Hip-Hop Rumors: 24 Armed Security For Rick Ross?

YOOOOOOO! TMZ is reporting that Rick Ross now has 24-hour armed security now. But, it was always my understanding the he was already doing that. They sort of say that before, but I believe Rozay has been using this method before the GD’s, before 50 Cent beef…WAY BACK!

But, there may be a fundamental difference in this approach, these new dudes are likely some sort of former military or off duty cops – dudes with gun skills. Before, I had always heard that Ross was surrounded by people from his camp that were strapped down.

Seems the drive by shooting attempt made him do this.


Somebody emailed me and suggest that this whole thing was staged so that Ross could actually justify shoring up security in the wake of the GD threats (and others) without looking crazy. Hey, even Scarface had mad security! Also, now the coppers are really looking HARD at the GD’s based on motive.

Ross might be playing:

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • EzE

    Yall misleading like a mofo for the Headline
    24 Armed Security For Rick Ross? wtf
    yall taking the mediafakeout route i see

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  • good point on it being staged for the fact he wanted to get security, he did cancel his nc shows lol..but those bullet holes in public windows wuld be hard to fake

  • King Cold

    Its only natural for him to have the law on his side. He’s been down wit em since before he started rapping. Its deeper than snacks

    • hlsantana

      lol…a William Roberts movie will be amazing…….better than the dark knight possibly.

      • Vic Sage

        Yeah no doubt…The ‘Pork’Knight…

      • Or ” CB4 Part Duex”

      • Young Goku


      • Young Goku


    • C EO

      Requesting backup. Officer down!

      • Blaq_Boi

        hahahahahaha oh shiiiit…

    • Blaq_Boi

      It’s deeper than snacks hahahahahahahha co-sign!

    • 50 cent hired the NYPD, and been doing it since he came on the scene what makes Ross any different.

    • Bless Graphics

      That was too funny. Fell out my chair laughing after reading that last line.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Why would RO$$ stage a shooting? This doesn’t make sense to me, I’m pretty sure that RO$$ doesn’t need to do this for His career or publicity!!

    • Investigators would end up uncovering it anyway.

      • CooL_KiD_305

        You are absolutely right! Let’s just wait and see what the investigators has to say bout this!

  • Lolrax

    This website fell off so hard

  • timwest1000

    OK< think about it. With all the sh#t Rick Ross talks, why didnt he have security that day? It was fake, thats why. The more people in the car, the more chance the truth would be told. EVERYTHING surrounding this dude is fake. He is actually a skinny white guy in a fat black guy suit as well.

    • Dadon850

      Bwahahahaha!! You know what, that wouldn’t surprise me at all when is comes to Rick Ross. Fake as a 3 1/2 dollar bill.

  • speedy37

    Anything is possible with this fake nigga

    • Except him being real! **

      • trlvman357

        Real fake that is

  • Calico Joe

    Didn’t this clown say he can put 1000 gangsters in any city? Guess by gangsters he means police. Anybody else see that nigga hiding behind newspaper being escorted by cops?

    • Can’t get more gangster than the cops….unless you get the correction officers.

      • Rick D.


    • infinit221

      Dude just got shot at with an automatic rifle on a public street…of course police is goin to be around. Are you serious?

      • Calico Joe

        As a heart attack. Wasn’t this clown on the radio talkin big “boss” and “gangsta” shit? Does this sucka make records talkin bout how he “wish a nigga would” and him having “choppas in the car”? Again, didn’t this fraud say “I can put 1000 gangstas in any hood”? As soon as shit go down this so called BOSS runs to the police? Gangstas get shot all the time and they don’t talk to police. Hell, regular dudes even get shot at and don’t call the law.

      • Yet you isolate his situation but don’t point out the 90 other rappers who’ve never even held a gun themselves but rap about it…I don’t get the animosity towards this cat..at least he’s taken care of his people…unlike some others I won’t bother to mention.

      • infinit221

        I mean really, sometimes I start to wonder who the real frauds are…the dudes out there doing there thing making something out of nothing, or the cats that spend all their energy throwing shade

      • Calico Joe

        The frauds are dudes making something by stealing a mans identity, tryna lie about your background, and the ones the defend and or encourage it. Whether it be Rick Ross or any other rap nigga.

