Ten Reasons to Respect the Legend of LL Cool J

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Run-D.M.C., and the Beastie Boys have all been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  And Public Enemy will join them soon as 2013 inductees.  Finally, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has started acknowledging Hip-Hop.

It is only right that the next Hip-Hop inductee be Hip-Hop’s first solo superstar, LL Cool J.  With him co-hosting The Grammys in a few weeks and the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony taking place in April. Even the queen of all media, Oprah, sat down with the G.O.A.T for her “Next Chapter” series. compiled a list of ten reasons to respect LL’s legend.  These could also serve as good arguments for why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should nominate and induct LL Cool J for this prestigious honor next year. It’s not a comeback if you’ve never left.

10). Taken as a whole, Walking With a Panther is not one of LL’s career highlights.  However, one of its singles, “Going Back to Cali,” is.  The orchestral vibe and stop-and-start dragging of the beat is something really cool and gives the record a unique sound.  LL Cool J first merged East and West when the L.A. Posse produced his Bigger and Deffer album, and he did it again this go-round by way of a song’s title and video.

9). Evidence that Hip-Hop was becoming a cultural phenomenon in 1980s was apparent because its influence reached outside of music.  The cool attitudes of rappers were able to go from wax to wardrobe, and consumers loved it (and still do).  If Run-D.M.C. were unofficial spokesman for Adidas sneakers,  LL was the same thing for Kangol hats.  In other words, if LL Cool J hasn’t received a check from Kangol yet, he’s long overdue for one.001d7838_medium

8). It was shocking when LL released “Father” on 1997’s Phenomenon.  Over the course of four verses, LL discusses how his biological father shot his mom and Grandpa and then how he suffered physical abuse at the hands of his stepfather.  It’s a lot to take in, but it still only scratches the surface.  At the end of the song, he says, “That’s just the tip of the iceberg look/It’s too long for a song but perfect for a book.”

7). One of LL Cool J’s most successful singles, “Hey Lover,” featured Boyz II Men.  But even with such a high-profile guest appearance, it was still an ambitious undertaking considering that the beat sampled Michael Jackson’s “The Lady in My Life.”  It all worked out though.  The song was a hit and even won a Grammy.

6). With The Roots as the house-band on one of late night’s most popular shows, it is easy to forget that Hip-Hop didn’t always come with instruments.  But in April of 1991, LL Cool J broke new ground by putting on an acoustic rap show on MTV Unplugged.  Even with De La Soul and MC Lyte appearing on the broadcast as well, LL stole the show with his performance of “Mama Said Knock You Out.”

5). The battle between Mr. Smith and Canibus is engraved in Hip-Hop history.  But even cooler than the diss rhymes back and forth is how LL Cool J thanked Canibus “ 4 inspiration” in the liner notes of his G.O.A.T. album.

4). Spoonie Gee’s “Love Rap” and Sugarhill Gang’s “The Lover in You” both precede LL Cool J’s “I Need Love.”  However, “I Need Love” is rap’s first ballad and it assisted in turning the record’s performer into a sex symbol.  It also presented a strength in vulnerability which is something that LL has tapped into many times since because of his success rate with that approach.

3). Mama Said Knock You is a landmark in LL Cool J’s catalogue and is one of Hip-Hop’s greatest comebacks.  With Marley Marl behind the boards and Mr. Smith behind the mic, there is no way they could fail.  They didn’t; the album is a classic.

2). James Todd Smith is planning to release his thirteenth studio album, Authentic Hip-Hop, in the near future.  Most41DGJSNHF7L._SL500_AA300_ rappers don’t last three albums, or even three years.  LL is going on 13 albums and almost thirty years respectively.  If longevity is any indication of success in rap, LL Cool J is one of the best to ever do it.

1). LL Cool J’s first album, Radio, not only launched his career, but it was also Def Jam’s first full-length release.  It made LL a star, plus helped producer (or “reducer”, according to the album’s back-cover credit) Rick Rubin earn a name for himself outside the realm of punk rock.  And the rest is history.

Battle of the Ballots

Here are five other Hip-Hop acts (in the performance category) that should be elected by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation for possible induction in years to come.  Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record.

In no particular order:


Eric B. & Rakim

Snoop Dogg

Wu-Tang Clan


Note: N.W.A was nominated for induction in 2013.

Do you agree or disagree about LL Cool J?  Why or why not?  Who do you think should be inducted next?  Share your thoughts in the comments section!

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    YES – 25 years, still a money making celebrity.

  • $28825362

    LL got my vote. I remember as a kid listening to “I’M BAD” on cassette tape right before all the hood kids would go out and play street tackle football. Shit always worked and pumped me up because you knew, you didn’t have pads and you were going to get rocked by the older kids playing. If it wasn’t for that track there was no way I would have stepped in those games. Thanks LL for the confidence. To this day I think “I’M BAD” is one of the TOP 5 hip hop songs of all times.

