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Ca$h Out Compares Himself To LeBron James; Speaks On Debut LP 'Patience"

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Ca$h Out is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming debut album for epic records, titled Patience.

According to Ca$h Out, he has lined up some heavyweight features for his inaugural release.

“I sent something to French (Montana) he asap’d it back. Free Mac-a-Zoe it’s just real, [and] Gucci Mane we in the same city so we linked up, like two real men [we] made that happen,” Ca$h Out told “Diamond: beautiful, sexy, independent…I love you. We just got together and got in the studio. She’s so real, she was like ‘lets get it.'”

The rapper compared his burgeoning career to LeBron James’s first year in the NBA, while promising his naysayers a long legacy.

“We still felt like there was a lot of things missing, it’s just like a rookie coming in, it’s like Lebron he came in,” Ca$h Out explained to “He always knew there was the next year and the year after that, and the year after that. There’s always room for improvement and that’s how we felt going into the album.”

Download Ca$h Out’s new mixtape ‘Keisha’ Here. :

Check Out’s exclusive interview with Ca$h Out here :

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  • therealest1

    No name shit.

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  • Man dis nigga garbage same o trap swag poppin mollys raps nothin we ain’t seen before and how am I hatin if I. Listened 2 his mixtape all songs and still didn’t like it he gonna get dropped and then sign under another rapper just 2 stay relevent watch dis nigga a gimick no lyrical abilty no story tellin abilty I predict 16000 first week he gonna go triple saw dust dnt believe me just watch nigga nigga lmao o yea he trash 2

  • RealMusic

    Why are rappers comparing themselves to atheletes now? All of that time prepping and hustling…. Is this what you reduce yourself too?! Like some tweens or something.
    Anywho, I hope his dick is big when I lick the cover.

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  • Flight_91

    Nigga how you gone compare yourself to somebody that’s A Legend at their craft when you got 1 hit?

  • Bumpy Johnson

    how this nigga gon just up and say that….whats up with the world no days ..people feel like they dont need to earn The title no more. no credentials nothing they are who they say they are just coz they say they are.

  • Naledge77

    Man this one hit wonder needs to ca$h out right now!!! Future and his auto-tune ass has a better chance for a longer career in the game.

  • 614grind

    These new niggas be goin so overboard wit the self promotion act. Lebron…SMH

  • 614grind

    One problem I see with Hip Hop is that nobody wanna go to college. I get that kids love Hip Hop and wanna get in entertainment but damn, all you niggas can’t be artists. Where are the Hip Hop heads that want to become marketing execs and investors. Where are the kids that want to become entertainment lawyers or accountants. Your career in Hip Hop would last so much longer and the culture would be in better hands if it’s sons and daughters got on the management end instead of the artist end.

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