      • infinit221

        Very few rappers go by their government, but u right, you got a choice to who you listen to. I’m just saying Ross don’t deserve half the hate y’all give him

      • um ross deserves everything he is getting. he has disrepected a lot of people & is a poser. this is what happens to people like that sooner or later

      • the real frauds are those who lie about who they are & where they come from. hip hop is great bcz u can come from anywhere & if you real then u can make it. if he wuda came out actn like he was a CO & made CO music he couldve had respect & decent music

      • Calico Joe

        I have no animosity towards this dude. I just don’t respect or support this clown. Wish harm on him? I wish harm on no man unless they deserve it. Them other 90 rappers you talking bout, 10 times out of 9, I probably don’t support or respect them either.

      • D_Ably

        its not just about fake rappin, dude was a CO, no matter how many rappers talk ish, hardly any of them was an ACTUAL CO

      • Calico Joe

        And tried to lie about it. That’s my point. I’m glad you understand.

      • he lies about his background wears fake sunglasses, disrepects a whole culture, then gets shot up bcz he is a bitch

      • infinit221

        Like I said…he didn’t run to no damn police, they was coming regardless after all that went down. And I just saw a report that said they won’t release info on whether he fired back or not. You sound like 50, letting hate drive your thinking

      • Calico Joe

        If I sound like 50, you sound like Gunplay. It’s impossible for me to hate someone I’ve never met and most likely never will. A fraud is a fraud no matter what they accomplish in life. Same way a nigga is still a nigga no matter how successful they become. Anyone defending a fraud in my opinion, are just as fake.

      • infinit221

        Just listen to yourself though…who are you to be calling him a fraud. He’s going through more real shit than most people…don’t think he got to where he is by not being busy in the streets. And your right there are fake successful people, but I’m not convinced your basing that off the right things

      • Calico Joe

        I’m just somebody that would lie about having a good job with benefits to support my family or myself, no matter how embarrassing. If I had to dress up like the statute of liberty during tax time and dance on the corner to pay my bills I’ma do it. That’s part of being a man.

      • its not real to say u a g & then get shot up bcz u really arent

      • DollasTX

        Does sound like hate … Why would you expect an entertainer to not entertain you? Rap music ain’t real life

      • Calico Joe

        No hate I just don’t respect people who lie for no reason. If anything you can say I hate liars. I know all rappers lie to entertain. I’m simply not a fan of his music.

      • DollasTX

        I feel you that’s why I stopped buying albums after the year BP3 dropped (I did cop that j.cole though) the game is so twisted now full of unauthentic niggas that all I can do is download free mix tapes until somebody brings back the true HIPHOP …

      • Calico Joe

        You and me both. I try to give these new cats a chance I just can’t tolerate it. It all sounds the same. And now it seems like the vets tryna keep up with rookies.

      • DollasTX

        For example … I dl’d some mixtape with a bunch of new rappers Mixed in with some not so new ones Ain’t gonna front I kept the Kendrick reprise with Lloyd singing on it and that Trinidad James single …. Uploading them both to iTunes, synced it with my phone and deleted the rest of the track listing

        I did keep fabs soul tape two in its entirety
        Took a few songs of that buddens loose quarter and trashed the rest

      • bisolabliss

        True Hop-Hop NEVER left, y’all been sleeping that’s what. Go COP that Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson – Dice Game. Now, that’s True Hip-Hop .

      • DollasTX

        When did you start believing these rappers, though?

        Who really thought dude had a chopper in the car, or could get 1000 g’s anywhere – ?

      • Calico Joe

        I don’t believe none of these rappers, but he was screaming that gangsta shit in his home town. And this incident took place not far from home. There is a few rap dudes that caught gun charges.

      • DollasTX

        No doubt … There are a few rappers about that, but as soon as them niggas get caught up on some max b, bg, boosie, c-murder, beanie Siegel, ar-ab shyt we start calling them niggas dumb for keeping it too real … Imma go out on a limb and say Gunplay was/is the hardest nigga on Mmg but we can all agree he looks like a dummy most times

      • or u can get licensed like lil Flip

      • good music is made from the heart & soul. a fake liar making goofy music is not hip hop or any genre

    • hahahaha yet he made millions of his fake persona! only in america….