    • To me, the ‘chet was hot because he took the beat from the cartoon “Courageous Cat” & ripped it!

      Before we knew the name, we called it “The Courageous Cat Song.”

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Geto Boys need to be inducted before UGK.

    • Nasir Isaac

      true talk. Sometimes I wonder if AHH just is reckless with it’s post!

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  • VentKing11

    People always look at me crazy when I put LL down as one of my all time top 5 emcee/rappers. The first great solo artist AND one of the best ever. The first who at the age of 18-19 saw his become a household name. When I was a kid, my moms used to love “I Need Love” and threatened to beat my azz cause I told her it was a rap song and she claimed she hated “that rap music”. Name a 18 yr rapper today that can claim that. Hell name one since LL did it (and not Bow-Wow he don’t count) L’s career was the first real blueprint for that excess big-time lifestyle too, the girls, the money, flashy jewelry and bravado wayyyy b4 Hov made it vogue. And best yet, it was all through music, his “Radio” none of that drug selling/promotion ish. He was hard because of his bravado and rap skills and oh yeah the ladies’ love. Plus,I distinctly remember during LL’S “down” period ’89-91 when he was the ONLY one on that ballin ish and was getting the hell dissed out of him for it. Look at everybody…it’s all they do now.

    • Celz

      His old school career is legendary, his new school career is not but still nothin to sneeze at.. He’s a legend but definitely not the G.O.A.T.

    • Tee Mac Morgan

      very good my dude great comment great ponits

    • PorchBoySlim

      yea I cosign…LL is def in my top 5

    • LL stole his style from Alpo ( Paid In Full ), from Harlem.
      Others took it further & pretended to be drug dealers ( IE: Officer Ricky )

      No $hots @ LL, because he admitted this & kicked down the door for people like Will Smith, etc.

  • I feel like he should be already. I think he would be already if he would have phazed out or faded away like the others in there. Giving that his acting career took off. I feel like some people that make the nominations feel like he is still fresh and not vintage more like the others. He is still active in the media, if that makes sense. Other than that he would sure be in there…. shiii Ladies Love Cool J homie.

  • Curtis75Black

    Uncle L definitely needs to be in the R&R HALL OF FAME !! His longevity says it all. He remade Johnny B. Goode into “Go Cut Creator Go” off his 2nd cd and its still raw as ever. His diversity with his music is what most emcees wouldn’t try in any era. Hip Hop needs this.

    • GCCG was Fiyah!

    • DollasTX

      I can rock with that …

  • firehawk17

    2pac should be inducted as well…but LL definitely deserves it.. He was original and did his own things..been here for years and he is for real a real dude.. homeboy is right geto boys should be inducted because they were pioneers for southern rap.. I know people got there best of all time and 2pac is mine but an arguement can be made for LL…he definitely a God in rap..

  • Chris

    I thought this was obvious. LL is a VERY STRONG candidate for the G.O.A.T. title.

    • Celz

      Hell Naw.. The second half of his career was no where near G.O.A.T.

      • Curtis75Black

        What 2nd half are you talking about ? What year are you starting ? You have to realize just like a R&B singer a emcee that starts young is gonna stay in his lane and not follow the younger career emcees thats putting out a certain style of music. He does him, whether you like it or not. Not every track or cd is blazing but they aren’t wack either, if you’re into music. You can’t look for a certain style with LL. You’ll be a fool to even try. Every cd he’s dropped has been different from the last. I remember peeps looking at “Mr Smith” like it was wack, today everyone calls that a classic. Shit, LL is one of those emcee’s who gets slept on because he’s not doing what the rest is doing. When he dropped “WWAP”, he wasn’t doing what the RED BLACK & GREEN crowd was doing and got shitted on for it but he’s still a hot commodity while, where is everyone else that rocked style and music ? The only emcee thats still reppin’ is KRS !!

      • Celz

        Somthin like a Phenomenon and several other garbage songs.. In the late 90’s his only hit was 4, 3, 2, 1 and it wasn’t because of him either..

      • Yeah, but other than Jay Z & Will Smith….career wise?

        LL has made major moves, from a kid in Queens.

      • Celz

        Um Jay-Z… Nas, Common, Pac all have more quality material than LL, have a much more advanced style, more artistic value, deeper lyrical content.. L is a legend but he is far from the greatest.. He’s not the best at anything honestly..

        It’s like you can’t call Ludacris the best rapper of the past 10 years because even though his content is light years ahead of that radio garbage it pales in comparison when brought next to someone like Cormega or Ras Kass..

        LL is a blueprint for success and on how to go commercial without selling out.. He’s a great father (that should be a given but it’s not), He’s a smart business man and He’s a great rapper but as far as being an emcee he’s only a lil above average IMO So he is disqualified from being the Greatest of All Time

      • Emcee & Rapper is totally different.

