Hip-Hop Rumors: Amber Rose Ready To Drop? Pusha-T To Drop New Young Money Diss?


“What? Me worried?”


Remember when rap beef’s were interesting? We’ve gotten off to a bad start this year. Freakin’ JoJo Simmons and Lil B have already been embroiled in “beefs.” Well, I have to tell you, here is another worthless one. At least, I think so. I am hearing Jae Millz is all ready to get at Pusha-T on a his upcoming mix tape Dead Presidents 2. But, here is the spoiler, I am hearing that Pusha T has a diss in the tuck already. Remember back in the day, I had a rumor that Push was gonna drop an epic diss with Mannie Fresh? Well, I hear that still exists and he’s gonna drop that bolo to promote his upcoming album and deliver a death blow to Young Money. Wow. I actually made myself interested in this beef by writing about it. Maybe its not so bad.

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Now we know the reason that Soulja Boy is rumored to be dating hookers…he and Diamond are done. She recently told it all, maintaining they are still very much best friends.

“Well, I’m single, but the relationship as far as me and him, we’re best friends so I think thats what keeps us so balanced,” she revealed in an interview. “I learned a lot from him and he learned a lot from me. Our foundation is that we’re really really good friends, he’s a good person.”


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Source: Gossip Daily


I don’t know when her due date is, but they need to hurry up and drop that lil’ bambino. Because, Kanye’s baby is on the way and Blue Ivy is running Sesame Street already. Seriously, I’m not sure of the due date, but the fact is, she looks different in her pregnancy. I think she gonna drop any day now and Wiz will be there to grab the lil’ person just like he’s proclaimed already.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Say what?

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  • Eli Pinilla

    J millz already put out a diss track on pusha

    • GregSki86

      damn no wonder I don’t kno bout that sh*t, anything Millz drops nowadays…just straight crickets

      • Not to be a dick but Millz song got way more views and attention and was more liked than the pusha response. Pusha has never been able to stand on his own two. His biggest looks were Kanye tracks. Even Exodus was a rumored good music song with Dream. If Wayne were putting Millz on tracks the same way Kanye did Pusha I argue he could be just as big.

      • Eli Pinilla

        ^^^^ I dnt know about that one…they been tryin to push jay for years. I mean, ol boy was on making the band as a top underground artist then. Pusha got classics under his belt with the clipse. And hes just now going solo so lets see how it goes. Exodus made big noise and hes been able to remain relevant on his own. His new mixtape is fire and I think his vwrses and similes/metaphores are way above anything jay can do with his like/as comparisons

      • GregSki86

        No h8 ure way my nigga, I used to f*ck w/ Millz heavy but when he moved to YMCMB, a nigga knew it was a wrap for that career

      • Lol @ his first interview he said carter 3 was the focus and they weren’t even thinking about his album. Wayne is already working on carter 5. I do think Millz is a good mixtape/battle rapper but his music will never generate the type of interest and attention as some of his labelmates and he has many. I do think he can go in but I am not sure if he will. I will give the mixtape a listen either way.

    • Millz said hearing voices was about all young money critics and that if he really wanted to go in on him he would. Also Pusha has responded to hearing voices and continually disses Wayne as well as deliberately working with more and more artists who happened to have beef with ym members.

  • GregSki86

    Millz used to be that nigga, now he just a f*ckin bench warmer for YMCMB

    Pusha T > Jae Millz — all f*ckin’ day

    • johnblacksad

      various ninjaz i know >>> Jae Millz

      Somebody tell this kid not to do any move until his first album! The sh!t was being promoted on Smack DVD… smh… Smack DVD…if we’re in 2013 and your sh!t that was promoted on Smack DVD still ain’t out… you should reconsider your rap career… dissin n!gga that actually put albums out.. wtf

      • GregSki86

        cosign, the nerve of these niggas

      • Pusha has no album yet. If you count clipse that’s a group and you might as well include ym’s album which sold better than the clipse that year.

      • “various ninjaz i know >>> Jae Millz”

        Bawahahahaa! *Stealin this

    • It’s not 1997, 2002, or even 2006 anymore. Pusha lives more off of his established name and image as opposed to his lyrics. He raps 1 mile an hour. You will never see pusha get or be on a XXL rated project again I promise you.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        noticed how you said Pusha is Established, so your boy Millz hasn’t had any air time? why is that? I’m not a Pusha or Millz fan….

      • The difference was made in one hit and that was grindin’. The first clipse album never dropped. Pusha has been getting pushed back for years on good.
        I consider myself a fan of both.

      • Frank

        How? How can you be a fan of YMCBADGPNinerLJM… and a fan of The Clipse? What’s the connection?