    • 50 cent HIRED 4 undercover officers, and he wears a bullet proof vest….50 CENT IS A CLOWN TOO.

      • Calico Joe

        50 got history in the streets. They already made an attempt on his life before he blew up.

  • 7yoyo7

    “Many men, Wish death upon me. Blood on my fries, dog and i can’t eat. I love chicken but i prefer beef. And niggas tryna take my weight away.”

    • I put a hole n a nigga tryna fuk wit my beef my back against security walls now u gon c betta watch where u wlk cuz I roll wit a undercover c o p niggas ain’t gonna take my plate away

      • Fugg you real Ninjaz, it’s CB4’s day!

    • Blaq_Boi

      ahhhhhhh yo, 50 better give you props for this 1

    • hlsantana


    • Young Goku


  • Mike Swiff

    Officer Ricky you better have that BS security around even when you order the 100 piece and a biscuit from KFC….oh by the way Sloopy Joe everybody has a price you’re never that secured..All that street talk and gangstah shit this PIG talks (not on one or two songs) but every song his fat ass gets on and he rolling around like P Diddiy all secured. F OUTTA HERE! lmao yo Ross 50 said it and IM saying it ” YOU ARE A FRAUD ASS BITCH!” lol (punk ass nukkaz talk all that fantasy shit in a punchline, but whe shit hit the fan like most of these coward ass rappers they hit up “security” for protection.) All that gun talk phat ass don’t own none, all those alledged illegal sales-he never did one, a Maybach he don’t have (maybe rents from time to time)…and you’re afraid for your life Rick? WOW yo hip hop is for sissies!

    • Mike Swiff

      A PHAT ASS F.R.A.U.D.

    • Southcidal

      Know what’s most funy about this post? Only one biscuit!!! ROTFLMBLAO!!!!


    fake and staged so that he have security

  • PuCho

    “I’m certified world wide, I could put 1000 gangsters in any hood, To me
    rich is gangsta, loyal is gangsta, family is gangsta. If that’s not
    gangsta I don’t wanna be gangsta. I’m a boss. I went from nothing to
    being a 50 million man so don’t get it twisted.”

    “I just wanna say that again, I go anywhere! So don’t get it twisted.
    And when you pull up the footage of me walking out in Chicago on the
    stage with the chinchilla dragging on the floor, you let me know if
    that’s the swagger of somebody that in fear of his life, and you holla
    back at Ricky Rozay.”

    “Ain’t no checks gettin cut! Aint never no checks getting cut. I don’t
    play those games. I consider that extortion. We don’t play like that,
    this Dade County. You Understand? This what we about 305 M-I-Yayo”

    “So y’all google up. Y’all get online. All the sites that rock with
    Ricky Rozay. You pull up my footage of being in Chicago when I walked
    out in that 40 thousand dollar black chinchilla you understand. I told
    them cut the music off. I want them to just look at me for a little
    while ya heard me. Look at my beard. Look at the coat. Look how I walk.”

    Teflon Don ? fuckouttahere

    • infinit221

      Yeah…they tried touching him while he was with his rich beautiful black squeeze while pushing his Rolls Royce to his new 12M mansion. Damn, I see why y’all hate the dude now…ha

      • Calico Joe

        In the streets they call that slippin. Whoever seen the opportunity to get at that clown tried to let him have it, if it really happened. People don’t hate this lair because he got money. Are you serious?

      • infinit221

        As a heart attack! Ha…naw people always got jokes, but his life is official. I salute anyone that can accomplish what he has. Won’t pretend to know him cause he didn’t want people knowing he was a CO 18 years ago

      • Calico Joe

        What’s wrong with being a C.O. at 18?

      • Sean Taylor

        Theres nothing wrong with it.

        People just pretend to be hard like shit I aint working for the man.

      • Calico Joe

        Keyword. PRETEND.

      • infinit221

        50 was busy screwing his baby momma at the time trying to destroy him on some personal stuff. Or do ya’ll forget that quick? He was tight about that coming out cause he knew it was ammo for 50. I just didn’t like that he lied to his fans

  • Synista

    24 hr protection! wish I owned a dunkin donuts in his area i would make a killing!

  • Assassination attempt, armed guards…Rick Ross may be the LAST rapper anybody wants to be right about now.

