Hip-Hop Rumors: What Was The Point Of Nas' Billionaire Dinner With Mark Zuckerberg?

I have no idea, but this is epic! Nas had dinner with Mark Zuckerberg and billionaire investor Ben Horowitz! Wow! What a crazy dinner that may have been. This is great that Nas is really blowing up again with Life Is Good.

But what exactly was the purpose of the meeting of the minds? I wonder, I wonder. I think I am going to ask around for this one. They couldn’t have been just eating with a photographer around documenting it all!

More pics of Nas and Ben

Nas is looking a bit out of his element

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Well well well… Looks who’s selling liquor and hanging out with capitalist now! LMAO!!!

    • No one said he can’t have dinner with people. Also Mark isn’t your typical old selfish billionaire. He is in his late 20’s doing it. He has given to the poor etc etc. Fox news CEO who Nas fought is a different story. Big up Nas get that paper kid! Fk the haters .

    • crucob

      When you have child support as high as him, then you could say whether or not you would try to get that easy extra money too.

    • Chris

      Real talk. I remember seeing a video where Nas REFUSED to promote liquor in the hood. He flipped the script when the IRS came for his pockets. SMH.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Yep! What a difference a multi-million $ endorsement deal & a few years make huh?

    • Fresh87

      If you have a facebook,then you’re making money for the capitalist!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        who isnt a capitalist lol you support hiphop you support capitalism the industry is based on it … what you think an advance is 😉

      • Weedras

        that’s that ignorance my dude… they live in a capitalist society driven by capitalist forces you cannot avoid it…

  • Q.

    How’re you gonna show “billionaire dinner” pics without the food?? IJS

  • Miss Perfumada

    You should really credit where you got those pics from, that might shed some light on some of your questions.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    This is a big picture because a kid from the projects made it all the way to dinner with a billionair. but thats it….either than that he is just a human. just because u have a billion dollars dont make u more worth than a person who is bankrupt.

    • Sean Taylor

      Broke talk….

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Look at my fuckin picture … do i look broke…i drive new joints, live like a rapper ain even one. at 23

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Nas has had access to billionaires for years. He is just now realizing that it’s bigger than just making music. Hopefully it isn’t too late. It’s definitely time for Nas to become a true entrepreneur and set himself up for life after music. We see how Jay has taken off from understanding the power of networking.

    • Sean Taylor

      How do you know Nas hasnt been talking to them for years?

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        The IRS suggests otherwise.

  • Tre C

    So when does Jay-Z show up with Horowitz & Zuckerburg?

    • doesnt mean he didnt if u don’t see pics all over the web rite?

    • disqus_F4LLTzRzoT

      He show’s up with Warren Buffett, Mikhail Prokohrov, Oprah, Bret Ratner, etc., etc, etc., and oh yeah President Obama.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Don’t forget he also parties with European,African,& Arab royals,is an honorary African chief himself & politics with Robert De Niro,Bill Gates & world leaders.

      • You mean Robert Deniro who just screamed on Jay-Z at a function for thinking he’s too important..yeah..P.R. people can sell folks anything these days. No disrespect to Jay-Z but come on..if he lost it all tomorrow not one of them people ya’ll love name dropping is going to step up for him.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Friends argue like that all da time bruh.I’m sure that shit wasn’t as serious as da media made it seem.De Niro was basically just rantin about Jay not returnin his calls & u know how annoyin that is when u’re tryna get in touch with some1 & they don’t answer da phone or call u back after u leave several messages.

  • Poor Tupac 🙁

  • Who are the other people?

    The Billionaire, Nas & ??? Regular White people?

  • I wish AHH would stop with this fake illseed. It’s not him/her. Illseed use to bring the heat back in the day.

    • Weedras

      just like how rappers fall off.. ever though maybe illseed has faltered a bit in the quality of his work?

  • Back in the day..illseed’s name was in the mouth of rappers, other bloggers, message boards ect. People use to really feel illseed. People use to give mad props to illseed for his post. Now we get this stuff. Stop lying to the public and admit this isnt illseed.

  • Nas the Don

    • johnblacksad

      “We would give the doorman a hundred dollars just for opening the door
      Sosa would give the bartender two hundred dollars just for keeping the ice cold, Yeah we were legends… and we still are”*

      *in my ‘Nas the Don’ voice

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    this is what they mean when they say surround yourself with folks who you can learn from 😉

  • 1hiphophiphop

    So now NAS is the only rapper who has ever changed his mind on making a little extra money outside of music? People crucified MC Hammer only to turn around and o what he did and then some. Gtfoh!

  • talking money

  • ye he is probaly showing him how 2 be an entrepreneur if nas was actually 1 yrs ago he wouldnt b having this money problem that he has now

  • OT

    Nas said it himself “Association breeds similarity, so I’ma stay with real rich fellas till 6 fellas carry me”

  • SpaceAge2012

    Nas is pullin out his trump cards 2 get out his I.R.S troubles.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Dont assume, its a big break for Nas, Im sure it could be the other way around too. wh Zuckerburg mightve designed Facebook to Nas’ music. I knew a chic who built rockets for Nasa, while listening to Ludacris all day. Most likely they are fans of him first. Alot of peole have money, few people have talent like Nas

  • Nas been around these people since Illmatic..folks are just coming around to seeing nas in this light because he’s less private than he was. Who was Kelis’ best friend that brought em together? Nas has been in hollywood circles a long time he’s just low key and doesn’t play the paparazzi angle on it. People outside of urban environments credit nas as the most intelligent man in rap, so of course there is going to be the attention of the elite in regards to him. Have a look at how the kid expresses himself, it’s something to be appreciated. Also the coolest celebrity i’ve ever bumped into in NYC..none of that hautee toiti shishi shhh these other dudes be on..and no security.

  • In the last photo NAS IS THINKING, FU@K this JUST GIVE ME SOME CHICKEN and let me go home and smoke a Joint. WHY ME? LOL

  • Tony G.

    He had dinner with rich people…what makes this epic?…IJS

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