Hip-Hop Rumors: LOL! Tupac Listens To Lil Wayne For The First Time!

This is soooooo stupid and yet, funny enough to post. Somebody decided to fictitiously envision what it would be like if Tupac was alive to listen to some of the recent songs from Lil Wayne I think it is pretty funny to be honest. Lil Wayne fans may cry super foul, but its supposed be fun! LOL!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • byasis

    cmon man we grown stop the phucking games!

  • Eric Collapsar

    Don’t feel bad Pac, I had that same reaction. lol

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  • disqus_zGgYnbb4Oq

    i uesd to love AHH rumors section, now it seems to be a knock off of MTO and worldstar. you lost a few steps to these other guys. step it up

    • i agree with that they dont seem 2 b original anymore

  • Casor_Greener

    Now that shit was funny!!

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  • AK

    LOL but why is lil wayne the scape goat i can name 1000000 rappers worse

    • OnlyFaDaReal

      Lol i agree

    • Vic Sage

      Agreed…but his satellite feed from Heaven was limited so he zoomed in on the corniest one..” True Talk.Brooklyn 718 to Omega..

    • 2012Industry1

      Cause he’s the biggest one and claims to be the best…that’s why!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I want to take your misery; replace it with happiness, but I need your faith in me.

  • hoeyuno

    Hahahaha!!!!! That shit is funny.

  • Chris


  • thats one minute of my life i will never get back…….

  • There is still hope out there!!!! I loved this. I personally think the Lil Wayne should have been swallowed !!!!


    didnt watch the vid but I know exactly what part this is in the movie allhiphop change your name to alllatehiphop cause worldstar had it a couple days ago… but ouch lil weezy lol that shit was funny… 2Pac would’ve did a song wit dude

    • dominicancoke

      2pac would not do a song with a men kissing fake blood or former c.o donut eater or rich canadian biracial guy these dudes are fake

      • EL_BARK

        But pac take pics in bubble bath, cover in bubbles though?

      • For the chics?

      • EL_BARK

        Edog lol gor real????
        So a thug takes bubble bath??? and wear nose rings, and wear bandanas like a femsle as well? Huh

      • OCYRUS

        it wasn’t bubbles it was gold, niggs been wearing bandanas for years, most these dudes nfl nba hiphop got two earrings

      • EL_BARK

        No he was cover in bubbles, go google the picture.
        And you said MOST dudes in pro sport got two earings.
        I doubt it most also. Your making excuses, a bandana is something a women wear to wrap their hair. Just cause everybody does dont make it ok.

      • OCYRUS

        you cant be from the hood cause every hood i’ve been to niggs had on bandanas, females DON’T wear bandanas to wrap their hair cause its made out of cotton & that’ll dry their hair out a woman would wear a du-rag for their hair B-4 a bandana cause of the fabric,and how many niggs used to wear du-rags????? dudes been getting ears & nose piercings for decades as long as its on the left side you cool if u notice Pac had his left side done, as for the bubbles u the only nicca on the planet saying that was homo… he did have female fans & he catered to them too… next you gon be saying he was a punk cause he did “Keep Ya Head Up”

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah guess you on the west coast, cause you just said women dont wear bandanas. Smh um yes they do, its called scarf and they wore them
        In the 80’s & 90’s but west coast cats always a step behind.
        Just like yall think yall started gang banging right? Lol
        And i dont need a break down of what women used to rap their hair.
        Also i dont know what generation you from, bit never has it been acceptable for a man to wear a nose ring or earing rings. Thats something that fags do, use can justify it with your reasoning all you want, so its okay for a guy to wear a tjomgs as well then. Or lip stick ?
        An him having female fans doesnt make it ok for the sweet shet he was on. You ever seen dmx take a picture cover in bubbles or
        What bout 50???? Why this niggah take pic in gold panties like a fag?
        Wearing tight leather vests, and shet. ???