  • Numbuh Four

    I’m just awaiting the corny rhymes he kick about how everybody trynna kill him now ’cause he’s a BAWSE!!!!!

  • Rick D.

    officer ricky…

  • dayleedumped

    you right this aint nothing new.. all he did was hire some coworkers

  • NYCPeruano

    This dude is just doing this for credibility how u gonna shoot up a dudes car and not one bullet hole hits the whip or his fat ass ? Lol I call bull shit



  • brody11

    he should make a new single named *I got 99 problems n the GD’s is 1 hit me*

  • infinit221

    Y’all just don’t get it, all this hate just makes him bigger. Calling this dude a fraud and all this other shit makes y’all feel good bout yourselves right? Cause y’all perfect and think you know this person? While ya’ll hating he still living, Port of Miami just got certified platinum, and he still goin to be doin his thing. Ross is that dude

    • mrokc405@hotmail.com

      I can’t hate on him getting money, but when you portray something you are not that is where I have a problem. Just think about it. When he was exposed for being a CO he kept lying by saying it wasn’t him. I honestly didn’t give a fu** if he did it or not but just be real. If you are as good as you think you are your sh** will sell regardless. So why not keep it 100?

      • Dezz

        So you really think Hova moved them pies like he said? Matter of fact, name me one gangster rapper portraying something they are? Exactly!!!! Gooseegg

      • mrokc405@hotmail.com

        Hell naw. I’m right there with you. Majority of the industry is fake. What I’m saying is when you get asked something that is true, just be real. That goes for Ross, Hov, or who the fu** ever. I’m listening for the music because its entertainment. But I also respect the nigga that is gonna keep it “G” with whatever even if it isn’t gangsta.

      • Dezz

        I understand that, but when someone comes along and really practices what he preach, like some southern artist, the conversation switches from him not being fake to he can’t rap!! But you said it best, Entertainment…..

      • mrokc405@hotmail.com


      • infinit221

        Ding you hit it on the head…its in a niggas blood to hate the next nigga. When you get successful or if you already there, stay away from these crabs. Talking all this mess an 95% don’t buy albums!

      • johnblacksad

        Max B?

      • infinit221

        I agree to an extent bout the CO thing..I even stopped listening to dude for a while after that. Then he dropped Mafia Music and I felt that was one of the most fluid rap songs I EVER heard. I stopped trying to understand his personal actions cause the fact is I don’t know him. Then the dude just beasted…easily the most consistent artist out. I give him respect for doing what a rapper is suppose to do…rap his ass off. And I’ve seen him personally in the hood and I know his affiliations, so I’m not convinced like the rest of y’all that he’s a fraud.

  • mrokc405@hotmail.com

    This sh** is stupid. Now he is trying to be on some Pac shhh. He ran his mouth way to much on some fake gangsta sh** now he is doing everything he can to try and justify it. I guarantee he has been having that same security way before this incident. This fat a** simple nig is fraudulent and is getting exposed. Yeah he is the BOSS, but its the BOSS of bi*** niggas.

  • Dezz

    Why isn’t it a problem when I see 50, Diddy HOV, TI, Wayne and the list goes on pull up with police escorts, every single time they come do a show or after party. 50 had 6 police officers with him just walking thru the mall. But yet, it’s a crime for Rozay to have security!!

    • Calico Joe

      Why wasn’t they with him when somebody made an attempt on his life? Now he needs 24 hour protection? Niggas with money ain’t safe in the streets unless you rolling with niggas strapped heavy with heat.

  • BossBeaux

    If he did this for publicity then he the idiot because based on his raps retaliation isn’t even a question right? When did it become lame to be yourself everybody not built for that life and Mr. Roberts you are one of those people.

  • Southcidal

    Even if he is a lame, his money is long now. Technically he can hire a team of professional shooters to get rid of whoever really has problems. And get rid of them cleanly.

  • ulostatlife

    Y’all dudes is real lames believing any of your favorite rappers talk the sh*t they live..Pac was a back up dancer and went to acting school.Does that make him less of a legend?He aint catch his first case till he became a rapper.Fif never been to jail.He went to a shock program.Plies is a college graduate.Cube also went to college and studied architecture.You dudes need to stop blending real life and entertainment.You getting sh*t twisted and it’s obvious that even with all this rah rah and hate somebody buying their records so stop playing yourselves to sound cool on a forum..

