Hip-Hop Rumors: Another Love And Hip-Hop Person Arrested On Drug Charges?


YO! This dude is soft as baby food on the show Love & Hip-Hop, but maybe he is some kinda psycho thug in real life? Mendeecees, the male friend of Yandy Smith, is already accused of child molestation. If that wasn’t enough, he’s reportedly caught a case in the drug arena. He turned himself in the other day. Peep what they are saying over at!

Mendeecees Harris allegedly turned himself in for outstanding drug charges. Mendeecees Harris is also facing separate charges up to 20 years in jail for sexual assault with a minor, that trial begins tomorrow January 29, 2013.

tattletailzz 3

Mendeecees Harris was arrested in 2001 in Hagerstown, Maryland for distributing cocaine and was sentenced to four years in prison, three years probation. —–Not sure if Mr. Harris served any time in jail, and not sure if  the current outstanding charges are related.

Attached are some documents from his previous case, and it looks like some of his documents are sealed.

Previously it was alleged Mendeecees Harris was working with the federal government.  Take a look for yourself. I am not an attorney, nor do I know what having an open active contract case means??

I am not sure what an open/active contract case mean?? Can someone fill me in.


Order to seal the indictment????


This looks the opposite of good.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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27 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Another Love And Hip-Hop Person Arrested On Drug Charges?”

  1. TheOnlyCoop

    The first one is a civil case. So that’s may not be a big deal.

    The others are criminal. Lots of cases are sealed to keep the detailed secert until the Feds start making arrest. These are state charges and still no big deal. Need more details to say anything more.


    illseed what u work by-yaself??? ask your coworkers or something… as for Mandeecees get that TV $$$$ hope you saving it for ya lawyer, if not yous a slow dude, you slow anyway for going on TV owing Maryland some prison time… newniggaz

  3. Terrance Goodman

    Shit pumping sacks don’t make ya a dealer “you think you a boss causeyou move akey
    Here n there , the real motherf**ckas move 500 metro tons a month”!

    • Guest

      tell that to ajudge who gave nigga doin 20 for a oz of hard..i heard of intelligent gangstas…wth is a intelligent thug,thats an oxymoron my brother

      • Terrance Goodman

        Not at all one I don’t condone it at all but if ya gonna 90s hustle then go big. Two intelligent thug is just as such. A thug has been associated wrongly
        With ignorance. It is not the case hence the name . Some ppl would have said smart thug respect ya opinion . Ill street blues out

  4. EL_BARK

    An open active / case means the case is still being handle in court and the their has been no verdict yet as to one guilt or innocence. A case is not closed until a verdict is render and a judge imposes sentencing…… Case can be open for a long time depending on how jam up the system is, but 10 years is a bit long.

    • EDOGZ818

      This ^^^^

      Case was open for 10yrs, because he was on the run. The indictment was sealed, or is sealed, to keep the indicted in the dark.

      Not sure on that, but sounds like he took a deal, if he has a contract / agreement with the state, because I doubt the state would want anything other than snitching in a drug case….as opposed to painting the court house, washing cop cars, etc.

  5. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    and yandy is stuck with the kid … she so bright and has so much potential … but got stupid when it came time to pick a mate

  6. Mike Swiff

    Mendeecees the name alone is suspect! Listen you idiot! if your a felon you dont do “Love and hip hop” Heey Yancy? Yancy? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanccccccccccccy?” smh (smik)

  7. Hugh Stecht

    ny n*ggas that aint built for baltimore end up hustling out hagerstown, MD…but eventually some local cat pockets get light and you end up getting snitched out or serving an informant, still a couple of open air markets out that way, state police be coming thru in enterprise rental cars making controlled buys dressed up like white construction workers…. he’s looking at 36 months in the mountains out western MD

      • Hugh Stecht

        he prolly get hit with 5 yrs but serve 36 months….and 36 months out Cumberland is not sweet…i figure they werent even really type looking for dude and where he was caught at is more of a hand to hand area than him moving weight.

    • Gregory Davis

      I Get it! Life is hard if you make it that way. But there is always an alternative. I Grew up in the hood and I like your statements. In other words the Feds will Fattin your pockets with Paper and Then strip you down Naked and send your ass up the hill with nothing just as you started with. NOTHING!

    • Brooklyn Zoo

      I’ll explain something to you young cats about the whole stereotype of NY cats can’t hustle in B’more no more…OG’s, drug dealers, shooters, pimps, trend setters, thieves, stick up kids and every kind of low life head from NY already ran thru B’more from 70’s thru the early 90’s…That’s well over twenty years of NY cats violating one of many different cities on the east coast…I didn’t even include the different Italian mafia crime families from NY that already ran thru B’more because that’s undoubtedly a whole other level of gangsta life…From my understanding, over those twenty years NY cats already took the best years out of B’more until B’more heads gathered up enough courage in the 90’s to start taking their blocks or corners back…Then by the 90’s, there wasn’t even nothing left in B’more for anyone to even wanna be bothered with B’more…This is what B’more cats won’t ever understand about NY cats…We don’t get money we TAKE money…Do you see the difference??? These days now as far as NY cats pumping weight or nickel & diming in B’more anymore yeah you could have your city back now, what’s left of it…Today you got RICH Jewish landlords from NY buying up all your real estate right there in B’more, right up under your noses while yall still sniffin & shootin heroin…So you see still to this day there’s always someone from NY going to B’more to take money, that’s the NY state of mind (take money)…B’more cats will always be too ignorant to ever understand that…

    • Gregory Davis

      WOW! you I’m from Harlem and Didn’t even know that! There’s so much Shit people don’t know about the things that go on in their neighborhood. And on the Love and Hip Hop Show, I assume that the Show is Taped approx. 3 months ahead before it is shown on TV. Therefore, Viewers are late when trying to figure out what had happened, and it’s not filmed every day, They film approx. 4 times a week or maybe 5 times a week. If i’m wrong correct me. Let me know!

  8. Gregory Davis

    Hey, Somebody help me out, Is this Dude named Mendeecees supposebly is the father of Yandy’s newborn baby boy that had surgery done in the hospital? If so I would have thought Yandy should have known about his past because she had got intimate with him. And that is nothing to her. But on the other hand she once was Jim Jones Manager But Jim had gave Yandy the Pink slip. But come to think of it, it’s an old case, in the pass, and gone. Leave the guy alone!

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