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Rockie Fresh On Chief Keef-"People Are Too Hard On Him"

(AllHipHop News) Chief Keef has been having a tough week, as he was recently sentenced to a short bid in a juvenile detention center for a gun violation.

Rockie Fresh, the newest Rick Ross signee, has come to his fellow Chicagoan’s defense as Keef starts a 60-day jail sentence. Rockie told AllHipHop people are quick to judge young people like Keef, but not so quick to mentor them.

“I do feel like people are too hard on him, because they are not doing nothin’ to help. When you an older person and you realize there’s an issue going on with somebody younger, especially in the African American community, older people have a tendency to look down,” Rockie told during an interview at Premier Studios in New York. “[They are] totally be disgusted by young people and the moves that we making. But, instead of really trying to find the root of why its that way, and really trying to fix it.”

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Keef is a gang leader, authorities allege, and has not changed his ways. Before his sentence was handed down, Keef reportedly pleaded for leniency to no avail. “I beg you, please, give me one more chance to show you. I’m a very good-hearted person. I have not picked up any more cases. That’s not my life anymore,” Chief Keef stated in court.

Rockie alleges Keef is basically making lemonade from the lemons life handed him.

“I don’t know what his life was like before he got on. I can’t judge him,” he said. “And I feel like people that’s much older than us, instead of trying to get in tune [with us] and help, instead of looking at their kids in terms of how much they need to watch over them…that’s the problem.

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Continuing, Rockie expressed: “And the things is, he’s coming from a background that was clearly relevant before he started making music. Regardless of what people say about him, he still a young person that got out of the hood by putting in hard work. And he was able to release and album that was put in stores. That’s something that has to be applauded. I respect him for that.”

Keef’s debut, Finally Rich, came out last month,

Rockie Fresh recently hosted a NYC listening session for his Maybach Music debut mixtape, Electric Highway. The rapper gave participating media an actual cassette tape of the trippy musical excursion.

Poll: Are People Too Hard On Chief Keef?

  • therealest1

    Bitch please shit.

  • 7yoyo7

    You should say that to Jimmy Iovine….


    keef don’t get no sympathy cornball as nigga

  • Hoeassbitches

    Yes only because they acting like Keef is the reason or cause of youth violence. Ignorant shit, he may be a scumbag (who knows, its all bullshit he-said, she-said shit with no credibility. They taking it to this young man like hes the major cause of youth violence, especially when it comes to “urban people” (white peoples way of saying black people). Aint no rock and roll bands supporting crazy, insane violence such as stupid fucks like those juggalo douche bags to most “death Metal” (the worst type of music since country). Shit is all about praising the devil and satanism, but other than marilyn manson being blamed for the columbine shooting, or video games. Point is its never society as a whole, parents, culture, the media or anything else that isnt easy to just claim is caused by rappers, the “urban”culture, and other smoke screens hiding the real fact that the lack of parenting is the main or at least overwhelming influence in situations like this. If we can blame a specific person or genre of music we will, especially when the genre is anywhere related to hip hop.

  • Troof

    I recall Lupe Fiasco trying to reach out to him and Lupe getting death threats in return.

    • Q.

      Good point!

    • BC

      lupe wasnt reaching out at first he was going on air talkin shit about his music
      and to say the least i completely understand lupes view but i also i understand the mind set of someone who is young and has nothing

      • BC you need to listen to the interview again dude. Lupe was not talking shit, he was telling the truth that people were afraid to hear.

  • how funny…. when someone on twitter asked cheif keef about Rocky Fresh, he responded.. “who the f*ck is that? he aint putting no work in in the streets.. i never heard of him which means he’s a nobody…” somebody tell Rocky he got a lil bit of cum on his chin

    • Bumpy Johnson


    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      Well this dude probably does not know about this twitter comment, crazy ish happening and cats risking left arm & right legs for some dude they don’t know personally……may be rocky should get to know keefs situations before he speaks so freely on behalf of this individual.

  • AK

    only rocky i know is from a$ap

  • Fabi Serrano

    his music is pure blow job, it sux dik

  • Q.

    I hear what Rockie’s saying, but IMO people aren’t hating on Keef the person as much as they are Keef’s image. When they see a 17 yr old kid hopping around on screen with his drawers hanging out, pointing airguns at the camera hollerin’ “BANG BANG,” rapping about blasting this one and deading that one, they’re reminded of the ugliness going on in the city right now. As a grown-up, it’s hard to say you care about what happens to the youth yet have the stomach for that kind of music and imagery, knowing kids are out here dying over that lifestyle. People act like a little money + fame magically makes everything they do okay…WRONG. A fool with a couple of dollars is still a fool at the end of the day. As you see, Keef is in more sh!t now than before he blew up.

    (Sidenote: Why when these rappers sign to MMG, it seems like their sound gets watered down than a mofo?? That Elect. Highway mixtape was koolaid-WEAK!)

    • I was just about to post the first part of what you said until I read this. Bingo.

  • BC

    i bet if bow wow would have went to jail at 17 for 60 days no one would be this dramatic.
    this cats 17 straight out of Chicago. Never had shit. People act like they dont have problems with their own kids.

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  • Son of Nigraseed

    Y’all some hating ass nigras; especially, you old nigras that grew up with NWA and every kind of gangster rapper that was out back then. As a non-bias old nigra, I hope Keef can turn his life around. 55#

  • Another stupid rapper, do these fools have Public relations officers or do they just open their mouth and say whatever comes out of it?

    This dude surely needs to invest some bling money in a PRO

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