    • greenhouse records

      Every knows rappers put a 100 on 10 in the rhymes, the difference is the officer ricky DENIED his past, on camera at that. All the rappers you named never denied the past.

      • Sean Taylor

        Look at some old youtube videos of Ross denying it. And the one where hes talking shit about Trick Daddy when Trick said he was a co too. Thats why people dont like him.

      • ulostatlife

        Come on fam..Makes no difference if he had admitted it or not.G-Unit groupies were still gonna hate him no matter what.The sheep will be led to their slaughter while being deaf dumb and blind.You letting these false idols like Fiddy dictate what’s acceptable in your lives and you’re being used as pawns.How many rappers from Big(Frank White) to Nas( Nas Escobar) to Death Row have pretended to be somebody they weren’t.I aint excusing Ross lying but at the same time you guys are OD’ing with it now.Just blind hate because someone told you to.And what’s even more sad is if I went through your I-Pods and androids your playlist would all have some Rick Ross on it.Now that’s fraudulent.

      • infinit221

        PREACH! These cats hating be the first ones to search and download his music, and think we don’t know it. You go to any bar, strip club, or dance club Ross is in heavy rotation and niggas is movin to it.! But then you see all this hate online…either these all the broke cats that don’t leave the house or they faker than a child molesting pastor!

  • Funny Jay-Z has around the clock security since 98 but it’s cool, Rozay does the same so he can keep feeding his kids and it’s a bad thing. If we take actual facts Rozay and Jay-z have about much of a streetlife backstory as the other..Jay-Z was a rap protege since 15 and under Big Daddy Kane a 5 pecenter and Jaz-O another 5 pecenter at the time who wanted nothing to do with drugs..so unless somehow Jay-Z was two ppl ain’t no way in hell them drug stories are real. Look it up..the only people to co-sign jay’s story about hustling are ppl on his payroll…oh and what’s his name Calvin Klein who first said “He was an up and coming rapper I used to put him in the passenger seat while I made my runs to show off” and then it switched to “Yeah he was hustling” after he got some commissary money.

    • johnblacksad

      You a fcukin liar… you make up your own ‘facts’ just to serve you hate for Hov… hate ninjaz like you…

      Let’s get this out of the way.. Hov ain’t no kingpin… he ain’t no Pablo nor Griselda.

      But with that said… Hov was briefly Kane’s hypeman, and it wasn’t until after the 90’s… your lyin azz talkin about he was a rap protege at 15… that’s 1984! and Kane’s career didn’t start until 86/87… i hate a hatin azz liar…

      Plus on top of that, you’re twistin the shit upside down, talkin bout “no way them drug stories are real”… n!gga please, who ever said that the sh!t they spit on wax is 100% accurate and real… i hate ninjaz like you who act like they don’t understand the essence of hip hop… yes, part of it is keepin it real, but there’s also a lot of braggadocio involved, you ain’t know? of course if a n!gga sold a $20 sack, even if it’s one time, he gon make it sound like he was selling kilos daily… what part of that game don’t you understand? why you fakin it like you don’t already know that? who ever said them stories were 100% real? You must be the only one who bought into that in the first place.

      Fcuk disgruntled n!ggaz…

      I’m tired of doin this for real…

      • Read Jay’s own damned biography you groupie with scuffed knees..Kane was spitting long before 86…way before that..so was rakim, craig g, and Kool G rap! Jay-z was Jaz-o’s protege at 15…reading is fundamental moron. My point was ya’ll celebrate jay’s hustler to riches come up like it’s legit but bash Rick Ross for teling the same damned story. Hey at least I know what i’m talking about..do you? Clearly you don’t..son..i’ve been around hip-hop since you were still sucking tit milk..don’t you dare talk to me about the essence of hip-hop..jay-z by no stretch is the essence of hip-hop…he himself has stated as much. Don’t villify one mofo for doing the same thing a man you celebrate does..g tf oh and buy some knee pads..ole self righteous nut rider

      • johnblacksad

        oh well… Jay-Z & Lil Bow Wow are the same… you won!

  • Synista

    This fat ninja gonna lose about a hundred pounds just outta fear.