The Hit Squad Returns; PMD Announces Solo Project

(AllHipHop News) On the eve of TV One’s “Unsung” premiere featuring rap duo EPMD, one half of the pioneering Brentwood, New York group, Parish “PMD” Smith has announced a Hit Squad reunion and solo album.

At its height, The Hit Squad consisted of EPMD, DJ Scratch, Redman, Das EFX, K-Solo, Keith Murray, Knucklehedz,  Hurricane G and others.

The juggernaut of a group will be showcased on the upcoming project with DJ Rodevu called 2 Turntables & A Microphone, slated for release on February 27, officially marking the return to musical form and featuring EPMD, Redman, K-Solo, Das EFX, Keith Murray, DJ Scratch, Tom J from the Knucklehedz, Sean Strange and Method Man.

In turn PMD has his own plans for this year, as he will be selling his solo catalog via his Boondox/RBC Records imprint.

“It’s just good to be independent at a time where Hip-Hop needs to be educated.” PMD said in a statement to the press. “We switched to being forced on our growth to being creative again!”

Included in the catalog and set for digital distribution are the projects, Shade’ Business, Business Is Business, The Awakening and We Mean Business, all set for release on May 5, followed by a Hit Squad DVD..

On April 9, PMD will then debut his offshoot project, Welcome To The Goondox, a collaborative effort with Strange and the Snowgoon’s DJ Illegal.

The LP features appearances from Jedi Mind Tricks’ Jus Allah, Smoothe Da Hustler, Swifty McVay of D-12, N.O. The God, Swollen Members, Chief Kamachi, Esoteric, Reef the Lost Cauze, Knucklehedz’ Tom J and more.

PMD will be kicking off his solo tour in support of all the project on March 29 in Milan, Italy, and it’ll commence in New York City, USA, on April 08.

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  • heavyboy

    EPMD was and still is the illest rap duo ever to walk earth**

    • Every album was better than the one before it!

      Fat Shout to Mikey D ( Destruction ) for introducing me to PMD right after “You a customer” dropped on 42nd, outside House Of Papaya!

      He signed a single, back then, no album artwork, only a label logo, PMD signed it & looked out for me, as a star struck kid!

      I learned to DJ off DJ Scratch’s break on “So What You Sayin’ “…….or tried to learn, never did get anywhere close to DJ Scratch’s scratches!

      Much respect to the Hit Sqaud….I’m definitely supporting!

      “So what You Sayin?”

      • DollasTX

        Man keep it one hundred … They fell off after business as usual

      • You sir are an Idiot and should have your head severed by an arabs rusty sword….

      • DollasTX

        Hop off my nuts with the dumb ass comments … And quit bandwagon riding other people’s penis/O.P.P.

      • Nah, the song, yeah, But “Chill”, “It’s Going Down” ( Bar Robbery scene in “Juice”…they were in the bar?) Who killed Jane? BoonDox, HeadBanger,Cummin At Cha”, it was damn near a straight banger..then they broke up & then after that, I can’t call it, because of the drama.

        “Nobody’s Safe Chump” PMD got off!


        After that ‘chet went down, the chemistry wasn’t really there.

    • DollasTX

      And RunDMC fits where

      • heavyboy

        Up your ass….. naa just kidding. I wouldn’t argue against Run DMC either but if I had to listen to one or the other I would personally pick EPMD*

      • DollasTX


      • heavyboy

        I said up YOUR ass chump, not mine*

      • DollasTX

        I wouldn’t even think to respond to another grown man with that comment … I think you understand the point I’m trying to make

    • Tony G.

      EPMD was my fave…I have to include Run-DMC and the Wu right up there…as far as the influence they made on the game…

      • heavyboy

        The Wu wasn’t a duo but I feel you though**

  • Jas1ne

    The best to ever do it. Was just bumpin xzibit and hurricane g last night

  • rk3000

    Hopefully I can catch the New York city tour.

  • Pierre Elliott


  • The Cross Over , BOOM

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  • Double00hsoul

    I will agree the were a good group for 1988, the first album was banger. They were the first real shift from the (1985-1987) Fresh Fest rappers (e.g. Run-DMC and Whodini) Everyting else was shit.I have listed as having the worst party songs ever created in hip hop with,”It’s time to party” and “You had too much to drink”. Look it up on Youtube. Apart from each other there were terrible.I will take Def Squad –Redman and Keith Murray over Hit Squad —K-Solo(In my top 10 worst rappers of all times, talking about DMX stole Spellbound–it was wack anyway) and Das Efx [nonsense rap, they are the first group to say a trick-a-treat,smell my feet in a song.Just a thought.

  • Choppa

    old rapper shit

  • I’ll say Outkast, then EPMD as the best duo ever. I don’t consider Run-DMC a duo either, because of JMJ.

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