system. Everything will change as soon as more people wake up and reject the ruling classes. Their 6,000 year rule period is officially already OVER.

      • EL_BARK

        Damn real spit….

      • *International Monetary Fund ( Based on Fractional reserve Bank & is a centralized bank.

        >>In Frank White’s Voice:
        “I’m at AllHipHop (.) Com, I got work for you! You’re all WELCOME >> ( Bucks 2 more shots into Artie Clay ) Welcome to join! ( >> Hears 2 shells drop )

    • Do you trust the greedy old men running the show right now to decide if you are one of the 3.5 Billion that has to go, so that they can have more abundant resources?

      “It’s better to have a gun & not need it…than to need a gun & not have it!” …Malcolm X

  • so much of this is absolute bullshit

    • What? Be specific, so it can be addressed next week.

  • Hector G

    ya moderate that you bunch of goofs

  • If you listen at MLK’s “Been to the mountaintop” speech from the night before he died, I swear he sounds like he knew he was being set up. It’s almost like he’s taking subliminal shots at his staff

    • Q.

      He DID know. He knew he had Judas n!ggas in the camp, yet he still continued on, knowing that a bullet was on its way, any day, any hour. He only really trusted Abernathy at the end of the day. Dr. King, like Malcolm, knew his days were numbered, but he followed through on that WORK. That took wisdom and courage.

      • I don’t think he trusted Abernathy. Some of the stuff i read points to Abernathy being the main Judas. In that speech, he’s almost being sarcastic when he compliments Abernathy at the beginning. He knew he double crossed him, but talked about how good a friend he was just to let his conscience eat him up

      • EL_BARK

        Abernathy is the one that martin on blast for his x marriage affairs.

      • Q.

        Man…OK. You might be right–I do remember hearing that before about the subliminal in his speech. I had to go back and look at Abernathy’s file…like EL BARK said, I’d forgotten he put out that greasy book in the late 80’s saying King banged like 2-3 chicks in the hotel the night before got killed. A lot of Black churchers turned on Abernathy and said he was jealous and “sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver” trying to cake up off that book… Wow. That makes me wonder if King had any trustworthy people in his inner circle…Between undercover cops, Jesse, and Abernathy, King was checkmated. No pun intended!

    • He did know!

      • Considering the circumstances… “Most Gangster Speech Ever”.

      • Indeed, I have it sampled to a beat…Whoah!

  • Q.

    Good info, EDOGZ.

    More compelling evidence on Sandy Hook in the Power Hour interview. Cats are on the case… I’m surprised you didn’t implicate Jesse on that MLK co-conspirator roll. Steve Cokely (RIP) aired JJ out when he exposed the Boulé. The lack of comments here speaks volumes…

    • Link up, I need featured writers.

      On Sandy Hook, maybe just coincidences, but check out MKUltra & CIA Manchurian candidates not saying it is that, but it is food for thought.

  • The shooting by those lunatics in the lastest years are perhaps not staged, but the gunmen have something in common: At some point in their lives, the psychiatry has manipulated them with drugs and other treatment modalities, sometimes very early in childhood.