        Still, it’s the other points that you mentioned, along with the longevity, that separates LL from the others.

        1982 Krush Groove?
        LL has put in that work, when it was hard to do.

      • Curtis75Black

        You can call it a comeback
        I lay back, analyze the rhymes and realize
        I own that crown for lyrical combat
        Spit more raps to count more stacks
        Kickin back in the coup
        I got loops relax, I’m hotness
        Monotonous fans is runnin bizzack
        L please don’t leave the game like thizzat
        Never in a million years
        L’ll never let you down baby
        I drop 50, I steal gravy

        [ll cool j]
        I’m more then a conqueror
        Double up your bets
        Come and rumble with the Vets
        I know you had that clown picked
        Mind blowin out cause L still sound sick
        You dream you was me
        I gleam lyrically
        I love ’em for it it’s the highest form of flattery
        Doin’ the buck 10 chrome skating on the battery
        My, clutch burnin’ on top of the world turnin’
        Rippers is just learnin by stacks I been earnin’
        I’m the uncle, hell, future of the funk
        Turn my joint up, find out why I’m different from all these chumps
        And tell your favourite rapper that I’m ready to dump
        For real cat, that represented rap from the jump
        [ll cool j]
        Six figure interest on the cheddar
        From music, fashion, film and televison
        Poppin amaretto, so what’chu got a vendetta?
        I never felt better
        Now forever competition get severed by skills you can’t measure
        I’m a champ, you a peon
        Kiss the ring, begone
        Known and respected on any block you be on
        And be on, stand there, get your envy on
        I chuckle ‘cos there’s nuthin’ to waste energy on
        There you have it
        The uncut raw for rap addicts
        Waited three years to see if l still had it
        Ten million stars
        Got beef to the deck
        End of my contract, I’m the last one left!


        [background: repeat 2x]
        L’s worth paper
        Ask Def Jam who put em up in that skyscraper (yeah)
        (I take them seriously baby)
        Ask my dogs up in 05, who made em major?
        LL playa
        Now who’s next to need a favor
        Drop a bomb on them

      • Celz

        I could still probably name 20 rappers from NY alone that are better than LL..

      • Name 20 that have had more of an impact….I’ll wait.

      • Celz

        So your saying LL should be the Greatest Impact Of All Time? Callin him the GOAT based on his impact is like sayin Jackie Robinson is the best baseball player to ever live..

      • Nah, not the greatest impact, just more than Snoop, even if it isn’t much more, but LL is a pioneer.

        Jackie wasn’t the best, but he had more impact than the best.

        Satchel Paige > Jackie
        Still, Satchel didn’t break the color barrier.

      • DollasTX

        LL does NOT have more of an impact then SNOOP … Please stop the slander

      • I guess it’s East vs West thinking.

        Snoop had more impact out West, LL more out East, or even if the same, LL also had more impact in Hollywood.

        Beat Street was the first rap movie in ’84, Krush Groove ( LL ) in ’85.

        Technically speaking, LL has spent more time in the game, than out.
        In 2 Deep ( Deep Cover remake? >> Grabs the pool stick “Think about her…Think about HER!!!”…”You ain’t no cop J. Reid!”) , SWAT, Any given Sunday, Deep Blue, & a few others, while Snoop basically plays Snoop.

        Still a good look for Snoop, but LL’s talent showed that rappers aren’t 1 dimensional actors.

        IE: Method Man as the pilot in FLIGHT?
        Nah, the pilot in Soul Plane? Yeah! All day, inmate on Oz, Street Dude on The Wire, etc.

        >>Puts Hating on Snoop aside for a moment

        Snoop made more impact with endorsements & gets prop Zizzles for the “Fo’ Shizzle My Nizzle, Dee Oh Double Jizzle” linguistics.

        >> Goes back to hating on Snoop

        If anything, LL & Snoop should be battling for second place behind KRS, who can’t act ( Can only play KRS ) and rarely gets endorsement deals, but is lyrically superior, although he often suffers from beat selection.

        Melle Mel, Russel Simmons, Krs, Rakim, Ice Cube, Kool G Rap, EPMD, Snoop, Tupac, BIG ( Pac & BIG have to go in together ) are instant HHHOF ( Hip Hop Hall Of Fame ) inductees, others that deserve it, Diddy, MC Hammer, Master P, Jay Z, Kanye, Marly Marl, Mr. Magic, Bambatta, Kool Herc, Disco Twins ( Queens …still $hot$ fired ), Magnificent 7 ( Harlem ) Cold Crush, Busy B, Spoonie G, Treacherous 3, Funky 4 + 1 more, UTFO, Houdini, Ralph McDaniels, would make the perfect 1 set of nominees, based on overall contributions.

        Graffiti & Dance crews deserve a section too.