      • OCYRUS

        bandanas is for men and women just like du-rags and I can bet you’ve worn a du-rag or yo friend has… same thing.. bandanas is worldwide .for you to say Pac is a fag for rocking a nose ring and a bubble bath is crazy ignorant, when he died you was like good he was a fag anyway???? I bet $$$ you didn’t. I can tell you young cause your reasoning don’t match the rules of the 80’s & 90’s thongs n lip stick?? really??? who had that shitt on??? gang banging aint thorough @ all so I could care less where it started in the us(even though I know where it started) and it wasn’t black folk. That was corny you compared him to a crackhead and a one good album nicca who be taking model type picks google that ish. Pac Nate Dogg Snoop Iverson all of Wu tang etc rock bandanas… DJ Khalid Rev Run etc. got bath pics Flavor Flave, etc got nose ring & its on the left side they make leather vest for men lamb skin etc you need to get some culture about yourself young man

      • EL_BARK

        Nihgah i not young. I gave the example of thongs & lipsticks cause that is want women do. I can tell your our a lost soul & we are cut from different cloths. I was raised by men & OG type men . & my mom
        Was a panther also. So none of those femintie traits you trying to justify, & going to hold weight over here. I dont care who do it, its something is soft, its soft. You naming rapper that wore du rags means what exactly??? Did wu-tang members have nose rings??? Did AI have nose Rings?
        Rev run ??? Dj khalid ?? Flavor flav all got bath pics?????
        Lmao so what does that mean??? Exactly….

        That cause rev run take a bath pic, it ok for pac to do it????
        It rev run fuk a tranny, would that mean it ok also???

        By the way have any of those people you mention take a pic cover in bubbles ???? Or gold plated panties??? And even if they did.
        Does that justify pac a thug life representer doing it.???
        You ever been to a jail, men get they pride taken.
        So does that make it ok, cause other people doing it.

        I can tell you a dumb young niggah

      • OCYRUS

        young man you all over the place and you are out gaming yourself you’re taking prison homosexual acts thongs lipsticks & all type of fagget-aSS-shitt & comparing it to him wearing a BANDANA , a NOSERING, & a BATH PIC,,, in other words you are reaching!!! thats why you bringing up outlandish shitt, you had alot of typos so I didn’t catch all that, nor do I care to I’ve been to Iraq, & Afghanistan, when I got home first thing I wanted to do was take a bubble bath with my ole lady, but if she wasn’t there i would’ve took it any way n just thought about her…. I blame ya ole head cause I aint heard nuttin OG yet… you ARE NOT a part of the panther party so stop that. and even if u was you’re still disrespecting his legacy like that????… They must of kicked her A$$ out cause you sound very bitter young man

      • EL_BARK

        All over the place…. I doubt that. Upur the one sitting here trying to justify a man doing things, that women do. I understand you a pac stan. That why you felt the need to respond and defend his feminite traits. Lol
        You taking a bubble bath with your old lady, and pac tsking gay ass picture cover in bubbles and he suppose to be a thug is mot the same.
        If you from an era old guy, where guys can wear nose rings snd wear bandanas like a female, & and take suspect pics with gold plated panties on thats fine. But i feel sorry for your son, its guys like you who are responsible for all these half a fags kids running around now.
        My mom wasnt and picture lol, niggas i got picture of huey newton & bobby seale with my mom and older brothers sitting on my in my living room. Lol i am not bitter??? How cause i calling a spade a spade.
        The niggah pac, the thug life poster child, had sugar in his tank.
        Pac didnt have a man or male figure in his life. I assimming you didnt neither, growing up thats why you dont see nothing wrong with it. Its clear he was sweet from early on in his life, look at his interviews.

