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Signs The World Is Coming To An End: 5 Men Murder A Transgender Rapper!

Hip-Hop goes and does what Hip-Hop wants. These times are changing and changing fast. These days you have rappers wearing dresses or even lipstick. Maybe oppose, but they don’t go around killing the people! I got a report from out of Milwaukee where they did just that. Killed a transgender rapper! Now, the details are kinda murky. Some claim it was a women, but the murderers are charging they killed a man. I will say this, they are saying that the gender of the person didn’t have anything to do with the death, but I doubt that.

Ebony Young, also known as Evan Young aka Yung LT, came up missing on New Year’s Day and they are now looking for her body in a landfill. If you look at the vid at the end of the page, Yung LT ended up looking a bit different than the picture above.

Apparently, Young was killed as a part of a gang initiation from a young 19-year-old. Here are key parts of the report.

Five men were charged Wednesday in the death of a Milwaukee rapper who went missing on New Year’s Day and turned out to be the victim of a gruesome gang homicide, complaints say.

Investigators were searching for the victim’s body Wednesday at an area landfill.

The missing rapper is identified in the criminal complaint as Ebony Young, a female. The victim had previously been identified as Evon Young, 22, also known as Yung LT, during the public plea for information about his whereabouts.

One of the defendants charged Wednesday told investigators he believed Young was a male, and other witnesses all referred to Young as a male. The charges, in two separate complaints, do not suggest in any way that Young’s transgendered status played any role in the defendants’ motivation for the attack.

According to the complaints:

Young’s roommate, Billy R. Griffin, 26, had initially told police that Young got into a car with someone on Jan. 1 and never returned. But in the complaint, he admits that Stewart, 27, Mcalister, 19, Ron Joseph Allen, 37, and Devin Lattrez Seaberry, 23, members of a street gang, had come to his house and said Young could not be trusted. They told Griffin he would be readmitted to the gang if he killed Young.

Instead, the complaints say, the others took Young to the basement, choked Young with a chain and taped a plastic bag over Young’s head while Mcalister held a gun. After Young passed out, the group beat Young with tools. Griffin said he couldn’t take watching and returned upstairs but later heard the others say they wanted to make sure Young was dead, then three gunshots.

The group later cleaned his basement with bleach, he told police, rolled Young’s body up in a sheet and took it to Stewart’s car, then to a trash bin at 8100 N. 84th St.

When police later went to that scene, they found a chain, some burned clothing and evidence a fire had been set in the garbage container.

Stewart told police that the confrontation at Young’s house began with an argument over whether Young had assisted someone else in burglarizing the residence. Stewart told police that Young eventually admitted that role to Griffin.

Stewart also admitted to police that he tried to get Griffin to kill Young before the group took on the task, and that after the suffocation, strangulation and beating, Mcalister shot Young three times with a .22-caliber handgun.

Crazy. One dude is smiling. Killing somebody is crazy, but killing them like they are accused of doing is just insane.

Here is a Yung LT song called “Room Full.”

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Illseeds a transgender sydnee lace, no gossip

  • mike malarkey

    illseed nigga u gay

  • Chris

    Leave them goons alone. Sht ain’t worth it.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      not bad song – the little guy at 3:18 look like the 2nd one from the right in her video.

  • J. Smith

    Please don’t contribute to the downfall of Hip Hop. Nothing in this article pointed to this being a Hip Hop related crime. The title suggests that this was a Hip Hop hate crime.

    • Doe Boy


    • Celz

      If Fox news dropped the same story word for word AHH would be all they some racists get em..

  • Q.

    Hard to believe this was a chick… Sad, ugly story all around. R.I.P.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    straight nigga,but why would they consider this person a transgender???so sad

    • He dressed like a woman? She dressed like a man?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        a transgender is someone who cutt they shit off n put a vajay-jay between they shit…or oposite tho!?…..or is that a transexual? fkk im lost…i dont fkks with any of them including homos so i ain really worried…they all homos to me.

      • You have to ask “Noles” on here for clarification, he has a Master’s Degree in SugarBooty’ism!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        who the fuuukk is that.? is that illseeds nick name or somthing..i think he simply called her or him a “it”…1 thing me n him can agree on.

  • ranfan

    Some people act like they were raised by animals. This is pathetic. That video was better than I was expecting it to be too

    • Most definitely, dude had some talent.

      • Yeah he can spit on beat like crazy. Sad sh*t!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i would not call her a dude but i think he/she(both) did better than kendrick.

      • She was a HE? Or was HE a she?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        With the advancement in modern science, we’ll never be able to tell.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    nothing here mentions anything about a hate crime, just more nigga-ism as expected..

  • Just another post to confirm this isnt the real illseed.

  • MildManneredReporter

    that video was dope until the hook. but still overall better than i thought it was going to be tho.

    • 20world_death2nikocity

      the female in him came out n the hook

      • MildManneredReporter

        fyi that was a girl taking hormone therapy…im shocked too

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        u do realize that’s why i said the female came out in em on the hook right

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  • So let me get this be brothers I have to let ya’ll kick my ass and I can’t fight back? GTFOH!

  • John Dough

    EVERYBODY in the hood is a rapper so you want to bring EVERY single murder in the hood onto the back of hiphop? connecting this to hiphop in any way is irresponsible this had nothing to do with hiphop, a rapper or someones sexuality you TMZ wanna be fake ass fucks. this will be my last time coming to this fucked up BET post Bob Johnson ass website ran by a bunch of foolish hit thirsty ass white boys who need to be taken into a basement and choked with a chain.

  • Franky Babylon

    I have been a visitor of this site for many years. I often read the rumors/articles and even read some of the comments. I have never posted on anything but this is just sad journalism.

    There is no way that is a transgendered person. That MAN has a Adams Apple, you can see it clearly in the pic and video. A woman can fill her hole and build a pole, she can grow a beard, talk in a deep voice but she CAN NOT have a Adams Apple.

    I dont think he deserved to be murdered but if he helped robbed his friends on some snake sh!t and he claiming that life, then he knew the risk. Seeing as they rapping about living that life its a possibility that he stole someones drugs and we all know that will get you killed.

    Video wasnt bad.

    • carl100proof

      True. This had nothing to do with a hate crime. That’s Chris Brown’s territory!

    • maya

      WRONG. First of all, EVERYBODY has an “Adam’s apple.” Men’s are just more prominent because males have more testosterone. If a transgender, who originally has a female body, takes testosterone to masculinize their body, the Adam’s apple may become more noticeable because of testosterone’s effects on the vocal cords/larynx.

      Just like everybody has breasts, while female hormones make make breasts larger.

  • Raheem Classick

    Some claim it was a women, But the Murderers are charging (Saying) they killed a man < Dumb comments from some of the accused Murderers.

  • keep calm get money

    Illseed fell off, smh its the end of a dynasty

  • jacksjus

    That’s sad.

  • Me-go

    So the world is ending because a tranny got killed?? Come on with this bullshit

  • hoeyuno

    Almost looks like bushwick bill.

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