Lil B and Joey Bada$$ Trade Diss Tracks Toward Each Other

Last night, Lil B, former member of The Pack, and Pro Era frontman Joey Bada$$ went from sending shots at each other on Twitter, to quickly jumping in the booth and recording diss records.

The issues between the two rappers started after Joey sent the following tweet on January 28:

Joey’s tweet is a reference to his late friend, rapper Capital STEEZ, who spit that line in their collaboration “Survival Tactics“, but Lil B clearly took the mention of his Twitter handle as a diss.

The Berkeley California rapper, also known as “The Based God,” sent out a series of tweets (later deleted) aimed at Joey.

Lil B also responded by releasing a track called “I’m The Badass” where he addresses Joey with the line, “and if you really think you a badass/I’ll turn you into trash/you little b**ch.”

Joey did eventual decide to take the dispute to wax. The Brooklyn native uploaded a track called “”Don’t Quit Your Day Job” to his Soundcloud page.

The record features a sample of Janet Jackson’s “That’s The Way Love Goes” and opens with the lines, “I got an issue with this little bitch Shih Tzu/I’m a pit bull with lyrical missiles that won’t miss you.”

Joey also uses the new record to show his respect to Bay Area hip hop by shouting out North California legends Too Short, E-40, Mac Dre, Del the Funky Homosapien, and Hieroglyphics at the end of the song.

He also ends the track by jokingly sending a shout out to Lil B as well before adding “fuck your bitch.”

Lil B has yet to respond to “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” with a new track or tweet.

Who do you think had the better diss record Lil B or Joey Bada$$?


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  • Lil b already ended one joes(joe budden) record sales, now another……fuck u joey softa$$

    • johnblacksad

      you soundin like you got that “I’m Gay” album…

      • MassConglom

        To be honest… the “I’m Gay” album is actually pretty straight.

    • TruthSerum

      Joe Budden hasnt been able to sell records since 2003 kid, dont flatter your idol by thinking he has anything to do with it. And for the record, as much of a flop as Joey’s career may be, he still sells more records then Lil B.

    • John Zabala

      you have to be the biggest idiot in this entire social media stratosphere. It’s clear from the start that joey bada$$ is better. Lil B puts a million and one wack tracks while joey bada$$ puts out a few amazing tracks. Quality > Quantity. And Joey Bada$$ isn’t tryin’ to have a major career. He’s an independent artist. So technically, he’s making a lot more money than you guys think. I’m out. $wanky.

      • Weedras

        ain’t defending Lil’ B per se but He’s also independent and them Based fans or whatever they call themselves support him…

    • BUTT-HURT??

  • TruthSerum

    I dont hate Lil B, he sucks but so do a million other rappers. His annoying troll fanbase is what I hate. Lil B fans are worse then Juggalos, and I’m being dead serious.

    I like Joey, he shows promise, even tho this song wasnt really all that great for a diss record. Although when your opponent is Lil B I guess it really doesnt make sense to throw alot of thought into it

    • JR

      fake based

  • Numbuh Four

    Both of these disses were madd unnecessary. I’m a fan of JB but I hate when people use “lyrical” in a line. “I’m a lyrical monster…I’m a lyrical beast…”My lyrical missles…I’m a lyrical assassin”. I hate that sh*t…Wasted beat on JB’s part for using it as a diss…Lil B who?

  • disqus_cv7mOyTEbf

    Lil B is wacked, got no flow! He can’t out spit Joey…

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    eh @ both records

  • dope lil b

  • 7yoyo7

    I haven’t read the article except for the title.
    If this is true Lil B will be nothing but an appetizer for Bada$$.

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  • Both of these are “meh,” but Bada$$ will step it up if Lil’ Boo thinks he can step to the #ProEra…

  • Who cares?

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  • JR

    Lil B has so many more followers. Who cares about this other guy?

    • 7yoyo7

      You mean the other guy who actually RAPS ?

  • Big Dog

    both are wack

  • SpaceAge2012

    Honestly these are 2 of da worst diss tracks I’ve ever heard.

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  • AK

    lil b cant act hard after he got knocked out by some gay rapper 2 years ago

    • Weedras

      so because a dude is gay it means he can’t knuckle up and whoop a straight dudes ass?! really?!

  • Black Exodus

    I like Joey…he shows promise but his “Diss” song is a miss! If you come at any rapper…whether the artist is “Nice” or “wack”…spit your “A” game. All ears are always tuned in to a fight and the audience is looking for a clear victor. We all know what Lil B is going to bring…”very light weight punches”, so he did not disappoint. For Joey…I was expecting something more. Joey left the “Badass” at home on this track. …oh yeah…who’s ideal was it to use Janet Jackson’s “That’s the way love goes” on a diss record??? I give it to Joey by split decision.

  • Weedras

    both records get the same response… none….. Badass had a good flow though…

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  • Q.

    What’s up with all the Ms. Jackson samples lately? They sampling Janet now like she’s James Brown. At least chop them sh!ts and freshen ’em up. LOL

    Joey should’ve just ethered this clown with a raw a cappella or maybe just a beatbox. Would’ve been more impactful IMO.

  • Tyler Giggi

    I love Joey but he should be embarrassed for engaging in this. Lil B is satire, a parody, a joke 100% of the time. A good amount of his fanbase are true hip hop heads (myself included) who recognize the satire (though I’ll admit the larger percentage is the bandwagoning 4channing task force kiddos, who annoy me, too). Go find the video of 9th Wonder talking about him.

    Joey gave Lil B exactly what he wanted — he and his crew got all bent out of shape and put effort into a track over a parody that went over their heads. Boasting about ethering Lil B is one of the most hilariously ignorant things any rapper could ever do. All this proves is Joey is a gullible hothead and still has growing up to do… not surprising since he’s only 18, but for a dude who’s seemed so intelligent, mature, and positive, this is disappointing. It reflects poorly on him and I’m sure Lil B is somewhere laughing his ass off.

  • Im from the Bay and I never been a fan of lil bitch he’s garbage to me. I don’t understand why he’s so known,he cant rap for shit. When u ready to hear some Dope rappers from the Bay Area go check out J.Stalin and LiveWire!!

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