      • OCYRUS

        foh… ya moms got pics wit Huey? how? was she a groupie? cause thats the only way that would happen. u dont have to feel sorry for any body over here whether they exist or not. I guess LL was homo too for taking his shirt off at every opportunity he could, no oh why? cause it was for his female fans that pic wasn’t for you. that just like a nicca to take something another black man doing and turn it around and use it against him smdfh theres not a drop of Panther blood in you youngin. When they shot Pac in NY they laid them niggaz down n Pac didnt go down,nor did he give up his jewls. he had niggs wit pistols pointed @ him n he was fuckk naw I aint givin you shitt! Pac also saw a brother gettin his shitt pushed in by some white boys n he went to help n ended up getting into a shootout wit the police, and he had REAL charities for impoverished kids. Now what your favorite rapper got on that? c’mon man I dont know if you a white boy or what u are, but you sound like one of those dudes that don’t wash they A$$ cause you think thats that gay shitt! lol get out and broaden your horizons because you sound small minded not even trying to be funny

      • EL_BARK

        Lol was that suppose to be an insult. Lol
        Naw dog my moms was no groupie, she was an active member in the philly chapter, & play with them arms very hard. Is that what you got to resort to???? Lmao now you boy pac moms was an slutt. Marry to one shakur & fukinh another shakur at the same damn time. I can give you a story & you can google my mom. She was lock up by the frank rizzo, before he became mayor & was the police commisioner.
        You keep believing the myth that pac was a G. So if he was so much of a cannon, why did he even get jammed any way??? Lol jimmy knew he was soft, hatian jack knew he was soft. They werent their to rob him,
        That why jack left him keep his rolex, that jack gave to him. They was there to teach his hoe ass a lesson bout dry snitching & getting out of line with jimmy on the phone…… You respect a sucker niggah thst fine.
        Getting all emitional & going in the studio dry snitching and instead of keeping it in the streets and getting revenge. Lol he suck suge knight off and got chase out of NY, hardly a street niggah in my eyes.
        Every one knew pac was bitch, even orlando anderson. Lol
        You resoect the person that get shot. I resoect the shooter.
        Buttom line you messiah was soft. & had yall gas.
        Oh PS. Your boy pac didnt have not one ounce of panther blood in his body. Cause he would had knew the codes & rules……
        A real off spring of a panther would had did what he know best.
        & defended himself. & got his enemies out of here. Instead of crying about it on a track……….

      • EL_BARK

        Pac stan making shet

      • OCYRUS

        you threw an insult so I thew one back… Am I supposed to be impressed ya moms got knocked by Rizzo (if I were to believe that) anybody black could’ve got knocked by him cause thats how he got down, I don’t have to google it cause my ear was to the street when it happened, they went at Pac cause he wouldn’t comply to what they wanted him to do. them the same niggs that had puffy n em under pressure. the way I heard it he got popped by some nigg name Tut n one of his fingers is missing the tip n you cant google that shitt.. respect the shooter all you want but any nut A$$ niggaz could pull the trigger but how many dudes you know attack wit a pistol on em so respect what you choose. Stan? He wasn’t even my favorite rapper but he was raw. its her business if she wanted to be a slutt but she was on death row and she represented herself and got off so I do respect that. they drew first but didnt ID themselves as police officers thats why he got off. i dont need google for that either. if your in prison and Suge ready to pay to get you out wit a deal you aint gon take it? If he was so shook of jimmy he would’ve signed wit them or whatever they wanted from him but he didnt so he wasn’t < so enough wit all this blahzay blahzay talk lol, my original point is Pac wasn't no homo cause he did alot of shitt that out ways a bath pic he took for his female fans

