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Hip-Hop Rumors: Crunchy Black Beef With Rick Ross?

Well this is random. But I am hearing that Crunchy Black, the former member of the Three Six Mafia, has issues with Rick Ross like the rest of the underground gangster world seems to have. Now, I don’t know what ties Crunchy really has to any group, but the source that he may be a member of the Memphis, Tennessee GD’s or have strong ties to them. This, I cannot verify. But…it just seems like a trend.

Oddly, I got another person from Florida that told me, it COULD NOT be the GD’s that shot at Rick Ross. The source said very emphatically, “THEY DON’T MISS.” This further leads to the mystery to who shot at Rozay…even if they did at all. Some have said they were warning shots from somebody. I dunno but out of 18 bullets somebody shoulda hit something! Not that I wish that on anybody.

Crunchy is still out there in the streets!

REMEMBER THIS?: Former Three Six Mafia Member Crunchy Black Shot

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Sean Taylor

    David Haynes would say:


  • DollasTX

    Ok this Rick Ross bandwagon riding is getting hella corny

    • Casor_Greener

      Everybody trying to get pub. crunchy black was as garbage as his name

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  • dudes that get shot in the face dont need to be starting beef with nobody… unless its the nigga that shot you in the face…..

    • $18592567

      That’s real

    • Real spill!

    • i was just gon say ain’t this dude who was last scene on his baaaack in the ER with a hole in his face?????

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        im from south memphis brah…him gettin shot wasnt the beginnin of the altercation n it wasnt the end either…mfs go from hittin licks to being famous the gettin left for dead n back to hittin licks…niggas robb/get robbed ALL the time niggas get shot all the time ALL the time n niggas die ALL the time out there…ITS THE NATURE OF THE BEAST IN MY HOMETOWN…n iaint sayin im proud of it or trynna glorify it but memphis is a rough place n the strong survive like many other cities n this corporation we call america

    • Bumpy Johnson

      he already got that beef..doesnt mean he cant beef another nigga…who sais “naw i cant beef’em dawg, i gotta beef the nigga that shot me first”…beef is beef. sometimes u dont even know who u got beef wit thats why u keep ur eyes open and ur head up.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      how u know thats not already taking care of if you not from memphis ten shut the f up because he prolly took care of that already don’t speak on nobody getting shot if you dont kno them

  • johnblacksad

    Crunchy black… sounds like a new color : dark black!

    • lol

    • brotha_man

      and your name sounds like u hate being black…or it makes u sad

      • johnblacksad

        huh! i never thought of it that way… if i were to be sad, it’d be because of the PAIN!

        One thing i know tho, i love my blackself like… like… i love it like i love Beckys!


      • brotha_man


  • Crunchy Black sounds like a new brand of cereal.

    • SpaceAge2012

      Sounds more like a new cajun style chicken from Popeyes.

  • BossBeaux

    Nigga need to be warring with the niggaz that shot him in the face instead of jumping in the middle of this studio beef!

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    all those buildings and business and no video footage lol something ain’t right

  • Is this dude related to Shabba Ranks? 😉

    • brotha_man

      no he’s related to the sharpie

      • MadVillain


  • TheBigCheeFa

    i forgot about this already.people need to let this go

  • Hoeassbitches

    Shooting was a set up or was trying to make a point without killing. How far away were they? I bet the shooting was closer to 50 yards and somehow there wasnt one bullet (out of 18) that hit the car? Supposedly a assault rifle correct? Cause them things (even the cheap ar’s) are accurate to atleast 300-400 yards. It takes very little training, shooting a AR is insanely easy to use and hit things. If someone actually shot at him (meaning shot to kill, not as a publicity stunt) then they might be the worst shot in the history of guns. If someone paid this shooting clown any money then they got ripped off.

  • Oknas

    Crunchy Black sounds like the name of a chocolate bar

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      if being shot at , why crash into weeds and stop? – they wern’t knocked out, – big v12 was not disabled – why not back out and keep getting away from shooting.? – more and more, it seems Ross staged.

      • infinit221

        Remember, he had somebody with him. If that was me in that whip I would have been like ” I can’t let shorty get caught up and die ova this bullshit”. I’m sure he was trying not to be reckless at least for her sake. Remember, all the 911 tapes said the car doing the shooting started to turn around.

      • DJ7

        You are trying way too hard my dude….

      • infinit221

        Too hard at what? Acting like I can think for my self? Not acting like a moron by judging someone off the media, but by the body of their work? Come at me more correct than that dude…

  • crunchy has beef with ross… yet u stated nothing to support that. like a quote from him or track…quit making shit up

    • I know what your saying, but if it’s really a street beef, and not a rap one..why publicize it?

  • Jeezy’s GDs missed but 1017’s CEO didn’t. smh

  • 20world_death2nikocity

    my favorite crunchy black line was “yea i rob,yea i kill,yea ill put yo body in a field” classic mempis shit…south memphis what it do walker homes

  • obamanator

    Crunchy black sound like hashish

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    18 bullets, 6×3=18, that’s 6 6 6. I think it was a publicity stunt. Yall ain’t never see that video on youtube where that model said she was at a Rick Ross video shoot and they had the other models yellin’ out 6 6 6? Them industry niggaz be on that Devil worship, I’m tellin’ you, they don’t be talkin bout nothin’ good, only themselves and a bunch of negative shit. Pay Attention. They do crazy things for the fame!

    • TdotLivin

      lol people love to tie the “illuminati” with everything Hip Hop. Nigga take that tinfoil helmet off your head.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Dat’s what da mainstream industry is, nigga!

  • Blaq_Boi

    I honestly thought this was a title for a cooking show… I was thinking “damn your boy Ross makin moves”

  • brotha_man

    Crunchy needs to focus his beef on 3-6 them cats ripped him all the way off.

  • rap game is at a crossroads right now. we need some dope new blood. ross wack and fake and everyone know. so all you MCs better start puttin ya best foot forward. its a new day

  • baller187

    how come its always the washed broke niggas starting problems, broke niggas always pull this card, im all about money so i know these stupid ass games


    you need some new sources cause you out the loop… mto be reporting some bull$hit but even they random sh!t has some kind of conclusion

  • R.E Dykes