Ja Rule

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Ja Rule Out Of Jail Already? 50 Cent Pushed Back?

I heard a bird and the bird told me that Ja Rule is out of jail already, early for good behavior. I don’t know if its true, but he was originally supposed to get out Feb. 21, but I’m hearing he may already be out of the bing, EARLY! But another source, who emailed me earlier in January said he’s getting out two weeks early. This means he’s getting out in roughly a week. Shout out to Ja. Now its time for that comeback!

Its murdddddaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Did 50 Cent get pushed back?

Oddly, 50 Cent is to release his Street King Immortal around the same time Ja Rule was to get released from jail, Feb. 26. But sources are suggesting that the final album that will free 50 Cent from Interscope will pushed back again. Again? With a hit record with Eminem and Adam Levine? I dunno. This could be a sabotage! They just wanna keep him on the label. Chief Keef ain’t selling diamond!

We’ll see.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Eny Daboss

    murdaa!!! funny thing is ja going on mmg or cash money or ciroc lol

    • Couple of grave yards full of broken careers.

      • The force of hate is strong with you. You hate a lot man dam. I mean take a day off.

      • I haven’t commented on here in a few weeks. So Ja Rule has a successful career right now? I really had no idea that reality was “hate”. Let me guess, you have all of Ja Rule’s singing R&B duets on your play list? Keep it gangsta.

        PS.. but when you call people “bitch” , or say “shutup dumb nigga” or “Shut your skitzo ass up” That’s not “hate” right?

        What a clown.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        cromthelaughinggod – hate? – what’s to be jeoulous of about spending time in prison? – Noles is right – being on pop charts, selling music, making movies with respected actors, then straigt to the joint Is a broken career – thinking prison is to be jealous of is a problem with youth.

      • He got bagged wit a pistol, can happen to anybody, not like he was a crackhead breakin into houses stealin tv’s an shit

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Asap Crispy – the reason make a difference? – he broke off enjoying career to go spend time in prison.- that’s a broken career.

      • Celz

        Shyt won’t happen to me

      • I don’t think Ja had much going for him, the jail thing is just an excuse.

  • Synista

    Only thing Ja MULE gonna do is become an interior decorator,either that or sing duets with frank ocean,Justin beiber is more “gangsta” than JA MULE.

  • Torrey Winston

    if you look at it…..Ja rule fell off because he came out hard and went soft….50 cent fell off because he took ja rules cue came out hard and went soft.

    • Ja took it to a whole different level. To me, It was like a new duet of his (where he actually sang) dropped every week. 50 put out a few cheesy singles, but it was spanned over a few albums. You couldn’t go to a club at the time without hearing about 5 Ja Rule tracks in rotation…lol

      • Lyve Wire

        ja’s ‘soft’ songs were just singles though. his album was far from it. kind of like how em’s cheesy “my band’ type of singles. but that was it. the rest of the album was more serious.

      • Yea, they were singles.. I can’t deny that. But he over did it, every single he was dropping on the albums were soft songs. Eminem would come out with the super cheesy singles as the first track usually, then follow it up with darker stuff.

        I don’t even mind Ja, bought a few albums back in the day, like Venni Vetti Vecci & The Murderers compilation. If you want to get deeper in to it Ja ended his own career by dissing Eminem & Dr. Dre. Those diss songs will forever be classics. 50 wasn’t shit without the back up.

      • Lyve Wire

        i agree with everything you said.


        he did over do it. but i cant blame him. those singles were going multi platinum, every time. the numbers were telling him (and more importantly def jam, who maybe told him to do it) that ppl enjoyed those songs. if it isnt broke, dont fix it, right? now his music is like jheri curls; everybody had it, but now no one want to admit it.


        i had to give it to ja for holding his own against them. but going against some artist is like an up hill battle, even if you have the talent and resources to do so. it was just bad timing.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    if you know 50s history he has been singing hooks way before power of the dollar JMJ taught him how to do hooks and i never seen 50 sing love duets like ja lol

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  • D_Ably

    Ja’s already tried to comeback on more than one occasion. The fact you think he’s out of prison so in some kinda way ‘it’s on’ is funny.

