Hip-Hop Rumors: Another Rapper Male Groupie Rapist?

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Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!!!!!

These fools have gone left! Now, there are rumors that a member of Wu Tang is about to be exposed as a gay male groupie rapist! Now, let me be CLEAR, I do know who the “original” male rapper than rapes his fans is.

Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Rapes His Male Fans?

PLEASE BE CLEAR – I am not even remotely suggesting that there is a member of The Wu that fits this criteria! If there is, this is unknown to me. One cat had a lil’ gay rumor to follow him, but I don’t know a things about other than is common rumor.

So, who could it be?

Well, rumor has it somebody is going to step up to the front really soon with the info and expose the guy. They suggested that the rapper used to wear a mask and there is only one person that did that. Not sure that is a good idea. Wu Tang Clan still ain’t nuttin to f**k with. Oh, I don’t believe it at all. Its quite absurd to be honest.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Follow Up To The Male Rapper That Rapes Male Fans!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • clearly they are alluding to starks.

    • Casor_Greener

      Illseed trying to get them hits up

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    ilseed done turned into mediatakeout with all of this speculative faggotry he is forever posting.

    • best_believe

      I feel you. illseed is LAZY!!! He be copying and pasting all mediatakeout shit. And he’s days late on that fake shit. Step ya game up. Cause mediatakeout is blowing you out the box with their National Enquirer bullshit. SMDH…

      • best_believe

        illseed should be slapped for even repeating this bullshit about Ghostface…

      • I’ll give it to Illy this time… MTO picked up on this gay story because of HIM!

    • I said this years ago I have been on here awhile longer than most of you except a couple and have seen the progression get worse. He has always been on that TMZ or media take out vibe. Mediatakeout is pure bs they lie like used car salesmans.

      • Modesto Koczwara

        TMZ for the blacks.

    • Seems to be his new bread and butter it is the third week in a row with this shit. It got the most comments and most on topic convos I seen on any hip hop site article tho without it spinning into hard ethuggin and coonery. It seem like everyone was working together to put together the pieces. xD

    • Yeah illseed this is some gay ass shit…. and ur the one being gay. U drop a rumor with hints, lets blog about it, then when we think it a wu memeber, u say some shit like ” I know who the “original” male rapper that rapes his fans” WTF IS THAT. Illseed back in the day u use to drop what u know then let the world talk, now ur shit is like the local news a bunch of opinionated bs of what u think…. or some half ass rumor. As a fan of hip hop and i’ve brought countless lp’s I feel we have the right to know…….. illseed u said this is not a rumor when u first broke this shit…. so why are u protecting a mid level new york hip hop has been rapist? wtf is wrong with u nigga. we need a none scary ass nigga to do the rumors now…. way to much meat riding seed

  • MEME

    So the original rapper isn’t Ghostface???

  • Chris

    Someone in the first rapper/rapist story mentioned Ghostface. I hope it ain’t true. Who was the rapper from original story?


    I blame yall the poster for this dumb shet.
    Yall spent all that time trying to figure out that bull shet rumor that illcoon made up.
    He throwing yall another bone. Smh

    • mike malarkey

      yup negros aint hip to the stupid rumor for hits scheme illsissy do? smh

      • EL_BARK


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        illseed built up credibility over the years that why folks did what they did .. however illseed has been killing his credibility … if hes not carefull he will def be looking like tmz and mediatakeout soon ….

  • DollasTX

    Poon Tang Clan ain’t nothin to phuck wit

  • 7yoyo7

    Sydney Lace is BACK!

  • You do know spreading rumors without facts get people killed? Ghostface was about to duff out Big Tigger on rap city back in the day. Masta killa smacked fire out of columnist from the source magazine for talking sh*t about the Wu. Illseed you have no one posting a video or speaking on it except you so it makes you look like you are talking I heard it from someone rumors. Get the person to say something first before accusing or slandering a rappers character you smear their image and reputation like that. It is very serious!!