      • DollasTX

        It’s not an east vs west thing with me … It’s a universal thing
        By the time snoop hit big with death row the game was different and more lucrative more mainstream than underground back when KRS had it

        MTV wasn’t rocking with rap like they do now back then it was a 1 hour show now a days it’s a whole damn channel dedicated to HIPHOP
        KRS helped kic down the door snoop helped HIPHOP become internationally known

      • Fugg that, have you ever heard LL freestyle of some raw ‘chet?
        Not his records, but his underground?

        He is no joke on the real…Big Daddy Kane too, but you knew that.

      • Curtis75Black

        Got a website link on my Mac right now but ALLHIPHOP won’t let me share it with y’all !! Many underground joints.

      • EDOGZ818@AOL.COM
        Send me the link!

        Good Looking!

      • Curtis75Black

        EDOGZ818, Did you ever hear the LL Its Over Now/Peaches & Cream freestyle ?

      • DollasTX

        Sorry but them verses was sub par … Now I see why jay wasn’t throwing no support sons way lol

      • Curtis75Black

        I guess you never heard the track which is about 11 years old. It is what it is…Look it up, The name of it is 10 Million Stars produced by Kwame

      • KRS happens to be the only MC who would beat LL for the GOAT title….& there is no shame in that!

      • Curtis75Black

        I feel the same way, Shit when he came with that, I felt KRS, G. Rap or ICE CUBE were the only ones besides him that can actually say it with no problem.

      • G Rap or Cube?
        Nah, but if you added “With That gangsta ‘chet”..It would be them battling it out ( Over Scarface ), add East Coast, West coast, Dirty South categories, and them dudes is taking theirs hands down!

        G Rap & Cube both got tracks with KRS, I wouldn’t be surprised if Scarface & LL did too.

      • Curtis75Black

        Yes, LL rocked with KRS. Its a shame peeps don’t know that. He even rocked with Scarface awhile back. Goes to show how peeps really sleep and only acknowledge cd tracks.

      • I slept on the LL / KRS, but your right!

      • DollasTX

        This nigga always find an opportunity to throw in his KRS bid lol

        My nigga E … Lol

      • You know it…especially since my mom tutored him when he was homeless in ’82, in the BX.

        I have to support!

      • DollasTX

        Word … I can dig it

  • SIRE

    No!after I need love he rarely strayed from the love song formula.

  • johnblacksad


  • jango boy


  • churchboy2

    How does the B.A.D. (Bigger and Deffer) album not make this list???

    • Doesn’t need to be mentioned, everyone knows that ‘chet was classic!

      “OOoowwwwhhhhh! No rapper can rap quite like I can, i’ll take a musclebound man and put his face in the sand!”

      • churchboy2

        You have seen the responses in this thread; many of the cats on here don’t know the time.
        So yeah, for an article like this one to exclude B.A.D. is a grievous oversight.

      • True, these fools is lacking with the ear macking!

  • LL yes…Snoop & UGK = No

    • DollasTX

      Snoop and ugk … Why not?

      • Not shots at UGK, but there are other artist who are worthy, plus, you have to have retired for 5yrs?

        UGK is dope, no doubt, but too many are better, more longevity, & contributions, etc. KRS, Melle Mel, even EPMD,….
        UGK & Wu Tang are almost on the same boat, but WU made more of an impact overall.

        Snoop’s 1st album was dope, the rest? All fell off, and Snoop….well, you seen how he handled the TuPac situation.

        Same way he handled the pimping & Rasta’s…He’s fake.

        *$hots fired @ Snoop

      • Celz

        LL is fake too.. Snoop has had a huge impact and has had hits long after his first album.. Beautiful, Drop it Like it’s Hot.. LL barely edges Snoop out in my book.. LL had a stronger start but Snoop has been more consistent..

      • You from the West Coast?

        The Tupac situation soured me on Snoop.

      • Celz

        Which one are you talking about? I’m not a Snoop fan at all.. I’m from Cali but my niccas would bang Cormega or AZ before Snoop.. I’m just sayin LL is not much better than Snoop real talk.. LL is a better rapper and Snoop makes better music they both completely changed the game and are still successful today.. Snoop Lion is corny as hell but LL has had plenty of corny songs in his late career which is why he retired.. Snoop will retire next lol

      • Now I co sign the ‘chet out of this ^^^^

      • When Pac died.

        I really can’t blame Snoop, but one sec, he was “Stranded On DeathRow”, next sec, he was talking about he only got into it to make music.

        Understandable, but his lyrics promoted some G ‘chet, IMO, & well, jumping ship to “No Limit”, wasn’t what I expected, even though I didn’t know what to expect.

      • Celz

        Yea real talk

      • Celz

        But Suge is on some other shyt too.. His name is hella bad in the streets out here.. Snoop might have had no choice but to leave

      • Of course, that’s a given, but it was how he did it, as much as what he didn’t do.