  • Dee

    wow cant believe illseed just said its murda ? lame its wasnt murda when he was out so what makes this different? nobody is checking for new ja album

  • ulostatlife

    Bunch of sheep I swear.Fiddy tells you who to hate and what to love and you damn near break your necks doing it.Shout to Ja.Fif took his style and ran with it.And half of you clowning him was bumping his sh*t heavy back when.Only people you lying to is yourselves…

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      So we should be sheep and hate 50 because you don’t like him?

      • He didn’t say that. He is saying people are not forming independent opinions

  • Rahsaan Wright

    Everyone including these artists always forget, no one stays on top forever. Not even my favorite artist Jay-Z. The problem too is that even if you’re talented and make another bonified hit people hate and say we ain’t feeling that cuz that’s sound is played out. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again these artists need to diversify. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

    • Nikki Minaj got railroaded by her fellow judges on American Idol for making a similar point. lol. But I agree.

      • Celz

        Probably has something to do with her acting like a damn fool all of the time..

      • DreamZ

        Nicki Minaj is the worst thing to ever happen American Idol Most Expensive rip off ever 12 Million they got dick’d for a air-head with terrible make-up?? No damn well she dizzier than Kelly Bundy

  • DollasTX

    That’s what’s up … That “Cash Money Click flips like acrobats over tracks… “was my shit in high school

  • Good look on Ja’s release!

    Welcome home!

  • It’s a shame he called himself “Curtis Interscope Jackson” as if he is a boss, and running things over there, when he is just a worker just like any other rapper…At least Rick Ross is in full control of his own material……Had 50 mind his own business and stoped beefing with everyone then maybe he would not end up getting pushed back so many times. How are you worth so many millions and still have to wait fora record label to handle your music? I guess money dosen’t mean that much after all.

    • Guest

      i said the same thing a while ago i thought that 50 beefin with everyone when he was on top and just being disrespectful 2 ppl now in turn 50 isnt poppin no more n noone wants to work w him besides old heads 50 alrdy collabod w

      • Kendrick Lamar,Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa & Schoolboy Q to name a few are “old heads 50 alrdy collabod w” ? I don’t think so.

      • andone

        these ninjas jus 50 haters(illseed included)… dont waste ur time bruh!

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      Agree with some of your statement, but Ross is limited in control as well.

  • Homegrown Chicks

    F*** both them niggas! I’ve never purchased either of their music and I never will! 50 didn’t cause Ja’s fall off. Ja’s radio oversaturation did that, his annoying ass attempts at singing, and constant Godawful duets with Ashant did that! Both JaRule and Ashanti are having problems coming back for the same reasons! OVERSATURATION!!!! The people were force fed you and they finally threw up!!!!

    • bbonyc

      I wouldnt say that its oversaturation, cuz i swear before God every other song(literally!!!!) got Weezy on the song as the main artist on the hook or something. And its been going on like this for quite a while now. AND ITS PISSING ME OFF!!!

      • Homegrown Chicks

        Oh Weezy’s on his decline too. Drake and Nicki Minaj been propping that nigga’s popularity up!! His position in the game was completely different fro Ja’s from a business perspective! JaRule didn’t have any leg to stand on besides his ratchet self. And MURDER INC paid the price for making a talentless singer (Ashanti) and an annoying rapper their flagship artists!!

  • People got tired of Ja when he was on top. Then 50 came along & took over the market. Then while Ja was down the Feds took out Murda Inc for good. It also didn’t help that 50 was dry snitching on the Inc back then either. I’ve always bumped Ja’s music when he first came out. VVV was a hard album back then & whoever says it wasn’t is lying to themselves. Times always change & new artists take over the game. 50’s time is over.

    • Guest

      ja used 2 pump some good music back in the day.. but ur right its just at some point unless ur jayz or eminem u just fall off bec ppl heard ur story, voice, w.e and the new hotness comes in.. ja shifted some things in the game as far as how tog o about record a pop kind of track and 50 ran w it and now its popular so 2 speak. ja on top was higher that 50 on top

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  • bigdoe6

    Wanksta comes on in the club, people are feeling it. Always on time comes on in the club, people are feeling it. Ja and 50 both had hits. The beef is old. I don’t wanna hear anything else about these guys.