    • King Flashy TheFirst

      He hides behind that stupid picture so that he can talk reckless and nobody will be able to recognize him on the street.

      • You are right hahahahah They do have an address though. The owner of Mediatakeout was approach by a rapper I believe maino or someone and they took the article down. So a visit changes the situation haha

      • Galactus

        Illseed is def in need of one pronto

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        I would just start going after anybody that I knew worked for ahh until one of the was able to give up illseed’ s real name.

      • i got a feeling illseed is more then one person.

  • Oh Noooooo!

  • Persia


    • Are you the real persia from the hiphop reality show? Dam you are sexy love. I like them thick. No disrespect. I always dated b-girls or female hiphop heads.

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        you like that when you kiss them you can still taste the buttermilk biscuits on there breath. that’s all it is.

  • Super_Hero

    Maybe the rumor is confused with Ghostface and his son. His son is clearly gay in that video a few months ago.

    • MEME

      So because someone is gay they are prone to be rapists??? You sound ignorant.

  • Only AHH would stretch a “rumor” like this out for months. Enough with the buffoonery!

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  • mosestobymcgeethree

    If you think a rapper is out raping fans i think you should either divulge it or just be quiet about it. how far would u keep this a secret? what if he was a murderer? what if he raped female fans? this is a big crime u accusing someone of and you keep saying you know for sure who it is.

  • cmon man what is this …………started with the skinny jeans craze …now you got this fuckery as a topic of a hip hop blog

  • lol this ‘writer’ is a fuccin clown..grown ass man gossiping for a livin

  • Tre C

    I need to slap myself. 1) for coming to this site 2) continuing to click on this bullshit speculation. I cut out worldstar and mediatakeout, this has to be the last one

    • fukin true statement my nigga

    • Have to respond. Dam good “hiphop head” websites that is if you are a pure true hiphop head are hiphopdx dot com, undergroundhiphop dot com(very popular). Forbezdvd isn’t really a pure hiphop head site but the owner puts a lot of informative stuff on that site.

  • Eric Collapsar

    They seen what Illseed posted and ran with it. Somebody mentioned Ghostface and Illseed never said he wasn’t talking about him , until now. He cleared all those other rappers and left Starks out there. somebody seen that and thought the had a scoop. Ghost, should do a Jay and Silent Bob, go to the houses of these people and smack ’em up.

  • 2PlasticChains

    You ever see ghostface killers kid yikes

    • Sean Taylor

      fruity pebbles

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    I can email illseed and claim Amber Rose is raping women at the back of her honda, and that fool would post it up, talking about it came from a credible source..

  • DG

    illseed- This wouldn’t be remotely funny or entertainment if we were talking about somebody out here raping women…Careers get finished behind that ish. I don’t understand why you (illseed) would post this as a blind item. If you knew who it was you should be speaking up and if you don’t know, you shouldn;t be speaking on it. Rape stories ain’t entertainment for the masses illseed!

  • The 2nd Coming

    Hey illqueef, stop it fam. You just doing this for the hits now

  • mike malarkey

    again i say illseed is legally bound by law not to say the name of the rapper who took his manhood. or what was left of it….. he signed a confidentiality letter and the rapper will remain nameless. illseed u sound worse than them eddie long “victims”. yall need to stop feeding into his b.s. rumors. he just bored and want sum hits…


    Basically Mf Doom is Raping dudes Huh?

    • MEME

      OH HEEEELL NO not Mr. Dumile

    • DOOM isn’t in wu-tang. he’s produced some joints for Ghost but thats about it.

  • Papi Peligro

    They probably got conned by MF Doom. This is like clue it was Tim Raper wearing a MF Doom mask.

  • don king

    stop it man! spreadin rumors like a gossip girl wtf? if it was the first time true, why dont u say who it is? but instead put another story on, that u dont believe urself? if there is really somebody out who does this shit n u decide 2 write bout it, than say who it is! curse some1 could get his ass hurt right now!