      • EL_BARK

        Lol knock out by rizzo. Naw not exactly.
        She refuse to come out the panther headquarter naked, so they arrested her, & a few others. That was his MO to make sure, they werent holding guns, by the way i know you google that. Lmao nice try.
        And your wrong, tut didnt shoot pac, & had nothing to do with it, other then the fact he was associated with hatian. Pac reckless dry snitching name dropping tut, is what got tut indicted and started the hip hop police. You wont be able to google that…. Pac was soft & gay for many reasons, one if them was the suspect picture, his mannerism befire he morph into bishop, and the overall way he handle his wuad ambush, which you bought up. 2nd of all he was shook of jimmy, & he dry snitched on jack, in theedia interviews & talk shet to jimmy, was the final straw. For a guy who was dupposed to be some real sll his actions show other wise. You catch a case, you keep your mouth shut and handle it in court. Not go in front of the media and snitch on your co’ds.
        To he didnt attack anybody, they smack him up, and wasnt even going shoot him. He try reaching for his gun which any person would do,
        And they shot him. He hardly the thug he has lead yall to believe.
        Also my point on the blah-zay mention was, them eastside bk niggas got pac rape in clinton. If you didnt know jimmy is a bk niggah. Lol
        And i know its hard for you to believe, but thats is a fact. Although pac
        Has always vehemently denied it. Lol
        Thats why pac & suge caught puffy homie & gave him a beat down for puff moms address, and pac piss on him, they sifomized him as well for the pay back. Thats the real reasons pac was so angry. Lol

        But if you think its ok for thugs to take bubbles bath & wear nose rings. Thats on you. & i hope you have daughters, cause you son might be doomed.

      • OCYRUS

        googled what rizzo? North Philly born n raised .just cause you mention black panther you automatically expect me to believe you know every intimate detail about shitt u know shitt about, i dont believe that panther shitt so u can quit pushin, they made that nigg drink piss and beat him unconscious, if you think Pac or any niggaz for that matter would have thugs riding for him to get revenge because he was raped in prison speaks volumes about you I already knew you wasn’t wrapped to tight i dont know if moms developed a habit when u was n there or not but u sound bugged out i dont blame you i blame ya ole head! what? Pac aint contribute enough money to the party so your so called fraction running with shitting on the dead? theres interviews of panther party members speaking highly of the bol. but he was raped in prison n turned around and raped someone else cause he wouldn’t give up biggies mom address?lol ok. Pac put out there what the streets already was talking about. for somebody to have such a low opinion of him you sure did follow his life very closely and you have intimate points in your arguments like u studied him but some of your info is incorrect I heard these details as they took place not after he died why follow a person thats gay? thats a snitch? a bitch A$$ nigg? has feminine qualities? that was just a basic liar and a sensitive fraud? honestly speaking a person with those issues im not checking for them I DONT CARE WHO IT IS! I would give two fuckz about they life n what they do!… anyway aint no mystery who jimmy was Pac still told him NO. call me crazy but thats not what you do to a man of that stature that you are deathly afraid of … point is its mad holes in your logic

      • EL_BARK

        You like most pac fans are in denial. And you not from
        North philly niggah stop it. A real Philly niggah wouldnt no way shape or form even defend this soft shet, or defend women traits.
        Lol now i think your a troll or mag.
        What block you grew up on?????

      • OCYRUS

        17th n York my grandparents moved over 70 yrs ago when it was all white. out of all places why would I pick NP? back in the 70s the gang culture died out niggs will look at u weired if u come around wit that now. HBO did a documentary on my elementary school Stanton. niggs boyzIImen meek mill etc always got Genos in they video when Pats is better used to tease dudes for going to Odunde but now I appreciate shitt like that Beans fuckedd state Prop up De La Salle used to get it in with Boone HS. they used to call it Beirut now its Iraq killadelphia pistolvania. Goode bombed the Move org. live on tv n burned them alive. used to slang them thangs when they sold it in yaps then they switched it to bags 12×12’s were the most common. I do know that Philly dont get the recognition it deserves with all the talent their and its a very treacherous city thats why people come there not knowing till they get robbed all most everybody I tell Im from there. if they lived there before they got a story of them being victim of a crime. I remember when they tore Richard-Allen down but not before Ram Squad come outta there. I mean I can go on & on best cheese steaks on earth real talk & Dwights got the best ribs I’ve ever tasted n I’ve been to Memphis TN a few times n they are famous for their BB-Q & they cant compare been to alotta hoods but aint many like Philly, now if you think I googled all that shitt i can go even deeper than that why? u from there????