      • DollasTX

        Actually you wrong go back to source awards snoop was copping deuces saying “east coast don’t love snoop dogg and dr dre” he never wanted no beef with the east coast even PAC knew snoop wasn’t on it like that … Then the shit spiraled outta control and you had to rep yo side or get ostracized

      • I remember that, didn’t Big say something similar? The night he died?

        That whole ‘chet did spiral outta control.

        It’s sad. I was hating on BIG for that Quad ‘chet, but Hip Hop took a ” Big L” *RIP Shoutz.

      • churchboy2

        I don’t no where to start with this one… LL is a hip-hop cultural icon while Snoop is a hip-hop caricature. They are on different playing fields completely…
        Unless of course you are not old enough to remember hip-hop in the 80s. Because Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys and LL in this order owned the 80s. You could make an argument to include Public Enemy on this list, but that’s it.
        Snoop can lay claim to a summer or two (and only while under the wing of Dr. Dre) and he in no way transcends hip-hop the way LL Cool J does.

      • Celz

        Snoop owned the 90s what’s your point? You don’t like Snoop and you like LL that’s cool I don’t like either one but I’m not gonna front either.. New York New York, Beautiful, Drop it Like it’s Hot.. Snoop has more hits than LL and has changed the game too..

        LL modeled himself as an NY gangsta and Snoop after a West Coast one what’s the damn difference? They ARE THE SAME period two Legends who opened many doors and are FAR FAR FAR from being the G.O.A.T.

      • churchboy2

        ” Snoop has more hits than LL and has changed the game too.”

        You made some sense in another post but for reaching with this mess: you just lost one.

      • Celz

        I was wrong LL has had more number 1 charting singles I think Snoop is at 19 and LL is at 24.. That’s not a big difference and it still proves my point LL has been relevant for a LONGGGGG ASS time and Snoop is on his heels.. Im from Cali so yea Snoop is more relevant here LL didn’t get much love here we banged NY artists that were more lyrical or street..

        Bottom line is LL needs to be in the hall of fame and is a Legend but NY has almost countless rappers who are better than LL IMO

      • churchboy2

        You’re back on track, bruh.

      • Curtis75Black

        “LL modeled himself as an NY gangsta and Snoop after a West Coast one what’s the damn difference?”

        When was this ? I hope you’re not taking about his 5 album because there is nothing “gangsta” about that album. Maybe you need to go back and listen to it. You’re a lot older now to understand the songs and concepts. 1 Song thats hardcore don’t make the album gangsta.

      • Celz

        You can’t take my words out of context fam.. I said MODELED himself, not impersonated or rapped like.. LL is no Rick Ross he just dressed like a drug dealer and hung out with a few.. Damn ya’ll got an LL soft spot on here!! I’m jus playin lol He’s dope I just like other NY rappers more.. I’m out!

      • He’s talking about Alpo, and he is 100% correct.

      • Agreed, but KRS is the GOAT!

        >> Takes ” E ” cover

      • LUNGS

        I Think you a lil Cali Bias. I Understand Loving your Coast, But Snoop Owned The 90’s? The Chronic & Doggystyle are Classic album no doubt,But The Dogg Father and those albums with no Limit (With the Exception of Last Meal) Were Bad albums & Not Big Sellers. LL Cool J Bad albums even had Hit Singles & He Has had way more Success in Movies than Snoop. I Agree they both deserve to be in The Hall of Fame, But not Snoop before LL

      • Celz

        I’m not even a Snoop fan! lol I’m jus sayin Snoop has had like 19 top Singles I’d rank LL over him but they are on the same level is all I’m sayin..

      • Curtis75Black

        Welcome to Exit thirteen I am your host LL Cool J
        You said I was finished & Father Time was the blame/You disrespected my legacyAnd threw dirt on my name/
        Told DJs he’s over He ain’t spittin’ the same/What he says is irrelevant Hip-Hop culture has changed
        When I walk in the room Young boys look at me strange As if I am a relic From some long forgotten game/
        It makes my blood boil Turns my eyes to flames I built an empire They tried to kick me out in the rain.
        So I called on an inner power It’s hard to explain It’s like a holy spirit Utilizing Hip-Hop slang/
        I’m beyond the gold grills And logos on chains You see I changed rap forever I elevated the game
        Launched the greatest labelIn the history of rap And for twenty four years I carried it on my back.
        I’ve always shined brighter When I’m under attack I might be down for a moment But I always come back.