  • Well thank you illseed for confirming you weren’t talking about ghostface…but how long are u gonna keep this rumour going?

  • Banksy

    Either Method man or Ghost face. Niggas have been saying that Meth and Redman have been gay for years.

    • Sean Taylor

      no they havent.

      youths these days………

      • It ain’t the youth it is just people lie like no tomorrow like homie. So worldwide stated basically anyone that is in a group for a long time is gay now. That makes just about every artist gay from Dipset, to slaughterhouse to any group that has been together for awhile. SMFH!

      • Banksy

        Youth?? nigga google it if you think i’m lying.

    • Stop lying I hate when people lie and make a lie saying it is a rumor because you think it is a website and people would just believe it. I know people in the hiphop industry and meth and red are not homo. As I said to illseed. Be careful saying things or you might get a personal visit from the artist themselves or their people. It is easy to feel safe and slander behind a computer screen but even easy for me to get your personal info. Stop with your fking bullsh*t lies nigga! You lame for that.

      • Banksy

        What do I gain from lying? I’m not selling an album nigga! Google the fuckin thing. BTW they’re still my favorite rappers. Gay or not

  • Cory Evans

    I wont diss you like some people up here but damn mr typo whats good??

  • artcryme99

    “spread a nigga ass cheeks out right…stick in ya ass slow like TSSSSS”

  • illseed is the homo. he be raping his fans, well if he had any fans he’d rape their turd cutter

  • Mannydigital

    Rza wore a mask too..(Bobby Digital)

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Haha…nah this definitely isn’t illseed. AHH probably sued the real one for his name or bought it out.

  • Robbin hood

    Ohhh fuck….please don’t be true

  • Weedras

    “I do know who the “original” male rapper than rapes his fans is” first you post story speculating you have word of a rapper doing shit saying you have a name but you aint saying leaving it open for ppl to drop suggestions… now you dropping another bullshit article talking about the Wu and tryna cover your ass at the same time… smh.. better if you didn’t say shit…

  • johnblacksad


  • Gay Rumor 59 comments.

    Enough hits for advertising money.

    I understand every business needs money.
    My business is also not a charity.
    But please don’t go down this avenue.

    I know this site might be struggling financially.
    But this is the wrong way. You might get hits,
    but the site’s reputation comes to an all
    time low. After Sidney Lace and now with
    Sidney posting as Illseed.

    I’m not a hater. I just want you guys to
    do a better job.

  • hoeyuno

    Not ghost!!!!!! I remember when ppls were saying shyhiem was gay.

  • Abrasive Angel

    The rumors section is doing what it is used for and that is to be the tmz of hiphop so he is pretty much doing what this section is used for.

  • if i had to guess id say cappadonna. way he talksand what he wears……..just if i had to pick one….lol not thati believe this

  • Darkfather504

    Remember illseed when you point a finger you have 3 back at you

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Gay ass site

  • Synista

    Hey ILL SLUT why don’t you go play Russian roulette with a loaded sawed off shotgun you ho ass ninja,how are you drop some BS leading people to speculate that the GOD GFK is a gay rapist,I hope you get ass raped by a hundred homo’s from the east village.

  • disqus_DbAQoFjhBn

    There is 1rapper who wore a ski mask to hide an injury to his eye…..who like the picture shown with charlie brown, christmas, fat albert wearing red santa suit….who is associated with Busta, Leaders of New School, Wu Tang…and been on Sesame Street with Elmo, from N.Y, “St.Albans” to be exact, who was under management of DJ”Red” Alert, and has a song called, Date Rape and albums include …Midnight Muarders and Low End Theory. Group came back to preform Rock the Bells concerts. New management…”Violator”…hes done too many colabs with plenty N.Y. rappers mid 80 &90s….he has massive fans even tho he hasnt put a new album out ina while. He did a concert performed a song…”Lyrics to Go in 2006. One of the x group members dissed him as bein…”ho-like”. I really hope it aint him cause he is one of my favorite ol school rappers. Q-Tip??? Naaaaaaah