        It’s like comparing a maury to a fresh gucci mocc.

      • Weedras

        dude you’ve come off as quite a dunce… when you establish yourself you continuously live of that reputation unless you drastically re-invent yourself and as far as i know we got people like Madonna and the Rolling Stones still selling out friggin arenas off reputations built decades ago… your reasoning is rubbish… i’ve heard more about Pusha T and have heard from Pusha T than Jae Millz where he at!? stop being a YMCMB groupie and be objective…

      • Ronald Booher

        You know damn well longevity does not exist in hip hop that same way. Hip hop is largely looked at as a thing for the youth. If you are over 30 and rapping then it is generally viewed as there being something with you.

        Jae Millz did not come up on the back of one of the greatest and influential producers in hip hop like Pusha. Wayne didn’t throw Millz on a solo single like kanye did pusha on runaway. Millz wasn’t thrown on a track with Jay-z like so appalled. Pusha has a 6-7 year head start. Also with re up gang, good music, and clipse he only has to do a fraction of the artist part on those projects. Millz is a much harder worker than push by far. Dead presidents 2 is over twice as much material as wrath of kaine. Every buzz worthy song Pusha had was with big name appearances if not production as well. When Pusha dropped an ep it only did 4 digit numbers. Pusha t is like the Royce Da 5’9 of good music.

      • Weedras

        lol! Millz created his only lil buzz with that track with the Dawn Penn sample and he had exposure on making the band he just never capitalized on it…. if you can get access to Diddy you can definitely get access to the Hitmen who are also very influential…. Hip hop doesn’t have longevity!?! plz!! Nas, Jay-z, LL Cool J to name a few these dudes don’t album sales but they can still sell a show… and you’re speaking as if you be in the studio will Millz lol!! you ever heard its not quantity its quality… what’s having twice more songs on a mixtape got to do with anything if the project is poorly put together and lacks quality…

      • Ronald Booher

        Nas (look at where all the illwill people and the rest of queens bridge), Jay (look at the rajas, bleek, foxy, jaz , sauce. Mop and others)., LL (look at the original def jam roster) are special exceptions.

        If it weren’t for Jay’s business success you really think he would have the same kind of musical success? Did any of the band become successful? Ness? Choppa? Dylan? Even that show was yet another crowded situation. Puff wasn’t trying to help any of them out. What bad boy artists have long successful careers? Shyne? Loon? G dep? Black rob? Mase? Craig Mack? The lox? Yung Joc? Big?

      • Weedras

        lol! You had the nerve to name a Biggie as an example dude lol! you’re far gone lol! Jae Millz just aint make the cut dude…. he and gudda and whoever else over there are just props and yes men…

      • reg joe

        Now thats that bullshit!!! I hate when Black folk say crap like that. Thats the very reason that our Black artist cant get no shine over the ages. White folks revere their old heads. Black folks say stupid ish like rap is for young people. What makes you think that? Who made that a law? Jay is over 40 and still pushing out platinum hits on the regular. Age isnt a limitation. Its redefining yourself to stay relevant over the years, thats the issue. Diddy was Puff Daddy, Puffy, then Diddy, and diversidfied himself in various venues. He stayed relevant. Jay is still selling out everywhere he goes. He is definately relevant. Ye is getting up there too but he is in his prime right now. There is no damned age limit on rap. Rap is music. Good music doesnt have a shelf life. Stop the negative thinking. Hell the Rolling Stones have been around over 40 years. Only a crab ass mentality will stop our Black artists from doing the same thing. Why do Black folks want to limit folks based on age only? That makes absolutely no sense.

      • Ronald Booher

        I never said it was I said it is treated as such. I been listening for my entire life.

    • johnblacksad

      Millz was only that n!gga for a minute or two…

    • $27177313

      Haha. Yep, but I’d still like to see Jae Millz drop an actual album.That said, Pusha T is the best MC in the game right now in my opinion. Amped for ‘My Name is My Name’!

      • reg joe

        I hear ya and I respect your opinion. I just wholeheartedly disagree. I wouldnt rank Pusha in my top 10 right now. I just dont feel his music like that.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    somebody tell illseed that you don’t date hookers, you buy hookers.

    • The rumor was about Soljah Boi, so it’s possible that he paid to date…or is actually dating her, even though she is a hooker & other dudes are buying her.

      IE: SB hugged up on her during a date & some dude approaches & buys her for an hour?

    • RealMusic

      You can marry them, just not if they have a penis.