        This is a resurrection I’m back from the dead/They told me to quit a long time ago But I conquered instead
        I had dreams and visions Swirlin’ around in my head I had this hunger deep inside of meThat has to be fed.
        Hip-Hop will respect All the blood that I shed/I have a covenant with God I have swallowed the bread
        Hip-Hop my co-defendant/With this mic I thee wed /I made an entire generation obey what we said
        I’m talkin’ France to Germany From Italy to Japan From London to Belgium To Afghanistan
        From Farmers Boulevard Smokin’ a blunt with my man/To writin’ rhymes on a ironin’ board To build Def Jam
        You see, I’m the undisputed King of all Hip-Hop Everythin’ after is my legacy Like it or not
        And I will keep makin’ history I can’t stop LL Cool J Eternally hot

        Look at how easily I flipped it And switched the style around Competition losin’ their footin’ I see them fallin’ down
        They will plot against me It kills them because I’m ballin’ now Some of y’all didn’t pick up the phone But I got you callin’ now
        This is a job that must get done Even if I become public Enemy number one/ If I had to pick up an UziT hat weighs over a ton I will attack Hip-Hop Until competition is none
        Nobody on God’s earth wants it with L/You end up tortured And trapped in psychological hell And this is the beginnin’Of a new era in rap
        LL Cool J, feel the impact It’s okay if you call it a comeback And let them know I’m ready for combat/
        Tell those dumb motherfuckers to fall back The crown looks wrong on your head I want that

        Read more: LL COOL J – IT’S TIME FOR WAR LYRICS

      • DollasTX

        Dude give it a rest already – u picking the wackiest songs

      • Curtis75Black

        If you never heard them please don’t comment. “Its Time For War” is on his last which is 5 years and theres nothing wack about them. Just shows me that you slept.

      • DollasTX

        I’m saying those aren’t classic verses … I wasn’t sleeping on LL 5 years ago … I was snoring lol

      • Consistent? Yes, but LL took it there with the Hollywood tip….so if he barely edges out Snoop, I can accept that, but personally, i can’t fugg with Snoop.

        The whole Tupac thing soured me. #IJS

      • Celz

        What Tupac thing? That beef they supposedly had? Or Snoop saying he would be cool to work with Bad Boy..

        Snoop isn’t wit it like that you can tell in his music..

        Listen to Goldie Loc and Tray Dee rap compared to Snoop.. Goldie and Tray Dee are real Gangstas that have put in real work and Tray Dee was that close to givin Snoop the business in real life..

      • See, I didn’t even know about all that:

        >> In Bill Duke’s Menace Voice to Kane:
        “You know you done fugged up right?”


        Snoop is cheeks, and nothing is wrong with that, considering I have jungle boots that weigh more than him, but he shouldn’t talk the talk, if he can’t walk the walk, and damn sure should promote others walking it, but that goes for anyone, rapper or not!

      • DollasTX

        Tray dee for real for real

      • DollasTX

        If you gonna start adding variables ( snoops validity) other than the contribution to hip hop than we can dig up dirt and speak on EPMD and MELLE MEL (can’t really knock KRS) but some can argue that after New Jack Hustler he was falling off too … Plus the fact he actually married Mrs. Melody spells LAAAAAMMMMMEEEE lol – UGK and SNOOP have more sustainability than either of the pioneers you mentioned … No shots at the pioneers you listed but they never mastered the art of remaining relevant thru out their careers … When they era fell off they fell off with … Snoop and bun still on it

      • New Jack hustler was Ice T

        EPMD, yes, granted, but one thing about EPMD ( I’m biased, I met PMD once, when Mikey D introduced us ) but every EMPD album, was better than the one before it, as opposed to wacker.

        What album has Snoop dropped that was better than his first?

        Mrs. Melody?

        I can’t call it, but yeah, I would have married her sister, Harmony instead, but, that is based on looks, not what’s inside.

        If she is ride or die, I’ll take the ugly B’ish, over the back stabbing pretty one.

        UGK staying relevant?

        How many years do they have in the game? KRS has enough albums to make his own top 10…or 20 for that matter.

        Battle rap?

        Who has lyrically ended more careers than KRS?

        He shut down a whole borough ( Queens ) for 5 yrs? After “The Bridge Is Over”.

        Granted, Kool G Rap isn’t considered part of the shut down, but it wasn’t until Akinele & Mobb Deep came out, with a new era, that Queens got back into Hip Hop.

        The Stop The Violence Movement, Scott la Rock’s unsolved death, uplifting lyrics, & his “IMAGE”** << puts KRS ahead of UGK & Snoop.

        Snoop promotes pimping, drugs, etc.
        It comes down to personal choices, but KRS had 4? Albums before Snoop had 1.

        That's subject to interpretation / opinion, but lyrically, KRS will rap circles around Snoop, with no beat, and his lips crazy glued together.

        KRS VS Snoop in a Rap battle?

        KRS will ruin him.

        Truth be told, Big Daddy Kane will rip Snoop, with his non commercial 'chet, but I haven't heard anything Non commercial from Snoop, so I can't truthfully say that.

        As it stands, no top rapper can beat KRS in a battle.

        Underground battle scene?

