Chris Brown

Hip-Hop Rumors: Cops WANT Chris Brown NOW!

What the HECK!

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean get into a fight? And “they” are saying that Frankie started it! When I say “they,” I mean they are sources inside of Chris Brown’s camp. The only thing is that freakin’ Chris Brown left the scene of the crime and the cops think HE started the whole thing.

While Breezy was tipping off the press, Frankie was tweeting.

Now, the word is that the cops want Chris to turn himself in so they can further investigate what happened and likely press a charge or two.

Anyway, they are saying this fight is all over a parking space. Chris and Frank had an exchange and CB clocked him. What’s wrong with these gumps?!

BUT, Chris Brown’s crew ran up on Frank Ocean before the singer revealed he was gay. Do you remember that?

YEAAHHHHHHHHH….here is that vid so these dudes have a long-running beef. In 2011, CB’s alleged carload of thugs wanted a solo Frank Ocean to pull over his BMW and “catch a fade.” Frank wasn’t a fool. Seems like cops are now the ones that want Breezy to come in and “catch this charge.”

Chris ain’t helping the rumors of alleged drug addiction right now.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Sean Taylor

    My nig Chris Breezy…DMV baby!!

    • YaheardSyndicate

      nah Just say MV. Delaware dont want nothing to do with that clown.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        LOL HA HA LOL 😉

  • southside4lyfe

    what is obviously going on is frank ocean and chris probably was fuckin in secret lol

    • johnblacksad

      Frank Ocean probably cheated on Breezy, or maybe he was just being a pain in the azz… pause and no homo etc…

      • Hahahahaaa! & SMDH!

      • scullyson

        rflmao !!!! Good one …

    • dayleedumped

      nah man lol chris brown one of the only ones im positive that aint homo. theres other people in the industry that you can still clown on that we not so sure about. weezy, drake, kanye, lil b

      • Weedras

        Unless you personally know dude and roll with him you can’t vouch for nobody…

  • Melvin Waites

    the illest nigga in Nebraska rite now… he DRAW’N

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      dem boys yellin’ into that car were never told they were loved growin’ up –

  • Guest

    SMH… a bunch of bitches

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  • johnblacksad

    …and they prolly was chasin the BMW tryin to get some head from Frank…

    Breezy needs a T.I. type of serious wake up call to stop acting like he is RnB’s Suge Knight

    • Thatcouchaintyours

      It seems like Frank has the bigger problem with Breezy, because maybe he’s secretly crushing on Brown. Frank is a little infatuated with the singer.

  • Thatcouchaintyours

    Frank is such a bitch. I can’t stand him. Chris should keep his head up. Most of the people who are talking bad about him are only bandwagon haters from the 2009 incident. How are they going to blame Chris for a fight that Frank could’ve possibly started? If a fight did ensue, Chris was right to defend himself.

    • MildManneredReporter

      lmao let me guess you were crying and listening to his latest cd when u posted this? stan

      • Thatcouchaintyours

        No, but what I’m said in my first post is true. I’m nobody’s stan btw lol…You sound like you were crying over Frank Ocean though because you sound a little salty about my first post. Don’t get mad at me just because you’re a gay booty dyck n***a HAHAHA LOLOLOL

      • MildManneredReporter

        i didnt mention anyone you did nor am i taking anyone sides because i dont give a shit about either one of those guys.. you were talking like you were there which is hilarious because im sure you are at the house jerking off to chris brown pictures

  • rk3000

    I think it started from the odd future beef. Tyler the creator disses Chris. I lose track.

    • Thatguy_87

      Yuh, Tyler started the beef. It’s funny cuz you don’t hear nuthin about Tyler with Frank anymore after he came outta the closet and shit. But Frank is sill holdin grudges and shit.

  • Yeah…Yeah..Yeah…If Chris Brown and Drake is the reason for numerous people getting hurt at a New York Night club, and no one does anything about it then, this should be no big deal either….They let celebs do what they want so, o well. Fight until someones dead. Go for it.

  • Those dudes in that video really want to give Frank a haircut

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      HAHAHA!!! Aggressive Barbers!

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Shame people dont scrap one-on-one no more

  • Frank Oceans face when he heard “catch a fade” = Priceless

  • AK

    on westside hoover? lol wtf cb aint from hoovers someone need to check him for that

  • KIDstr

    “It was over a parking, Dad. Just a parking space.” – C from A Bronx Tale


    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      thank you for posting that………made my day.

