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Hip-Hop Rumors: EXCLUSIVE: Chief Keef Is In Good Hands In Jail!

I hope nobody was thinking “pause” at the headline. Chief Keef is in “good hands” in jail…Noooooooooooooo!

Well, I have some very good news to report. This just warms the heart, no lie. So, we have rumors about people trying to kill Rick Ross. And we have rumors that the cops are looking to arrest Chris Brown, but that’s not what I’m happy to report.

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I am happy to report that there is a source inside of the juvie jail that houses Chief Keef and they are reporting positivity. Now, here is the interesting thing. Apparently, the dude is being helped out in a major way. The source is saying that Keef is not that dude that is seen in the media and MUSIC. They say he is a “respectful, generous little dude” that has simply gotten caught up by circumstance. The source also maintains he is a victim of sorts. But, here is the caveat – they claim he’s changed from being “Chief Keef” to just Keith. They “expect” that when he gets out of the bing, he will be a changed person that knows what to do and that’s the right thing. He’s got older mentors around “who believe its our responsibility to nurture our little brother.”


Rockie rides for Keef.

Rockie Fresh On Chief Keef-”People Are Too Hard On Him”

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • jbworldwide1

    They all say that while they’re in the bing, then they get out and y’all know the rest.

    • 20world_death2nikocity

      lets hope this aint the case tho …i also know alot of niggas to come from behind them walls n hit the ground runnin makin sum for themselves…why u wishin that type of negativity on him..every man aint the same my brother

      • jbworldwide1

        Wasn’t wishing, obviously it was a blanket statement, but it’s more true than not.

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        true enough..but our tongues hold power..not sayin yo statement dictates his future..the most succesful ppl i know personally conquered the most fresh out..i came out with a brand new energy..theres so much u cant do behind them wall because u are caged u think about everything u could have done or can do when u free to conquer the world,all u got to do is stick to yo guns when u released n stand firm on what u promised yourself before u got out…being that he did so much to get out of englewood n seein so much of the world then being confined i can only see good things..thats if he dont get influenced by the ppl he looks up to,which is still a cop out…young nigga really gettin a blessin in disguise its up to him to make the most of it

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  • Calico Joe

    Scared Straight?

    • 20world_death2nikocity

      whats wrong with that long as he change for the better..this shit aint right…lets hope our young brother makes positive advancements in life from being in there for whatever reason

      • Calico Joe

        That’s part of the problem. Why do fools have to get their freedom snatched to realize its time for a change. I’ve done a lot crazy shit when I was younger, but I didn’t have to go to jail to know I needed to straighten up and get my life together. My friends getting killed and locked up did that for me. I hope he does change his ways, but this article sounds like an episode of Scared Straight is all I’m saying. Typical.

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        lucky u…u got to learn second hand ..alot of mfs had to learn first hand so that mfs like u could learn second hand..i get yo point n all but if from that life..then u should know wzup…lookin down on him when u learned from mfs like him..if u didnt learn from mfs like him..mfs would have ultimately learned from niggas like u if u catchin my drift…everythimg happen for a reason..god works in mysterious ways..believe that

      • Dontay Williams

        why did it take your friends dying and getting locked up for u to change …i much rather jail make me change then ppl dying …#jussayin

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        i l didnt pay no mind to the shit i saw 2nd hand i learned from the shit i did 1st hand..later on down the road..but to answer yo question im from south memphis ppl drop like flies…dead bodies dont mean nun but revenge where im from…i was striving for survival doin what was neccessary to stay alive n not be broke,blind or ignorant to the fact of the way i was living was wrong..a cycle is a circle and it aint no end to it untill u step outside of it…i thought it was cool to shoot at niggas who shot at me or shot my nigga.. i looked at jail as a stepping stone necesary in the evolution of transforming from bg to og..if u born into it u dont know no better…i like to use this analogy…does a fish know its in a tank if thats all it ever knew

    • Bumpy Johnson

      scared straight of what ..the whild 14 and 15 year olds…ou nooo maybe the fat 16 year old bully…….the man cried when he got 60 days in jail…that just spells soft.

      • Calico Joe

        You right. I forgot this nigga was in juvie. The part about him having older mentors threw me off.

      • Celz

        I don’t know about other states but in Cali the Y.A. is more active then the pen as far as catchin fades and gettin jumped goes. And the ages go up to early twenties.. So depending on where he’s at and how Illinois works he could be in for a rough time..