  • Fresh Dope

    KEEF didn’t go ‘plastic’, aka STIFF! All talk & no substance……SO MUCH of these new ‘rappers’ are GARBAGE, in tha classic days of PAC – DRE – BIGGIE these ‘talents’ wouldn’t have a chance! That 3rd rate William ‘Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts would be ‘THIRD STRING’ on the BENCH at best!

    • Unfortunately for you, it’s 2013…not 1993. Move on with the times, or get left behind.

  • Oknas

    Remember when Ja thought he was Pac? Lmao

    • Sadly, I think he really did…..lol @ “The Pledge”..

  • sw9gg

    never ever ever put Ja’s name in the same sentence as 50 cent. fifty is a legend he run an era from 2000-2013 if you can name a more impactful artist or click during this period let me know. The Mixtape format to allow street niggas into the game was birthed by him. Ja is a manufactured industry artist. fif was a street nigga who entered the industry & raped it. Yet still he hold’s relevance till this day. Stop the Curtis hate & propaganda the man is a Living Legend. You have a right to not like him but don’t spew hate.

    • andone

      my point exactly!

    • ll3acdafukup

      I like Fifs music some of it but he has fallen off a bit, but I have to agree about him raping the industry… HE had a “epiphany moment” like Don King mfer saw a loophole in the game and used it and abused that hole lol

    • Celz

      Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Baby… Get his d!@% out your mouth.. 50 fell off, lost his drive, his group and label disappeared, and he makes more buzz off of fake beef than music.. He still raps above average and is a good businessman but that Stan shyt your speakin is a damn lie

    • Celz

      The Bay started the independent hustle which started the mixtape game.. 50 hasn’t been hot on the music scene for a cool minute fam.. Last I heard he started a fake Kanye beef to sell records and was supposed to retire..

      • Were you in a coma for a few years? That was like 2008, you know.. 5 years ago. lol at “last I heard”.

      • Celz

        So what moves has 50 made in MUSIC since then? I don’t follow the commercial scene too much but that’s the last I heard of 50 and music.. I mean Chief Keef stood him up for a video shoot but I couldn’t even tell you what that song sounds like

      • A quick 30 second look on your profile shows me you like to talk about Lil Wayne, Tyga, Chris Brown & Frank Ocean…. ok, you “don’t follow the commercial scene”. So you just happen to have almost 5000 comments on a commercial hip hop website, but have no idea what’s going on?

        Don’t even bother replying, can’t stand fake ass people who lie.

      • Celz

        1. A Straw Man Fallacy is when you dodge a point and bring up something unrelated. So let’s go back to my point want MUSIC moves has 50 made recently?

        2. I said “I don’t follow the commercial scene too much but that’s the last I heard of 50 and MUSIC”. You purposely or out of your own ignorance changed the meaning of my statement. Commenting on a general website does not mean I listen to Lil Wayne or Tyga.. I have zero of their songs in my possession besides some old shyt from Waynes Dedication tapes..

        3. If you read my comments then you would know I don’t listen to that bullshyt.

        4. Why the F%ck are you going thru my comments?

        Which brings us back to the comment that was not directed at you, that you chose to reply to ” 50 hasn’t been hot on the music scene for a cool minute fam.. “. What does any of your ignorant shyt have to do with that opinion/ statement? 4 comments later and you haven’t disputed it with anything. Miss me with your kiddie shyt… Lames are funny as hell.. That’s the main reason I come on here to talk shyt while I’m watchin tv..

      • People like you are hilarious. You try to pass off your fact less opinions as factual information. You told me you know nothing about commercial music, again,,, I clicked on your name, scrolled down for about 30 seconds and it was easy to see YOU DO know about commercial music. You sure know a lot more about than I do. I don’t listen to all this tight pant, pop a molly, then hop on your skateboard music that you kids seem to be into.

        I could care less if you hate 50 Cent, the man, the music and the persona and wish the guy was dead…Just can’t stand when people lie…

        Before I self Destruct album , the new album in the works, that has Eminem on it, Jeezy, Snoop & Kendrick Lamar to name a few. The Lost tape, The Big 10, Forever King, War Angel LP just to name a few of the musical projects he has dropped. Enjoy your Chris Brown, Tyga & Frank Ocean albums. The guy doesn’t have to put music out, he does it by choice.

