Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West Forbids Rap Music For Baby! Coco Comes Clean! Juelz Jokes JoJo!


Seems like Kanye is getting old! I mean, not exactly, but he’s certainly acting like a dad! Rumor has it, the Louie Don is not in favor of Kim Kardashian listening to rap music while she is pregnant. On the flip side, they are saying that Kanye West is resolute in having a boy! WONDER WHY??

“I think they already know what they’re having but Kanye hasn’t been saying anything other than that he wants a little baby boy,” a source told “That would make him real happy. He’s always wanted a little boy. He wants to spoil him rotten but also teach him a lot. He wants his son to be great so hopefully he’ll be able to have a little guy.”

I actually have my own thoughts, but most men would like a son first, at least.


At least she admitted she disrespected Ice-T. There is no divorce in sight for the pair and that’s a good thing, especially when you have people motivated by evil intent.

“Ice is right, the pics I took with this man were in poor taste & I disrespected my husband–however, the pics were the only thing that happened. Do I want to set the record straight? No,” she said. “Because it’s old news and those pictures with [Moose Diesel] are old too. People are going to think what they think and there’s nothing I can do about it. But people were also saying my booty was fake too. No matter what I said or did, so there’s nothing I can do about either.”
Source: Daily Mail

Juelz Santana, JoJo Simmons

What just happened? I mean, this beef is clearly a joke of some sort. First of all, WHAT THE F? Anyway, I work hard but clearly not hard enough. Jojo recorded a full diss to Juelz and the Dipset prince just responded calling Run’s son a “goofball.”

Here is what JoJo said:

“Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell / Then disrespect his nephew / The industry forgot you / f——, you nothing special / Why you have to call my name / Thought you retired / Boy, that little bit of fame you had / That s–t had died / Tryna ride Ross’ d–k to get a hit, you high.”

All Juelz said was, “I’m Russell Simmons, you JoJo.” You gotta let that go. This is the dumbest beef of the year and the year just started. Nothing can top it.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • JoJo actually has a little flow.

    • Dee

      he said some shit cuz juelz career is done and he has nobody to fault but hisself

      • How did this TWEEF ( Twitter Beef? ) start?

        Over Vanessa?

      • rk3000

        Juelz said something like “My money is Russell Simmons and yours is Jojo” and I guess Jojo took as a diss. I don’t know why Jojo would take it as a diss he knows he doesn’t have money like Uncle Rush.

      • ‘Chet, JoJo getting / is a part of the Simmons money.

        Compared to Juelz?


        JoJo should sign & shelf him! LOL~N

        I was surprised at JoJo’s flow, he has improved.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        practice makes perfect

  • “But people were also saying my booty was fake too” everything she ever say always goes back to her talking bout her ass, girl ant no one think you hot your ass is nasty looking. for real.

    • Chill, show some respect for Ice T, he has been good to Hip Hop.

      • don king

        but she aint good 4 ice n he needs 2 realize shes just another stupid dick hungry bitch.

      • On that note ..”No Comment”.

        Even if I did co-sign, it would be with JohnBlacksad’s pencil.


        *Smart move would have been to get divorced, or file for it, to protect his bread & keep poking.

      • johnblacksad


      • meh never liked ice T.

      • Are you young?

        Ice T is a pioneer!

      • so what, theres a bunch of pioneers. rap would still be around without the great ice T.

      • 20world_death2nikocity

        i never really got into him not young…i just remember him on the pop locking movie breakin it back in the 80s dressed like a flamer…then he came back trynna kick gangster rap…me n my peers were offended,but hey he got his money so who cares how the real ppl actually doin the shit felt bout it

      • Breakin? Wow, that was old school!

      • Curtis75Black

        yeah, rappin’ on stage in Breakin’ & Breakin’ 2 looking like a Furious 5 reject as well as dancing in Joe-Ski Love’s “Pee Wee Dance” video.

      • Stop Playin!

        >>YT’s Joe Ski Love

        He was from around my way, Parkchester, Bx!

      • Curtis75Black

        No joke dawg !! Look it up on Youtube. Ice-T is an OG vet but just like Dre, GZA, RZA & Jay-Z, everyone has a past before they “Blew Up”.

      • That wasn’t Ice T @ 2:45, in the red!

        I Object Your Honor!
        >> Files motion to suppress the video evidence on the grounds that is was grainier than an old bank robbery footage video!


        You can tell that ‘chet was recorded with an old, 2 head vcr, then digitized!

        I’m saying though. Pee Wee’s dance was the ‘chet when it dropped.

        Peep the 1st Jordans? AKA : Nike Dunks

        SMDH @ ICE T

        Still, that was what? ’84?


        Damn! SMDH @ ICE T X 2


      • He probably is young. Ice classics 6 in da morning. Og original ganster, colors I can go on the classics. Mick is not hiphop.

      • Instrumental in gang truce & saved many lives.

      • True true. I went and bought the cd yesterday from best buy because I look for my other one and believed my cousin jux me for it.

      • johnblacksad

        Power, etc…

      • woooooooo John I forgot that. Yeah you know that album with his ex holding the pump was the truth. See I was thinking there was some others. I got the vinyl record from my big sister when I was a kid in the 80’s.

      • johnblacksad

        You must be talkin about the drink…

      • naw that goofy lookin mofuca that calls himself ice t lol

      • johnblacksad

        lol… in 2013, ninjaz don’t respect nuthing no mo’… smh

      • Not even themselves!

      • hell nah, esp some 1980’s wack rap dudes name is ice T, wheres kool aid at? HA

      • churchboy2

        You just lost one…

      • naw i just kept it real wit yall.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      It doesn’t look nasty to me.

  • lol @ jojo rich spoiled brat living off pops fame and money. get a job jojo.

