Rapper Escapes Kansas City Shooting

(AllHipHop News) A meal might have saved a rapper from death.  An unnamed rap artist narrowly escaped a shooting at a Kansas City recording studio on the 8100 block of Hickman Mills Drive which took the life of two individuals around noon of January 30th.

After being dropped off at the studio by a friend around noon, the unharmed rapper heard gunfire as he was eating lunch and quickly darted out the back to a local tire shop where he was “visibly upset and shaking” according to employees at the tire shop. Police have not released the names of the slain victims of this attack; however have identified one as an owner of the recording studio while the unnamed MC claims the other was his friend.

The rapper was not able to recognize the shooter and after hours of investigation, the police deduced that the killing did not appear to be premeditated.  A friend of the owner claimed the front door of the studio had been unlocked during recent visits even though he claimeed the owner was adamant about the front door being locked.

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Not every rapper has had the luck of being able to leave a Kansas City shooting with their life. Back in 2004, Mac Dre was murdered on a Kansas City freeway over what is reported as a financial dispute.  Born Andre Hicks, the Vallejo rapper was gunned down in his car by still unknown culprits in a stolen black Infiniti G36. Following the murder, rumors about Kansas City rapper Fat Tone being behind the murder intensified and eventually led to the rapper’s 2005 murder by San Francisco rap promoter Andre “Mac Minister” Dow.

In 2011, an unnamed male informant informed a Kansas City writer that he would reveal the identity of Mac Dre’s killers. As of yet, no information on the identity of the culprits in Mac Dre’s or the January 30th shooting have been ascertained.


  • AK

    “a rapper”

  • Celz

    Mac Dre is a legend Thizz in Peace

  • mike malarkey

    well it would be nice to known who the rapper is before this report was put out right?

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      I know right? Wtf kinda sh*t is this?

      • mike malarkey

        idk man lol that ahh shit

  • 7yoyo7

    Mac Minister was a crazy dude… Being too much hood can only make you land in prison.

  • SpaceAge2012

    Til this day I honestly believe that Mac Dre was set up 2 be murdered in Kansas by da Vallejo C.A. P.D. 4 his taunts in Punk Police.They couldn’t keep him locked up on any of them charges they were pinnin on him & his team was out there robbin all them banks & investin in Dre so they could all go Hollywood.U know da boys had 2 strike da shepherd 2 scatter da flock.

  • un named cuz he was a NOBODY, and he’s still alive,….you’re nobody till somebody kills you….th*s nigga still breathin.

  • RIP MAC DRE! That was a REAL drivevby. Minister was ruthless with the getback. I know Ross wish he had team like Romper Room. Rip Fat Tone… “It’s real – Ya No!”

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    unnamed rap artist, unnamed MC what kind of news is this. how they know it wasn’t a unnamed R&B singer gunned down by some unknown culprits seen by a unnamed informant ????????

  • illfaded1

    Mac Dre was killed by members of Grave Plott. Not Fat Tone.


    the “rapper” was BOY BIG


      a.k.a. Levar Eugene Fletcher

      • Benton Curve

        Aka Boy Big is a SNITCH – why is he in minimum security after what he did?

    • Benton Curve

      That fat clown Boy Big is a SNITCH – why is he in minimum security after what he did?