      • EL_BARK

        Yup. Born n raised.

      • OCYRUS

        not trying to be all JoJo but if you dont know about Fresh Grocer go fuk wit ’em

      • EL_BARK

        I do, i go there on a regular bases, & they give you a 1lb of meat on there hoagies. They can feed 2-3 people.

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah with pistols????
        Naw they have a 25, see how you stans created lie & myths.

      • EL_BARK

        Pac stan making shet up…..

        “According to some of those accounts, it was one of the officers who first drew and possibly fired a gun, although no weapons have been recovered.” …….. Goigle the article for yourself it you want the rest.

        So what so thug about pac shooting at two off duty white cops, who pulled out a gun and fired on him first????

        That not him being a G, its what any logical person would do.

        Unless its jimmy. Or jack. Lol yall
        Make it seem like pac ran up on some cops in uniforms and got busy…..
        Why he aint buss his gun @ his enemies once he recover????
        He pose to be a thug right!???

        Oh by the way…
        When the east is in the house ? Oh my god. Lol danger

        You aint going to get that one, but real niggas from
        NY will

        Your boy pac got his shet push in whole he was at clinton lol
        Soft ass niggah

      • I mean, I don’t take bubble baths, etc., but I probably would if I had JohnBlacksad $$$. Bubbles, Kush & a cold, cheap beer….now taking a pic?

        I might not go that far “Gangsters Gone Wild”?

        For the females?

      • EL_BARK

        Naw not even, you no it that was anybody else talking he will kill someone kids, & then go do a photo shoot in a buble bath, will get clown on the reg edog. Keep it 100.
        Thugs dont take bubble baths, try that shet in prison and watch what would happen.

      • >>Shrugz

      • OCYRUS

        lil weez been in the game for over a decade they would’ve collaborated at least
        once by now… 2pac has done songs with all kinds of artist that would surprise you

  • If Pac wasn’t dead…..he would have killed himself!

    • EL_BARK

      Yall give pac to much credit. He was the biggest fraud in the game.
      He had a gimmick just like everybody else…..

      • Nah, Pac just developed.

        His pedigree was official.

      • EL_BARK

        I beg to differ, in the words of most wanted.
        What a sucka? A sucks get shot & know exactly who did it. Acts like its beef, & really he cool with it.

      • Hard to say, he went from hospital to prison, to the grave.

  • dominicancoke

    Is ok makeveli i had the same reaction when i saw trinidad James gold every thing

    • EL_BARK

      The fact your talking to a dead guy as if he still alive speaks volumes on how loss some grown men are?

      • The fact the dead guy’s intelligence is still a factor to grown men speaks higher volumes. You must be a Wayne fan SMH

      • EL_BARK

        What is this intelligence you speak of that the dead man possess?
        Come on i wait for the generic stan response???

        Um if he was so intelligent why did he allow himself to be played on so many level. Lets start with signing his life away on a napkin.
        Shall i go on?? Smh

      • dominicancoke

        You kissed weezy? Catching feelings

      • Weedras

        makes no sense arguing with em… Pac was a walking contradiction yet many revere as a if he’s a saint hence why dude here tryna talk to Pac…

      • EL_BARK

        Lol i know but his fans tickle me to def no homo
        I just sit back & laugh. His fans created this messianic figure that he has become and i cant help but to try and help some if these drlusional people

  • Dave Williams

    whack ass swag rappers i would act like thaT TOO !!!!

  • TY

    Damn these new niggaz suck lol.

  • Mildly funny. Credit to whoever came up with it.



  • Otis

    Hey Pac! And you thought your music sucked! Don’t worry, it gets much worse and they will get paid much more than you.

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