  • Mike Swiff

    Enough of this Bitch Made Syndrome! Chris you’re not hard you’re a spoiled rotten idiot when he doesn’t get his way tears up dressing rooms or beats the shit out of a female; remember the last rumble Chris was in was with Drake (also suspect) these 2 queens threw champagne bottles at each other destroying CLUB WIP, Chris was the only person with a cut.(Chris is this the reason you and Rihanna had it out? yo you gotta undercover, downlow issues?) Frank come on man…its not the space its Chris the same dude that beat the shit out of Rihanna (who now claims she likes getting her ass beat on a everyday basis cause she is in love with Chris knock out punch!).
    Yeaaaaah baby! yeah!!! this is GARBAGE! act like men make music and STFU!!

    • You got Breezy twisted, Run up on him, I bet he’ll beat you M*****F****ing ass.

      • Hoeassbitches

        Like how he dealt with Drake and his crew? O wait his security guard had his wig peeled back like mr potatoe head. Get off his nuts you aint getting smelling his fingers no matter what.

      • Check ur facts rainbow representer, Drake ran/hid in the bathroom and didnt return to his hotel room out of fear. breezys bodyguard and entourage banged with them cowards. Breezy and his people about that life. Jealousy will get you no where rainbow, in fact its a weak emotion. Like I said run up on him Tinker Bell.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I thought Chris Brown was a blood, isn’t Hoover A Crip Set? Someone from L.A enlighten me.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    you can’t win getting in a fight with a gay guy………you either beat up a gay guy or you lost to a gay guy. neither is a good look.

    • And if you lose, it’s a hate crime.. if you win, you lost because you beat up a gay guy.. so true.

      • Hoeassbitches

        Well its true, but lets take it one step further. One on One is the only situation where you gonna get respect, the jackson five coulda jumped frank ocean for f*cks sake. Why do R&B artists want to be gangster rappers and rappers want to sing hooks?

  • lol @ what’s wrong with these “gumps”.

  • Richard Savage

    I bet if they told Frank Ocean they wanted some head he woulda pulled over lmao

  • Thatguy_87

    Breezy has one of the most followed lives in the Music biz. This is prolly hype for his next album. Next thing we know he’s gonna be chillin with Bobby Brown and droppin a New Jack Swing album.

  • Bobby

    Frank Ocean didn’t know CB smack bitches!!!! LMFAO!!!

  • nastinupe

    Who records their fights? This is so staged. God, I wish that I could go back to my old neighborhood in 1991 in Birmingham, AL (Smithfield) and bring some real thugs back to present day. They would shut down all this foolishness going on. Those guys didn’t play.

  • Hoeassbitches

    Didnt this fag get smashed by hoe ass drake? Brown needs to stick to dancing like a fag and watch that mouth, i hope he ends up in jail. Tossed around like a hooker

  • Weedras

    tried to throw up a gif making the rounds on Tumblr with Frank Ocean Clocking Chris pretty good sending him to the floor, but it was deleted… so ya’ll look for that but ole Frankie didn’t punk out…



  • Kelse

    Sick mutha freakin nigga’s. Its not worth it. Enjoy what little life you have left rather than hatin on someone else. Black people like this Always give Black people a bad name. You are nothing, and will never be nothing other than street thugs. Where is your honor in life, where are your accomplishments other than offing each other and saving the Wte man the trouble of getting rid of your Black azzes. Stop the freakin hate. WTF ever happened to talking it out like Human Beings! You hated slavery because they treated your Black ancestors no better than Animals, yet you of their bloodline act like the same Animals you accuse them of treating you like. You can’t have it both ways. The only people who respect you are you yourselves, so what have you benefited. Wake up young Black men! What will be your legacy to the world! That you were the Scum of the earth. Will the people say, we are well rid of those Animals. Will the children you left behind say good riddance to you, you were never a real parent to me! Wake up, whether or not your believe there is a God above, thats your choice, but when that time comes and you find out something the rest of us have always known, what some of us promise you is that if you think your life on earth was Hell, brotha, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Believe this if you don’t believe nothing else in your entire life! Clean up your life, get your act together and change your lifestyle. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!