        Go ahead, call me some more names like the child that you are… let all that built up anger out, I don’t take it personal. Your just another screen name who lies.

      • Celz

        So because if I post a comment about how Tyga should step up his comment that means I listen to his whole album? Think about it..

        If I have comments on Disqus which is just a system that AllHipHop and dozens of other sites use then they all were on here and they all were about Tyga and Chris Brown.. None from CNN, none from Engadget, and every AllHipHop comment was on artists who I listen to.. Think about it..

        It’s impossible to have an opinion on the garbage bullshyt music that comes on the radio without hearing everything else that the person releases on their album.. Think about it..

        You call me names then try and take the high road when I call your @ss out for being ignorant.. Think about it..

        Then you have the nerve to name a whole slew of features and albums that made almost no buzz and end it with “The guy doesn’t have to put music out, he does it by choice.” That’s my whole point genius.. The person who I replied to said “fifty is a legend he run an era from 2000-2013 if you can name a more impactful artist or click during this period let me know”I said “50 fell off, lost his drive, his group and label disappeared, and he makes more buzz off of fake beef than music.. He still raps above average and is a good businessman” You just tried to prove me wrong with my original point? What is this amateur hour? Get ya lame @ss outta here and stop replying to me.. Your sonning yourself in this discussion.. Run along and play..

        But just to keep it all the way real 50 killed the 2 Chainz Riot remix and Too Shorts Trick.. But that isn’t makin a buzz off music and I said in the first comment dude can still rap.. You have to look at the whole conversation I wasn’t hatin on 50 I was sayin dude was exaggerating the moves he made.. That’s a big difference

      • That’s a nice essay you wrote, I will just skip to where you talk about the topic at hand. Not really much for the middle school back and forth stuff.

        I just told you about some of the projects he released, and is releasing. Your just one of these people who for some reason hate 50 Cent. I’m not the mans biggest fan like dude up top, but I’m not his biggest critic either. Whose selling millions of records in Hip Hop? No one, so under your theory the entire industry fell off because no one buys the albums. Why don’t you go look at tour money? Whose paying to see these guys? Whose doing more shows? Whose doing shows in bigger venues? Even if the man completely fell off the map ANYTHING he puts out will be talked about and listened too. People will pay to see him. If you don’t like the music, don’t listen to it. No one is forcing you too. I am sure that Tyga or whoever else you like will have plenty of releases for you to look forward too in 2013.

        You told me you don’t pay attention to commercial music, THAT WAS YOUR REPLY.. I replied back proving that you do in fact know something about commercial music. Stop playing dumb. And move on.

      • Celz

        @RN506:disqus Lmao at skinny jeans pop a molly music.. My chick’s rent a car had a cd player with no aux jack so she asked me to bring some cd’s and I brought Cormega The Realness.. Get outta here wit that corny shyt I prolly rap better than the niccas you listen to..

      • Stop trolling. Not a good look.

      • Josh L

        Get over “image” and “swag” and how you look. Real shit is principle, discussion, hard work, and progress. Not looks. Can’t stand this swag shit nowadays.

      • What are you talking about? I told the guy to stop “trolling”. That has nothing to do with “swag”, which just happens to be one of the lamest words ever spoke. Not a good look means, it doesn’t look very good on the person to act like that. I agree, can’t stand it either.

      • DreamZ


      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        Bay cats probably hustle hard but they sure didn’t start the mixtape game… when you say mix tape are you speaking of single artist rapping over different pre recorded instrumentals which was how most demo tapes were made back in the day or a mix of up & coming artist mixed on to one tape by a DJ?

  • ni8ggas go and come home quick, is it just me or does it seem like the only rapper really doing a big is remy MA?????

  • wow ja rule had hot music back in the day? when? he was a pop star and people never saw that unti 50 came around. keep in mind ja & that herb ass niga irv did everything they could to stop 50 from coming out with music and look what happen within 50s 1st yr he went bigger than ja’s whole career. and exposed his bitch ass. Point blank ja was always garbage and aint no 1 gonna listen to his wack shit ever again. If he even has a caree @ this point it’s gonna be because of 50

  • 50 is lame dude put an album out the same tyme Ja gets out? something fishy about this!!

  • Pierre Elliott