      • Bumpy Johnson

        wtf early 20s..and ur in a youth facility!!!.what they dont hav enough room for them in the big pen or somn….id sue the fck outa the state if my 13 year old is locked up with a bunch of 21 year olds

      • Celz


  • Pause

  • Chief Keith – Youth mentor. I can see it now. PS… Rockie Fresh is super garbage.

  • He talks like he is mentally retarded. He barely answers in interviews, mumbles, looks at his feet all day then randomly screams out bang bang 3 hunna. The youth of our tomorrow. I am happy.

    • SpaceAge2012

      In da words of Young Jeezy,”Between me & u I think that boy slow.”

    • In his defense though he does have Asperger’s syndrome, which at least explains part (but definitely not all) of it.

      • Guest

        Which makes him singleminded genius,not “slow”. It is not a disability

  • Doesn’t everybody say stuff like that on the phone from jail?

  • Papi Peligro

    Man he ain’t hard no more cause he was crying facing 60 days in Juvie. Where’s that rumor or better yet news.

    • SpaceAge2012

      That boy never was hard like his grandmama told yall.He’s like Damon from da Wire,all hard infront of his boys but starts cryin when he’s sentenced 2 baby bookins.

    • Lyve Wire

      juvie is no place to be. and i doubt the dude cried. we cant believe everything we hear or read.

  • He’s starting to realize that he’s been used by his label, his family, his friends, name it. Getting locked up has him seeing that more clearly now.

    But there’s too much money on the table for Keef to come out of there a preacher or something.

    • Q.

      I hope he would have that clarity. But you know Iovine is going to put the boy right back on the ho stroll as soon as he’s free.

      • Exactly. Ditto for Keef’s family too.Everybody around him’s eating while he’s disintegrating.

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        lets hope our young brother comes out a stronger n more positive individual with a more distinct agenda..fuck the negativity

      • He’s young with a lot of pressure on him, but I think he’ll be alright.

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        lets hope so..he can do alot for his neighborhood to make a change so the youngins under him have an outlet not to have to resort to either thuggin or being in the house with that 6million …n yea like u said thats alott of pressure..but thats what men were built for

      • Keef ain’t no joke to be so young but who can’t help but feel like he’s really a victim of his circumstances?

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        idk him personally but when u attain chief status n the nation..u had to do sum to get that status..n a chief got ppl under him..n u cant just call yoself a chief thats a i can only u said a product of surrounding

  • southside4lyfe

    At least he aint wearing skirts or trying to be gangsta and then skateboard. I would like to know how old most of you are. Chief keef may have been in trouble and his music may be not what you want to hear ,but it seems as if hip hop is a revolving door with racist hip hop fans. I remember in the early 90’s when alot of older people were slamming our young black artists because of what they rapped about and always getting into shootings and other shit and the older cats talked down on our rappers now a decade later we still do same shit not realize that our kids will grow up listening to the same stuff that we listen to or listened to. instead of ostracizing the young man , how about we bring him up and show him the way.

    • Q.

      It’s all about context. For example, when NWA came out, they were the most controversial group in rap–they gave you the gangsta persona, but Ice Cube gave you well-written stories, social commentary, and insight, something to stimulate your mind to a certain degree. I don’t have a problem with new rappers getting dough, but most of the artistry and content now is just piss-weak IMO.

      • Celz

        Real Ish.. I was bangin some old Cormega last weel and it’s like anyone who fronts like selling crack is fun is a fraud.. I’ve never met anyone who thought selling heavy drugs was fun.. Shyt is nerve wracking.. You either dealin with cops and fiends or cops and street niccas who are tryin to eat by any means…

        I can’t stand that Yung Joc song Coffee Shop I’m like this nicca would get ate alive smh..

      • Bumpy Johnson

        its stressful but has alot of fun times, alot. actually i wouldnt have traded my years slangin fo nothing, they were the funniest years by far of my life.

      • Sentient

        Which is why your offspring will be in the same place in society 100 years from now.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        how am a self made thousandair. . moved out the block, to the nice side of the neighborhood,drive a nice 2012 truck, my kids have things i never dreamed of having when i was 15, n they 4 n

