Chris Brown and Frank Ocean

Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean Forgives Chris Brown?

Chris Brown goes around being up women and gay dudes, but it seems like the women and gays are the bigger people. Jeez. OK, sorry. Drake isn’t gay or a woman. Sorry. Anyway, the fact remains…never mind. Moving on, the dude Frank Ocean clearly didn’t get beat down that badly, because he has already found it in his softie heart to forgive. His tumblr says the following:


I guess….this makes him gangster? Or what? I ‘m so confused. 40 Glocc pressing charges. Frank Ocean not pressing charges. What’s going on with the world!?

I’m going to sleep. (PS: the cops can still press charges on Chris.)

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Calico Joe

    Hey Illseed! Kill yourself.

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  • 40 Glocc pressing charges. Frank Ocean not pressing charges.

    Frank Ocean is a homosexual, 40 Glocc is a fa99ot!

    • TruthSerum


      Frank Ocean is a Homosexual

      40 Glocc is 40 years old & Bankrupt

      I bet 40 Glocc as broke is he is walks around department stores looking for the part that just got mopped, hides the “Slippery when wet” sign, makes himself fall and threatens to sue…….. He just seems like the type

      • LOL@ looking for the part that got mopped

      • You just gave me an idea….

        >>Runs to the department store looking for the part that just got mopped

      • maynardwelsh4mx

        Charlie. true that Norma`s remark is impossible… I just received a
        great new Alfa Romeo since getting a cheque for $4818 this last 5 weeks
        and over ten k lass-month. it’s by-far the best-job Ive ever had. I
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    • John Dough

      40 glock is broke frank ocean has his own money

      • Bumpy Johnson

        he is a faggot who cares bout his money.

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  • Dadon850

    Frank Ocean and Chris Brown are both butt pirates so of course he forgave him. Frank would have prosecuted the hell out of a straight dude. It was a cat fight. No harm no foul. Rihanna will drop Chris off at Franks and all will be well.

  • TruthSerum

    It wasn’t serious enough to put up with all that legal nonsense. Few people realize how long it takes and how many times you gotta go to court. Unless your really hurt or just broke as hell, who would want to deal with that?? If somebody jumped me I’d rather take the L then spend the next 12-18 months going in and out of court saying the same thing over and over. That would be worse then the beating. Bruises heal, Court is time consuming as hell

    • Nowadays, gangsters don’t feel like that.


    • Sean Taylor

      Seems like youve been through it before

      • TruthSerum

        I’ve been through custody hearings but all lawsuits work basically the same way. 5,000 hearings and a judgement that winds up barely over what you have to pay in legal fees. The only way I would ever sue somebody is If I was dead broke and lacked a better option to feed myself.

  • LOL @ this b.s. stories on this site.

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    earn $50 guranteed in 2 hours!!

  • Weedras

    lol! i can’t with some of these stories man… wtf is this?

  • All hip hop publishes articles without a spell check.


    • Word from the wise

      ahh is starting to look like the ‘benzino era’ source mag… hahaha

    • Word from the wise

      remember my fav white boy said benzino had grandfather raps.. well illseed has grandfather hiphop news.. #illseedfelloff

      • Lyve Wire

        all of yall will be back tomorrow. stop complaining everyday, when you cant wait to see what illseed post later. sound like hate to me, if you dont like it, dont come back. just that simple.

    • Word from the wise

      im going to say like this… F illseed, F sydney lace, F chuck, and F ahh.. as a staff, website and mf crew… and if u down with ahh.. then f u too!!!!

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        nice ‘pac reference, word.

      • if u put more energy into something u hate than something u love, ur a fool

      • Bumpy Johnson


    • xtrlitex

      at least bring mikey T back or whatever his name was….that fool had run-on sentences and couldn’t spell for chet. But his ear was to the streets and had some real inside scoops….unlike this copy and past from mediatakeout and bossip crap this fake illseed is doing.

      • hey maybe it’s a new version of ebonics.

        But to be fair even though the crew can’t spell or even cut and paste we still come back to “try and read the articles”

      • mikey t does alot of the video interviews in the news section of ahh…. they were smart to keep him around

    • Tony G.

      the problem is..the word I think ur referring to isn’t spelled wrong..its just the wrong word lol

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  • dominicancoke

    C.b broke him off a lil something behind closed doors and made that ho forgive him

    • johnblacksad

      broke him off a lil something?! God, let it be some money…

      • Bumpy Johnson

        honestly with how Chris Brown be dressing and screaming . IDK bro.

  • Josh Sykes

    Frank Ocean Is bisexual. Let’s all try not to be ignorant

    • johnblacksad

      You mean he half-gay? (no homo)

      • Josh Sykes


      • Bumpy Johnson

        bisexual to me is straight homo.

