Wiz and Drake

@WizKhalifa – "Started From the Bottom" (Remix)

Wiz & Drake

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    I like it it’s kiddool

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Wiz – luckiest guy in hip hop – one hit, great timing – no imagination for even another hit – but made big money – good for him tho.

      • Jerome

        work hard, play hard…. second hit. i can’t belive you guys sleep on wiz but allow rappers like french…, 2 chains, gucci… to top the charts…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Jerome – sleep is right when listening to un-imaginative garbage.

      • mario rojas

        Mixtapes that you need to listen to FULLY: Cabin Fever, KUSH AND ORANGE JUICE, Prince of the City, Star Power, How Fly With curren$y… then you can think about what you just said

  • Christian Good

    i dont understand how wiz is selling out any shows…..one of the worst to EVER do it. a glorified soljah boy, guerilla black, shyne, chingy etc etc etc the reason why so many shitty rappers believe they have a chance and FLOOD the game with garbage.

    • maynardwelsh4mx

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    • $18916246

      Ditto the sentiment….you forgot to mention he’s a modern day Nelly….low on talent and literally high on exposure…..but I guess these guys cater to the entertainment side..visual..something for the lost youth to look at and remain misguided.

    • mario rojas

      Go listen to “Kush and Orange Juice” and then comeback and see if you have the same thought about him, i bet you’re that type of guys that judges rappers by just listening to one song, HATER simple as that! is what you are. i personally think wiz is better than Drake because he is more complex, hes done things like “cabin fever” and etc..

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Straight Garbage.

  • R_Batts

    Funny that the class of Hip Hop featuring Asher Roth, Wiz Khalifa, Wale and Drake, dese two are the only ones relevant.

    • thats only because asher roth is one of the most slept on artists of all time. He kinda screwed himself by coming out with i hate college first because yes it got him exposure but after that people expected fun party tracks, and not the raw lyricism and skill that he delivers. So for real music fans asher is very relevant, but as far as the 90% mainstream bandwagon of course he isn’t big.

  • too bad this isnt even wiz, its soulja boy. get yo shit straight.

  • mario rojas

    Haters! when you listen to all of wiz khalifa’s work then judge.
    Lil wayne and Ymcmb followers here, thats why they hate on Wiz