  • don king

    funny thing is jojo says elz uses ross 4 fame now, while he uses elz 4 it. jojo doesnt understand, that nobody wants a spoiled brat, actin gangster n rappin worse than his daddy.

    ice t lost his pimp power. that hoe just admited she fucked other dudes, by sayn those claims r as fake as those claims her booty aint real. everybody knows that ass 100 fake. plus since when does it count how old pics r? u still did it bitch!

    • She didn’t admit she fugged dudes & AP9 hasn’t released the nudes, if there are any, with his ‘Ole wanna be SuperHead @$$!

      • don king

        read between the lines! if somebody says “thats old” n “people always gon talk, just like they say my ass fake”, thats tryn 2 play it down n deflect from her behavior. plus u know as i know that ass is a fabrication. so that was just her confession. why should she let dudes kiss, hug, grappin her ass n than say no 2 the dick?

      • Plus she was in a few pics with dude, on different days, but she could have just been on some smut bucket ‘chet.

        She didn’t fugg with Moose ( The other dude ) so who knows? She could just be a dumb B’ish?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        girls like her make a living going club to club getting paid to take pics getting d*cks hard and leaving them with blue balls lol

  • granky161

    Kim tweeted she was listening to biggie the other day and she obviously listens to Kanye’s music so that rumor is a lie.

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  • Lyricaly Jojo will prob take Juelz…….

    • SpaceAge2012

      I seriously doubt that but this is actually da best verse I ever heard him spit.Diggy most’ve wrote it 4

      • Really?? Im mean I dont really think Jojo can spit but Juelz in a lyrical battle?lol what he going to “a” him to death…lol

      • SpaceAge2012

        C’mon Dunk,u know Juelz don’t even use that catch phrase no more.U know lil JoJo’s just tryna get ppl talkin cus he knows if Juelz slap his lil ass up,he’s gonna run straight 2 daddy & Uncle Russ got that power 2 end Juelz career.C’mon bruh,u know JoJo aint shakin nobody,no1 even takes his lil spoiled rich ass seriously.

      • JerZeBoy

        Hey I aint backin Jojo and I agree he is trying to get people talking, Im just sayin he poped of some $hit that has more substance then what Juelz says most of the time and some peeps clearly agree. all mater of opinion I guess… Juelz isn’t going to come back anyhow

  • U must never heard DG Yola diss T.i & future
    It’s on YouTube check it out

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  • I try to avoid commentin on TMZ-grade gossip shit, but look at that sinister ass look in Kim’s eyes in that 1st pic…she about to peel the boy Kanye like a fukkin banana, watch what I tell ya…straight Bobby Fischer’in his ass and he’s simpin too hard to even notice. Wait for it, wait for it…

    • fred

      Agreed I have a feeling she’s plotting on his ass. Waiting to take that kid, money and all the yeezys in his closet for a quick flip.

  • dominicancoke

    Juelz is not a good rapper but jojo lol that doofy nugga is still an aspiring rapper way behind his little brothers foot steps and boy grew up rich dont get your ass whooped

    • StackzScrilla

      HAHAHAHAHA! That’s some real nigga talk right chyea…. JoJo… #Uaintaboutthatlife

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  • jojo wins no matter bcz….- he doesnt wear womens clothes. thats gay

    • johnblacksad

      but why did you say Styles P doesn’t write his lyrics? why?!!!!

  • water_ur_seeds

    tunes not as bad as i thought it was gonna be, flow seems to be improved, but still sounds amateurish… diggy was the second best rapper in the fam, rev run being the best

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    “I’m Russell Simmons, you JoJo.” Hows that not disrespectful towards JoJo, Juelz is saying im like Russell a mogul and you are a goofball like JoJo.

  • restless

    lil jojo a buster lol weak as hell for that

  • artcryme99

    that pic of coco look weird as hell like she got somethin in her pocket or her ass implant slid around to her thigh. WOULD NOT HIT

  • Eli Pinilla

    Im sayin though, so rap aint good enough for his kid but he can push it to every other kid that aint his???? I never understood why rappers always get to a certain point and feel like they too good for rap. Yet they use it to make money and influence everybody elses children with the shit they put out

    • If I were an MC, I wouldn’t let my kid listen to Weak Keef or Stench Montana either, I’m not a rapper & I still don’t!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      good point…..rappers are just weak ass people.

  • Richard Savage

    JoJo rapping is still funny to me. Why cant he just be Diggy’s manager or somethin? They could be like the new Russell and Run.

  • Juelz always steps away from beef, he knows he can’t battle. Like when Bryan Pumper’s wack ass bit his had off

  • Blaq_Boi

    So it’s ok for you and your colleagues to poison other peoples children not your own?! These are the same people who claim Hip Hop “saved their lives”… F*cking hypocrites.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    something tells me kanye will be a good father. picture him at his sons t-ball game when another kid wins player of the game “I’m really happy for you, I’m gonna let you finish, but my son had one of the best games of all time.”

  • brotha_man

    JoJo dang near ether’d oh’ boy…..

  • FaSho Money Prince

    Its not JoJo’s lyrics that make him seem sub par its his image and his voice… he got lyrics just don’t sound good…

  • Clearly Juelz dissed Jojo and Jojo has got every reason to be angry with him

  • PL

    Illseed is manti te’o’s girlfriend…

  • Is this the same JOJO who was so scared of smoking weed in public that he crashed his car running from the police?

  • mademan3000

    Ok, so what is Jennifer Aniston’s pic role is in all this???

  • Romia Blue

    in all fairness, the year just started. There’s another 11 months for dumber beefs to be born…stay stuned

  • roc daville

    Jojo mad cuz he’s not better than his lil brother

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