        Hard to call it, but what under ground battle rapper's catalog compares to the Blast Master's?

        KRS has SONGS that are better than Snoop's entire catalog, and they are 20+ yrs old.

        "Material Love" ( Love's Gonna get you )

        Hits just as hard today, as it did in 1993, if not harder.

      • DollasTX

        Hold up may bad I said new jack hustler but I meant JACK OF SPADES from that IM GONNA GET U SUCKER SDTRK lol (blame it on the wake n bake)

        I give you the EPMD catalogue did get better n better (I’m an EPMD fan) but only up until Keep The Crossover then the game changed E stayed relly thru redman, Keith Murray, even when he moved to atl but that was aside from EPMD

        Mrs melody comment was a joke …

        Snoops albums vs KRS albums is based off opinion and snoop had wayyyyy more hits than KRS however KRS has way more lyrical ability so they cancel each other out … They both deserve it SNOOP still being the bigger star … But that’s becuz the game changed from when KRS was battling busy b

        Don’t get it twisted I’m not knocking saying lyrically snoop/ugk compare to KRS or Kane but lyrics don’t get you to the HOF only it’s an overall contribution to the genre … Just cuz KRS still recording songs underground doesn’t constitute him being relevant 20 years after
        Just like snoop still being relevant still doesn’t diminish KRS accomplishments

        I came up writing fat boy lyrics word for word for memorization …
        Rocked cross colors with my African medallion – got plenty love for the old Sokol but Loves Gonna get you doesn’t hit as hard as Me And My Bitch lol but it does evoke feelings of nostalgia when you hear that sample LOVES GONNA GET YA, LOVES GONNA GET YA

      • “We rolled right up to his favorite hangout, said hello & then the bullets rang out! Some fired back, so we took cover & all I could think about was my brother!

        Rob jumped up & began to run, bussing shots, hoping to hit someone, so I just stopped & let off 3 shots, 2 hit him, and one hit a cop…”

        “Got myself an Uzi & my Brother a Nine!”

        Not many tracks in Hip Hop can fugg with that.
        KRS is underground, but he”s relevant, as an ambassador of Hip Hop.

        Did you see when KRS gave Bill O’Rielly the business?

      • DollasTX

        That first line right there shows me KRS was on some Rick Ross shyt back in the gap cuz he ain’t never rolled up on nobody with no Uzi or nine … Maybe a movie and some wine

      • Nah, you bugging.

        Don’t forget that Just Ice jumped on a Greyhound to Philly, with a pump, on some beef ‘chet with some rappers? Schooly D? Steady B? *Not sure.

        Literally tossed the 1st rap grammy winner off the stage, BDP was Bx deep. Have you seen KRS’ security team? Neither have I, nor Redman’s.

        “You call my name, I don’t think about suing ‘Ya, I come to the club with that BooYaKa, laughing while I’m doing ya’, the crowd is booing ya’, any rapper wanna run record for record or tape for tape, I’ll ruin ya’!”…KRS

        His DJ was Hip Hop’s first unsolved killing, which led to the Stop The Violence movement & a change in his mentality, as well as spirituality.

        He’s not fake, he just matured.

        *Criminal Minded Album cover showed him with the Uzi, and the By All Means Neccesary, showed him with the SAME Uzi in the Malcolm X , window pose.

        I’ll never say Snoop wasn’t about it, growing up, out there, you had to be, during that time, probably even to this day, but same can be said for the Bx & any hood.

        Tupac = Snoop’s Scott La Rock?
        Maybe, but IMHO, he should have used that as a way to help uplift the Hip Hop community, instead of exploit it.

      • DollasTX

        That’s just-ice not KRS and I knew by the way just-ice looked and sounded in that self destruction video that he was authentic … KRS just a good story teller (make believe) let’s keep it a thousand …

        Criminal minded, E’s been blinded lol
        That album cover was harder than KRS in real life … But I bought that tape and my philosophy is my all time fav KRS song but he as bout as hard as snoop … Keep it trill

        KRS gets mad respect for his intellect though … He was featured on that Hidden Colors 2 and he teaches and does presentations at different universities >>>> snoop won’t ever be able to touch that

      • What’s even crazier, is in Hidden Colors 1 ( Didn’t see 2 yet ) feature Booker T Coleman at the beginning. ( Ponytail wearing brother ) and Booker T. worked with my mom getting a charter school developed in the BX.

        >>Rides as hard for Booker T, as I do KRS.

        Say what you want, but KRS will take Snoop’s best punch….in the eyeball, without blinking.

      • DollasTX

        Yeah booker t is on top of his … Seen him breakdown one of them black Israelite bros on the corner in a real polite and gentleman like manner on YouTube … I can’t get you part 2 because they disabled the link already … Almost the day after I sent you the email I didn’t even get the chance to watch It twice …

      • Booker T is the truth. Birds of a feather, flock together
        *( Booker T / Mom Duke ).

