Chris Brown and Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Wants to Press Charges Against Chris Brown

(AllHipHop News) R&B star Chris Brown may be facing serious consequences from the late night parking lot brawl with Frank Ocean over the weekend.

The Odd Future member wants to press charges against Brown for allegedly attacking him on January 27, outside West Hollywood’s Westlake Studios on Sunday Night.

L.A. Sheriff’s office spokesman Steve Whitman told The New York Post that Ocean is “desirous of prosecution.”

Police are now looking to speak with Brown about the incident.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, contacted law enforcement officials and said that Brown is willingly to speak with detectives about the entire incident, claiming that there was no wrong doing on his part.

Geragos also claims to have video evidence that can prove that Brown never threw a punch.

The video is said to also show that Ocean wasn’t directly involved in any violent acts either, and that the fight was only between the two singer’s camps.

Brown may not be completely cleared because a witness stated that Brown was the person who threw the first punch, and the video reportedly doesn’t show who started the fight.

The footage only captured the altercation after the two entourages where no longer in the camera-free area of the parking lot.

Geragos’s insistence that Brown was not directly involved is extremely important.

“The Look At Me Now” singer is still on probation for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards, causing both to miss the event.

Brown’s latest run-in with the law may put a dent in plans for this year’s Grammy ceremony as well.

The Post is also reporting that Brown and Rihanna were scheduled to perform together at the awards show on February 10th, but the Brown-Ocean incident is likely to end the potential on stage public reunion of the on-again-off-again couple.

Chris Brown and Ocean will also face off in the Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy category this year for their respective LP’s Fortune and channel ORANGE.

The two will compete against fellow nominee Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream.

  • maya

    I hope Miguel wins, anyway.

  • King Cold

    Wow ol snitchin ass ocean

    • He looks like a bitchass nigga! Never liked dude his music was cool but something doesn’t seem right but hey he’s a batty bwoy so of course he is going to snitch.

    • SpaceAge2012

      Both them niggas sweet,they just need to kiss & make up.

  • Brick Soulja

    I hope Miguel wins too!!!!!!!

  • i dont have nothing against homosexuals but to press charges on a nigga after a fight is some fag shiit….

    • Mike G

      thats exactly what im saying. People cant even be a man a take a L

    • Sean Taylor

      On the road to riches and diamond rings….fag niggas do fag things.

    • Celz

      Seriously it aint like he was badly hurt.. It will prolly get thrown out like “Sir we can’t file assualt charges for hurt feelings…” What you want a nicca to go to prison cuz your a lil sore from tusslin the next day?

      *That would sound suspect talking about Frank anyway you put it so I will add the obligatory No Homo

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    Channel Orange > Kaleidoscope Dream >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fortune

  • acb87

    snitching is the reg in the homo culture

    • MEME

      You sound ignorant, I don’t listen to Frank Ocean, but he never claimed to be a street dude or about “that life”, so them street rules definately wouldn’t apply to him. Not to mention the incident took place in the state of California, where the DA doesn’t need a victim’s permission to file charges.

    • Weedras

      aren’t you a snitch when you squeal on someone who you’re involved with… ex. partners in a robbery… so how can you be a snitch wanting press charges against your enemy? man gtfoh! ain’t an Ocean fan but ya’ll throw that word around too easily…

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  • I think Frank Ocean started this drama because they both was up.for the Grammy put the Rihanna thing behind we can’t judge this incident based on what happen in.09 frank Ocean is no angle people dont really care for his music Brown was set up he even wanted To make peace before the fight it comes to.tell you he is trying to change but the negativity will haunt him from 09 incident which will cause people to improperly judge what really happen that day.

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  • Tony G.

    pressing charges after a fight? L

  • 1st chris brown beat rihanna in 2009 and he didnt go 2 the grammys 4 that reason and he is actually surpose 2 perform at the grammys this yr with rihanna and its probaly not gonna happen beacuse of frank ocean how weird is that

  • Six7

    Miguel gonna win that anyway.

  • Who knows what really happened and who swung first. Looking back on the whole ordeal it seems like both dudes have been guilty of instigating this at some point but I do believe Chris and his people have gone the more extreme route, especially after that video of them trying to get Frank to pull over to get jumped (who’s dumb enough to do that anyway?). The facts will come out soon enough though. And saying that people don’t feel Frank Ocean’s music is ridiculous, Grammy nominations aren’t for artists that no one listens to. Remember that.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    these guys are legit entertainers … not street dudes doing illegal activities … they pay taxes … so how is this qualified as snitching ?? you jump a regular joe and 2 things are bound to happen … either that person is going to call the police or sue you ………..

    • ladynamor

      Not where I live

    • TruthSerum

      People dont understand this concept, they hold everyday people to the “Code of the streets” and its laughable. Normal people who arent involved in crime and don’t care about how “Tough” there image is arent gonna care how many times you yell snitch at them. Frank probably gonna sue him too, what difference would it make, all the folks who care about that kind of “Stop snitching” thing are the same ones who already clown on him for being gay.

    • Weedras

      Thank You! how are you snitching for one when you and dude aren’t involved in any joint illegal venture and how is it snitching it dude is your frigging enemy…

  • Rainbow Mafia it aint safe No MO……” i know some people who fck they enemies in the ass when they catch em,..weird ass n*ggas they dangerous so dont test em’

  • Mike Swiff

    you idots!!!! Im bored with both of these clownz….WHO CARES ABOUT CHRISTINE BROWN OR FRANCINE OCEAN…LETS MOVE ON!!

  • Pierre Elliott


  • Synista

    They should just kiss and make up …they both look gay as hell in that pic above.


    maybe he wants to suck chris dick or something, i mean im jus sayin

  • AK

    and you closet gays still support this cupcake?

  • Otis

    Gotta love how hard Chris Brown is. First he beats the crap out of this crazy emotional thug called Rihanna. Then he starts breaking bottles with actor/rapper and full time Canadian/Jewish thug Drake. And for his encore act, he gets into fisticuffs with Odd Future’s wide open gay member, Frank Ocean. Is this how y’all build street credits these days? Someone needs to take a chill pill or step his game up.

  • ladynamor

    See what happens when twinkies get into it? They run and tell. Even Drake took it like a man. BUT , whats up with Chris Brown picking on women and sissys ONLY! Step to a real dude sh!!!!!!!t even I would whoop his skinny ass! That Rihanna ass whooping went to his head.


    Damn I didnt know he was from Odd Future… he has totally distanced his self form them… if ya’ll gon talk that gay shitt atleast have some good jokes… sum of yall sound like closet fags trying to reverse… fuckk it anyway C-Breezy fuckkin his $$$$ up

    • timwest1000

      makes no sense

      • OCYRUS

        they were random brain farts… calm-down

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