    • crucob

      The very moment two men perform sexual acts on each other, they are gay. They may dabble in pu$$y occasionally, because females are inherently by nature more pleasing to look at, even to each other for the most part, but if these men are willing to have sex with other men at all, they will always be gay. You can define “bisexual” all you want, but this is just how everyone else sees any man claiming to be bisexual.

  • all of you cats that are posting this shyt about frank ocean being gay, and getting all homophobic, well you are just too butt hurt to deal with the fact that not everyone is the same as you. grow the fcuk up. is your dick in a butt? are you trying to put your dick in a butt? Do you want someone to put a dick in your butt? ….no? Well than shut the fcuk up and just live your own fcuking life.

    • johnblacksad

      no homo

    • Prince

      but why? why leave the normal…being gay should be considered as part of phycological disorder!!! i strongly believe it is…maybe caused by gene mutation. Deceive yourself all you want..It is not normal

      • Tony G.

        maybe not normal..his point is, if its not YOU..stop worrying about it..

      • exactly

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Do u have kids?dont you care about the world they live in.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      Its wrong . i ain gone live by Wrong…and not going to sit their and watch wrong with out putting my 2 cents in it…….Being Homo is wrong scientifically and religiously. there is nothing right about. the more we entertain it the more gay people spread.

      • no, the more we entertain ignorance the more ignorance spreads. thats how you were created.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        where is the ignorance here?

      • well, from your complete lack of knowledge about homosexuality to your lack of understanding when it comes to the use of the english language, im not sure where to begin. And after reading other posts that you have made its probably not even worth explaining to you because its nearly impossible to to change the mind of a bigoted moron such as yourself.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        whats there to understand about Homosexuality except for the fact that its wrong at all levels. and should be banned on earth.

      • what is so wrong about it? your rhetoric is right in line with the westboro baptist church and the nazi party. is that something you want to align yourself with?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        im not saying kill the homos…but it should be frowned upon and made illegal.

      • ok, so kind of what it was like for african americans in america for nearly all of this countries existence. Thats the route you want to go?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        We do not chose our color, we were born like this.

      • science otherwise. people are born gay. how they express it is their choice, but they cannot change how they were born. So again I ask, is that the route you want to go?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        listen man, Gays arent born that way, give me a link that i can read where it sais that…its all in their head..i see where your coming from but No homosexuality should not be tolerated.

      • id post a link but the moderators block messages with links, to block trolls and spam. just google homosexuality, nature vs nurture and you will find a lot of information on it. There have been studies to show a link between homosexuality and a trait expressed on the x chromosome. there is an interesting article on the huffington post entitled
        Homosexuality & Choice: Are Gay People ‘Born This Way?’. if you feel so inclined i would say to read it. either way, i know i am not going to change your mind on this. All i can say is to take some time to look into it further.

  • $11625525

    Are people forgetting there is old history between these two?

    There was a video on youtube and AHH some time back when some of Chris Brown’s people were hounding Frank Ocean as they drove down a street, telling him to pull over and threatening him.

    Why has this not been mentioned in any of AHH’s reporting of this incident?

    Got to youtube and search “Chris Brown’s Cousins Chase Down Odd Future’s Frank Ocean”

    • MadVillain

      erm… they did post this up…

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  • trlvman357

    They should just shagg and make up

  • greeneyedbandit

    Anyways…..I hate when people start sh*t, then act like victims. Don’t throw rocks, then try to hide your hands….peace!


    So did Chris get his chin split by Frank? If I whipped a niggas ass I would sweat pressing charges either lol .

  • EQ

    i bet the record label for brown begged ocean to not press charges..

  • mike malarkey

    how ironic. another gay rumor by gay ass illseed.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    They weren’t arguing about parking, this ain’t no Bronx Tale isht. Their F&CKING and somebody ain’t ready to let go. That’s your dude CB whole modus operandi.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Illseed out, no shit.

  • carl100proof

    San fran is a city of homosexuals like frank ocean. Rooting for them today is like cheering for aids.

    • LetsBeRealpeople


  • carl100proof

    One more for Ray!!!

  • greeneyedbandit

    lmao at the pic y’all(team Frank) posted of Chris Brown from the bottle throwing incident with Drake….

  • brotha_man

    God forgives I don’t * Officer Ricky voice*





  • Make up sex always helps people think more rationally.

  • Synista

    Hey ILLSLUT why don’t you go play Russian roulette with a loaded shotgun?

    • Bumpy Johnson


  • everything is “find”? Spell-check is your friend….

  • Tony G.

    I see everyone saying AHH needs spell check …but what if the word is spelled correctly but its just the wrong word…spell check will do nothing lol…


    frank like chris that what it is …hint hint..(im not going to press charges on you breeeeezzzyyy) hell if i was a gay man I would want chris tooo, but i’m a woman so it dont really matter does it???