        When it comes to knowledge, Booker T is in beast mode, and has been for as long as I knew him.

      • churchboy2

        [Snoop Dogg voice] “Co-shizzle fo’ shizzle. I can’t hang with the Blast-nizzle”

      • Celz

        You aren’t from Cali lol Snoop doesn’t make music for you lol.. I can’t feel KRS he isn’t my type of an East Coast artist.. But Snoop makes music the streets out here feel.. Snoop has songs with Bootsy Collins, Willie Nelson, The Doors all in the last 10 years.. You can’t deny that he’s a legend you just don’t like him lol and that’s cool.. I never bought any of his music either..

        Sexual Eruption, I wanna rock, Ups and Downs, Candy… Snoop has WAY more recent success than almost any rapper from the 90s and he had more recent success than almost any rapper from the 80s had 10 years ago

      • True & I thought about that after my post.

        Still, his time hasn’t arrived yet, he isn’t a New Jack, but he doesn’t have the most seniority.

        He will eventually get the nod, because of his commercial success, but I would put Rakim in b4 Snoop…..even with less success, because Paid In Full, along with By Any Means ( KRS ) & Nation Of Millions ( Chuck D / PE ) changed consciousness in rap. In effect, ushered in the Golden Age, granted in retrospect, Snoop did the same for West Coast Hip Hop.

        Ice Cube should go first, b4 Snoop though IMHO.

      • Celz

        Last Comment lol.. Yea Ice should go before Snoop and so should LL and KRS.. Snoop hardly has any deep content in his whole catalog and he is known to get lazy on tracks.. I heard a recent off the head freestyle he did in Philly on Cosmic Kev and Snoop killed it for bein a Free.. But that’s probably why some of his content is lacking he freestyles good and has a good musical sense.. So yea I’ve never been a fan but he still deserves his respect like KRS and LL.. For the record I’d rather bang Kool G Rap and Ras Kass lol

      • Real Spill! ^^^

      • LUNGS

        Hey I Take issue with that Krs Shut Queens down for 5 yrs. LL Cool J , Run Dmc ,Kool G Rap (As You Said) Main Source, Tribe , Onyx, Beatnuts and Them Nas singles all hit Before Akinelye & Mobb deep dropped & Supposedly put Queens Back on the map. I Do agree with you about Krs Being More worthy of that Goat title than snoop

      • >>In Joe Pesci Voice: “Okay! OKay! OKAYYyy!”

        Sometimes I get to hyped!


        There was a gap between “The Bridge is Over” & Nas / Onyx….my point was, he didn’t shut it down forever, but when Queens did get back on, it was the new generation & none of them fugged with KRS on the Battle tip.

        PM Dawn was on stage after winning the first RAP grammy? & he ran up on them & tossed them like salad, literally, straight off the stage!

        Nelly dissed him & he shut Nelly down for a while.


        When it comes to MC’ing, KRS is like Wu-Tang…”Nuthin’ 2 Fugg With!”

      • DollasTX


  • Cool J and Snoop

  • DollasTX

    When I was a shorty … I definitely couldn’t live without MY RADIO


    This is a No Brainer. The Only Logical Choice after Run Dmc , Sugar Hill & Public Enemy is LL Cool J. The Impact of LL is Far Greater Than any of those Runner ups you Name. Eric B & Rakim & The Rest You Named Deserve it (Except Ugk. I Can think of a 100 Rappers That Come before them, Geto Boyz, 2 Live Crew to Name a few on Impact alone) But None Before LL.

  • Sean

    LL sucks.

  • biggbusinezz

    This is LL’s 14th album his 13th was called exit 13!! Who does these rumors sometime they fuckin suck

  • cleveland

    I tell all my friends and young people how they should respect L.L. cause he truly is the first solo Rap superstar and at sum point in every artists career they have look up to Uncle L so he is truly the G.O.A.T

  • UGK?? i would put Outkast before UGK ’cause Outkast was responsible for making the south bigger than ever with 3 classic albums in a row. But UGK does deserve to be in the hall of fame and so does EPMD, Wu-Tang, Nas, Jay-Z and Eric B. & Rakim

  • Definitely should be inducted…

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  • LL Cool J should have nominated well before Public Enemy or NWA. he was one of 5 really big breakthroughs in the mid ’80s. he should have been there right beside the Beastie Boys & RUN DMC. I’m not saying Public Enemy shouldn’t be there as well, they should, and NWA speaks for itself, there isn’t a piece of west coast rap since 1988 that doesn’t have the influence of NWA, or the solo careers of Ice Cube and Dr.Dre. if we’re going to mention folks of “the rhyme” era of rap, which is my favorite music in the world, we’re falling short by not mentioning Ice-T, Salt-n-Pepa, and DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince!!!