    • reg joe

      Or rent them by the hour…or half hour.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    yeah Jae doing all this dissing & mix tape stuff, he need to talk to his people about letting him drop a full album cause they got him sitting on that shelf all dusty. Amber look full fledged becky in that pick or more like Christina Applegate from married with children….Diamond is still young so she still got time to make it happen as a solo artist.

    • Look how crowded YMCMB is. You got Wayne and Tyga coming out the same day. Nicki and Drake already announced they are working on stuff. Gudda chick and twist… No label wants to compete against their own product.

      • Weedras

        LOL! dude you’re definitely a groupie lol! Drake has dropped 2 albums, so has Nicki and they and Millz went in to YM not long after each other… and you say Tyga about to drop again and Millz been around before that boy lol!! stop making stupid excuses… its not like they’re all lined up outside of a dingy studio tryna get time to record..

      • Ronald Booher

        Nicki is a pop star. Lady gaga, gwen stafani, and kim put together…she monopolized an open market. Drake to me is like a smoth r&b singer/rapper hybrid. Both of those sell better than pure hip hop. YMCM are only putting out people who they know will make them easy money. Clipse came out at a time in hip hop wear it was easier to drop and sell an album.
        Tyga can’t really rap…he’s a club/ringtone gay swag rapper so even if the sales are somewhat low the radio play was phenomenal.
        Millz can rap better than all of them. To me sales mean nothing to me only the quality of music.

  • ha ha.. dat bytch look like a tranny…

  • Mike Swiff

    AMBER SLUT NOBODY CARES YO! (nasty looking)

    • RealMusic

      And normally I like bald heads, but no on women though. With her barbie looking ass.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Whoa….n/h….unless ur a chick

      • RealMusic

        Bald heads and sexy men. I dont know what gay shit youre on bruh.

      • Calico Joe


    • reg joe

      Damn that. She could get it. All day, every day. I gots nothing to prove to nobody. I would sling mad dick at her like crazy. I dont care who likes her or doesnt, or whether she is popular or not. I would smash that.

  • Mike Swiff

    Why not this idiot has been rumored to be gay, jailed, deat etc. why not date a hoe..she’s getting the money FO SHO! (do it all Soulja Boy)

    • RealMusic

      Souljaboy can superman me anytime he wants.

  • Mike Swiff


    • johnblacksad

      minus Mannie Fresh tho

  • Mannie sure has some “secrets” on CMB and Wayne. Some career ending shit. I’m waiting for that track

    • RealMusic

      Me too. I hope its about Wayne x Baby.
      Im just wet thinking about it.

      • brotha_man

        whut u taking bout willis?

    • Lyve Wire

      maybe… but
      /im not sure if mannie fresh does. yea, he was around, but how long can you be around ‘suspect’ stuff without eventually ‘flocking together’? if he was going to release some secrets, he wouldve done it years ago after he left, and faded away into oblivion. eventually, the 808s got played. and he can only shot out ‘ladies, gentlemen, cats, frogs and dogs’ so many times. if he came out today with anything against cash money, he’ll just look bitter. especially after all of the hotboyz eventually went back.

      • Mannie was/is one of the dopest producer. He doesn’t make big noise about himself ,but he’s not fallen off. And he seems type of dude that keeps he’s mouth shut. What I mean is, if he ever saw some suspicious shit (and he must have!) he wouldn’t go shouting things to media. In interviews he seems very humble dude. And he doesn’t need any of Baby’s money unlike Juve,Turk and of course Wayne.That’s why them dudes been quiet.

      • Lyve Wire

        i see what you’re saying, but check me out..
        his production style was played out years ago. and for the most part, it only sounded good when cash money used his beats. mannie will always be known as a regional beat maker.
        and i’ve seen multiple interviews where mannie either threw subliminal disses or out right said things about wayne, baby and slim. he just seemed humble because no one cared, especially when wayne remained a top seller in the game. kind of hard to say you made some one when they become more popular without you. shot out to dame dash.
        and if he does (maybe he will, maybe he wont) say something about cash money, it’ll still come off as being bitter. they dont talk about him, nor mention him in their music. why say something now? cause push-t asked him too?

  • T is ok

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Mixtapes are cool, but to me if you don’t have albums out, even if you are the man on every mixtape, youre still just making mix tapes. Jay-z got 10 #1 albums in a row, and cats are still on their 19th mixtape.

  • DollasTX

    Niggas diss records get more pub than their whole project …


    To our readers how bout an interview with the man Zro himself


    Quickly for our readers how about an interview with the king of the ghetto

  • rmac138

    millzs is trash for letting ymcmb bench him, and makin him perform bedrock, ymcmb is tiny toon adventures, they all cartoon characters.

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Is all that jewelry real?