    • I feel where you’re comin from and all, and it’s funny you’d say that
      cuz I was JUST thinkin this same thing not even an hour ago, just on
      some random shit…but the biggest difference between the ’90s shit and
      now is that even the most “gangsta” of rappers back in the day at least
      made an effort to show BOTH sides of the coin, dig? The overall message
      was “Yeah this shit might look glamorous, but play at your own risk cuz
      it’s only a couple possible outcomes to the life and ain’t neither one
      of them shits pretty.” Now though? “Get money, fukk everything else.
      Consequences? What consequences?? I got bread so ain’t no
      consequences…for ME…cuz me is all I care about.” And I’m all for
      reachin out to help get a young cat’s mind correct, but on some real
      shit some of these kids ostracize their damn selves by refusin to accept
      any help or advice…especially now that the hater card gets tossed
      around so freely that they expect you to cosign their every ignorant ass
      move if you don’t want that card flung in your vicinity. It’s fukked
      up and even though I still don’t let it stop me from doin my part to try
      and get some of these youngins thinkin and actin right, sometimes I
      can’t help but feel like our society’s already so fukked beyond repair
      that it might be too late in the game to make any real difference…but
      of course that all goes away anytime I’m able to get one of them
      youngins to look at some shit in a light he/she woulda never though of
      before, and just seein their reaction when it dawns on em. That’s what
      it’s all about, passin that wisdom down…and as long as I keep doin
      that I know I’m doin my job. I just wish a) more people were willing to
      do the same, and b) more of these kids were willing to step outside of
      the box of thinkin their brains have been molded into.

      • DJ7

        Each 1 Teach 1

  • SpaceAge2012

    Ofcourse he’s calm now,his young ass is locked up & scared! Just wait til his 60 days sentence end & he reunites with his homies,all that positive actin shit will go right out da window.

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  • Tre C

    allhiphop’s biggest fan base must be teenagers b/c i don’t know any adults talking about, “i wonder what’s going on with Chief Keef”, yet every week we get something about him. He ain’t changing, too much money to recoup for that label

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  • That’s one of the dumbest thing’s I have ever read in my life. If any of it is true, it’s better to be half way polite in the can, you get by better. No one wants to sit in the hole for 2 months going crazy talking to yourself.

  • Brick Soulja

    Chief Keef is probably about to get dropped from Interscope but still end up doing well independent.

  • Sean Taylor

    He locked up of course hes not going to buck. As soon as he gets out back to the same ol’ shit.

  • 20world_death2nikocity

    why do mfs be acting like juvie sum to be scared of…the guards r in there to protect them kids it aint like jail or prison where they job is just to keep u from gettin out…all the juvies i was in was 22/2…wit guards all around all the time n nun n yo cell but one book or magazine n a couple pieces of aint like they shankin niggas n juvie.that lil nigga done been n a fight before..if anything he just gone be scared of having to be locked up for the rest of his life…yall clueless

    • Sentient

      Could you repeat that in English?

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        ion speak english mf never been there n hate mfs from there..i talk encryptic so mfs like u have no idea what im sayin..colonized prick are those two words english enough for u to comprehend

  • Hoeassbitches

    So he acting right so he can leave juvie asap. Mind you the less time hes in Juvie the more time he has to capitialize on his fame/popularity and make money off concert dates. Considering no one wants to be locked up in any sense, and almost %100 of people would rather make money now when its there to make, rather than chance staying popular enough to make money, i would say him cooperating shows nothing other than the kid isnt totally crazy, hes thinking of his career/money making potential so he cannot be that out of it or crazy.

  • WTF? Wasn’t this dude laughing on Twitter when that Lil JoJo dude got shot? And why they choose to save him an not the hundreds of other kids that got shot? $$$$$$

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  • Torrey Winston

    this is a joke right? he a changed man? no he the same lil nigga soft marshmellow fuckboy that rap hard but when he get around real niggaz bitch up and oh so nice. he gonna get out with 20 new murder rap songs about how he ran shit in kiddy jail

  • how he changed that quick…sound like a PR move first off lil nigga got 60 days in juve and he only been in for like 4 days lol its like when a murder goes in and says they found got but if they get paroled they go back to breaking the law

  • TheBigCheeFa

    thats good if he wants to change

  • MildManneredReporter

    man gtfoh posting this trash

  • im surprised he aint a born again christian or a muslim

  • DollasTX

    Who cries over 60 days … If I was in the position to lose my shot at fortune and fame I’d say I changed too … In his defense though, he’s just a kid that hasn’t reached his maturation stage yet


    dont care how old he is when I got sentenced at that age with my family in the court room I was the only one who wasn’t crying, he only got 60days 2months damn .. these newniggas is something else he not thinking about his image when he get out? wasn’t he laughing when Jo Jo got killed? he is proving he aint to brite cause h messing his $$$$ up

  • Joe Furmanek

    He’s lucky to be alive. If you point a gun at a Chicago police officer you get shot, period.

  • Guest

    Yea hip hop “rumors”indeed, stop chattin shit n makin up stories. There is nothing wrong w this kid, u fuckers r scary

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  • myke

    my dawg chief keef gets out tommrow bang . bang bang